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David Britland The Oracle on Uri Geller, Mark Lewis, Joe Dignam
The Talon (Issue 2)
Ray Kosby Never The Twain Shall Mix 4&4, spectator and performer mix cards together
VariationsAlso published here 1990 41
Mark Lewis Dedication to Joe Stuthard
2001 3
Mark Lewis Acknowledgements
2001 4
Mark Lewis Introduction
2001 6
Mark Lewis Mechanics and Handling the make-up of a svengali deck
2001 9
Mark Lewis Handling the Svengali Deck basics
  • Main Points to Remember
2001 9
Mark Lewis The Run on the dribble run into the other hand
2001 11
Mark Lewis The Double Lift top card short
2001 12
Mark Lewis The Riffle Shuffle
2001 13
Mark Lewis The Overhand Shuffle
2001 13
Mark Lewis The Fan
2001 14
Mark Lewis The Spread (and Turnover)
2001 15
Mark Lewis The Mark Lewis Svengali Routine eight phases, with credit commentary on each phase (Ali Bongo, Ron MacMillan, Eric Ward, Johnny Neptune, Nelson Holt, Sammy Holmes, David Cronin)
2001 20
Mark Lewis On Ron MacMillan
2001 23
Mark Lewis On Ali Bongo
2001 25
Mark Lewis The Rehash on the concept of Rehash in a svengali pitch
2001 27
Mark Lewis False Explanation Trick
2001 29
Mark Lewis Tricks with a Svengali Deck chapter intro
2001 30
Mark Lewis Stabbing Trick #1 with knife in the deck
2001 30
Mark Lewis Stabbing Trick #2 with knife in the deck which is wrapped in a paper napkin
2001 31
Mark Lewis Reverse Card reversed card apparently rights itself
2001 31
Mark Lewis Finding Card at Given Number
2001 31
Mark Lewis Clock Trick
2001 31
Mark Lewis Torn and Restored Card
2001 31
Mark Lewis Mental Miracle card cut to is predicted, then it travels to other half
2001 32
Mark Lewis Dice Trick six cards tabled and throw of die used to count to selection
2001 32
Mark Lewis Thought Card card selected and card thought of during riffling, they end up next to each other
2001 32
Mark Lewis Blindfold Effect
2001 32
Mark Lewis Card from Pocket cards taken out of pocket one by one, spectator stops at selection
2001 33
Mark Lewis Pile Trick piles made on table, spectator choses one, selection is on top
2001 33
Mark Lewis Chapter Five more comments on performing with a svengali deck
2001 34
Mark Lewis Switching a Deck
  • performing a non-card trick
  • under a newspaper
  • taking handkerchief from pocket to wipe sweat
2001 35
Mark Lewis Miniature Svengali Routine with an Ordinary Deck to do after switching in a regular deck
2001 37
Mark Lewis Final Word
2001 38
Mark Lewis Introduction
2006 1
Mark Lewis Marmaduke the Wonder Mouse pitch item, animated small mouse running over the hands by itself
  • Properties and Preparation
  • The Basic Move
  • The Final Phase (using glass and cased card decks, see p. 12)
2006 2
Mark Lewis, Johnny Neptune Spooky Pencil animated coin and pencil
  • The Coin Trick and the Spooky Pencil
  • The Pencil Rises in the Fist
  • The Pencil Moves Across the Hand
  • The Pencil Rises Across the Fingers
  • The Pencil Rises from the Bottle
2006 7
Mark Lewis The Squirmle
  • The Basic Move
  • The Routine
2006 13
Mark Lewis The Last Word
2006 17
Mark Lewis Afterthoughts more details on thread management for the wonder mouse
2006 18
Michael Close (reviewer) The Long and the Short of It by Mark Lewis Feb. 2007
Genii (Vol. 70 No. 2)
David Britland (reviewer) The Lives of a Showman by Mark Lewis June 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 6)
Francis Menotti (reviewer) Annotated Royal Road to Card Magic by Mark Lewis Dec. 2020
Genii (Vol. 83 No. 12)
Mark Lewis Martin's Oil Opener 4&4, turning center two cards over, last phase variation of Kosby's phase
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MAGIC, May 2005
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