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Albert Fellows, Stanley Collins Bottled Sunshine longer routine, tissue paper bursts into in fire, hole is burnt in a playing card with a reading-glass, three candles catch alight, third candle begins to melt Deceptive Conceptions in Magic 90
Unknown The Broadway Rise - A New Impromptu Rising Card Effect rises at right angle Card Manipulations (Issue 3) 51
Theodore Annemann Highly Improbable torn card put in handkerchief, joker in card case, torn card reappears stapled together with joker except one piece The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 145) 811
J.C. Whyley Elusive Lady with three cards, reprint from "Abra"Variations The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 193) 770
Bert Allerton New Papel Blanco blank card is signed, face of a card appears on its back, then blank card vanishes The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 241) 963
Dr. Ben B. Braude It's the Humidity pips fall of from aces, leaving blank cards The Phoenix 251 - 300 (Issue 253) 1012
Bill Derman Short Division Seven in Diamonds put in envelope and cut in two, in one half is half a Three of Diamonds, in the other Four of Diamonds, the two selections, see also p. 388 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 4, No. 2nd Folio) 226
Karl Fulves Five Into Four Five of diamonds is cut in fourth and puzzled together so a center section is missing, face changes to Four of diamondsRelated toVariations The Book of Numbers 42
Karl Fulves Matter Through Matter slits in cards openly shown, they pass through each otherInspired byRelated to Methods with Cards - Part 2 105
Karl Fulves Torn And Quartered signed card torn in half is restored after some topological stunts with another openly slitted card, half slit remains Methods with Cards - Part 2 112
Ken Krenzel Ken Krenzel's Version business card is at once stapled to selectionInspired by Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 1, No. 7) 80
Paul Harris Cardician's Blendo Four and Six melt together to a Ten spotVariations Las Vegas Close-Up 136
Paul Harris Pen-Ultimate* card clipped on pen is covered and then impaled on pen Las Vegas Close-Up 1
Paul Harris Absorption card placed on case is "absorbed" by case (i.e. vanishes) Las Vegas Close-Up 42
Karl Fulves Op-Trik optical illusion with Tally-Ho Circle Back, card flicked an center apparently does not moveRelated to The Chronicles (Issue 5) 1109
Karl Fulves Notes hypercard constructed from double facer with attached back piece
- Elastrik
- Oddments
Inspired by The Chronicles (Issue 11) 1173
Paul Harris Side-Winder card repeatedly appears perpendicular in deck Close-up Entertainer 10
Karl Fulves Mate Two two cards torn in half, spectator takes two halves of one card, yet they do not match The Chronicles (Issue 13) 1194
Karl Fulves Center Fold joker placed into deck behind back, then two selections made, half the joker (which is suddenly torn) found besides each cardAlso published here The Chronicles (Issue 17) 1234
Mitsunobu Matsuyama Paradox geometrical puzzle with a playing card that makes a full card face-down, but a piece is left over when assembled face-up
- The Turnover Tactic
- Business Card Variation
- Reference File
Variations The Chronicles (Issue 18) 1235
Karl Fulves Another Link old topological puzzle in which three parts must be linked, credit information on no-gaff linking cardsRelated to Interlocutor (Issue 36) 142
Jerry K. Hartman In Staple Condition business card becomes stapled to selectionInspired by Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3, No. 1) 293
Roy Walton Detective Story packet has more sides than it should Pabular (Vol. 6, No. 1) 786
Karl Fulves The Optical Trap sandwiched card is suddenly no longer between other cards when 3-card-spread is turned over, see also Cervon MonteVariations Color Quik 8
Karl Fulves The Moving Pip pip missing on card that is cut in pieces, when re-arranged pip movedRelated to Curioser 9
Stephen Tucker Abort selection vanishes with a big bang and four parts appear on the back of the four aces, see also p. 269 Spell-Binder (Vol. 1, No. 5) 89
Peter Duffie Half & Half two spectators select a card, in each half of the deck a card reverses, since both chose the same card, turned over cards are half of the selection Spell-Binder (Vol. 1, No. 6) 103
Hippie Torrales TH Spinning Wheel optical illusion with Tally-Ho back Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 5, No. 1) 587
Nick Pudar Fold-er-ol folded card in case, unfolded card outside box, the folds transpose Best of Friends 280
Andrew Pargeter Card-Trek two cards pushed through "tunnel" formed by 2 other cards transpose, slit Pabular (Vol. 7, No. 6) 1050
Daryl Martinez Half and Half two smaller playing cards folded, half of them changes places resulting in "misprinted" cards Something for Everyone 2
Terri Rogers Marvellous idea for Tucker's Jigsaw, unsolvable puzzle, four pieces of a card Spell-Binder (Vol. 2, No. Special #2 (Xmas)) 10
Steve Beam Card Compression four aces compressed into two twos, into a four, then card vanishesAlso published here Fingers don't Entertain, People Do 35
Bobby Bernard Blankety Blank pips of selection travel to pocket, deck is blank Spell-Binder (Vol. 2, No. 13) 242
Roger Curzon, Les Johnson Penetrating Pips pips from a card vanish in two steps and appear on back of the card Spell-Binder (Vol. 2, No. Special #1 (Summer)) 10
Alex East Hamman Out-Sexed two cards, picture of nude lady on back of one card, travels to other cardInspired by Spell-Binder (Vol. 2, No. 18) 348
Paul Sorrentino, Mark Lefler Tearable tear in card moves from long side to short side Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6, No. 4) 757
Paul Harris Bee Bop Blendo A Close-Up Kinda Guy 13
Daniel Kalanowski Looking Glass two variations, selections is reflected on top of the deck Spell-Binder (Vol. 3, No. 26) 509
Hal Meyers Laser Splice toy space gun used to cut/splice selection in halfInspired by
  • Jim Lee's "Karate Card"
Off the Wall 2
Doug Bennett Triple Whammy joker has torn corner off, finds selection, now joker is intact and selection has corner torn off The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 3 81
Father Cyprian Card in Hand card drops folded in spectator's hand Arcane (Issue 12) 170
Father Cyprian Psychokinetic Card card apparently folds itself on spectators palm Arcane (Issue 12) 170
Karl Fulves Topological Card Tricks chapter intro More Self-Working Card Tricks 70
David Britland April - The First Effect a spot card is pushed visibly through Queen of Spades, which is examined before and after A Lady Through and Through 1
David Britland June - The Second Effect two cards with narrow open slits, signed chosen card sandwiched and penetrated with other cardInspired by
  • "Submarine Card" (Bob Ostin)
A Lady Through and Through 6
Unknown Moving Parts No. 51, four cards torn and then laid out face-up and face-down, halves that do not match suddenly match, cards interlocked with slits before tearing More Self-Working Card Tricks 71
Bob McAllister The Fastest Trick in the Universe folded card turns itself inside outRelated toVariations Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 8, No. 11) 1129
Nick Pudar Perspective picture of joker gets smaller and bigger on card Best of Friends - Volume II 253
Larry Jennings The Close-Up Illusion three cards, one penetrates one of the the others visually, slit in card Lake Tahoe Card Magic 70
Martin Lewis The Kings Cut Out Figure of King of Diamonds disappears, leaving a card with a hole. King appears stuck on Queen of Diamonds Martin's Miracles 59
Unknown Reaching through a Playing Card No. 29 Self-Working Paper Magic 54
Unknown The Other Genius Test No. 34, card frame and other pieces have to be taken apart, puzzle Self-Working Paper Magic 59
Robert E. Neale The Trapdoor No. 63, card frame turns inside out while spectator is holding it Self-Working Paper Magic 112
Steve Beam Card Compression four aces compressed into two twos, into a four, then card vanishesRelated toAlso published here The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 9) 151
Frederick Braue The Tunnel deck in Charlie cut position with two packets, card slid through the opening reverses The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 1) 5
Ben Harris Instant Fold #1 card folds itself into quarters in a flash Out Of His Mind! 59
Terri Rogers Star Gate two cards glued back to back crosswise with hole in center, after some folding they are face to face
- The Effect
- The Method
- The Handling
- Presentation
- Construction
- Finally...
Inspired by
  • "Trapdoor Card" (Bob Neale)
Star Gate 3
Ben Harris Instant Fold #2 card folds itself into quarters in a flashInspired by Out Of His Mind! 62
Masao Atsukawa Fair Exchange two jigsaw puzzles fit face down but not face up The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 5 90
Richard Kaufman Transparent Lies in effect a large hole in card case disappears with divination presentation The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 5 27
Gaëtan Bloom Impossible Is Not French Card balances on edge, torn card balances on torn edge Gaetan Bloom 86 8
David Regal On Your Mark drawn X comes off card, leaves hole Star Quality - The Magic of David Regal 166
David Regal Mirror Image transposition of two torn pieces foldedVariations Star Quality - The Magic of David Regal 186
Ken Krenzel Slowed Up card turns inside out, only one card Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10, No. 1) 1297
Meir Yedid Test Tube Alchemy face of rolled card travels to other card, signed backs, rolled up in tubes Meir Yedid's Card Animations 43
Karl Fulves Rough House three cards in case, two more put in, then those two come out cut up in pieces, story presentationRelated to
  • Richard Himber's "Surprise Stab"
Quick Card Tricks 9
Karl Fulves Staple Condition odd-backed card pushed halfway into deck, stapler moved over deck, card stapled to selectionRelated to Kaleidoscope 35
Martin Gardner MG Trio #3 orientation of head on QS and KH used for monte type guessing game, turning on vertical or horizontal axis ("The principle behind this trick has floated around a while.")Variations Prototype 20
Robert E. Neale Heads Turn orientation of head on picture cardsInspired by Prototype 22
Scott Robinson The Toy two folded cards penetrateAlso published here The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 30) 535
Ken Krenzel Soft Cards two cards that are face to face are suddenly back to back, gaffedInspired by Close-up Impact! 3
Henry Pettit All Keyed Up hotel key card ends up attached to selection, deck as hotel with 52 rooms The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 39) 714
Scott Robinson The Toy two folded cards penetrateAlso published here Semi-Automatic Card Tricks 109
Karl Fulves Packed taking long cards from a normal case, posed as problemInspired by Verbatim (Issue 5) 40
Aldo Colombini Apache two cards stuck together and are peeled apart again Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 17, No. 4) 2348
Angelo Carbone Tight Squeeze red-backed deck is "merged" into blue deck, it's still one deck but red-blue alternating, optional rough-smooth, using Humbug Humbug 13
Bob McAllister, Christian Scherer The Fastest Trick in the Universe variation, using billInspired by Falschgeld-Test 7
Joe Rindfleisch The One-Handed Zigzag zig-zag finger with playing card, first finger Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 2 148
Joe Rindfleisch The Illusion Card zig-zag finger with playing card, first finger and thumb, four phases, eventually card is restored Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 2 143
Paul Harris Absorption card placed on case is "absorbed" by case (i.e. vanishes) The Art of Astonishment - Book 1 (Issue Las Vegas Close-Up) 175
Paul Harris Cardician's Blendo Four and Six melt together to a Ten spot The Art of Astonishment - Book 1 (Issue Las Vegas Close-Up) 205
Paul Harris Side-Winder card repeatedly appears perpendicular in deck The Art of Astonishment - Book 2 (Issue Close-up Entertainer) 157
Paul Harris Membrane spectator selects card with mark on back, mark on back is transfered onto card case The Art of Astonishment - Book 3 (Issue New Stuff) 41
James Swain Fortune Telling Cards three "fortune telling" cards change into one selection, blendo Miracles with Cards 90
Karl Fulves Stapled 3-Card Catch sandwich is stapled together after Müller's "Three-Card Catch", posed as problem The Vampire Chronicles 91
Karl Fulves Stake Out sandwich stapled but only center card is stapled The Vampire Papers 114
Karl Fulves The Convert four cards all become bite marks The Vampire Chronicles 61
Karl Fulves Optikal Illusion three-card fan, in mirror only two cards are seen but simultaneously three from back The Vampire Papers 97
Peter Duffie, Gene Maze Double-Stuck Prediction of two selections in the form of jumbo cards (weird twisting revelation), found to be stapled together, and the actual selections are also stapled togetherInspired by Effortless Card Magic 99
Lee Asher The Magic Finger Box of Death finger is bent in folded card Lé Asher 6
David Regal I've Got Your Number Claim check vanishes, reappears stapled on selected card Close-Up & Personal 120
David Regal Pasteboard Massacre Magician cuts the deck literally in half to find selection, saws deck in half using a playing card Close-Up & Personal 242
Karl Fulves Quartered four jacks on table, selection placed under one, it magically quarters itself and one quarter is found under each, posed as problem Lost Vampire Secrets 180
Karl Fulves Center Fold No. 39, joker placed into deck behind back, then two selections made, half the joker (which is suddenly torn) found besides each cardAlso published here My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 86
Gordon Bean Corner Kick indifferent card with torn-off corner transforms into selectionInspired by
  • "Tearing up DeLand" (Jeff Sheridan, Genii March 2000)
Penumbra (Issue 2) 15
Ryan Matney Corner Kicked Again indifferent card with torn-off corner transforms into selectionInspired by Penumbra (Issue 4) 16
Roberto Giobbi, Paul Harris Pasteboard Blendo Card College - Volume 5 1174
Roberto Giobbi, Father Cyprian, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Coalaces four aces change into single selection Card College - Volume 5 1178
Jay Sankey Voodoo Card signed and lost in deck, a white index card is folded in quarters and selected card is found folded in the deck. Then corner of selected card is burnt, and index card is found to be burnt in the corner too Twenty Years Of Magic (Issue Amazing Tricks) 25
Rene Clement Sense-sational performer bites pieces out of selection Best of Friends - Volume III 191
Jack Parker Cain & Cord Coin appears underneath selection in the deck. Then, card vanishes and reappears folded around the coin 52 Memories 142
Dani DaOrtiz Gag - Strongest Magician card visibly changes into torn quarters Card Cemetery 36
Oliver Meech Act Accordingly Drawings on blank cards come to life and behave strangely (only suggestions and ideas, no actual method descriptions) Plot Twists 32
Karl Fulves Z Character handling a z-fold wallet, selection torn in half and one half in wallet, another card torn, two halves vanished, half in wallet matches other half Xtra Credit (Issue 8) 46
Karl Fulves The Basic Principle of monte with stuck-together cards Prolix (Issue 9) 589
Karl Fulves The Three-Corner Card "Unexplained"
corner of selection torn off and put under case, remaining card signed on back, card put in deck so a part is protruding, prediction card with corner missing shown, it is signed on back and protruding part is now only corner which has vanished from under case, posed as a problem
Inspired by Prolix (Issue 10) 681
John Guastaferro, Tyler Wilson Fusion Alternative Presentation, blendoInspired by Discoveries & Deceptions 14
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Ad Copy blendo, spectator ends up with business card Card Men 27
Helder Guimarães Extending the Luck card chosen, coin used to narrow deck down to one card, on back of coin is corner that matches selection, single card is missing this corner suddenlyInspired by The Veriloquent 47
Harapan Ong Flexacard tritetra-flexagon from cards, two cards can be revealed, self-animated Principia 193
Harapan Ong 4, 3, 2, 1 hybrid flexagon to consecutively reveal four cardsRelated to
  • hybrid flexagon, Douglas Engel, Journal of Recreational Mathematics 2, 1969
Principia 205