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Peter Duffie Envelope Prediction after Ambitious Card sequence, an odd-backed card in an envelope turns out to be signed selectionRelated to
  • "Black Envelope" (Bob Kohler)
Inspirations 13
Bob Kohler Torn-Corner Encore Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 42
Darwin Ortiz Jumping Gemini using only four cardsVariations Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 141
Bob Kohler Spider Vanish Handling Without 5
Bob Kohler Acquitment Without 5
Bob Kohler Two Ahead (Is Better Than One) Impossibilia 53
Bob Kohler Brass-Ackwards Production four coins produced from Boston Box at once Impossibilia 94
Bob Kohler Return to Spender reverse matrix with two cards Impossibilia 108
Bob Kohler Spider Vanish Handling Impossibilia 110
Bob Kohler Bertram Spider Vanish Handling Smoke and Mirrors 30
Bob Kohler Acquitment Smoke and Mirrors 31
John Bannon OZ Deposit card changes to $100 bill, card in wallet, with variations:
- Way Ahead Variation (Bob Kohler)
- Compromise Variation
- No-Palm Variation
- The OZ Envelope and Remote Change
- OZ Recombinant
Smoke and Mirrors 122
Bob Kohler Quicker Warp with bill Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 16 No. 9) 2262
Bob Kohler The Deck That Can't Be Shuffled deck separates into reds and blacks repeatedly despite shuffling, using Daryl's Triumph Display Kardz 1
Bob Kohler $100 Challenge Color Changing Deck bet theme in which spectator has to find the odd-backed card, magnet in wallet Kardz 4
Bob Kohler The Multiback Gaff divided back with step-gaff spread on one half Kardz 4
Bob Kohler The Non-Memorized Deck three spectators cuts to cards and remember bottom cards, cue card, deck marked with stack numbers Kardz 7
Bob Kohler Thumping Gemini four cards change multiple timesInspired by Kardz 10
Bob Kohler On the Too Perfect Theory brief comment Kardz 10
Bob Kohler Kohler Lift Addition top card put to bottom of four-card packet, really to second from top Kardz 10
Tony Cabral In Your Face Aces Ace production, optional Assembly follow-upInspired by
  • "Aces in their Faces" (Bob Kohler)
Card Tricks for the Untrustworthy 22