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Henri Decremps Avis intéressant monte type game using four cards and the glide
1786 185
The "Three Card" Trick with bent corner
1876 76
C. H. Wilson Three-Card Monte No. 2, short comment
1877 25
The "Three-Card" Trick with psychology & bent corner
1890 51
Three Card Monte two methods for the Throw Switch
Related to 1902 117
Mexican Three Card Monte featuring the Mexican Turnover
1902 122
Henri De Manche The Three-Card Trick without throw
1904 77
The "Three-Card" Trick monte throw
1911 102
Jack Merlin Three Card Monte routine, with bent corner ploy
1927/28 4
John Scarne Introduction
1933 11
Grifter's Signals
  • The Call Method
  • The Hand Method
  • The Head Method
1933 13
Familiar Phrases in Gambling
  • Hipe
  • Shills or Cappers
  • Money Bag
  • Under-throw
  • Over-throw
1933 14
John Scarne Three Card Monte basics
1933 16
John Scarne A Series of Deceptive Moves
  • Number One
  • Number Two - All Red
  • Number Three - All Black
  • Number Four
  • Number Five - All Right Hand
  • Number Six
  • Number Seven - One Hand Deal
1933 18
Bent or Crimped Corner "Grifter Method"
1933 22
The Flip (?) "sort of Mexican turn over"
1933 24
The Flip-Change
1933 24
John Scarne Moves with Flip and Flip-Change
1933 24
Grifter's Marked Corner "Using the Flip and Flip-Change"
1933 27
John Scarne Scarne's Monte Slide two card switched, Optical Monte Move
1933 28
John Scarne Scarne's Triple Climax with obvious one-way backs
Related to 1933 30
John Scarne Scarne's Method of the Crimped Corner
1933 32
John Scarne Scarne's Marked Corner
1933 34
John Scarne The Stamped Ace - Scarne's Method
1933 36
John Scarne Scarne's Method of Torn Corner
1933 38
John Scarne Scarne's Push Over Change Optical Monte Move
1933 39
Now Try This Move on Your Friends sequence with Mexican Turnover
1933 40
The Daub
1933 40
Proper Position for performing Three Card Monte spectators at the sides and not at front
Related to 1933 4
Al Baker The Fall of the Wise sucker for wise guys, gaffed
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Cardially Yours)
Two Card Monte with the Torn Corner Added
1938 307
Eddie Joseph Three Card Monte "(a different version)", without monte toss
1941 7
Jean Hugard Cops and Crooks story presentation for Three Card Monte
1943 5
Elray Hey...Rube! story of a con men, marking cards at a three card monte game with daub
Nov. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 73)
George Starke Three Card Monte in Excelsis multiple phases, based on multiple lifts, in the end card from pocket
Dec. 1947 375
Monte by "Bertram", told by Dai Vernon
Jan. 1948
The Phoenix (Issue 143)
Cy Endfield Tacked Extra Corner-Piece. Variation with specially printed card
Related to Mar. 1950
The Phoenix (Issue 199)
Bruce Elliott On A Tear monte, tearing up corner, false index
Related to Oct. 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 239)
Frank Garcia Garcia's Clip It monte, card marked with paper clip
Also published here June 1952
The Phoenix (Issue 258)
Jackie Flosso The Easiest Monte card vanishes and appears face up in deck
June 1952
The Phoenix (Issue 258)
Cy Endfield The Three Card Monte Basic Moves
1955 5
Cy Endfield Preparation of the Cards. (a) The Bridging
1955 6
Cy Endfield The Bent Corner
1955 9
Cy Endfield The Pencil Mark on the Card
1955 11
Cy Endfield The Tacked Card Extra Corner-Piece. Variation with specially printed card
Related to 1955 13
Cy Endfield The Routine incl. Bent Corner, Pencil Mark, Tacked Card
1955 15
Audley Walsh Paper Clip Climax
1955 17
Frank Garcia Clip It monte, card marked with paper clip
Also published here 1956 170
Victor Comello New Three Card Monte Move three cards held in spread in one hand, tabled one by one, two cards are switched
1956 9
Edward Marlo A Monte Vanish during a Three Card Monte the money card vanishes and appears in pocket, it then transposes with one of the other cards
Dec. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 19)
Dai Vernon Three Card Monte routine, including bent corner
Related to 1961 15
Dai Vernon The Use of a Short Card
1961 20
Ralph Greenwood Three Card Monte Idea
Jan. 1965
The New Phoenix (Issue 394)
Jay Ose Little Queenie with bent corner
Dec. 1967 143
Eddie Joseph Vacant Vision monte routine, using card with half face and half back
1969 51
Milton Kort Off Color Three Card Monte at the end the money card changes back color as kicker
1970 19
Dai Vernon Vernon's Monte Crimp Idea No. 95, on the sucker crimp phase
Related to 1972 28
Three-Card Monte
1976 54
Lou Lancaster 3 Card Monte
1978 9
Frank Garcia Don't Bet On It! remarks about Three Card Monte
1978 15
Frank Garcia I Didn't Know That! about the origins of Three Card Monte
1978 18
Frank Garcia "Queer Money" counterfeit money used in Three Card Monte
1978 19
Frank Garcia The Real Secrets of 3 Card Monte about Three Card Monte on the streets with the subchapters:
  • "A Game For All Seasons"
  • "If YOu Bet Fast, You Can't Last! If You Bet Slow, You've Got To Go"
  • Don't Think You're So Smart!
  • The Code Is Out. The Cigarette Method
  • The Head Method
  • The Call Method or The Sleight of Mouth Method
  • The Money Method
1978 20
Frank Garcia The Right Cards to Use
1978 29
Frank Garcia Putting the "Ear" in or Putting the "Lug" in
  • The Bent or Crimped Corner
  • The Bent Corner
  • Still Another Method of "Putting The Ear In"
1978 39
Jay Ose Another Jay Ose Tip treatment of cards for 3 Card Monte
1978 47
Frank Garcia A Move for the "Sucker"
1978 52
Frank Garcia Three Different Ways of Bending the Cards
1978 54
Frank Garcia Additional Effective Practice Exercises seven exercises and sequences
1978 56
Frank Garcia Putting the "Gaffer" in card is marked, bent corner alternative
1978 66
Milton Kort The Master "Bust Out Move" also known as The "Bass Ackward" Move piece of tissue paper is stuck on queen
1978 69
The Postage Stamp Mystery stamp stuck on queen
1978 73
"If You're Still Not Convinced" stamp stuck on queen
1978 75
The Torn Corner duplicate corner
1978 78
Charles Bertram It's So Old, It's New method is unbent card, one short
1978 84
Bruce Elliott, Frank Garcia Clip Monte card marked with paper clip
1978 89
Frank Garcia Piccadilly Ploy
1978 103
Gregg Webb Mid-Air Exchange Han Ping Chien with cards, monte throw application
1978 1139
Nothing Changes "A Swindle, but Not Quite a Con"
Related toAlso published here
  • "A Swindle, but Not Quite a Con" (New York Times, Feb 12, 1978)
Interlocutor (Issue 25)
Darwin Ortiz Darwin's Three-Card Monte including bent corner
  • Technical Notes
    • The Monte Pickup
    • The Fair Throw
    • The Overthrow
Also published here 1979 9
Jackie Flosso Three-Card Monte Exposé
Jan. 1980
Apocalypse (Vol. 3 No. 1)
Lewis Ganson Introduction
1980 5
Lewis Ganson, Charles Kettle Sleight of Hand Methods
  • The Basic Move
  • Bridging
  • The Overthrow
1980 6
S. W. Erdnase, Dai Vernon Erdnase-Vernon Overthrow
1980 9
Tudor Brock The Knockout Three Card Monte four phases, piece of paper is stuck on money card
1980 9
Lewis Ganson, Paul Curry, Cy Endfield, Audley Walsh Convincers
  • The Bent Corner
  • The Tacked Card (Paul Curry / Cy Endfield)
  • Paper Clip Climax (Audley Walsh)
1980 15
Street Traders' Three Card Monte with other version for the gimmick
1980 21
Ron MacMillan The MacMillan Miracle movable flap
1980 25
John Scarne Monte de Tres Cartas using long and short cards
1980 67
Jack McMillen "Don't Ever Bet On A Sure Thing" three card monte with a switch
1981 13
Bruce Cervon Basic Effect effect description
1984 7
Bruce Cervon Cervon Monte "basic routine", three cards, visual and impossible penetrations
  • Phase I - Court card from center to top
  • Phase II - Court card from center to bottom
  • Phase III - Court card leaves center without a move
  • Phase IV - How the card moves
  • Phase V - Court card moves when it's face-up
Inspired by
  • item in "Abra"
1984 8
Bruce Cervon Cervon Monte, Gaffed Version
  • Phase I - Court card from center to top
  • Phase II - Court card leaves center without a move
  • Phase III - Find the Court Card Again and Again and Again
  • Phase IV - Court card moves when it's face up
1984 28
Monte Miracle No. 70, no bend, using optical illusion and handling cards at right angles
1984 104
Dai Vernon Notes on the Three Card Monte torn card
1987 180
Dai Vernon, Eugene Burger, John F. Mendoza Three-Card Monte as a Magical Entertainment presentation without the spectator guessing
1987 55
Michael Weber Monte Surprise Three Card Monte, money card transforms into previously selected card
1987 8
Darwin Ortiz Darwin's Three-Card Monte including bent corner
Also published here 1988 36
Bob Kohler Torn-Corner Encore
1988 42
Karl Fulves Python Monte bent corner idea, posed as problem
Interlocutor (Issue 48)
René Lavand The Story of Antonio the Gypsy Monte
Also published here 1988 27
René Lavand A Sort of Prologue thoughts on the three card monte
1988 99
René Lavand My Monte ten phases, with sticker
Also published here 1988 100
Michael Skinner Ultimate 3 Card Monte false indices, three phases, slow-motion performance
Inspired byVariations 1990 1
A Three Card Monte Variation phase in which two Twos are shown one-handed with right hand with throw move, yet the third card is also a Two
Related to 1991 248
Canada Bill monte man story
Also published here
  • "Gambling and Gambling Devices" (John Phillip Quinn, 1912)
Cheat Sheet (Issue 6)
Canada Bill Story
Also published here
  • "Sucker's Progress" (Herbert Asbury)
Cheat Sheet (Issue 8)
Alexander de Cova Gambler's Change with bills or wallet, as monte climax
Also published here 1991 19
Doc Eason An Entertaining Three Card Monte Routine
1991 ca. 14
Alexander de Cova Gambler's Switch with bills or wallet, as monte climax
Also published here 1992 163
Two Card Monte Handling
1992 59
Karl Fulves Nothing Changes article about three-card monte hustling
Related to 1993
Verbatim (Issue 9)
Richard Bartram, Jr. Hole Card Monte last phase for three card monte, hole punched in one card jumps to other card
1993 10
Richard Bartram, Jr. Yankee Clipper paper clip grows, after Three-Card Monte
1993 95
René Lavand My Monte ten phases, with sticker
Also published here 1993 133
René Lavand Antonio's Three Card Monte Monte
Also published here 1993 147
Harry Anderson The Last Monte multi-phase three card monte routine, torn corner as last phase
  • Phase 1 - Meet My Friend, Monte
  • Phase 2 - The False Toss
  • Phase 3 - The Sting
  • Phase 4 - The Bent Corner
  • Phase 5 - The Mutilated Monte
Related toVariations 1993 90
Allan Ackerman, Roger Klause A No-Throw Monte
1994 153
Bob Farmer La Monte Symbiotic
  • Flim-Flam
three piles on the table, spectator cannot follow top card of one pile
Related to
  • "Symbiotic Deck" (Gary Ouellet)
Sep. 1994
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 1)
Slide Monte with short card
1997 24
Alexander de Cova Perfect 9-Card-Monte with three-card-monte intro
Inspired by 1998 33
Andrew Wimhurst Yellow Kid's Monte card to Wallet Climax
1999 21
Milton Kort Diminishing Monte Ace, Two, Three of Spades - spectator cannot get money card (Ace, Two or Three), duplicate
1999 11
Karl Fulves The Game of 13 blackjack variation as a three card monte presentation
Charlatan (Issue 3)
Andrew Wimhurst The Full Monte (Yellow Kid's Monte) card to wallet climax, using fake index card
2001 17
David Malek Magicians Monte with sucker moves, two phases
2001 30
Bill White Monte 101 four phases
Sep./Oct. 2001
Mr. Gadfly (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Luc Sante Three Card Monte Note
Also published here
  • New York Times, 4-15-02
2002 268
Jon Armstrong Three-Blank Monte card to wallet finale
Also published here Dec. 2004
Genii (Vol. 67 No. 12)
Jack Carpenter Bent Corner Method for the 3-Card Monte
2006 10
Karl Fulves Monte Cardo switch with bills as climax
Prolix (Issue 1)
Jack Avis Random Notes using ruler
Inspired by
  • "Three Card Trick" (G. Boyce, Mahatma, Vol. 7 No. 6, 1903)
2006 24
Karl Fulves The Money Card "Unexplained"
obvious one-way backs, money card "accidentally" gets turned around, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 3)
Jon Racherbaumer Three Card Visible Monte comments
2007 167
Edward Marlo First Application Trapped Mexican switch
Also published here
  • The New Tops, Dec. 1983
2007 171
Edward Marlo Marlo's Monte cards bent upwards at sides instead of downwards
Also published here
  • The Sorcerer's Eyes, Vol. 3 No. 33-36, 1981
2007 172
Michael "Mike" Müller ESM-Routine EasyStreetMonte
  • Lenkung
  • Tipps / Ideen
2007 29
Joel Givens Monte 101 "double bend" finale, see p. 127 for performance
2007 137
Justin Higham Longitudinal Monte three Card Monte tabled routine, cards held longitudinally
Inspired by
  • "Marlo's Monte & Moves" (Edward Marlo, The Sorcerer's Eyes, Vol. 3, Issue 33-36, 1981)
2008 33
Fred Robinson Three Card Monte off-beat move
2009 122
Roberto Giobbi Staging a Three-Card Monte Game useful for presentation
Secret Agenda (Issue June 24)
Harry Lorayne Monte Monte Plus routine for "Monte Plus" and "Monte Plus Plus" moves
2011 77
Wolfgang Moser 31/2 Card Monte multiple phase monte, tearing off corner
Inspired byRelated to 2011 10
Jon Armstrong Three Blank Monte - Arrow Version card to wallet finale
Also published here 2011 62
Eugene Burger Three Card Monte as a Magical Entertainment
2013 19
Alexander de Cova Action Switch with bills or wallet, as monte climax
Also published here Mar. 2013 38
Steve Beam Eight Against One Finish for 3 card monte where target card vanishes and a four of a kind is produced.
Related to 2015 69
Alexander de Cova Action Switch with bills or wallet, as monte climax
Also published here 2015 224
Roberto Giobbi Slang for Authenticity
Hidden Agenda (Issue May 27)
Paul Vigil 3-Card Monte multiple phases, credit information on fake index monte routines
Inspired by
  • "Catch 33" (Lee Asher, 2003, 2013)
2017 41
Joey Burton, Paul Vigil Kaiser Con
Inspired by
  • "Kaiser Con" (Joey Burton, Catch 33)
2017 51
Joey Burton, Paul Vigil Sosi Switch
Inspired by
  • "Sosi Switch" (Joey Burton, Catch 33)
2017 57
Bruce Cervon Cervon Finale previously unpublished phase
2017 60
Lee Asher Spectator picks the right Card how to handle the situation
Also published here
  • Catch 33 (2003, 2013)
2017 68
Johnny Thompson The Gambler's Ballad gambling demonstration with Matching the Card finale, magician vs. gambler theme, rhyming patter
2018 27
Steve Forte Three Card Monte analysis and fact checks
  • Recommendation
Related to 2020 689
Dai Vernon Three Card Monte from private lecture notes by Ernest Shattock
2022 73
Dai Vernon Three Card Monte routine, from private lecture notes by P. Howard Lyons
2022 86
Caj Brejtfus Expertalk: Caj Brejtfus on Three Card Monte false indices
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Sep. 2005
2022 434