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Vanishing a Dime coin vanishes from between two bigger coins
Related to 1935 28
Edward Victor Spread Switch card isolated in spread is pulled by fingers to the right and left thumb pushes out next card, see next trick for another application
Related toVariations 1940 ca. 23
John C. Holoubeck The Spirit Match initials of card appear on head of burnt match
Related to Dec. 1944 88
Bobby Bernard Jet Transporation Three coins in each hand, coins travel from left to right hand
Also published here 1953 16
Bobby Bernard Educated Frog
1954 217
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernards's Close-Up Chicanery description of close-up act
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Bobby Bernard If You Knew Susie presentation for "Suzy and the City Slickers" / Draught Board Mystery / Checker Board Mystery
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Bobby Bernard Key To the Crime
Inspired by
  • Gen "Phantni" Grant's "Dial X"
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Bobby Bernard Trial of the Warrior cord penetrates chop stick and severing straw into two, presentation
Inspired by
  • Stuard Judah's "Straw, String and Pencil Trick"
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Bobby Bernard Your Choice, M'sieu' chosen drink appears inside cocktail shaker, using spiral bound svengali type pad to force drink
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Bobby Bernard Disintegrating Dollar one coin travels to coin coin in other hand
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Bobby Bernard False Transfer
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Bobby Bernard Velly Clever These Chinese card location using mask / doll, card attached to ribbon
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Val Andrews Bobby Bernard
Bobby Bernard Introduction
1958 2
Bobby Bernard Close Up Quickies
1958 3
Bobby Bernard Goofy Gun coin vanish with small toy gun
1958 3
Bobby Bernard Impromptu Coin Catcher scotch tape
1958 3
Bobby Bernard Miko Prediction die to get a number, 3 1/2 card gag
1958 4
Bobby Bernard Bookmatch Card Index on burnt match head appears name of selection, index
Related to 1958 4
Bobby Bernard Flash Gypsy Thread after restoring the thread, it vanishes in a flame
1958 5
Bobby Bernard Spooky Sponge sponge ball is put in a bowl and grows, miniature globe with hole
1958 5
Bobby Bernard The Purpose of Close Up Magic
1958 6
Bobby Bernard Impromptu Close Up Magic. Demonstration Effect: 3 Coins Across brief outline of routine
1958 6
Bobby Bernard Entertaining Close Up Magic. Demonstration Effect. Coin in Ball of Wool brief, with flash string
1958 6
Bobby Bernard Novelty Close Up Magic. Demonstration Effect. Clockwork Capers selected card is found by a wind-up toy, brief
1958 6
Bobby Bernard Original Close Up Magic. Demonstration Effect. Magic Music. brief, chosen tune on paper cannot be burnt
1958 7
Bobby Bernard Surprise Close Up Magic. Demonstration Effect. Pin Trio brief, two pins with handkerchief, one grows eventually
1958 7
Bobby Bernard Intimacy in Close Up Magic. Demonstration Effect. Your Choice M'Sieu brief, selected drink appears in shaker
1958 7
Bobby Bernard Good Taste in Close Up Magic - Points to Note When Performing. eight points
1958 7
Bobby Bernard Sleeving brief
1. One Hand Coin Vanish
2. Pawrus Coin
3. Bar Top Vanish
4. Coin Change on Spectators Hand
5. 6 Coins Across
Also published here 1958 7
Bobby Bernard Routining
1958 8
Bobby Bernard Dice Stacking tips and brief routine outline
1958 8
Bobby Bernard T.V. Close Up Magic some thoughts on performing on TV, brief
1958 8
Bobby Bernard Conclusion of Magic in Miniature
1958 8
Fred Kaps Drop Vanish
Related to 1960 (ca.) 3
Lewis Ganson A Session with Bobby Bernard short intro on Bobby Bernard
1969 216
Bobby Bernard Bernard Switch
1969 217
Bobby Bernard Mirage copper to silver and back
1969 220
Bobby Bernard The Pinch Vanish
1969 222
Bobby Bernard Melted silver extraction from coin, big part is transparent one part is still the coin
1969 223
Bobby Bernard School For Croupiers coin flourishes, cutting the aces and dice stacking to a croupier presentation
1969 225
Martin A. Nash No-Air-Pressure Turnover
Related to 1975 126
Bobby Bernard The Coins which coins to use
1978 4
Bobby Bernard The Hands condition of hands and how to moisten them
1978 5
Bobby Bernard Palming a Coin
1978 6
Bobby Bernard Thumb Grip classic palm version
1978 8
Bobby Bernard Stretch Palm classic palm version
1978 9
Bobby Bernard Crease Palm edge palm, with false transfer
1978 10
Bobby Bernard After Ramsay
1978 12
Bobby Bernard Production in the Air coin appears under card, no table required
1978 14
Bobby Bernard Double Production two coins appear under two cards
1978 16
Bobby Bernard The Miser's Misers Dream coin stuck to hand for continuous production sequence
1978 17
Bobby Bernard The Spellbound Move
1978 20
Bobby Bernard, Bob Hummer The Hummer Coin Penetration
1978 22
Bobby Bernard, T. Nelson Downs The Downs' Coin Star with anecdotes about Nelson Downs
1978 24
Bobby Bernard The Bernard Lesson on the Coin Star
  • The Coins
  • The Condition of the Hands
  • Performing the Coin Star
  • Placing the Coins on the Fingers and Thumb
  • The Vanish
  • The Production
1978 28
Bobby Bernard Tidy coin vanishes in tie, pinch vanish
The Talon (Issue 2)
Fred Robinson Oasis on Ken Brooke, Frank Farrow, Johnny Paul, Piet Forton, Gordon Bruce, Ricky Jay, Persi Diaconis, Bobby Bernard, Bob Read
Aug. 1979
Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 8)
Bobby Bernard The Materials Needed for Dice Stacking
  • The Working Surface
  • The Dice
  • The Cup or Shaker
1979 6
Bobby Bernard Some Useful Tips
  • Temperature
  • Attitude
1979 8
Bobby Bernard The Routine
  • The Set-Up Position
  • The First Pick-Up
Variations 1979 9
Bobby Bernard The Two Dice Stack
1979 14
Bobby Bernard The Three Dice Stack
1979 15
Bobby Bernard The Four Dice Stack
  • Stacking in Pairs
  • Stacking Four Together
1979 16
Bobby Bernard Reading the Top Number
1979 17
Bobby Bernard White in the Middle one off-colored die, travels in the middle of a stack of red dice
1979 18
Bobby Bernard Patter and Presentation
1979 21
Bobby Bernard An Additional Effect dice stacking, removing on die after the other from a stack of dice
1979 22
Bobby Bernard Tabled Bluff Pass picking up selection from table with upper half in right-hand end grip
Related toVariations May 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 5)
Stephen Tucker Jargon on David Britland, Dave Bendix, Bobby Bernard
July 1981
Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Bobby Bernard Der Sand der Zeit performer deals through cards while hourglass is running, once sand is finished the performer arrives at selection
Also published here
  • Pentagram, Mar. 1955
May 1981
Intermagic (Vol. 8 No. 1)
Patrick Page The Page Boy Speaks... on Martin Breese Close-Up Convention, Bobby Bernard, Braco, John Mendoza, Dan O'Donoghue
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 3)
Al Smith (reviewer) The Coin and Card Magic of Bobby Bernard by Bobby Bernard (written by Val Andrews) May 1982
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 4)
Val Andrews Introducing... Bobby Bernard!
1982 11
Bobby Bernard "Impetus" Coin Production Coin produced on fingertips
1982 14
Bobby Bernard Face-to-Face Vanish Penny sandwiched between two silver coins vanish
Related to 1982 17
Bobby Bernard "Television Coin-Vanish" (or Change)
  • Handkerchief flourish: coin placed in handkerchief vanishes
  • Used as a "Change": coin switched out
Related to 1982 19
Bobby Bernard "Fingertip Folly" Two coins vanished, reappears balanced on top of index finger and thumb
1982 26
Bobby Bernard The "Trouser-Vanish" Coin trapped in material of trousers, spectator can feel it, vanishes
1982 29
Bobby Bernard Coin in Tie "Vanish" Coin folded into tie vanishes
1982 34
Bobby Bernard A Useful Switch Switching normal coin for folding coin
1982 37
Bobby Bernard Bernard Switch Coin transforms into a pair of dice
1982 39
Richard Himber, Bobby Bernard Versatile Coin Move Uses for the Himber Vanish

  • Multiple Himber vanish
  • Stage Presentation
  • As a "switch"
  • An Interesting Variation (for ring in wand)
  • Vanish in Handkerchief
1982 43
Bobby Bernard Indian Rope Trick Chinese coin threaded on wand, rises up the wand magically. Coin is removed from wand, and penetrates back onto wand
1982 49
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on "Sleeving"
  • On Sleeving in General
  • "Classic" Sleeving
  • As a Coin Change
  • Circular Sleeving
1982 54
Bobby Bernard The "Tourist" Coin Silver coin in one hand travels to join copper coin in other hand
1982 58
Bobby Bernard The Pawrus Coin Coin pushed into fist, vanishes
Also published here 1982 60
Bobby Bernard The "Heads or Tails" Coin-Vanish Coin is slapped out of existence
1982 63
Bobby Bernard Bar-Top Coin Change copper penny spun on table, scooped up and changes into large silver coin
Also published here 1982 66
Bobby Bernard The Hook Coin: Its Value in Sleeving
1982 70
Bobby Bernard "On Being Fawkes" About Bobby Bernard's portrayal of Isaac Fawkes in performance
1982 74
Bobby Bernard A Double Lift
1982 76
Bobby Bernard The "Logicality" False Cut
Related toVariations 1982 81
Bobby Bernard Just a Thought on the "Charlie Chaplin Shuffle" How Bobby uses a false shuffle done by Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush, same thinking as Ron "Ravelli" Wohl
Related to 1982 84
Bobby Bernard A "Sure-Fire" Turnover Top card flips over as deck is dropped from hand to hand
Related to 1982 87
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard's "Crimp" Sequence Challenge card location using crimp (card is selected and lost without magician touching deck)
1982 91
Bobby Bernard Oriental Card Divination Chinese coin appears next to selection in the deck
1982 96
Bobby Bernard The "Detective" Card Trick Ace of Clubs vanishes from top of deck, appears next to selection
1982 101
Bobby Bernard The "Opportunist" Card in Pocket Deck placed in pocket, spectator able to pull selection out
1982 106
Bobby Bernard The Sands of the Pharaoh Deck dealt one by one until hourglass runs out, stops at selection
1982 109
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on Misdirection John Ramsay and Max Malini's misdirection skills
1982 112
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on "The Actor in Magic"
1982 113
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on "Sleight-of-Hand" On what he thinks the most useful sleights are
1982 114
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on "The Classics of Close-Up"
1982 115
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on "Conventions"
1982 116
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on Television On the potential of magic on TV
1982 117
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on the Movies How magicians should be portrayed in movies
1982 118
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on Close-Up Presentation
1982 119
Bobby Bernard Blankety Blank pips of selection travel to pocket, deck is blank
May 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 13)
Bobby Bernard Illusion spoon, sound of hitting a coin is produced, then a coin
Related to June 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 14)
Bobby Bernard "Can't Lose" Belt Loop
Sep. 1984
Apocalypse (Vol. 7 No. 9)
Patrick Page The Page Boy Speaks... on Blackpool convention, Wayne Dobson, Val Andrews Bobby Bernard
Feb. 1984
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 4)
Peter Duffie The Jipsum Box spectator puts four coins in box, they penetrate box and hand, repeat, then box penetrates hand leaving coins behind, Bobby Bernard Coin Box
1984 21
Bobby Bernard Swivel-Two
May 1989
Apocalypse (Vol. 12 No. 5)
David Williamson Money Talks production with sound effects with wand
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1989 27
Click! Click! Pat Conway, Bobby Bernard
July 1989
Opus (Vol. 2 No. 11)
Bobby Bernard, Justin Higham Clear As Crystal
Jan. 1991
Technomagic (Issue 7)
Bobby Bernard, Justin Higham Spread Switch
Inspired byRelated to Jan. 1991
Technomagic (Issue 7)
Bobby Bernard The Business Card Trick selection appears on back of business card, selection is blank instead
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Mar. 1991
Technomagic (Issue 9)
Bobby Bernard Four "Hits" and a "Miss" complete vanish
Aug. 1994
Apocalypse (Vol. 17 No. 8)
Bobby Bernard The False Swing Cut for credit information see reference
Related toVariations 1995 58
Steve Beam Budget Cut cards appear to be pushed from hand to hand
Related to 1995 194
Edward Marlo Moveable Card Pass spread cull to front
Related toAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Mar. 1969
1995 50
Edward Marlo The "Slip Count" Principle credit information
Related toAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Aug. 1969
1995 58
Dominique Duvivier French Tap False Cut Simple false cut with Swing Cut and tap, cut to table
Related to 1996 15
Bobby Bernard Utility Altar Light transposition of flames of flame from candle to candle, with glasses
Inspired by
  • Gen Grant's "Altar Light"
Apr. 1998
Mind & Magic Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Bobby Bernard Jet Transposition three coins in each hand, coins travel from left to right hand
Also published here 1998 14
John Derris Bobby Bernard short bio
1998 14
Bobby Bernard BB Drops them Again four coins through table
1998 16
Bobby Bernard The Flat Palm
1998 16
Bobby Bernard H-E-A-V-Y sponge balls change into solid steel ball
1998 20
Bobby Bernard The Sleight
1998 21
John Derris, Jack Avis, Bobby Bernard, Ted Danson, Alex Elmsley, Roy Walton, Oswald Williams What Is Wrong With Magic? includes reprint of Oswald Williams essay from 1923, ramblings on magic
1998 82
Bobby Bernard Coincidental Brainwave deck cut in half and pairs turned up until there is a match, same value is reversed in second deck
1999 83
Bobby Bernard Signing Ruse
1999 83
Steve Beam One Way Budget Cut cards appear to be pushed from hand to hand
Related to 2000 221
Bobby Bernard False Swing Cut to Table
2000 ca. 3
Andi Gladwin The Convincing Tabled Bluff Pass picking up selection from table with upper half in right-hand end grip
Inspired by June 2002
Ego (Vol. 1 No. 12)
Bobby Bernard The Bobby Bernard False Cut swing cut
Related toVariations 2004 22
Jerry Sadowitz Swing False Cut straight cut, packets turned face-up and tabled
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2004 23
Bobby Bernard Sleeving a Coin
2005 96
Bobby Bernard The Kindest Man I Ever Met: John Ramsay
Nov. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 11)
Bobby Bernard Fred Robinson (a very unusual man)
2009 49
Justin Higham Dribble-Action Tabled Bluff Pass
Related to 2009 12
Bobby Bernard Tabled Bluff Pass No. 2
Inspired by 2009 12
Bobby Bernard Forcing from Svengali Deck
Dec. 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 12)
Justin Higham Layman's Destiny value force with 10-20 force procedure
Inspired by
  • "Layman's Dream" (Ed Marlo, Ibidem, Aug. 1969)
Related to
2011 5
Bobby Bernard, Justin Higham Two-Faced Hand Muck fake muck demonstration
2011 31
Bobby Bernard False Swing Cut with tap
2013 128
Bobby Bernard Optical False Cut swing cut (uncredited)
Related to 2015 24
Bobby Bernard Swing False Cut
2015 104
Brian Sibley In Memoriam: Bobby Bernard
Jan. 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 1)
David Britland Bobby Bernard's Principle X
  • Cardopolis
description of challenge location in which spectator cuts the deck, looks at bottom card, and shuffles before and after
Apr. 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 4)
Roberto Giobbi The Charlie Chaplin False Shuffle
Related to 2016
Hidden Agenda (Issue June 19)
Stephen Hobbs False Swing Cut Double Lift Control Top control
Inspired by Dec. 2017
Elixir (Vol. 1 No. 3 (Winter #1))
Bobby Bernard False Swing Cut to Table with tap
2017 5
Bobby Bernard False Cut
2018 3
Bobby Bernard Logicality False Cut
2018 195
Lorenz Schär Joystick Addition false shuffle for face-up/face-down deck from hands to table, combined with the Logicality False Cut
Inspired by 2018 295
Tom Gagnon Chalk It Up dice stacking routine with pool chalk, eight ball final load
Inspired by 2019 428
Bobby Bernard False Swing Cut with tap
2022 19