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Jeff Busby Into the 4th Dimension... and Beyond
  • "Card Warp" (Roy Walton)
1973 Into the 4th Dimension... and Beyond 3
Roy Walton Card Warp
Also published here
  • marketed by Davenport, Sep. 1973
Apr. 1974 Intermagic (Vol. 1 No. 4) 70
Karl Fulves 4th Warp
  • First Method - Thru The Two (3 phase routine)
  • Second Method - Warp Get-Ready (getting into Walton's effect)
  • Concluding Notes (different objects, Busby & Walton)
1975 Methods with Cards — Part 2 122
Howard Schwarzman Star Warp bill and card
July 1980 Apocalypse (Vol. 3 No. 7) 361
Don England Card Warped using bill, card is not torn at the end
1981 Don England's T.K.O.'s (Issue Hearts) 29
Bob McAllister Greenwarp bill around card
1983 The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 13) 113
David Britland Tearing a Lady in Two two cards folded along two different axis and put in Card Warp configuration, torn in two, inner piece restores
Inspired by 1983 Tearing a Lady in Two 1
Stephen Tucker Card-Warper off center slit
July 1984 Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 7) 1251
Jay Marshall Quick Warp using bill
June 1985 Apocalypse (Vol. 8 No. 6) 1069
Bob McAllister The Fastest Trick in the Universe folded card turns itself inside out
Variations Nov. 1985 Apocalypse (Vol. 8 No. 11) 1129
Darwin Ortiz The Card Warp Deck idea for getting into the trick
1988 Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 134
Roy Walton Card Warp
Dec. 1988 Intermagic (Vol. 14 No. 2) 69
Eugene Burger The Inquisition (For Charles Reynolds)
about magical presentation
1989 The Experience of Magic 91
Bruce Cervon Warped bill around card
1990 Ultra Cervon 77
Bruce Cervon Warped with Jumbo Card
1990 Ultra Cervon 86
Bruce Cervon Warp II excellent handling
1990 Ultra Cervon 88
Michael Close Dr. Strangetrick "Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love card warp", detailed routine with card in bill
1990 Workers Number 1 14
Jay Sankey Definitely Warped no cover
1990 100% Sankey 9
Jay Sankey Wild Thing selection turns over in deck, between two cards and inside out when folded, Jumping Gems with a folded playing card
1990 100% Sankey 13
Bob Kohler Quicker Warp with bill
Sep. 1993 Apocalypse (Vol. 16 No. 9) 2262
Bob McAllister, Christian Scherer The Fastest Trick in the Universe variation, using bill
Inspired by 1994 Falschgeld-Test 7
Bob King Turncoat single folded card turns inside out, hand cover only
1996 Five-Star Magic 20
Simon Lovell Outfold indifferent card folded into fourth face outward, changed into back-outward and then into selection, two methods
1997 Simon Says! 91
Rainer Pfeiffer Mismade-Warp climax for card-warp, covering bill also turns inside out
1998 The Book 110
James Swain Card Warp Display only with borderless Cards
1999 21st Century Card Magic 80
David Acer The Card Warp Get-Ready
1999 Natural Selections — Volume II 114
Dan Tong Danny's Bill Warp using a bill
Variations Dec. 2000 Pabular (Vol. 9 No. 4) 2055
Allen Zingg Ton, Kenton, & Zingg combination of Knepper's "Torn & Restored #1" and Tongs "Danny's Bill Warp"
Inspired by Dec. 2000 Pabular (Vol. 9 No. 4) 2058
Don England Micro Warp Card Warp with the Card shrinking
2001 Don England's Paradox 60
Don England Warped and Single with bill and change of the card at the end
2001 Don England's Paradox 86
Don England d/Warp unfolded Card is pushed through the pack
2001 Don England's Paradox 119
Jim Steinmeyer through the Trapdoor two cards penetrate each other, warp finale
2003 Artificial conclusions 30
Jim Steinmeyer Through the Trap Door two folded cards penetrate each other and change folding orientation
Nov. 2003 Genii (Vol. 66 No. 11) 72
Wesley James Hyper-Warp "final", ending with Hyper Card stapled to other card as souvenir
2004 Enchantments 89
Luke Dancy Warped face-down card between Queens turns face-up, card-warp without bending cards
2004 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 5 149
Tyler Wilson Scarred Warp hole in cover card, card invisible through hole
2006 Dominatricks 109
Martin Cox King of Warped off-beat method, one card also penetrates other
Also published here
  • "King of Warped" in Martin Cox's "H.R. Pub & Stuff" 1999.
2006 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 6 164
Jeff Pierce The Double-Jointed Card with bill, showing mis-made cards as intro
Feb. 2006 Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 1) 33
Gene Taylor Warp Central using trapdoor puzzle card as outside wrapper for card warp type routine in which center of inside card goes missing
Inspired byVariations Dec. 2006 Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. Annual 2006) 11
Gene Taylor Warp Central Plus ends with examinable card
Inspired by Dec. 2006 Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. Annual 2006) 17
Chris Mayhew Whole Warp
2009 A Clockwork Apple 43
Tyler Wilson Sweeotch card folded up and in mouth turns inside out, then transposes with card in spectator's hand
Inspired by 2010 Reinventing the Real 64
Bob Farmer Warpcarder display for Card Warp
Aug. 2013 Genii (Vol. 76 No. 8) 50
Roy Walton Cardwarp
  • Alternative Finale
2016 The Complete Walton — Volume 3 247
Edward Marlo Red-Blue Warp with two cards with different-colored backs
2021 Output (Issue 18) 11