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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Unknown The Half-crown (or Florin) Wand Modern Magic 203
Unknown Der Thalerstab No. 8, coin wand, either with coin attached to rubber band or with folding coin that retracts into wand, for continuous production Der Amateurzauberer 23
T. Nelson Downs The Downs Coin Wand The Art of Magic 273
Unknown The New Coin Wand The Art of Magic 275
Unknown Wand and Wax wax on end of wand to show hands empty Coin Magic 31
Dave Coleman A Comedy Coin Routine coins appear and travel into spectator's hand, coin tray, coin wand Modern Coin Magic 294
Unknown Coin in the Banana marked coin should appear in banana, boy already ate it, coin is produced with a wand from the boy's mouth Modern Coin Magic 298
Howard Schwarzman Wanderful coin production for stand up The New Modern Coin Magic 420
J. A. Bowling The Bowling Coin Wand The New Modern Coin Magic 477
Howard Schwarzman A Wanderful Production four coins produced with wand, vanished and reproduced with handkerchief, shower of coins as finale The New Modern Coin Magic 420
Kentfield Ross Coin Stick ungaffed coin wand, with ruler, stick etc. The Compleat Magick - Volume 1 (Issue 78) 390
Steve Beam Rattle Wand coin from wand Steve Beam On Coins - Volume I 34
Stephen Tucker Wanderfull coin is produced, vanishes with a wand and turns into glitter, glitter transforms back into coin Spell-Binder (Vol. 2, No. Special #2 (Xmas)) 21
David Williamson Money Talks "Geld klingt"
production with sound effects with wand
Also published here For Your Eyes Only 6
David Williamson Money Talks production with sound effects with wandRelated toVariationsAlso published here Williamson's Wonders 27
Rocco Silano Coins and Kisses four coins vanish with wave of wand, then candy kisses appear in hand If it fits... Sleeve it! 26
Chris Kenner Long Gone Silver three coin vanish and reproduction with wand Totally Out Of Control 62
Chris Kenner 3, 2, Gone three coin production and vanish, one behind principle, wand, blue tac Totally Out Of Control 135
Karl Fulves Spinout on Mora's original wand spin, sequence with coin outlined Verbatim (Issue 5) 44
Karrell Fox The Super-Simple Coin Wand Much Ado About Something 70
Baltazar Fuentes Four Coin Vanish and Recovery with wand and purseVariations Arempi 14
Baltazar Fuentes Four Coin Vanish and Recovery with wand, three silver and one copper coinInspired by Arempi II 12