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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Unknown Grande Clairvoyance Mysterieuse two cards chosen from two decks match, three methodsRelated to New Era Card Tricks 167
Carl Willmann Coin Catching Gimmick sleeve mechanism with tube that brings coin to fingertips and retracts with coin again, for Miser's Dream, with second gaff for hat or container that releases coins that are apparently dropped inside Der Amateurzauberer 16
Carl Willmann Willmann's Colour-Change with paper tubeAlso published here
  • "Die Zauberwelt" (Vol. 6, p. 43 & 56)
Later Magic 252
Carl Willmann A Six-Fold Colour-Change spring clipsAlso published here
  • "Die Zauberwelt" (Vol. 6, p. 170)
Later Magic 256
Carl Willmann Willmann's "Metropolitan Railway" Trick color change routine with paper tubeAlso published here
  • "Die Zauberwelt" (Vol. 3, p. 118)
Later Magic 262
Carl Willmann The Conjurer's Cigar-Box with trapdoor and servante Later Magic 28
Carl Willmann Improved "Pulls" - Willmann's Vanisher
vanishing handkerchief application
Later Magic 33
Carl Willmann An Improved Egg-Holder Later Magic 394
Professor Bellonie, Carl Willmann The Wandering Eggs - Another Method four eggs travel from hat to hat, disappearance by Bellonie, reappearance by Willmann Later Magic 412
Carl Willmann The Vanished Cannon-Ball from under cloth covering Later Magic 468
Carl Willmann Rising Cards mechanical deckAlso published here
  • "Die Zauberwelt", Vol. 9, p. 116, 132, 146
Later Magic 709
Carl Willmann Rising Cards mechanical deck Magical Titbits 168
Karl Fulves Carl Willmann Hofzinser Notebook 55