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Michał Kociołek Introduction
Michał Kociołek Synch performer and spectator each have half the deck, shuffle it and cut it into four piles, both remember a card from one pile and assemble the packets, the halves are exchanged and dealt, both stop at each others cards
Inspired by 8
Michał Kociołek Mr. Liar card chosen from a five-card packet is lost and found, pre-determined estimation
Michał Kociołek 3H three spectators think of cards at a agreed-upon number in the deck, they are found, no-no's fishing
  • Twelve-card problem
Inspired by 25
Michał Kociołek The Dreamer spectator cuts anywhere, takes five cards and thinks of the highest one, all five are divined
  • This is the (one) way (one-way version)
Michał Kociołek Esoteric four cards chosen from a Tarot deck are divined, credit information
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