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Edward Marlo Put A Shine On Your Mind "Ways to Ascertain the Value of a Thought-Card"
five methods with procedures in which spectator needs to remove as many cards as the thought-of value, partial set-up, memorized deck, distant key card
The Olram File (Issue 3) 7
Allan Ackerman Another Anyone Anywhere thought of card's position predicted, then spectator divines position of performer's card, partial memorized deck and prediction pocket index (twelve items) I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 53
Dai Vernon Mind Game number from five to ten named, deck shuffled by spectator, top four cards taken and arranged under table, placed back, card at position remembered by spectator and named by performer, six-card set-upRelated to Latter Day Secrets (Issue 1) 13
Pit Hartling Unforgettable three phase memory routine, faroRelated toVariations Card Fictions 78
Karl Fulves U-Predict-It performer and spectator name a card and number each, they match, half new deck order type stack used Prolix (Issue 8) 509
Karl Fulves Crossfire spectator names card from half the deck and a number, performer as well from other half, when counted to, the other cards shows up at the numbers Prolix (Issue 8) 513
Denis Behr Shuffled ACAAN handling in which the spectator can shuffle firstInspired byVariations Handcrafted Card Magic - Volume 2 55
Denis Behr, Christian Scherer Cemented ACAAN Scherer's glued stack principle applied to "Shuffled ACAAN"Related to Handcrafted Card Magic - Volume 2 63
Jack Avis, Karl Fulves Fate Mates card named by each performer and spectator, written on paper pieces, two halves, one card outjogged, both dealt in unison, both named cards show upRelated to Prolix (Issue 10) 698
Alan Rorrison Coffee House gag message is shown on coffee gift card after memorization routine The Blackpool Prediction 38
Unknown Incomplete Faro Peek one half stacked to get position of selection In Order to Amaze 73
Asi Wind S.A.C.A.A.N. thirteen-card set-upInspired byVariations Repertoire 51