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Das künstliche Abheben No. 48, performer cuts deck and announces in advance whether he cut to a number or picture card
1895 57
Dr. Ford Rogers Peek Deck Cards
1920 6
Charles T. Jordan A Unique Reverse No. 4, thought-of picture card reverses itself in the deck, using cards glued back-to-back at one end with one cut short
1920 10
Charles T. Jordan, William McGrew Speaking of Pink Elephants No. 8, named card changes back color, then the whole deck, card spelled to, card travels from one half to the other, red-blue peek deck cards
1920 16
William Larsen, T. Page Wright The Perfect Guesser performer knows whether cut-to card is red or black, blacks short and reds narrow
Related to 1928 10
A Prearranged Pack of Cards that can be Shuffled long-short deck with pairs that fit together via Si Stebbins system
Variations 1937 235
Various Methods of Handling the Pack
1937 245
Lu Brent The Siamese Svengali Pack twenty-six glued pairs
1937 254
Charles T. Jordan Speaking of Pink Elephants color changing backs, then a card travels from one half to the other, glued pairs
1937 289
Val Evans Multeffect Cards long-short paired deck used for a routine of eighteen different effects
Related toVariations 1937
The Jinx (Issue Winter Extra 1936/37)
Burling Hull The Svengali Deck handling tips and getting into it from divided svengali deck
1938 430
Three-Way Svengali Forcing Deck
1938 450
Dr. Ford Rogers Rogers' Ever Ready Forcing Pack short forcing cards glued on long indifferent cards
Related toVariations 1938 451
Charles A. Leedy Cards Plus Jugglery card travels from long-short glued forcing deck to pocket
1938 452
Charles T. Jordan Ultimo - The Ace of Mechanical Decks trick in which half the cards are long-short pairs glued face-to-face on one end, many trick examples
The Jinx (Issue Winter Extra 1938/39)
Donald Holmes Forcing Deck long-short glued pairs with loose force card in between
July 1939
The Jinx (Issue 58)
Svengali Shuffle how to shuffle a Svengali Deck
1940 412
Franklin V. Taylor Peek Deck
Related toVariationsAlso published here Dec. 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 25)
James G. Thompson Jr. "Peek-Deck" Pappy Taylor's Peek Deck, as a code
Related toVariations Oct. 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 46)
R. C. Buff The $64.00 Word Taylor's Peek Deck combined with a dictionary book test
Related to Oct. 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 46)
Franklin V. Taylor, Warner Perry, James G. Thompson Jr., R. C. Buff Peek Deck with several ideas and handlings
Related to 1945 111
Harlan Tarbell The Telepathic Deck pairs glued together in centre, for tossed out deck
1945/27 245
Don A. Hans One Card in 52 named card has different back color
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1946)
Francis J. Rigney Divination card is located using a Divining Rod
Feb. 1949 507
Edward Marlo The Marlo Miracle Deck long-short deck with short ends and sides, all faces roughed and every other card reversed in menetekel pairs
Variations 1951 1
Edward Marlo Effect No. 1 spectator peeks at card in fingertip position, performer names it
1951 1
Edward Marlo Effect No. 2 assistant names peeked-at card
1951 1
Edward Marlo Effect No. 3 peeked-at card turns over
1951 2
Edward Marlo Effect No. 4 peeked-at card is reversed by performer behind back
1951 2
Edward Marlo Effect No. 5 spectator thinks of card as they are riffled by slowly, this card reverses
1951 2
Edward Marlo Effect No. 6 spectator thinks of card as they are riffled by slowly, this card reverses at named number
1951 3
Edward Marlo Effect No. 7 peeked-at card is spelled to and found reversed
1951 3
Edward Marlo Effect No. 8 unknown card reversed in a deck, it matches peeked-at card from second deck
1951 4
Edward Marlo Effect No. 9 unknown card reversed in a deck, it matches stopped-at card from second deck
1951 5
Edward Marlo Effect No. 10 peeked-at card is shown reversed with table spread, optional ambitious card sequence follow-up
1951 6
Edward Marlo Effect No. 12
1951 6
Edward Marlo Suggested Pitch Routine for Marlo Miracle Deck, composed from above effects
1951 8
Al Baker Double Thought two spectators open deck in another room to choose a card, performer divines them, accordion-connected triples
Also published here 1951 62
Karrell Fox The Twitching Muscle presentation for Frank Taylor's Peek Deck
Inspired by 1960 23
Edward Marlo Hull Deck Tips revolves around showing a deck either blank or normal, super-roughing
Mar. 1961
Ibidem (Issue 23)
Jochen Zmeck Das Mene-Tekel-Spiel roughed short/long menetekel and applications
1. card to top
2. card through table
3. divination
4. rising card
5. card to pocket
6. card travels between two slates
7. having multiple cards chosen
1962 21
Kosmische Strahlen triple transformation deck, rough-smooth and short-long
1962 14
James G. Thompson Jr. Peek Deck Origins and Telomatic Deck
Related to Aug. 1968 198
Franklin V. Taylor Peek-Pack
Also published here 1968
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 29 No. 6)
Svengali Color Card Effect No. 494, card freely chosen or named, it is removed and only odd-backed card, red/black long/short deck
1972 137
Karl Fulves Reconstruction performer gives deck several honest riffle shuffles, then spectator remembers card and its position, then several more honest riffle shuffles, position named and card found, interesting (also in Ibidem)
Related toVariations 1973 83
Charles Brush Long-Short Stacked Deck from early Sphinx
1973 83
Sam Schwartz Thot in Color odd-backed prediction in envelope, odd-backed long-short Menetekel deck
Related to July 1975 986
John A. Novak Sven Stebbins svengali deck meets Si Stebbins, paired deck
Related to 1975
Magick (Issue 134)
Nick Trost Card Craps card craps game with special short-long deck
1975 22
Nick Trost Bridge Deck dealing yourself all Spades, then all high cards together with partner
Related to 1975 24
Nick Trost The Pinochle Deck Pinochle demonstration
1975 25
Nick Trost Shaking Short Cards out of Deck
1975 25
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Developing ESP spectator learns to cut at the same ESP symbol every time, shuffled deck
1976 34
Nick Trost Truly - Unbelievable! Matching effect using Svengali type of deck
1976 32
U. F. Grant, Burling Hull Grant's "Predicto" Book and Card Test number up to fifty-two named, that card value used to count to a page and word in book, word written on reversed card in deck
1976 65
Philip T. Goldstein The Mind's Eye Deck picture cards, card is divined
VariationsAlso published here 1977 22
Eddie Joseph Cut Finesse to hit the short card
1977 23
Edward Marlo, David Solomon The Pinned Cards whole deck is punched, same effect as The Stapled Cards, one of two cards pinned together transposes with selection
  • 1st Method (Marlo)
  • 2nd Method (Solomon)
  • 3rd Method: Gaffed Pip Method (S.)
  • Double-Bubble Method: Taylor Peek Deck Card (S.)
  • Clipper Method (S.)
  • 2nd Clipper Method (M.)
  • The Double Double Bubble (2 Selections) (S.)
  • Marlo's D.D. Bubble Method
  • Direct Pinned Cards (M.)
Inspired by 1979 190
Val Evans La Baraja preparation of Val Evans Multieffect deck, 48 cards
  • Trucaje
  • Ordenación
1980 9
Juan Tamariz El Manejo handling for the Multeffect deck
  • Abanico (card fan)
  • Extension en cinta (ribbon spread)
  • Mezcla (shuffle)
  • Cortes (cuts)
1980 13
Val Evans Adivinación Increible Efecto N°1, simple card divination
1980 24
Val Evans Tacto Finismo Efecto N°2, cutting packets of even or odd numbers
1980 25
Val Evans, Juan Tamariz Adivinación Corte Efecto N°3, spectator cuts packet and performer divines if number is odd or even
1980 26
Juan Tamariz Predicción Efecto N°4, three spectators cut packet, prediction if packet is odd or even
1980 27
Val Evans, Juan Tamariz Revelación Fraterna Efecto N°5, card with a value one higher than selection is produced
1980 29
Val Evans, Juan Tamariz Superjuan (La Carta Que Falta) Efecto N°6, one or more cards are removed from shuffled deck and divined by performer
1980 31
Juan Tamariz Las Huellas Digitales Efecto N°7, location of selection, fingerprint presentation
1980 36
Juan Tamariz El Milagro Efecto N°8, Brainwave and Multefect deck, clever handling of Brainwave deck
Inspired by 1980 38
Val Evans, Juan Tamariz Exhibición de Poker Efecto N°9
Related to 1980 45
Val Evans Memoria Prodigiosa Efecto N°10, apparently memorizing half of the deck, other half as memory aid
1980 48
Val Evans Memoria Prodigiosa II Efecto N°11, apparently memorizing half of the deck, other half as memory aid, spectator names card and performer can name position
1980 50
Val Evans Memoria Prodigiosa III Efecto N°12, apparently memorizing half of the deck, other half as memory aid, spectator names number and performer can name card at position
1980 50
Val Evans Revelación Subita Efecto N°13, quick production of selection
1980 51
Juan Tamariz Todos Para Una Y Una Para Todos Efecto N°14, three spectators select the same card, prediction
1980 53
Juan Tamariz Doble Revelación Efecto N°15, location of two cards, second à la stabbed in the pack
1980 57
Val Evans Encuentro Regio Efecto N°16, Kings are shuffled into packet, then they drop out on the table at once
1980 59
Val Evans, Juan Tamariz El Tahur y los 4 Ases Efecto N°17, cutting the Aces
1980 60
Val Evans, Juan Tamariz Los Treboles Magicos Efecto N°18, clubs are found under handkerchief, trick to exchange deck
1980 61
Edward Marlo Carta Atraves de la Mesa using Multeffect deck
Inspired by 1980 67
John Scarne Monte de Tres Cartas using long and short cards
1980 67
Juan Tamariz Todo Dorso All Backs with Multeffect deck, brief
1980 69
Juan Tamariz Todo Caras All Faces with Multeffect deck, brief
1980 69
Camilo Vázquez Cambio de Dorso color changing back idea, with Multeffect deck
1980 70
Camilo Vázquez Llave Doble card control
1980 70
Juan Tamariz Coincidencia Total using two Multeffect decks, one phase
1980 71
Juan Tamariz Cartas Viajereas al Bolsillo four cards to pocket, using Multeffect deck
1980 72
Juan Tamariz Idea con la Mezcla Faro idea combining faro shuffle with the Multeffect deck
1980 73
Juan Tamariz Los 3 Montones divination of three selection
1980 74
Stop Mental
1980 76
Juan Tamariz Exhibición de Poker (más sencillo)
Related to 1980 76
Juan Tamariz Desorden por el Espectador spectator cuts deck strategy for Multeffect deck
1980 78
Juan Tamariz Para los Amantes de la Faro more ideas with the faro shuffle and the Multeffect deck
1980 78
Juan Tamariz Faro por Parejas another idea with the faro shuffle and the Multeffect deck
1980 79
Juan Tamariz Multiefecto con Ordenadas long short deck combined with memorized decks
1980 79
Juan Tamariz Otras 100 Ideas more thoughts on the Multeffect deck
1980 81
Bill Voss Instant Rapport easy to teach/learn code, code words on back of long-short-pairs
Aug. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 8)
Gene "Phantini" Grant Super Mental Deck Al Koran Deck meets Svengali
1981 26
Juan Tamariz, Verne Chesbro, James G. Thompson Jr. Mental Blockbuster Prediction two packs, magician reverses card in one, then spectator in other deck, they match, repeat, Brainwave & Multeffect Cards
Related to 1982
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 3)
Val Evans Multeffect Cards
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 3)
Philip T. Goldstein The Mind's Eye Deck picture cards, card is divined
Also published here 1982 8
Eddie Joseph Cut Finesse to hit the short card
1982 9
Philip T. Goldstein The Mind's Eye Deck picture cards, card is divined
Also published here 1982 9
Eddie Joseph Cut Finesse to hit short card
1982 10
Thomas Alan Waters Parity two cards divined, symbol cards / picture cards
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test)
Karl Fulves The Svengali Principle citing Cremer's "Hanky Panky" (1872), Robert-Houdin's "Card Sharpers" and many more sources
1983 3
Ellsworth Lyman A Color Changing Trick asymmetric stripper-type preparation, when riffling through the deck the cards are either all red or black, see also p. 58
Related toAlso published here
  • The Sphinx, November 1907
1983 4
Karl Fulves The Svengali Principle explaining the principle, with reproduced ad by Burling Hull from 1909
  • short ends
  • short corners
  • scallop shorts (& combined cuts)
  • roughed Svengali deck
1983 10
John H. Keller Long-Short Menetekel Deck
Also published here
  • "Ten Card Tricks" (John Keller, 1932)
1983 54
Ralph W. Hull Cosmic Ray Deck Svengali principle with triplets instead of pairs, center card of each three-card-group reversed, 1934
1983 56
Jesse Demaline Super Brainwave Pack long-short brainwave deck
Related to
  • The Gen, November 1954
1983 91
Albert Goshman Nudist Deck deck with no faces or backs have faces and backs appear and disappear.
1985 91
Rich Bloch The Psychic Cook cards with recipes, chosen one is divined/predicted, Svengali
Mar. 1987
Magick (Issue 387)
Bob Baker Mind-Reach stack of postcards, cut to card is divined, Svengali principle
June 1987
Magick (Issue 391)
Richard Stride Hoy Plus 'X0 using a Nu-Idea / Pop-Eyed Eye-Popper deck
Mar. 1989
Magick (Issue 419)
Helmut "Kalanag" Schreiber Cartas Nudistas as shown to Ascanio by Kalanag in 1949
Also published here 1992 153
Arturo de Ascanio Cartas Nudistas
Also published here 1992 56
Richard Busch Perspectives credits for the David Robbins' Peek Deck aka Frank V. Taylor's Peek Deck
Related to July 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 1)
Steve Beam The Ladder Prediction prediction of a card, reversed Svengali
1993 35
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Card Trix secretly reading information on index cards, long-short-cards
Feb. 1993
Magick (Issue 485)
Sam Schwartz Road Scholar horse race plot
Related to 1995
Underworld (Issue 2)
Grace Ann Morgan Gaffus Maximus card with different back is placed in deck, spectator choses that exact card when cards are riffled through
1995 83
Hervé Pigny Le jeu Hautes Phréquences! long-short deck with pairs that fit together
Inspired by 1995 97
Steve Michaels Schieszer Local Attraction chosen advertising card is divined, svengali
Syzygy (Vol. 3 No. 13)
Ken Krenzel, Franklin V. Taylor Peak Decks approaches for the Taylor Peek Deck
Related to 1997 111
Franklin V. Taylor Taylor Peek Deck brief, glued pairs
1997 111
Svengali Shuffle
1997 247
Nick Trost Seven-Spades Bridge Deal partner and performer get all the Spades
Related to 1997 251
Nick Trost Seven-No-Trump Bridge Deal partner and performer get no-trump hands
1997 253
Nick Trost In-Between Deal Game called In-Between, uses poker chips
1997 254
Nick Trost Gin Rummy Deal
1997 257
Nick Trost Coon Can Deal Gives description and history of game
1997 261
Nick Trost Special-Deck Blackjack-Poker Deal Blackjack and poker combined demo
Related to 1997 265
Nick Trost Canasta Deal
Related to 1997 270
Nick Trost Uruguay Canasta Deal
Related to 1997 273
Nick Trost International Canasta Deal
1997 274
Philip T. Goldstein The Mind's Eye Deck picture cards, card is divined
Also published here 1997 8
Jim Zachary Jimbo's Sneaky Shuffle Action divided deck overhand shuffle with one half short
1997 138
Michael Weber leftovers six bullet point ideas for ootw, no details given
1997 4
Edward Marlo The Lost Integrated Deck long-short Si Stebbins stack and ideas with it
  • Showing Cards To Be One Color
  • The Lift (double lift from long-short deck)
  • Calculating The Position Of Any Card
  • First Effect (calling all cards from a cut-off and shuffled packet)
  • Second Effect (like before, as memory demonstration)
  • Third Effect (divination of selections with help of Joker)
  • Fourth Effect (divination, pseudo x-ray deck procedure)
  • Fifth Effect (naming color of cards at named number)
  • Sixth Effect (spectator chooses only red card)
  • Seventh Effect (deck changes to all-red/all-black)
1997 140
Pit Hartling Amor all cards match, short long gaffed deck
Related toAlso published here 1998 31
Pit Hartling Cupid all cards match, short long gaffed deck
Also published here 1998 84
Jason Alford A Cut Above duplicate Aces
Inspired byRelated to 1998 12
Ellis Stanyon The "Fin-de-Siècle" Forcing Pack of Cards No. 9, long-short deck, Mene-Tekel "first sold by W. D. Le Roy"
  • First Arrangement and Tricks with Same (long-short menetekel deck, with some basic applications)
1999 195
The "Ae-Di-Tse-Tal" Forcing Pack No. 10, "Latest Idea" backwards, every other card corner short
(a) Mind Reading
(b) To Cut an Odd or Even Number
1999 196
Ellis Stanyon The Double "Forcing" Pack No. 12, different forcing cards cut on different corners or angle
Variations 1999 198
Ellis Stanyon The Triple "Forcing" Pack No. 13, for three cards
Inspired by 1999 200
Ellis Stanyon The Combination "Fin-de-Siècle" Magic Pack No. 14, combination of Svengali and Mene-Tekel, triplets with different cuts
1999 200
Ellis Stanyon The "Anstro" Forcing Deck No. 23, long-short deck with both cards forcing cards
  • Suggested Effect (two cards selected and then spectators find each other's cards)
1999 205
Ellis Stanyon Riffle Shuffle for the Paired Pack No. 31, long-short pairs of cards that add up to fourteen, can be riffle shuffled, divining chosen card by the one next to it or forcing a number
Related to 1999 290
Justin Higham Clairvoyant Svengali spectator counts to a number and remembers card at that position
Inspired by 1999 72
Justin Higham Svengali Location
1999 118
Justin Higham Double X-Ray Vision cards next to chosen cards are divined, Paradox Deck (Multeffect)
Inspired by 1999 119
Chas Roberts Deja Blue card selected, back color of rest changes, deck sorts itself to new deck order with selection missing, Stripper Svengali Principle
Inspired by Dec. 1999
Onyx (Issue 9)
Christoph Borer Get Sharky! performer has one card in pocket, spectator peeks on card from the deck, the card vanishes and appears in the pocket
Related toAlso published here 2000 21
Mark Lewis Handling the Svengali Deck basics
  • Main Points to Remember
2001 9
Mark Lewis Reverse Card reversed card apparently rights itself
2001 31
Henry Evans On Perfection Day deck cut in half, one half riffle shuffled multiple times, yet it ends up in mate pairs, gemini twins procedure with other half to find two more mate pairs, rest of that half is blank
Jan. 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 5)
David Regal Deep Guilt Aces gaffed deck
Related toVariations 2002 211
Tom Stone Aleph Deck combination of Gilbreath with long-short deck to have information about top cards in four piles
Inspired by 2002 23
Al Baker Double Thought two spectators open deck in another room to choose a card, performer divines them, accordion-connected triples
Also published here 2003
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Pet Secrets)
Karl Fulves The Automaton twelve court cards oujogged, performer memorizes their order at a glance, they are taken out and shuffled, performer restores them into original order
Related to 2003
Off The Books (Issue 3)
Chris Wardle Handling the Mene-Tekel Deck overhand and riffle shuffling a long-short deck, cutting the deck, having a card selected
2003 5
Chris Wardle The "CW Mene-Tekel" Deck mates instead of duplicates
Related to 2003 7
Chris Wardle Friends Reunited card chosen, spectator then locates its mates with cut deeper force, no-touch, menetekel with mates
2003 11
Chris Wardle Twin-Card in Wallet mate of selection is in wallet, menetekel deck with mates
2003 22
Chris Wardle A Further "CW Mene-Tekel" Variation Plus Ideas For Its Use kind of "Multeffect Cards" type deck with various effects
Related to 2003 23
Nicholas Einhorn The Martini Deck spectator stops at only odd-backed card, red-blue short-long deck
2004 16
Grace Ann Morgan Gaffus Maximus unknown odd-backed card placed into deck, spectator choses one from the face and it is the odd-backed one, red/blue long-short deck
  • Ditching the Gaff
2004 21
Karl Fulves Light Fingered two cards removed from upper and lower half of deck after riffle shuffles, performer looks through deck and names both
2005 40
Christoph Borer Get Sharky! performer has one card in pocket, spectator peeks on card from the deck, the card vanishes and appears in the pocket
Also published here 2006 68
Chris Wardle Construction and General Handling of the Svengali Deck displays and shuffles (overhand and riffle)
2006 5
Chris Wardle One Up! spectator cuts to card, performer takes next card, spectator looses multiple times, last card with spectator getting an Ace and performer a gag card Sixteen of Hearts
  • Alternative Presentations
2006 30
David Solomon Impromptu Svengali Deck Principle
2007 168
Arturo de Ascanio, Helmut "Kalanag" Schreiber The Nudist Deck two versions
  • Nudist Cards - The 1949 Version (shown by Kalanag)
  • Nudist Cards - The 1956 Version
  • Nudist Cards - Latest Version
Also published here 2008 229
Michael Weber Many Tekel deck riffle shuffled, yet any four of a kind can be produced, maintaining groups of two to five cards
Also published here 2010 2
Karl Fulves The L/S Deck long-short deck applications
Related to 2011
Prolix (Issue 9)
Karl Fulves The Perfect Shuffle long-short deck with alternated color shuffled, sold as perfect faro or false shuffle
Prolix (Issue 9)
Karl Fulves Playing Winners
Prolix (Issue 9)
Karl Fulves Improving The Hand
Prolix (Issue 9)
Karl Fulves Long/Short Story
Inspired by 2011
Prolix (Issue 9)
Karl Fulves Refining The Action using stripper deck as long-short deck
Prolix (Issue 9)
Tyler Wilson Grimace three decks used for color changing deck / transposition combination, riffling through red/blue alternating deck to simulate a purple deck
2012 43
Robert Cassidy The Nameless Secret two people select same city, using Atlas and cards with names of cities
2013 316
Michael Weber Many Tekel deck riffle shuffled, yet any four of a kind can be produced, maintaining groups of two to five cards
Also published here 2014 3
Michael Weber Ten Card Tekel deck shuffled, spectator deals ten cards from anywhere and they are the ten cards needed for Ten Card Poker Deal
2014 5
Michael Weber Ten Card Tekel deck fairly riffle shuffles, yet set-up for Ten Card Poker Deal ready without adjustments
  • The Not-So-Obvious Obvious Discovery
  • Another Not So Obvious Obvious Discovery
  • One Approach to the TCPD
2015 45
Karl Fulves Short Takes notes on short card applications
  • card is removed and substituted with Joker, missing card named after shuffling
  • cutting to a crimp or short card (see also p. 15)
  • shuffling with short cards
Related to 2015
The Lowdown (Issue 1)
Karl Fulves Svengali + Short special angled cut
The Lowdown (Issue 1)
Michael Weber Killer 21 performer repeatably wins despite shuffling and cutting
Feb. 2016
Operandi (Issue 1)
Overhand Shuffling a Svengali Deck
Sep. 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 9)
Jason "Jafo" Fields O'Ferrall Display airing the deck and letting one half drop out half-way, then in-the-hands spread
Sep. 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 9)
Paul Vigil, Bill Abbott The Octopus Deck two spectators think of cards in spread, then two selected with tossed-out deck procedure
  • Phase 1: Up Close
  • Phase 2: Furthur
Inspired by
  • "The Octopus Deck" (Bill Abbott, 2008)
2017 197
Bob Farmer The Tele-Psychic-Omatic Deck thought-of card (one of thirteen) is not in deck, it has become a blank card, peek-pairs
Inspired by 2017 77
Bob Farmer Svengali Predestination chosen and thought-of card (in relation to chosen one) are predicted
2017 94
Bob Farmer Svenvoodoo position of freely peeked-at card is named, then chosen card appears at named number, svengali-peek-deck combination, with marking system
Variations 2017 101
Denis Behr Photographic Memory
  • First Phase - Move-a-Card
  • Second Phase - The Missing Card
  • Third Phase - Half the Deck (spectator takes phone picture of order, after shuffling the order the performer can still recite it correctly)
Inspired by 2018 59
Douglas Hood The Overhand Shuffle of a Long-Short Deck
Also published here
  • Abracadabra, Vol. 9 No. 255 (May 1950)
2018 67
Matt Baker S.O.L. card selected by spectator under very stringent conditions, magician is still able to divine its identity, x-ray case
2019 233
Yves Carbonnier 4. Retrouvailles Impossibles impossible stop trick, handling of Svengali deck
2019 181
Tom Gagnon Freda card is also odd-backed
Inspired byVariations 2019 397
Kyle Leon Isolation card selected from one deck vanishes from another deck and travels into pocket (or elsewhere), red-blue Svengali/Menetekel
Nov. 2022
The Hermit (Vol. 1 No. 11)
Michael Weber Neither Blind Nor Looking gaffed variation of "Neither Blind Nor Stupid"
Inspired by 2023 4
Michael Weber Divination Effect spectator cuts deck into three piles and pockets top card of any pile while the performer is not looking, performer names card
2023 6