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Martin Gardner, Edward Marlo Gardner-Marlo Poker Routine
Related toVariations 1942 28
Bill Simon Cut Control
Variations 1949 5
Edward Marlo, Harry Lorayne, Martin Gardner Lorayne's Poker Deal
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 1962 153
Edward Marlo Oddity! named card is only odd-backed card
Related toVariations 1964
Early Marlo (Issue Oddity & Other Miracles)
James Swain Passing Along the Vanishing Aces one by one, classic pass
Related toVariations 1981 42
Steve Mayhew, Jack Carpenter Mayhew's Master Deal Ace climax
Related to 1994 19
Steve Mayhew The Big Fat Hairy Con selection is "invisibly" picked out of deck between two cards, then tossed back into deck where it appears face up
Labyrinth (Issue 1)
Jack Carpenter, Steve Ehlers, Steve Mayhew The Grippo Transpo signed card lost in deck, performer and spectator hold a card, performer's card visually changes into spectator's, spectator's card becomes signed card
Labyrinth (Issue 1)
Steve Mayhew Mayhew's Middle Deal Miracle deck shuffled face-up into face-down, all face-up cards are "center-dealt" out of the deck leaving only face-down cards, suggests a few variations, see Carpenter references for "a different write-up of this effect"
Related toVariations 1995
Labyrinth (Issue 3)
Steve Mayhew Mayhew's Mistake two-phase Center Deal demo, four face-up Aces are dealt from center, when attempted a second time four face-down cards are dealt out and apparently performer has failed, face-down cards are shown to be the Aces
Related to 1995
Labyrinth (Issue 5)
Paul Harris A Subtle Poker Move (revised) performer's cards multiply from five to about fifteen, in second round he has killer hand
Inspired byVariations 1996
The Art of Astonishment — Book 2 (Issue Close-up Entertainer)
Steve Mayhew Regressive Triumph: Part 1 - An Effect And A Problem deck is mixed face-up into face-down, a riffle causes some of the face-up cards to turn over, another riffle and all turn over except one - the selection, see reference for variation that ends clean
Variations 1997
Labyrinth (Issue 7)
John Lovick Hot Pocket with left hand in pocket throughout, performer says he will do card trick with only one hand, after failing to find signed card, he removes left hand from pocket with card in hand, seven handlings
Inspired by
  • the description of "Pocket Nightmare" (Max Maven, finally published on Kayfabe DVDs, 2017)
VariationsAlso published here
Labyrinth (Issue 7)
Steve Mayhew A $100 Bill Switch Routine a $1 bill changes into a $5, a $20 changes to a $1, stack of $20 changes to $1s, then a $5 changes to a $20, presentation for all the changes
Also published here 1997
Labyrinth (Issue 7)
Karen Beriss, Stephen Hobbs Regressive Triumph: Part 2 - A Solution same plot as Part 1 (see reference), but end by making the Aces reverse in the deck, or have the Aces available for a future trick
Inspired by 1997
Labyrinth (Issue 7)
Steve Mayhew Mayhew's Aces using Riser Subtlety (uncredited)
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 1)
Steve Mayhew Side Steal subtlety to cover Side Steal action, brief
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 1)
Steve Mayhew "Attitude" spectator cuts to an Ace and three indifferent cards, three cards changed into Aces
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 1)
Steve Mayhew Mayhew's Opener deck is continuously shuffled, spectator makes decisions about what pile to use and when performer should stop and finds the four Aces one by one, possible "encore phase" is to show the whole deck is only Aces of Hearts and three of them change back to indifferent cards and Ace of Hearts is in shirt
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 1)
Steve Mayhew $100 Gag gag trick, a $100 bill and a few $1s are rolled into balls and all tossed into audience, no one comes up with the $100
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 1)
Steve Mayhew Multiple Card Control multiple cards are controlled as they are separately lost via assembling multiple packets into full deck
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 1)
Steve Mayhew Flash Ace Production as four small packets are cut from deck, an Ace appears face up on top of each
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 1)
Steve Mayhew Thoughts on the Dribble Pass
  • Dribble Pass Tips
  • Versatility (p. 30)
  • Tabled Spread Dribble Pass (p. 31)
  • Bluff Display (p. 32)
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 1)
Steve Mayhew Ultimate Blackjack spectator deals out many Blackjack hands between the performer and himself, performer always has a great hand (20 or 21) and almost always wins
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 2)
Steve Mayhew Lazy Man’s Ten-Card Poker Deal uses Snap Crimp, multi-phased:
  • performer deals Poker hands to himself and spectator and he wins
  • spectator repeatedly shuffles and deals those ten cards and performer without looking always knows whether he will win or lose
  • for finale performer (sometimes spectator) deals from deck and has option to exchange three cards for any three cards in deck, performer still wins
Related to 1998
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 2)
Steve Mayhew Snap Crimp putting in the crimp
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 2)
Steve Mayhew Keep Your Hands In Your Pockets with one hand in pocket, performer produces selection on top of deck while it is behind his back, a second card is selected and its three mates are produced behind his back in similar fashion, hand is brought out from pocket and it holds the three mates of first selection, no jacket
Inspired by 1998
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 2)
Steve Mayhew The Real World two spectators take many cards from deck (sometimes one spectator holds deck while other selects), one takes all red cards and other takes all black cards
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 2)
Steve Mayhew Vanishing Variations
  • The Vanishing Poker Deal: Aces vanish one at a time from top of deck, performer deals out five hands and Aces turn up face up in his hand (or they are “center-dealt” to performer from deck)
  • Topsy-Turvy Vanishing Poker Deal (see p. 24)
  • The Vanishing Fix (see p. 26)
Inspired by 1998
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 2)
Steve Mayhew Topsy-Turvy Vanishing Poker Deal Aces vanished as in original (p. 23), deck is shuffled face up into face down, hands are dealt out and all cards come out face up except performer’s, rest of deck becomes all face up, performer’s cards are the Aces
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 2)
Steve Mayhew, Tenkai Ishida Tenkai Optical Revolve variation
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 2)
Steve Mayhew The Vanishing Fix Aces placed on bottom, one by one they are placed on top and vanish, following each vanish the others are seen still on bottom, trick can end as in previous variation (p. 24), or without the "Topsy-Turvy" aspect and performer just gets the only face down cards – the Aces
Labyrinth (Issue 8 - Part 2)
Allan Ackerman, Simon Aronson, Steve Mayhew Mayhew Poker Again triumph as center deal demo
1999 32
Steve Mayhew The Routine stack for two hands, both are good but performer wins, spectator can riffle shuffle
Variations 1999 9
Steve Mayhew The Principle Angel Shuffle principle, spectator's riffle shuffle does not influence the stack
1999 9
Steve Mayhew Getting Ready stacking cards for the Angel Shuffle
1999 10
Steve Mayhew The Zarrow Sequence stacking the cards, so the spectator can shuffle
1999 11
Steve Mayhew The Ultimate Double-Duke stacking four hands, spectator gets flush, performer full house or four of a kind, gambling demonstration
1999 11
Steve Mayhew The Ultimate Gardner-Marlo spectator shuffles between rounds
Related to 1999 16
Steve Mayhew Ten Card Finale spectator shuffles again and still loses
Also published here 1999 19
Steve Mayhew Blackjack spectator can decide if dealer should draw or not, while performer looks away, he still wins
1999 22
Steve Mayhew Mexican Turnover variation, while turning over two cards
Related to 1999 25
Steve Mayhew Welcome & Dedication
Steve Mayhew A Balloon, a Cartwheel, and a Pony Ride three selection are found three times
  • Phase One (deck is dropped and cards turnover one by one)
  • Phase Two (flashy location, last one in mouth)
  • Phase Three (Cards to pocket, all cards to pocket finish)
1999 1
Steve Mayhew, Lennart Green Unusual Location a la Lennart Green, right hand quickly grabs selection
1999 1
Steve Mayhew, Toby Wessel Dolores in a Meadow ambitious card, in the end whole deck are double backers
1999 3
Steve Mayhew Freedom Mayhew Poker Deal, face-up cards shuffled in face-down cards, then all reversed cards dealt out, four Ace kicker
Variations 1999 4
Steve Mayhew, Toby Wessel Burn Out Your Blind Eyes without looking four cards are removed from the deck, eventually they change to Aces
1999 5
Steve Mayhew How You Like Me Now? Opener named card is only odd-backed card
Related to 1999 6
Steve Mayhew Cut Myself on Angel's Hair and Baby's Breath producing a flower from flash paper
1999 7
Steve Mayhew Blackjack Bluff four blackjacks are produced
1999 11
Steve Mayhew The Ceiling story
1999 14
Steve Mayhew The Sweet Smell of Success flash paper transforms into real flower (carnation)
Variations 1999 146
Jamy Ian Swiss (reviewer) Steve Mayhew's Angels May Shuffle but the Devil Still Deals by Steve Mayhew (written by Jack Carpenter) Feb. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 2)
Steve Mayhew Hungry Now visual sandwich, selection transforms into sandwich when thrown on deck, Flippant
Also published here Sep. 2001
Ego (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Gordon Bean The Standing Challenge spectator mentally selects if the card will rise to the top or the bottom
Inspired byVariations 2002 114
Darwin Ortiz God of Gamblers elaborate center deal demo, Steve Mayhew phase
Inspired byRelated to 2002 54
Jim Steinmeyer, Stewart James Five Cards on the March mathematical spelling trick with row of five coins, based on Stewart James "Stranger in a Strange Land"
Variations 2006 10
Steve Mayhew Das Kapital routine with several consecutive bill changes with borrowed bills
Also published here 2006 256
Marty Kane, Steve Beam Finger Flinger alternate handling
Inspired byRelated to 2010 221
Jamy Ian Swiss The Flowering flash paper transforms into real flower
Inspired by Dec. 2010
Genii (Vol. 73 No. 12)
Steve Mayhew There are 13 items in these notes.
2011 1
Steve Mayhew Motion, Brefity, Confidence: Ramblings on Humor, Card Magic, and You
2011 2
Steve Mayhew The Bugs Bunny Dang Deal performers hand suddenly has over fifteen cards, in the next round the spectator's hand grows and performer has Royal Flush
Inspired by 2011 3
Steve Mayhew Full Frontal Conus spectator touches aces, then Conus Aces
2011 5
Steve Mayhew Mayhew Monte Explosion three cards transform into Royal Flush as climax, including variation where they become ten cards
2011 9
Steve Mayhew, Gordon Bean The Standing Demonstration card comes to top, instead of to bottom the deck reverses
Inspired by 2011 11
Steve Mayhew Hungry Now? visual sandwich, selection transforms into sandwich when thrown on deck, Flippant
Also published here 2011 12
Steve Mayhew A Bird in the Hand audience selects finger through counting procedure - middle finger
Inspired byRelated to 2011 13
Steve Mayhew Old Lazy Fat Guy Cull four-of-a-kind cull during multiple-packet riffle shuffle procedure
Variations 2011 15
Steve Mayhew No-Skill Deck Switch using pen-behind-ear gag and pseudo-deck vanish
2011 17
Steve Mayhew Look at Me, Look at Me selection jumps to top, middle, bottom as desired, then Aces are produced
2011 18
Bill Simon, Steve Mayhew Cut Control Variation
Inspired by 2011 18
Steve Mayhew Let's Get Physical boyfriend divines woman's selection (thought of one of eight) and cuts to it
2011 21
Steve Mayhew Bringin' It with a Ruckus deck is sprung onto glass and selection slides underneath (apparently)
2011 23
Steve Mayhew Labyrinth Blackjack authentic and clean
2011 27
Jason England, Allan Ackerman, Steve Mayhew The World's Greatest Card Cheat "Topsy Turvey Poker" is played, spectator riffle shuffles, his straight flush is completed with previously openly sleeved card
Inspired by 2012 109
Jason England Bad Beat two phase Marlo/Gardner type routine, spectator's royal flush is completed with previously openly sleeved card
Inspired by 2012 8
Eric Mead (reviewer) Mayhew: What Women Want by Steve Mayhew (written by John Lovick) Feb. 2014
Genii (Vol. 77 No. 2)
Bob Farmer, Steve Mayhew Bolo Jonah methods for marking the Jonah card
  • Marked Cards
  • Short and Long Cards
  • Snap Crimp (Mayhew)
Related to 2015 30
Steve Mayhew The Angels May Shuffle, But The Devil Still Deals
Also published here 2015 45
Steve Mayhew The 50 Card Deal playing with five spectators simultaneously
Variations 2015 88
Bob Farmer Fished In And Chips
Inspired by 2015 89
R. Paul Wilson Go Fisch four phases
Inspired by 2015 90
Curtis Kam Shooting Fish In A Barrel
Inspired by 2015 91
Harry Lorayne Three Steves four-of-a-kind cull during four-packet riffle shuffle procedure
Inspired by 2015 203
Dustin Stinett (reviewer) Totally Whacked by Steve Mayhew Jan. 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 1)
Matt Baker Gilbreath Poker Both spectator and magician deal five hands of poker from their cards, each deal a good hand to an imaginary player, leaving the best hand for themselves
Inspired byRelated to 2019 195
Lorenz Schär One for Mr. Mayhew Mayhew Poker Deal variation, selected suit is dealt from the deck
Inspired byRelated to 2019 69
Andi Gladwin From the Centre face-up cards shuffled in face-down cards, then all reversed cards dealt out, four Ace kicker
Inspired byRelated to 2020 149