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Carl Willmann Der Radiograph "Ein amerikanisches Wunder", Gee-haw whammy diddle (Hui-Maschine), toy
Sep. 1903
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 9)
Thimble and Trumpet thimble blown through toy trumpet
1937 31
Hans-Paul Wipf Das Geistertelephon einmal anders humorous Q&A, using toy phone and assistant
Also published here Feb. 1942
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 4 No. 2)
Elray Bughouse effects with metal bugs, those you can press a piece of steel to make a sound, in a box makes sound to answer questions
Mar. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 57)
Hans-Paul Wipf Das Geistertelephon einmal anders humorous Q&A, using toy phone and assistant
Also published here 1944
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 6 No. 2)
Dr. Rolland Fraser Wireless (Indian) Magic toy duck on brass bowl filled with water apparently dives out of sight by itself, see p. 280 for credit
Sep. 1946 251
Milbourne Christopher Shooting Surprise shooting wand and toy pistol gag
Nov. 1946 264
Dr. William Weyeneth Snaked Out! selection is found using wooden snake
Also published here Dec. 1947 380
Dr. William Weyeneth Présentation nouvelle et humoristique d'une carte choisie selection is found using wooden snake, followed by german translation "Neue und humoristische Art eine gewählte Karte zu finden"
Also published here Mar. 1947 2
1. Die schwebende Mumie mummy floats in little box
Related toAlso published here 1948
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 9 No. Sondernummer 1)
Dr. William Weyeneth La Momie voltigeante mummy floats in little box and vanishes, followed by german translation "Das Geheimnis der Mumie"
Also published here Jan. 1948 7
Ken Beale, Frank Garcia Wormy Gags! gags with a plastic worm
Oct. 1950
The Phoenix (Issue 214)
Milbourne Christopher The Talking Frog clicking toy frog under cup answers questions by clicking, a la rapping hand
July 1950 683
Howard Brooks The Babblings of Brooks ideas and jokes by Brooks
  • watch chain gag
  • wind up teeth
  • way to add a key ring
Variations Apr. 1954
The New Phoenix (Issue 305)
Don Alan A World of Gags gags with small globe
Oct. 1954
The New Phoenix (Issue 318)
James Torry Slated for Action ideas with children's toy called Magic Slate
  • ESP Revelation
  • Before Your Eyes
  • Suggestions
Related to 1958
The New Phoenix (Issue 348)
Jim Walker The Mechanical Magician card revelation with Slinky
The New Phoenix (Issue 348)
Carl "J. N. Teroga" Schnetzer Der magische Propeller Hui-Maschine, propeller on stick turns and changes direction
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 19 No. 1)
Jochen Zmeck HUB... der schwarze Kater as Jochini, paper animals transpose in performer's hands
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 19 No. 3)
Karrell Fox 2 or 3 from 5 & 10 toy pick, shovel and egg beater as comedy props
1960 13
Karrell Fox The Magician's Helping Hand toy hand with miniature card inside
Also published here 1960 18
Frederica Three Little Pigs two in the hand, one in the pocket with plastic pigs, as a kicker the pigs change into a bigger toy fiugre
1967 281
Piet Forton Ching Chang Chung, the Never Dieing Chinaman Figurine of Chinese man beheaded when card trick goes wrong - card is changed to correct selection, head is restored
1967 4
Piet Forton Ching-Chang-Chung - der unsterbliche Chinese Figurine of Chinese man beheaded when card trick goes wrong - card is changed to correct selection, head is restored
1968 10
Clark Wirthlin Signed, Sealed, & Delivered with one missing piece, put in plastic bag and envelope, plastic bag is vacuum packed, with toy iron
Magick (Issue 22)
Peter Wilker Gleich + Gleich gesellt sich gern cards spread on table, card stab using a suction cup from toy gun
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 34 No. 6)
Roy Walton Once Upon A Time.... Jack and Queen of Hearts removed and put under handkerchief, Jack transforms into rubber frog
VariationsAlso published here Oct. 1974 818
Jesse J. Langston Jr. Shoot Out spectator shoots at a board with cards, with a suction-cup dart gun
Magick (Issue 93)
Karl Fulves Zero Gee Lunaball (scientific toy), light metal sphere with magnetic outer surface, close-up levitation
Related to Jan. 1975 841
Karrell Fox Noch ein Gag toy hand with miniature card inside
Also published here 1975
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 36 No. 6)
Stephen Minch Swami Fly comedy routine with mind-reading plastic fly, buzzes at correct card from three cards, joy buzzer
1977 43
Stephen Minch Fly-Catcher plastic flies in amber-colored plastic, two in the hands and one in the pocket routine, plastic frog finale
1977 49
Stephen Minch Cups and Flies balls change into plastic flies one by one, plastic spider final load and bug aerosol can
1977 53
Stephen Minch Out of the Flying Pan... card chosen and put in pan, fire made, lid closed, giant flapping fly inside, it holds selection
1977 63
Robert Cassidy Christmas Time Fun "Parker Bros. "Merlin - the Electronic Wizard", robot toy from Merlin game finds chosen ESP card by blinking
Dec. 1978 4
Lewis Ganson Other Routines using other props for "Two in the hands..." routines
  • Cigarettes
  • Matches
  • Coins
  • Dice
  • Miniature Models
  • Toys
1979 32
Karrell Fox Baffling Blow-Outs party blow-outs used for Chinese Sticks type routine, tube through sleeve
Variations 1979 245
Herb Morrissey Unexpected Vision three plastic turtles of different color, one hidden in box, its color is divined, then their location in the spectator's pocket, multi-phase routine
1980 96
Roger Crosthwaite Roger's Angels signed card appears between selected pair of queens, then the backs of the queens change into cards with dogs on it, eventually a toy dog appears
1981 30
Jack Hughes Dippy Duck toy duck in aquarium finds selections and coins
1981 119
Daryl Martinez Audio Transposition two toys, one squeaks and one rattles, sound is transposed
Variations 1982 9
Al Mann Discobolus various animation ideas using a jumping disc
  • The jumping spoon
  • The cascading dominoes
  • The spirits ring a bell
  • The expanding beer cans
1982 12
Meir Yedid Killer Spiders - The Arouser uses for wind-up toys or toy spiders, toy spider jumps out of close-up mat)
1983 3
Martin Lewis Martin's Improved Lie Detector instructions for electronic lie detector apparatus
Related to 1985 151
Gaëtan Bloom The King of Yoyos gimmick to make performer look like a yoyo master
1986 14
Terry Seabrooke The Chattering Teeth wind-up/chattering teeth cut pips from newspaper
1986 83
Joe Givan Day of the Jack-less four metal jacks are produced from four Jack playing cards, the jacks and a small ball vanish (topit)
Also published here 1987 1
Karl Fulves Idle Chatter chattering teeth "chews" too long card down to size or other things, posed as problem
Interlocutor (Issue 47)
Scotty York The Sawed Deck two jumbo decks are used, one card is selected from a red deck and placed in an envelope, other deck is sawed in two with a toy saw and two halves are selected, card in envelope is a split-faced card matching both halves, credit information
Inspired by
  • "Banana Split" (Repro Magic marketed item)
Also published here
1988 1
Roy Walton Once Upon a Time... Jack and Queen of Hearts removed and put under handkerchief, Jack transforms into rubber frog
Also published here 1988 92
Vic Kulich, Daryl Martinez Mother Nature's Mistake squeaky squeeze toy mouse and rattle rubber snake, change sounds
Inspired by Sep. 1989
The Minotaur (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Bill Tadlock, Dr. Dan J. Alessini Auto Suggestion toy card changes color to match selected color, colors on cards
Jan. 1989
Magick (Issue 416)
Rocco Silano Explosive Impact plastic explosive cap for toy gun is tossed up and stabbed in midair with a pocket knife, the cap explodes
Mar. 1990
The Minotaur (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Alexander de Cova Magie mit dem Wurli-Wurm Squirmel/Wonder Worm ideas and routines
  • Die Vorbereitung (preparation)
  • Die beidhändige Handhabung (two-handed)
  • Die einhändige Handhabung (one-handed)
  • Auf dem Bleistift (with pencil)
  • Die Daumenspitze (thumb tip)
  • Aus dem Ärmel (sleeve)
  • Die "S" Faltung
  • Anstelle der Schaumgummibälle
  • Der farbwechselnde Wurm (color change)
  • Der ungezogene Wurm
  • Der Schlangenkorb (meine Lieblingsroutine)
Related to Jan./Feb. 1992
Avantgarde Magic (Vol. 1 No. 5)
Tom Fitzgerald Thomphitz Cricket toy metal cricket placed inside a cup, makes sound to answer questions
Variations May 1992
Magick (Issue 471)
Giovanni Livera Gio's Kannibal Kards transformation kicker, plastic skeleton appears
Also published here 1992 8
Dan Harlan Destination Unknown five foreign coins are placed under five cards, spectator can chose on which is covered with a toy plane, country of selected coin is predicted
Sep. 1993
The Minotaur (Vol. 5 No. 3)
Scotty York The Skill Compatibility Test two jumbo decks are used, one card is selected from a red deck and placed in an envelope, other deck is sawed in two with a toy saw and two halves are selected, card in envelope is a split-faced card matching both halves
Also published here 1993 9
Steve Dusheck Bugged stemmed fruit held by spectator changes into ugly creature
1994 128
Christopher Caldwell Mind Drive toy card is placed in front of one of six cards, it's the only card with stop sign on back
Syzygy (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Karl Fulves Out of Nowhere No. 32, producing any item from a paper cup, for example a toy car
1995 45
Aldo Colombini Eatery four Kings and a missionary card are placed in card case, out come only the Kings and plastic bones
1995 45
Jon LeClair, Alan Skogerbo Tonka Chauffeur toy card moves by itself
1997 125
Karl Fulves Body of Evidence "Without Words", non-card version with twenty doll-house furnishings, murder mystery presentation
1998 50
Dick Koornwinder The Koornwinder Kar car finds card by stopping next to it when pushed
  • The Apparatus Supplied
  • Explanation of the Basic Principle
Related to 1998 4
Dick Koornwinder The Revised Technique for the Koornwinder Kar car finds card by stopping next to it when pushed
1998 13
Tom Stone Aquatic Duel russian roulette with water pistols
Also published here 2000 13
Jack Griggs Wenn Schweine fliegen könnten toy pig vanishes behind paravent, close-up
Intermagic (Vol. 24 No. 2)
Giovanni Livera Royal Man-Eaters transformation kicker, plastic skeleton appears
Also published here Feb. 2000
Magic (Vol. 9 No. 6)
Martin Gardner A Slinky Problem
  • Martin Gardner's Corner
dropping an extended slinky toy
Aug. 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 12)
Jay Sankey Yo-Yo Mon cut and restored yo-yo string
2004 37
Bruce Bernstein Remote Driving two phase routine, instruction game where toy card is placed and moved among five envelopes with names of different cities, last city is predicted, then spectator pushes car until it stops, city is predicted again / Koornwinder Kar
Inspired by
  • Al Koran's "The Dream Car"
2004 1
Cushing Strout The Left-Handed Clock Cards dealt into clock formation, card is located using a spinning physics toy as the clock hand
Inspired by 2005 24
Piet Forton Swiss Torpedo ideas with torpedo magnets
2005 29
Karl Fulves Auto Kinetic blank cards with street names, spectator writes his street on one, arranged in face-down row on table, ungaffed toy car moves towards spectator's card with rubber band held motionless above
Inspired by
  • "Pendulum" (Bob Ostin, marketed effect)
Related to
Prolix (Issue 1)
John Scarne Skullo-Card chosen card appears in jaws of plastic skull
Inspired by
  • Bill Nord's "Skullo-cation" (marketed 1948)
Prolix (Issue 1)
Jack Avis "Skullo" Handling chosen card left in jaws of plastic skull
2006 125
Mark Lewis Marmaduke the Wonder Mouse pitch item, animated small mouse running over the hands by itself
  • Properties and Preparation
  • The Basic Move
  • The Final Phase (using glass and cased card decks, see p. 12)
2006 2
Mark Lewis The Squirmle
  • The Basic Move
  • The Routine
2006 13
Chris Wardle Synonym Toys toy chosen from set of cards with toys written on them, prediction on bag
2006 22
Tom Stone Wet Russian russian roulette with water pistols
Also published here 2007 11
Joel Givens The Magidoodle name of chosen card is predicted on magnadoodle, see p. 132 for performance
2007 151
Robert E. Neale Spins and Waves Routine with plastic "rattleback" toy, when spun one way, it will spin backwards after a while. Uses plastic's refractive properties to cause written words to transpose
2008 302
Karl Fulves Jacob's Ladder "Unexplained"
tumbling block toy with empty cassette cases, coin put in top one is then in bottom one, posed as a problem
Related to 2008
Prolix (Issue 5)
Karl Fulves Jacob's Ladder "how made"
construction details
Related to 2008
Xtra Credit (Issue 1)
Karl Fulves An Unsolved Problem Jacob's Ladder toy made from card cases, some cards in each except top one, Royal Flush named, top case tumbles down and contains named Royal Flush
Xtra Credit (Issue 1)
Karl Fulves Flexagons - Part Three more credit information
Related to
  • Jacob's Ladder in "Magic" (Albert Hopkins, 1897)
Xtra Credit (Issue 8)
Troy Hooser The Prize Plastic capsule and toy ring, ring vanishes and appears multiple times, objects start appearing under the cap, including jumbo coin and an explosion of paper money
Variations 2010 17
Troy Hooser Second Prize Shorter version of The Prize, ending is producing many rings
Inspired by 2010 26
Tom Stone Wet Russian russian roulette with water pistols
Also published here 2011 25
Edward Marlo Reverse Red Snapper Move routine for Red Snapper toy
  • Postscript by Scotty York
Also published here
  • Genii, Feb. 1976
Nov./Dec. 2012
Genii (Vol. 75 No. 11 & 12)
Hiroshi Sawa カラー・チェンジング・カー (The Color Changing Car) Presentation for a Bandai toy car that changes
2013 56
Karl Fulves A Lego Trick method using the height of lego bricks
Related to 2015
Errata (Issue 1)
G Gudetama (蛋黄哥) Using a Gudetama toy, pulls egg yolk out of toy egg, makes it visually penetrate back
2016 95
Alexander de Cova Hasi finger ring vanishes from purse and appears around neck of stuffed toy animal
Related to 2016 15
Alexander de Cova Der Wurm
Related to 2017 84
John Guastaferro Hyperspace random card put in case, slinky put on box, then card shown to be changed
Dec. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 12)
Alexander de Cova Tuchfärbung Anders small toy mouse to hide gimmick
2018 106
Chris Ramsay, Daniel Garcia Sticky Hand Job sticky hand toy used to catch card out of shower à la card sword
Conundrum (Issue 1)
Nick Diffatte Party Blower party blow-out stuck in ear unrolls, apparently blowing through ear
Inspired by 2022 61
David Blatter, Leeman Parker Web Software Update different way to get into Jim Pace's "The Web"
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Mar. 2012
2022 1102