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The "Three-Card" Trick - Another Method gaffed face, fake-index precursor
1890 54
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Mariage "Hofzinser's Kartenkünste II."
King and Queen of Hearts put together in deck, they appear at top and bottom and are tabled, then appear back on top and bottom and tabled cards are indifferent, Jack of Clubs added to King and Queen, monte type routine with those three cards, they all change into Jacks of Clubs, Kings and Queen produced from deck again
Mar. 1901
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 3)
Henri De Manche The Three-Card Trick slowly without throw, extra card
1902 107
Charles T. Jordan The Phantom Aces No. 23, four Aces are alternated in color, spectator cannot take two of same color
1919/1920 65
Charles T. Jordan Joker Monte No. 6, three cards shown in fan and turned over, spectator cannot find Joker
Related toAlso published here 1920 13
Charles T. Jordan Pedro Monte No. 7, three cards shown in fan and turned over, spectator cannot find card
1920 14
Edward Bagshawe The "Decepta" Three Card Trick with a hinged card, jumbo cards
Related to 1924 27
Oswald Rae, Oswald Williams The Giant Three Card Trick fake index palmed over corner of jumbo cards
1926 17
Ralph W. Hull The Elusive Joker reprint of original instructions, quote: "He [spectator] finally gives up in disgust"
1931 67
The Three Card Trick as a Trick and not a Gamble
1934 66
Louis Lam Find the Lady money card changes into card with business information on front
1935 20
U. F. Grant New Card Monte spectator think of one of two cards, double facer
Related to 1937 135
U. F. Grant Find the Lady one-way backs
1937 162
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Three Card Monte six red and one black card, long-short glued pairs, jumbo card
1937 55
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Find the Joker with three jumbo cards, long-short glued pairs
1937 56
Al Baker "Cherchez La Femme." (Find the woman.) using stand with three cases with holes onto it
VariationsAlso published here 1938 512
Louis Lam Lady Be Good
1939 7
Tom Sellers The T.S. Find the Lady in the hands, gaffed
1939 16
Chris Charlton Modern Monte using different switches
The Jinx (Issue 107)
Jack Vosburgh, Sid Lorraine, Theodore Annemann Cherchez La Lady performer finds money card in different situations
Also published here 1940
The Jinx (Issue 116)
Eddie Joseph Drunk or Sober? card travels, monte them, one card ends up on chair
1940 ca. 16
Dai Vernon The Optical Monte
1941/49 17
Tom Sellers A Different "Pick-It-Out" Trick three card monte with three pieces of paper
1942 8
Jack Vosburgh Cherchez La Lady performer finds money card in different situations
Also published here 1944 286
Edward Marlo Three Card Monte not the real thing
1945 11
Howard D. Wise A New "Find the Lady" Illusion with board, black art and shell
1945 150
Bruce Elliott No Skill gaff with a bill
Sep. 1947
The Phoenix (Issue 135)
Wm. T. Beadles Psychokinesis three card monte, where spectator always finds the card to prove psychokinesis
Dec. 1947
The Phoenix (Issue 140)
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Giant Monte odd-backed queen cannot be followed, changes in joker as kicker, partial rough-smooth
Inspired by 1948 1
Gilbert Wolk Monte Climax pips end up on a coin and card is blank
Nov. 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 189)
Bob Hummer Hummers Mathematical 3 Card Monte mathematical three card monte
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1951 1
Bill Simon Three Queens Monte with four cards, all turn into Aces
Related toVariations 1952 37
Die rote Karte hat sich nicht gedreht. card turns over in small fan
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 13 No. 3)
Al Leech Surprise Monte the two non-money cards change at the end
Variations 1953 13
Edward Marlo Three Card Monte Climax showing all the same
1953 109
Edward Marlo Monte Climax Kicker transformation
1953 110
Edward Marlo Follow the Ace Ace changes into Eight as climax
1954 19
Mariano Palhinha Wherizit three cards with money card in middle held by spectator beneath handkerchief, money card vanishes
1954/27 62
Dai Vernon, Mac McDonald Seven Card Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears on top of the deck, repeat
Related toVariations 1957 88
Arthur Hastings Comments on the DFC Move Two Card Monte idea with a double facer and a regular card
Related to Dec. 1957
Ibidem (Issue 12)
Bob "Hardell" Ecklund Hardell's Three Card Monte with whole deck, duplicates, climax all three cards are the same
Aug. 1958
The Cardiste (Issue 11)
Bill Elliott 3 Card Monkey Business packet trick with story presentation, blank card finale, or card with green face
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here Mar. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 16)
Edward Marlo Two Card Monte DeLand's Two Card Monte with pairs of roughed cards
Dec. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 19)
Jochen Zmeck Ein Märchen mechanical (hinges) jumbo three card monte with story presentation
Inspired by
  • Eperny monte routine in Magie
1960 21
Dai Vernon The Optical Move
Related to 1961 21
Edward Marlo Monte Swindle clip on money card, using extra clip
1961 59
Gerald Kosky Three and Four Alike intro for Three Card Monte, all cards are the same then all different
Mar. 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 355)
Milton Kort Kort Kards monte packet trick with color changing backs
Inspired by
  • "Amaso" (Will de Sieve, marketed)
Dec. 1961
Ibidem (Issue 24)
Jochen Zmeck Mein Rauh-Glatt-Kümmelblättchen partial rough-smooth
Variations 1962 26
Arthur Rasper Die im Quartett wandernde Karte partial rough-smooth with three sections
Inspired by 1962 27
Jochen Zmeck Der abgedankte König King changes into blank card with "I resigned", partial rough-smooth
Related to 1962 5
Ken Beale 3 Way Transposition monte effect from top of deck with Jack, Queen and King of Spades in which cards keep transforming
  • First Routine
  • Second Routine
  • Third Routine
  • Fourth Routine
  • Fifth Routine
Variations Sep. 1962
Ibidem (Issue 26)
Tony Blitz Colour Confused monte effect from top of deck
Sep. 1962
Ibidem (Issue 26)
Don Tanner O. Henry Monte - Two Card Monte Perfected with traveling kicker, see also p. 336 for ideas by Sid Lorraine
Variations Jan. 1963
The New Phoenix (Issue 376)
L. K. Stevenson More on the Monte
Inspired by Mar. 1963
The New Phoenix (Issue 378)
Al Leech Phantom Monte all three cards change
Variations 1965 51
Bob Still And Then There Were None small-packet Brainwave posed as a problem, face-up three card monte
Inspired byRelated to Dec. 1966 69
Eddie Taytelbaum Find the Ace false indices
Variations 1967 216
Mel Stover Face-Up Monte credit information
Related to May 1967 97
Kartenverwandlung three cards shown, center card tabled, it changes, partial rough-smooth
1967 13
Edward Marlo Two Card Monte routine with red and black Ace, as climax both are red
1968 24
Jon Racherbaumer Monte Muddle
1968 48
Edward Marlo Marlo's Cleanup for "Monte Muddle" just described
1968 55
Bob Ostin The Travelling Joker Joker between two cards travels up and down and from pocket back between other cards
1968 79
Robert (Bob) Hess Loser! spectators have to guess the high card in 4 card packet and are always wrong
Nov. 1969
Epilogue (Issue 7)
Roy Walton Never Give a Sucker an Even Break three blank cards as climax
Related toAlso published here 1969 48
Aldini, Tenkai Ishida, Harry Bernard Fooled Monte Two card monte routine
1969 34
Karl Fulves Once A King aces and kings, three card monte presentation, ace travels to king packet
July 1970
Epilogue (Issue 9)
Edward Marlo Three Card Monte Climax showing all the same
1970 10
Ian Baxter Joker Monte monte routine with Queen and Joker, cards dealt off the deck onto table before spectator guesses, then both are shown to be Jokers, all Queens seen face up in center
1970 21
Paul Swinford Thoughts on Vernon's Seven Card Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears on top of the deck, double facer
Inspired by 1971 5
Audley Walsh Three Card Monte one card is marked with matchbook or paper clip
1972 67
Gene Castillon Monte Madness variations
Inspired by Mar. 1972
Kabbala — Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 3)
Gene Castillon Jackpot monte type routine with transformation and money card travels to elsewhere as climax
Mar. 1972
Kabbala — Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 3)
Karl Fulves Middle Monte extra card, color changing back kicker
1972 5
Karl Fulves Mexican Monte monte/twist combo with unexpected/funny cards appearing
Related toVariations 1972 8
George Blake Elusive Lady two Jokers and a Queen, Joker and Queen transposes
Oct. 1972 568
Steve Spillman Monkey Monte all cards change to queens, with ideas by Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon
Magick (Issue 45)
Dr. Jacob Daley, Ben Erens Daley - Ben Eren's Monte No. 338, with deck, apparently spectator guesses wrong amongst three cards, card put in deck, remaining two cards transpose, cryptic
Related to 1972 95
Al Koran Where Did She Go? extra card, saliva
1972 101
Frank Garcia Clip Monte using paper clip for final phase
1973 75
Dai Vernon Optical Move
1973 76
Ken Beale Color Confused monte effect from top of deck in which cards keep transforming
  • Phase One
  • Phase Two
  • Phase Three
Inspired by Mar. 1973
Epilogue (Issue 17)
Edward G. Brown A 'Brown' Version of the Three Card Trick eight phases, in one the winning card is marked with a pencil, then all cards are losing / winning cards
Variations 1973 52
Jerry K. Hartman Monkey Business’ Uncle Monte theme, two Aces of Hearts and one Ace of Spades become all Aces of Hearts, then all Aces of Spades, then back to original, then both Aces of Hearts change to Jokers to end
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 1974 41
Jerry K. Hartman Monte Fooley three-card Monte, two red Queens and black Queen, black Queen is never where expected, one red Queen is eliminated and still black Queen cannot be located, finally other red Queen is eliminated and black Queen changes to an Ace
1974 43
Karl Fulves Monte Opener using 2 queens and 1 ace, giving spectator twice the chances
1975 1
Karl Fulves Without A Trace sandwiched card changes, then sandwich cards
1975 24
Karl Fulves You Have 3 Chances two red Deuces and black Four, transpositions between a Deuce and Four, then change to two black Fours and red Deuce, then Three black Fours
1975 25
Karl Fulves Three In The Hand two card monte, third card appears, double facer openly shown as finale
1975 42
Karl Fulves Find The Lady cards reverse and change
Related to 1975 130
Karl Fulves Poker vs. Monte monte cards transform into Royal Flush as finale
1975 132
Karl Fulves No-Gimmick Phantom ungaffed handling of "Find The Lady"
Related to 1975 133
Stewart Judah Jack's Gone fan of three cards shown, center card turns over, then changes to blank card, see also p. 856
Inspired by
  • "The Bashful Queen" (Joe Berg)
Related to
Winter 1975
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 10th Folio (Part Two))
Jon Racherbaumer Monte Move extra card
Kabbala — Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 7)
Gene Castillon Monte Madness - Ladies sing the Blues
Inspired by 1976 32
Gene Castillon Jackpot
1976 33
Doug Alker, George Blake Double Monte with extra card, second variation with color changing back kicker
Aug. 1976
Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 12)
Karl Fulves 52-Card Monte gag presentation with two single cards and rest of deck as third card, color changing deck kicker
Inspired by
  • Bob Still's Monte Routine
Also published here
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #5)
Nick Trost Optical Three Card Monte
Also published here 1976 24
José de la Torre A Brief History of Kitson Miracle credit information, monte type routine with part of back glued on one card, 1930s, Enardoe, Ken Brooke's Dutch Looper
1976 3
José de la Torre The Simple Jumping Back three cards, one has an odd-colored back, then the odd-backed card is another card, back vanishes and more
Related to 1976 7
José de la Torre The Master Jumping Back three cards, one has an odd-colored back, then the odd-backed card is another card, back vanishes and more, version with more sleights
  • A Better Finale
  • Another Finale (David Lederman)
  • Patter
Related to 1976 23
Paul Harris Double Monte Queen (money card) changes places with two Aces, climax for monte routine
VariationsAlso published here 1977 47
Ron Hicks, Flash Gheen, Roger Smith The Magnificent Monte Marvel monte routine, partially on top of deck
1977 19
Jochen Zmeck Monte Sex two cards with pin-up girls, a small rose card is clipped to one, performer cannot follow one of the cards and rose motive changes to number "6"
Inspired by
  • "Double Impact" (Bud Dietrich, Dick Jarrow, marketed 1972)
1977 26
Trevor Lewis Monte Plus (or Hallucination)
Related toVariationsAlso published here June 1978
Apocalypse (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Ken Krenzel, Trevor Lewis Monte Plus Plus out-jogged handling
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here July 1978
Apocalypse (Vol. 1 No. 7)
Karl Fulves You Win Once indifferent card put between two black queens, spectator cannot follow it
1978 1074
John F. Mendoza Have You Ever Heard Of? four-card montes with Ace through Four which change into four Aces
1978 47
Kümmelblättchen Verrückt (find the lady)
1978 109
Find the Lady (Cherchez La Femme), three cards in houlettes, explanation of different sizes
1978/76 53
Edward Marlo Monte Switchout to switch out the money card for an x-card, lapping
1979 275
Richard Kaufman Monte for the Maladjusted in the hands
1979 106
Nick Trost Three-Way Prediction using three blank cards with colored stickers
Inspired by 1979 5
Juan Tamariz Monte de tres cartas three phases
Inspired by
  • Roden's "Mosaico Magico"
1979 17
Philip T. Goldstein Monte Plus Minus
July 1980
Apocalypse (Vol. 3 No. 7)
Father Cyprian Royal Mounted Monte monte routine with five cards (royal flush), change to all aces, then 2s, royal flush back in deck, double backer
1980 65
Gene Maze, Richard Kaufman A Monte for the Unemployed duplicates, paper clip
1980 71
Juan Tamariz, Roden It's A Pity: The Juan Tamariz Routine and Presentation for Finding the Lady extra card
June 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 6)
Karl Fulves The Optical Trap sandwiched card is suddenly no longer between other cards when three-card-spread is turned over, see also Cervon Monte
Related toVariations 1980 8
Karl Fulves Endings
  • five card fooler idea, trick in which five stepped cards are printed on cardboard the the queen must be paper clipped from other side
  • oil & water packet paper clipped and one color becomes free
1980 48
Lewis Ganson Penny Wise message appears on card, thanks for the penny
1980 27
Lewis Ganson The Queen Goes Home message appears on card, gone home to mother
1980 29
Lewis Ganson Pimpernel Card clever gaffed card, all cards are the same as a climax
1980 29
Lewis Ganson Three Card Fooler corner pocket
1980 31
Ravelle, Andree Two Blacks-One Red extra card in pocket card
1980 32
Lewis Ganson Chase the Ace two cards with false indices
Variations 1980 34
Cecil Keech The Climax false indices
1980 36
Ian Adair Striptease Lady as a climax naked queen appears, moveable have card to hide other card
1980 37
John F. Mendoza Acey-Deucy Improved Ace and Two of Clubs, monte theme, they transform twice, one of them changes into a dollar coin
1980 1
Bob Hummer 3-Card Monte mathematical three card monte
Also published here 1980 59
Karl Fulves Three-Card Monte No. 12, up-down arrows on cards used
1980 12
Fred Lowe Zeitlupen-Kümmelblättchen
Inspired by
  • "Slow Motion 3-Card Trick" (Clayton Rawson, Hugard's Magic Monthly)
Aug. 1980
Intermagic (Vol. 7 No. 2)
Ken Brooke The Dutch Looper routine with multiple phases
Also published here 1980 134
Steve Dusheck Monte Zuma two cards, one held behind back, spectator always guesses wrong
Also published here 1980 ca. 11
Wesley James Japanese Monte unorthodox handling
Related to Feb. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 2)
Richard Vollmer Poor Man's Monte
Variations Apr. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 4)
Michael Powers Four Card Monte
Variations Nov. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 11)
Philip T. Goldstein Quasimodo three jokers and one normal card are mixed, monte type premise, normal card's back changes red and then blue again with comedic presentation, red/blue double backer
Variations 1981 3
Jack Avis Impromptu Mexican monte/twist combo with black aces and black five, then all change to red Aces and red five, then all four Aces
Inspired by 1981 62
Dan MacMillan Lottery three cards face-down on table, spectator puts ace on the right one to complete a blackjack hand
Inspired byVariations 1981 50
Karl Fulves Mexican IV monte/twist combo with four Ace finale
Inspired by 1981 1
Werner "Walt Nelson" Nussbaumer Die Nussbaumersuite: Der Konzentrationstest monte routine with pin-up card
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 42 No. 6)
Roy Walton Never Give a Sucker an Even Break three blank cards as climax
Also published here 1981 40
Harry Levine Macho Monte with transformations
Mar. 1982
Apocalypse (Vol. 5 No. 3)
Shigeo Takagi Acrobatic Monte using divided card
VariationsAlso published here June 1982
Apocalypse (Vol. 5 No. 6)
Tonny Van Rhee Devil's 3-Card Monte using short and narrow cards
Related to July 1982
Apocalypse (Vol. 5 No. 7)
Peter Marshall Apocalypse Variations Or Additions
Inspired by Sep. 1982
Apocalypse (Vol. 5 No. 9)
Harry Riser, Jeff Busby, Shigeo Takagi Presentation of Shigeo Takagi's Miracle Monte
Oct. 1982
Epoptica (Issue 2)
Karl Fulves Digital Diamonds Ace, Two and Jack mixed according to rules over phone
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1982 3
John Carney In the Hands Monte monte sequence - last phase has money card penetrating hands and deck onto spectators hand
1983 34
Ian Land Alpha Minus
Sep. 1983
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 12)
Philip T. Goldstein Odd Monte three business cards used
1983 12
Ron Platt, David Hambly 3 of a Kind all cards become queens
Feb. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 22)
Stephen Tucker Eureka monte in the hands , ending in Bizarre Twist
Inspired by 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. Special #3)
Reinhard Müller Müzarre Vanish in using Trevor Lewis's Monte Plus Twist
Inspired by Dec. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 32)
Bill Worsley We 3 Queens? Jokers turn into Queens, also backs change
Dec. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 32)
Ed Balducci, Frank Mireider The Auto Mazo Deck 1934, see also p. 63 for comment by Ralph W. Hull
  • #1 Thought of Card Reversed
  • #2 Alternate Reverse Trick
  • #3 Selected Card Found Reversed
  • #4 Selected Card Transferred from One Half of Pack to Another
  • #5 Three Card Monte
  • #6 The Vanishing Aces
Variations 1983 58
Tom Sellers New Principle Card Trick two cards, one of top of the other, bottom card penetrates to top, third card added and cards penetrate again
Also published here
  • "21 New Card Tricks" (1936)
1983 4
J.C. Whyley Elusive Lady reprint from reference
Also published here 1983 8
Charles T. Jordan Joker Monte three cards shown in fan and turned over, spectator cannot find Joker
Also published here 1983 11
Karl Fulves, Jack Avis A Letter from Jack Avis
Related to 1983 13
Ellis Stanyon Elusive Joker
Related to 1983 14
Michael Powers Blank Monte monte with three blank cards and Jack of Hearts, all change to Aces at the end
Inspired by 1983 19
Sol Stone Clipped Again paper clip
Related to July 1984
Apocalypse (Vol. 7 No. 7)
Trevor Lewis Monte Plus Switch
July 1984
Apocalypse (Vol. 7 No. 7)
Bob Farmer Clip Miracle Monte variation of Takagi's "Miracle Monte" with paper clip
Aug. 1984
Epoptica (Issue 6)
Philip T. Goldstein Quintemonte gaffed
Apr. 1984
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 20)
Bruce Cervon Cervon Monte, Packet Version three blue-backed and 1 red-backed card
  • Phase I - Court card from center to top
  • Phase II - Court card from center to bottom
  • Phase III - Court card leaves center without a move
  • Phase IV - How the card moves
  • Phase V - Court card moves even when it has a different colored back
1984 17
Lee Freed, Jon Racherbaumer Wily Monte penetration, slit, see also "Credits and References" at end of book
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here
  • MUM, Aug. 1983
1984 99
Bob Kubota More Monte in the Quick-Three-Way style
Also published here Oct. 1985
Apocalypse (Vol. 8 No. 10)
Louis Falanga Virginia City Shuffle Martin Lewis' 'Sidewalk Shuffle', with blanks andAces
1985 16
Martin Lewis Sidewalk Shuffle Jumbo three card monte routine, using blank cards and Ace of Diamonds
Variations 1985 95
Chris Gosselin, Frederick Braue Seven Card Monte color changing back kicker
Inspired by
  • "Seven Card Monte" (Chris Gosselin, Abracadabra Vol. 30 No. 772, Nov. 1960, p. 276)
1985 15
Henry Christ, John Braun Mental Subtraction three cards, one put on table and other two shown, when spectator guesses he is wrong since tabled card is now blank card with custom message
1985 18
Ben Harris The Three Card Game color changing back kicker
Inspired by 1985 21
Peter Duffie Polythene Pam four blank cards, one changes to Queen, then monte type routine, then all change to Queens
Also published here 1985 4
Peter Duffie Ascension Five Card Monte, but the Queen keeps rising out of the packet, even when placed in envelope with window
Also published here 1986 14
Gaëtan Bloom Visible Monte - The Routine routine in which spectator cannot find money card, then there is no money card, then a double faced card, then Flash Vanish of money card
1986 6
Thomas Hierling Impromptu Mexican Monte
Inspired by 1987 75
René Lavand Rehearsal in Madrid sidewalk shuffle type, three blank cards and an Ace, ends with three Aces and one blank card
Also published here 1987 16
Terri Rogers Always in the Middle Monte Plus type
Also published here 1988 15
Dai Vernon Joker Monte unusual method, cards in glasses
Related to
  • "Final Choice” (Peter Warlock, Abracadabra, Vol. 42 No. 1072, August 1966, p. 84)
1989 99
Anthony Lindan Para-Psychology on the pack, using four cards
June 1989
Apocalypse (Vol. 12 No. 6)
Doug Edwards Clipped at Monte using paper Clip
Nov. 1989
Apocalypse (Vol. 12 No. 11)
Paul Curry One, Two, Three one card has a slit, with clean up and credit information on the principle
Sep. 1989
Epoptica (Issue 12)
Brother John Hamman Eight-Ball Queens four card monte routine, to pocket climax
1989 114
Martin Gardner MG Trio #3 orientation of head on QS and KH used for monte type guessing game, turning on vertical or horizontal axis ("The principle behind this trick has floated around a while.")
Variations 1989 20
Scott Robinson Sucker Monte three phases
Related toVariations 1989 499
Richard Bartram, Jr. Travelling Jack Jack between Aces moves up and down and eventually disappears
1989 551
Bob King Monte Nightmare only three cards, they change a few times back and front
1989 22
Bob King Four Card Monte ungaffed Sidewalk Shuffle, three phases
1989 29
Terri Rogers Immer die Mittlere! Monte Plus type
Also published here July 1989
Intermagic (Vol. 14 No. 4 & 5)
Gene Castillon, Jon Racherbaumer Surreal Monte sidewalk shuffle version without mis-indexed cards
Inspired by 1990 76
Shigeo Takagi Monte With Four jumbo cards
Also published here 1990 74
Michael Skinner Ultimate 3 Card Monte false indices, three phases, slow-motion performance
Inspired byVariations 1990 1
Alex Elmsley Misogynist's Monte card vanishes in the end
1991 383
John Bannon Ton-Toid royal flush ending, ungaffed close-up handling for Ton Onosaka's "Tonte"
1991 133
Edward Marlo Seven Card Monte Redux nine ungaffed methods
Inspired by Feb. 1991 1
Roger Sherman Herbie the Hand with rubber doll hand, three card monte, money card jumps to magician's hand
1991 736
Jim Steinmeyer San Fernando Monte jumbo cards that are openly folded in half
1991 119
Ken Brooke The Dutch Looper routine with multiple phases
Also published here Dec. 1991
Intermagic (Vol. 16 No. 4 & 5)
Karl Fulves Mathemonte without a key card that must be recognized, prediction "we will pick the same card"
Inspired byRelated to 1991
Swindle Sheet (Issue 4)
René Lavand Rehearsal in Madrid sidewalk shuffle type, three blank cards and an Ace, ends with three Aces and one blank card
Also published here 1991 61
Jerry K. Hartman Monkey Business' Uncle Monte theme, two Aces of Hearts and one Ace of Spades become all Aces of Hearts, then all Aces of Spades, then back to original, then both Aces of Hearts change to Jokers to end
Inspired byAlso published here 1991 428
Philip T. Goldstein Montexposé odd back card vanishes among four other cards
Dec. 1992
The Minotaur (Vol. 4 No. 4)
Arturo de Ascanio La Carteta sequence for three card monte, in the hands
1992 54
Steve Dusheck Monte Zuma two cards, one held behind back, spectator always guesses wrong
Inspired by
  • Two Card Monte (DeLand)
Also published here
1992 72
Steve Dusheck Me Three monte, winning card changes and is removed from pocket
1992 113
Scott Robinson Sucker Ending climax for Scott's Sucker Monte
Related to 1993 853
Scotty York, Fred Kaps Shuffling Off Lucille with ideas by Fred Kaps
Inspired by 1993 119
Howard W. Rheam Carlisle Fair Cards
Inspired by 1993
Verbatim (Issue 6)
Sam Schwartz Sam's Monte tips on the handling
Related to 1993
Verbatim (Issue 6)
Walter "Sonny" Day Imagination three-card trick ends with three examinable blank cards
Oct. 1993
Profile (Issue 16)
Richard Bartram, Jr. Simple Monte brief in the hands routine
1993 13
René Lavand Three Card Monte with story presentation
1993 7
René Lavand Rehearsal in Madrid sidewalk shuffle type, three blank cards and an Ace, ends with three Aces and one blank card
Also published here 1993 168
Harry Anderson The Last Monte multi-phase three card monte routine, torn corner as last phase
  • Phase 1 - Meet My Friend, Monte
  • Phase 2 - The False Toss
  • Phase 3 - The Sting
  • Phase 4 - The Bent Corner
  • Phase 5 - The Mutilated Monte
Related toVariations 1993 90
Harry Anderson Monarch Monte Monte using three very large cards, three phases
Variations 1993 108
Allan Ackerman Impromptu Sidewalk Shuffle
Variations 1994 144
Allan Ackerman Another Impromptu Sidewalk Shuffle featuring Ackerman's "Another Quick Four Way"
1994 149
Gene Maze Criss-Cross two black queens should be followed by spectator and eventually transform into red queens
Related to 1994 120
Alexander de Cova, Dai Vernon Seven-Card-Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears on top of pack, three phases
Inspired byAlso published here 1994 151
Paul Gertner Four-Card Monte four deuces change into kings
1994 93
Bob Farmer, Theodore DeLand Two-Card Monte
1994 27
Bob Farmer Three-Card Monte with gaff/flap
1994 28
Sam Schwartz Sam's Monte
Inspired byRelated to 1994
Rigmarole (Issue 6)
Bob Sheets Killer Kitsen Miracle Dutch Looper gaff, three phases
  • Flap-Flip Move
Inspired by
  • "Kitson Miracle" (Patrick Page)
1994 1
Jim Krenz Nothing Too Loose monte trick in which card with large hole must be followed
Inspired by
  • "Nothing To Lose" (Bob Farmer)
1994 14
Ellison Poland Monte-Finale money card vanishes, suggesting different tabled switches
1994 34
Don Banks, Jim Lambert, Steve Ehlers, Art Gross The Close-Up Billusion bill inserted between two Aces visually passes back and forth from middle to bottom, Aces change into Queens, monte theme, see "Errata" in Issue #3 (p. 31) for additional crediting info
Inspired byRelated to 1994
Labyrinth (Issue 1)
Alexander de Cova, Dai Vernon Seven Card Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears on top of pack, three phases
Also published here 1994 24
R. Paul Wilson Gypsy's Monte kind of Quick-Three-Way
1995 3
Chase the Ace No. 35, three cards, Ace changes into another card and is removed from case
1995 67
Karl Fulves 52-Card Monte No. 55, gag presentation with two single cards and rest of deck as third card, color changing deck kicker
Also published here 1995 111
Felix Farrell Impromptu Sidewalk Shuffle three black cards and Queen, discarded card is always Queen, then all discarded cards change to Queens
1995 85
Doug Conn Plastic Surgery monte type routine with Bizarre Twist, stretching and shrinking
Inspired byRelated to 1995 1
Guy Hollingworth Three Card Monte featuring Optical Alignment
1996 10
Guy Hollingworth Montgomery monte style demonstration, surprise climax
1996 39
Paul Harris Double Monte climax for monte routine: money card transposes with two indifferent cards
Also published here 1996 121
Harry Riser Five Card Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears in deck, two phases, double facer
Inspired by 1996 168
Bob Driebeek Acrobatic Monte using diagonal flap card
Inspired by 1996 49
Rudolf Braunmüller Das Heidelberger Kümmelblättchen
Inspired by 1996
Intermagic (Vol. 20 No. 1)
Richard Rechsteiner Sucker Monte Opening one card transforms
Aug. 1997
Apocalypse (Vol. 20 No. 8)
Jack Carpenter Steppin' out with Molly three card monte routine with several effect, signed money card to card case climax
Related toVariations 1997 41
Ken Krenzel Sluggard's Monte three slow-motion sequences:
  • The Slow Show
  • Slow Second
  • Slow Slip
Inspired byRelated to 1997 186
Wesley James Japanese Monte
Inspired by
  • "The Three Quarter Card" (Masao Atsukawa, "Creative Works in Magic")
1997 57
Peter Duffie Four Card Monte
1997 109
Roy Johnson Die Roy Johnson Routine zu Martin Lewis' Sidewalk Shuffle
Inspired by 1997
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 1)
Karl Fulves 3 by 3 Card Monte "Unsolved Mysteries"
three rows of three cards, an Ace in each row, posed as a problem
1998 268
Tomas Blomberg Pavement Shuffle
Inspired by Oct. 1998
Onyx (Issue 5)
Gregory Wilson Montelude Ace (money card) changes places with two Queens, climax for monte routine
Inspired byRelated to Oct. 1998
Magic (Vol. 8 No. 2)
Guy Hollingworth Cherchez la Femme Optical Alignment
1999 43
Allan Ackerman, Al Leech A Little Finesse all three cards transform, finessed handling
Inspired by 1999 13
Karl Fulves Strip-Out Monte using strip-out addition
The Fine Print (Issue 10)
Ellis Stanyon The Three-Card Trick No. 27, "The Illusive Ace", monte effect with a Three that is missing bottom pip and can be shown as Ace or Three
Variations 1999 143
Theodore DeLand "Pickitout" No. 28
Inspired by 1999 143
Theodore DeLand DeLand's Two-Card Monte No. 56
Variations 1999 188
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note version with half card
Inspired by 1999 188
Don England The Full Molly monte routine with several phases and back changes
1999 140
Chuck Smith Switch-A-Roo Monte short monte sequence with color changing back kicker
2000 6
Joel Givens Monte 101 four phases, in the hands
2000 40
Jim Lee Nine Card Monte with Ace of Diamonds and eight blank cards
Related to 2000 137
Simon Lovell Harry's Catnip Principle cat locates card
  • Bonus Number One - Free Choice Catnip!
  • Bonus Number Two - The Mind Reading Cat (cat locates object)
  • Bonus Number Three - Gambling Kitty (cat finds money card in monte, with Guy Hollingworth variation)
2000 117
Paul Curry Sure Thing red backed card and blue backed card, one with a hole in the middle, monte
Related toVariations 2001 65
Karl Fulves Hex Minus goal of the square is to prohibit spectator from reaching certain square, 12-card monte in which spectators cannot get to winning card
2001 82
Masao Atsukawa スリーカードモンテ (Three Card Monte) With Jumbo card gaffs
2001 42
Four-Card Monte No. 63, four piles on table, both hands move around and exchange top card(s) of the piles, all Aces on top
Related to 2001 94
Karl Fulves Joker Monte color changing backs, red/blue double backer
Inspired by 2001 202
Philip T. Goldstein Spot On
  • The Other Month
four double-blank cards, monte with drawn shape, printing appears on all cards and spells SPOT
Oct. 2001
Genii (Vol. 64 No. 10)
David Regal Three...Two...One with color change kicker
2002 97
David Regal Sticky Monte money card vanishes at the end
2002 158
David Regal Mucilaginous Monte
2002 165
Thomas Baxter The BC Cop (Baxter Count Cop), cop from small packet as it is counted, used to vanish card in 3 Card Monte
2002 24
Steve Ehlers Intuition Monte monte sequence with Ace through Four of Spades, change to Aces as climax
Nov./Dec. 2002
The Penumbra (Issue 4)
Jim Steinmeyer Three Card Monte spectator mixed three cards according to instructions, possible over phone, mathematical
2002 25
Philip T. Goldstein Yo! Bet no Monte, Boy. a/k/a Roll, or...
matching effect with three cards torn in half and a die
2002 40
Jamie Badman, Colin Miller Misdirection Monte monte type routine three Aces and a Queen, in the end the Aces have changed to Queens
Related toVariations 2002 11
Jamie Badman, Colin Miller Monte Minus One monte type routine three Aces and a Queen, in the end the Aces have changed to Queens
Inspired by 2002 13
Al Baker Cherchez la Femme using a card stand, gaffed
Also published here 2003