39 entries in Wand & Stick / Penetration of Other Objects
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W. J. Collins The Wand passed through the Hat telescopic wand
1890 312
Professor Hoffmann The Flight of Time routine with watch, sight gags, watch vanishes from box, apparently shot with pistol into spectator, wand pushed into spectator
Related to 1903 183
Wand Through Hat
1937 91
Dr. Edward G. Ervin A Subtle Penetration handling for wand or pencil through handkerchief
1937 42
The Penetrating Wand sliding ends
1942/27 67
The Swallowing Wand wand thrust into assistants mouth and out
June 1945 124
A Porous Glass pushing wand through bottom of glass, same method than cups & balls gag
June 1945 130
Bob Spencer Block and Wand Penetration wand through die illusion
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1946)
John Ramsay Passing the Wand Through the Cups
1948 44
Wand Through Hat
1948/27 106
Seymour Davis Wand Through Handkerchief
Related to 1948/27 108
Sam Leo Horowitz Mohammed Bey's Ring on Stick spectator holds ends, two times
Also published here 1952 1
Bobby Bernard Trial of the Warrior cord penetrates chop stick and severing straw into two, presentation
Inspired by
  • Stuard Judah's "Straw, String and Pencil Trick"
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
John A. M. Howie The "Direct" Ring on Wand
1955 12
John A. M. Howie Penetrellis ring under handkerchief penetrates a rod
1955 16
John A. M. Howie A Ring, a Wand and a Handkerchief ring on wand, with handkerchief, then ring vanishes and appears knotted on handkerchief
Inspired by
  • Paquette's Baguette! (Paquette, 1952)
  • Roy Short's "With the Jardine Ellis Ring, No. 1 of a Series" in "The Magic Circular" Vol. 47, No. 522. 1953.
1955 27
Robert E. Olson Wand Through Hank
Apr. 1965 412
Robert (Bob) Hess Ring Box ring dropped in box, want inserted, penetrates wand
Apr. 1970 333
John Hamilton Scientific Rope magnetic ends, held together with thread
  • cut & restored
  • Disappearing Knot
  • Penetration Of A Wand Or Pencil
Aug. 1970 353
Norman Houghton Hyper Silk silk through wand, see also p. 679 for references
VariationsAlso published here Jan. 1972 482
J. W. Sarles Notes on Hyper Silk, also with ring
Inspired by Jan. 1972 482
Jochen Zmeck Durchdringung two wand held by spectators, rope wrapped around penetrates it
Inspired by
  • Tom Sellers routine
1974 23
Harlan Tarbell, Faucett Ross The Skittle Riddle Wand and silk pass through a wooden skittle
1975 63
Jack Hughes Rod and Block Release block with a hole penetrates a rod
1976 82
Jack Hughes Visible Penetrating Block (Vampire Block) block in a tube penetrates a rod
1976 84
Oscar Oswald Visible Block Release large die in a tube penetrates a rod
1976 86
Norman Houghton, J. W. Sarles Norman Houghton's Hypertuch silk through wand
  • Tuch und Ring
Also published here Mar. 1977
Intermagic (Vol. 4 No. 2)
Ken Brooke Ring Off multi-phase penetration routine with ring, safety pin, rope, handkerchief, wand
  • Trick No. 1. "The Wand through the Handkerchief"
  • Trick No. 2. "The Ring on the Rope"
  • Trick No. 3. "The Ring Off the Rope"
  • Trick No. 4. "Ring Off the Wand"
1980 189
Karl Norman Ring and Wand Routine
1982 59
Hüte nine impromptu magic items and gags with hats
Dec. 1986
Intermagic (Vol. 12 No. 3 & 4)
Wand Through Cup
1989 94
Shigeo Takagi Rope, Knots, and Wand spectator holds wand upright, rope knotted onto wand penetrates it
Related to 1990 65
Goutam Guha Ring on Chopstick
1996 21
Joshua Jay Paintbrush Penetration Paintbrush and coin routine - coin vanishes and appears, paintbrush disappears and jumps behind ear, finally paintbrush penetrates coin
Variations 1999 135
William Larsen, Rudolf Braunmüller Fatima routine with one handkerchief
  • Das wachsende Tuch
  • Der verschwindende Knoten
  • Der Einhandknoten
  • Stab durch Tuch
  • Tuch durch Stab
  • Fatima (puppet from handkerchief)
Intermagic (Vol. 22 No. 4 & 5)
Nathan Kranzo Tornado Straw straw is poked through bottom of cup, cup is restored, thumbtip
2001 12
Al Baker Ribbon Through Wand
Also published here
  • The Sphinx, Vol. 29 No. 12, Feb. 1931
2003 638
Wand Through Cup Classic
2004 50
Joshua Jay Paintbrush Penetration paintbrush and coin routine: coin vanishes and appears, paintbrush disappears and jumps behind ear, finally paintbrush penetrates coin, updated handling
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Mar. 2001
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