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L'Homme Masqué Kinetoscopic Force cards riffled in front of spectator and King of Spades among Club cards is mistaken for King of Clubs
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1909 77
Charles T. Jordan The Magi's Detection card counting to divine missing selection, keeping track of values and also suits
Related to 1937 183
Joe Berg Knot From Nowhere without letting go of each end in both hands
Variations 1937 12
Palm Load under Top Card
Related to 1940 376
Dr. Stanley Jaks The Dream of a Hermit three decks, with spelling coincidence in third deck
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1941
The Jinx (Issue 124)
Stewart James Further Than That production of selection, Royal Flush, and other stuff
Related toVariationsAlso published here Apr. 1941
The Jinx (Issue 134)
J. W. Sarles Know-How decks in pockets, "Bill Sarles" but it's J. W. Sarles according to Fulves in "Six Impromptu Card Tricks" (1982, p. 38)
Jan. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 76)
Paul Curry Linked two ropes hanging on performer's shoulder link, see also ring & tape sequence in "Sefalaljia"
Related toVariationsAlso published here Apr. 1947
The Phoenix (Issue 123)
Charles T. Jordan The Memory Test No. 24, Spectator removes card from previously "memorized" packet of twenty-six cards, performer able to tell which card was removed
Related toVariations 1950 46
Tom Ransom You Did It!!! deck riffle shuffled once, dealt into two pile (one face up, one face down), one spectator follows the dealing of reds and blacks with the face-down pile and thus separates his cards
Inspired by
  • "Magnetic Colors" (Normal Gilbreath, Linking Ring)
Related to
Mar. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 16)
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Necronomicron prediction paper clipped to indifferent card, see also p. 864 for comment by Fulves
Related to
  • p. 20 for idea by Gari Diringer
Nov. 1965 1
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Paper Clip Slide Switch paper clip slides from one card to another with paper
Nov. 1965 2
Linx ring on rope move, see p. 426 for comments and ideas
Related to July 1965
The New Phoenix (Issue 397)
J. W. Sarles PRISM with two decks and two cards each, under table
The New Phoenix (Issue 400)
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Remember Me to Hecuba red-backed card signed on back by spectator in red deck, blue-backed duplicate by magician, they transpose from underneath table to deck wrapped in handkerchief
Mar. 1966 26
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Card Steal with Handkerchief as lapping
Related to
  • p. 41 for comments
Mar. 1966 26
J. W. Sarles Quadrangular Cup first cup, then ring is magically threaded onto rope under handkerchief
May 1966 36
J. W. Sarles The Golden Ring ends of rope in cup, ring thrown inside, penetrates rope
June 1966 38
J. W. Sarles Spectator Divines Cards ventroliquism as method
Aug. 1966 50
J. W. Sarles Coercion Problems with Cards - No. Five
card reversed behind back by performer, then spectator, same card
Variations Sep. 1966 55
J. W. Sarles Card on Ceiling Idea wax on ceiling
Nov. 1966 64
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Twas Brillig performer makes sand stream in hourglass stop
Related to Nov. 1966 66
Francis Haxton Coercion solution
Inspired by Dec. 1966 69
J. W. Sarles, Don Nielson A Problem in five-card packet the cards change in some way
Related toVariations Nov. 1967
Epilogue (Issue 1)
J. W. Sarles Dichotomy performer and spectator both have spades cards with same back design, they exchange one card, they both retain thirteen different cards
Related toVariations Jan. 1967 75
Claude Crowe, Al Altmann, J. W. Sarles, John Hudak, Edward G. Brown Etcetera on critisicm
Jan. 1967 76
J. W. Sarles Silver Ghost coin through handkerchief into glass, tape
May 1967 95
J. W. Sarles Posi-Negative Cards Magnetic Colors variation
Related toVariationsAlso published here May 1967 99
J. W. Sarles Jog Control card openly inserted from side
Related to May 1967 99
J. W. Sarles Spectral Rings white and black rings come off and onto rope under cover of handkerchief, three phases
Related to
  • Linx (1965)
  • p. 109 for reference to "Linx" in New Phoenix #397
  • Table Time (Mike Roger, MUM April 1967)
May 1967 100
John Ackerman Dichotomy Follow-Up performer names spade card which spectator put in his pocket, marked faces
Inspired by June 1967 104
Bill Simon, J. W. Sarles Jog Control Variation
Related toAlso published here July 1967 110
J. W. Sarles Phantom Silks apparently showing both ends of Phantom Tube
Nov. 1967 133
Karl Fulves By Any Other Name two methods (gaffed card & Elmsley Count)
Related toVariations Winter 1967
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3 No. 1st Folio)
J. W. Sarles Tow Minds spectator divines card by gazing into crystal
Winter 1967
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3 No. 1st Folio)
J. W. Sarles Strange Sympathy hearts from one pack tacked to easel, hearts from other pack removed, chosen card turns over on easel, then one of the tacked cards changes to spades, see p. 206 for idea by Larry Jennings
June 1968 188
J. W. Sarles Transit Silks three silks vanish behind screen, reappear knotted on wand when it is tossed in air, black art
Nov. 1968 215
Don Nielson, J. W. Sarles Dead Test marking with tape
Winter 1968
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 4 No. 2nd Folio)
J. W. Sarles Money Lender
Inspired by
  • "It's Only Chance" (Tom Sellers, Novel Necromancy)
Dec. 1968 232
J. W. Sarles Not Without Sorcery performer and spectator write a color with chosen crayon, they match, moving part and hole in prediction pad, see also p. 270 for ESP version by Jules Conway
Related to Apr. 1969 249
Karl Fulves Babel astrology, Gibson, Koran, J. W. Sarles' magic shop, practical joke with colorvision (see also p. 306)
Related to Oct. 1969 286
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Beat The House humorous dealing routine in which performer plays against two players and always gets one card less, three phases, in final phase performer gets non and players blank cards
Nov. 1969 294
J. W. Sarles Quicksilver marked coin locked in silk with ring, repeat
Related to May 1970 336
J. W. Sarles Not a Knot long and short rope tied together, then knot slid in center and ropes untied, sliding knot
Variations Nov. 1970 371
J. W. Sarles End Result in-the-hands version
Inspired byVariations Nov. 1971 465
J. W. Sarles Further Than That credit information (Larsen & Wright's "Bonus Card Trick"), production of selection, Royal Flush, see also p. 840 for idea by Cushing Strout
Inspired byVariations Nov. 1971 467
Roger Smith Universal Stud Poker solution for posed problem by Karl Fulves, in five-card packet the cards change in some way, with variation
Inspired by June 1971
Necromancer (Vol. 1 No. 11)
Brooks Conner Copper or Silver five copper and five silver coins are interlaced, named coins penetrate table
Related to 1972 389
Norman Houghton Hyper Silk silk through wand, see also p. 679 for references
VariationsAlso published here Jan. 1972 482
J. W. Sarles Notes on Hyper Silk, also with ring
Inspired by Jan. 1972 482
J. W. Sarles A Coin Switch table edge, suggestions with magnetic or hook coin in "Added Notes", see also p. 679 for reference
Related to
  • "The Portcullis Coin Switch" (Abra #803)
Nov. 1972 569
Don Nielsen Nielsen's Idea Sarles move as loading move under card
Inspired by Nov. 1972 572
J. W. Sarles Posi-Negative Cards Magnetic Colors variation
Also published here 1973 2
J. W. Sarles Coin Problem any coin placed in matchbox, performer divines the type of coin, posed as problem, "Exotic methods like radioactive daub are to be shunned."
Mar. 1973 602
Karl Fulves Babel J. W. Sarles, Slydini on Wonderama, Dick Cavett, Jim Thompson, fine for fake fortuneteller
Oct. 1973 676
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Roughing it mental reverse variant
1975 416
J. W. Sarles, T. Page Wright, William Larsen Further Than That production of selection, aces and royal flush
1975 162
Jerry K. Hartman Taking Turns spectator turns over card behind back, apparently exactly the same as performer a moment before
Inspired byRelated to
  • notes by Fulves on p. 243
Epilogue (Issue Special No 1)
J. W. Sarles Second To None second deal lap, credit note
Related to 1975 94
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Second To None Variation second deal lap in which original third card is removed
1975 97
Karl Fulves Babel final issue, list of pseudonyms, Joseph K. Schmidt, Persi Diaconis anagram R. Sid Spokane II and pseudonym George Henbeck (Heubeck), Roy Walton = Gene Lawton, J. W. Sarles
Oct. 1975 1055
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Short Story "Jo Sarles", anecdote about long repair of reel
Interlocutor (Issue 14)
Karl Fulves Introduction "I would like to dedicate this book to my magical mentor, J. W. Sarles."
1976 v
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Rapid Transit No. 10, cards handled below table for no-sleight transposition
1976 17
J. W. Sarles The Card Revealed No. 28, spectator thinks of small number and card, both divined, two key cards
1976 46
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Follow the Leader No. 66, 3&3
1976 100
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles The Miracle Discovery spectator pulls packet out of center, shuffles it and remembers top card, then re-inserts it, card located
1977 77
J. W. Sarles Sawing through a Rope ring tied from handkerchief, rope tied onto it, release
1977 104
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Lefty
1977 111
Norman Houghton, J. W. Sarles Norman Houghton's Hypertuch silk through wand
  • Tuch und Ring
Also published here Mar. 1977
Intermagic (Vol. 4 No. 2)
Karl Fulves (H) Jet Second lapping top or second card during stud-type deal, posed as problem
Related to 1978
Interlocutor (Issue 24)
Bill Simon Simon Card Control
Also published here 1978 48
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Fan Optics from a fanned deck, thought of card has different back color
1981 9
Brian MacCarthy, J. W. Sarles The MacCarthy Hank Fold No. 72, marked coin among several coins in handkerchief penetrates fabric
1981 86
Karl Fulves Discard Draw two pairs change into the aces
Inspired by
  • "Double Deland" (J. W. Sarles)
1982 24
J. W. Sarles, John Scarne An Amazing Memory card removed from half a deck is divined
  • Not The Method
  • How It's Done
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1982 16
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles The Higher Elevation two methods
Related to 1982 42
Lyle Laughlin 3-To-1 Rope three separate ropes of different length become one
  • What You Need
  • Presenting The Routine
  • The Rope Count
  • The First Tie
  • The Second Tie
  • From 3 To 1
  • Showing The Rope Restored
  • Tips and Comment
Variations 1982 2
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Note by Karl Fulves alternative handling, three separate ropes of different length become one
Inspired by 1982 15
J. W. Sarles Hindu Control classic sliding block method
1983 2
Karl Fulves The Anagrammer how to present the word after the letters have been called out, using calculator upside down to reveal word from a list of eight words
Related to 1983 49
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles, Jack Miller What's My Line? No. 97, on three envelopes are occupations and salaries written, three spectator chose an envelope and take the salary in matches, performer divines who took what, also as phone effect
1983 130
J. W. Sarles Posi-Negative Cards No. 41, Magnetic Colors variation
Also published here 1984 53
J. W. Sarles Jaks Two-Deck Trick Variation
Inspired by 1984 60
J. W. Sarles The Calculator Card Trick No. 77, deck answers simple calculation after a spectator's cut
Variations 1984 116
Karl Fulves Reactor Ring No. 3, ring trapped in handkerchief with ring, corners pulled and suddenly coin is on top and ring falls down (transposition), posed as a problem
Related to 1985 61
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Sarles Coin Fold No. 5, coin stolen while tearing paper up, posed as a problem
1985 82
J. W. Sarles Missing Link prediction of two cards, one is named and one is cut
Aug. 1986
Magick (Issue 376)
Karl Fulves Little One unequal ropes, knotted, knot slides to other end and back, one rope shrinks in process, performed at table
Inspired byRelated to 1986 15
J. W. Sarles J.W. Sarles False Shuffle no cover cards
1987 25
Karl Fulves Uncut Version Aces on four piles, assembled, one riffle shuffle, Aces on top
  • Other Schemes
Inspired byRelated to
  • "You're the Gambler" (Precursor XV)
1987 7
Karl Fulves Session - 1 on the get-togethers in J. W. Sarles's home
1987 1
J. W. Sarles Torn Newspaper Strip Presentation ad column
1987 1
J. W. Sarles Uncut Aces deck cut into four piles, Ace placed on each, deck assembled, Aces shown on top
Variations 1987 42
Karl Fulves Session - 3 on illustrating Expert Card Technique, Erdnase, Joseph K. Schmidt, Don Nielsen, J. W. Sarles, Dave Jensen, T. Gambo, Victor LInk
1987 59
J. W. Sarles Side Trap featuring palm-replacement into center in break
Related to 1987 69
Dai Vernon Given the Slip four packets cut, face cards shown one by one, then they changed to Aces when shown again
Related toVariations 1989 75
J. W. Sarles Fourth And One selection lost, top card turned up, Four of Spades, four cards counted down, Four of Spades again and original Four of Spades is selection
1989 24
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Twos Much selection lost, indicator Two-spot turned up, but selection under eight cards, other three Twos under original Two
1989 24
J. W. Sarles Ace Protocol credit information, crimped aces
1989 34
Karl Fulves, John Scarne, J. W. Sarles Flash Poker spectator stops performer's shuffle at four Aces, they then change into a royal flush
Related to 1989 14
J. W. Sarles Drop Kick No. 17, one of four coins under cup penetrates table
1989 24
Ross Bertram, J. W. Sarles Rub a Dub No. 21, coin rubbed through table, backwards movement during rubbing, with Bertram patter and Sarles idea of using two coins of which only one penetrates
1989 31
Jon Racherbaumer Karl Fulves: The Great Pretender eight pages on credit fights, J. W. Sarles
  • Item One: Marlo & Double Vanish & Recovery
  • Item Two: Scorpio Switch vs. Another Sandwich Switchout (The New Tops, June 1985)
  • Item Three: Spectator cut the Aces plot
  • Item Four: Bottop Change
  • Item Five: Jordan Count
  • Item Six: Oil & Water effect
Related toAlso published here Oct. 1989
Inside Out (Issue 7)
J. W. Sarles Hindu Turban Mystery No. 43, long rope
1990 85
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles O-Verse overhand shuffle reverse
1991 18
Karl Fulves Immersed
Related to 1991 49
Jon Racherbaumer The Great Pretender: Karl Fulves eight pages on credit fights, J. W. Sarles
  • Item One: Marlo & Double Vanish & Recovery
  • Item Two: Scorpio Switch vs. Another Sandwich Switchout (The New Tops, June 1985)
  • Item Three: Spectator cut the Aces plot
  • Item Four: Bottop Change
  • Item Five: Jordan Count
  • Item Six: Oil & Water effect
Also published here Sep. 1991 6
John Scarne 3-Second Stack
Related toVariations 1991
Swindle Sheet (Issue 4)
J. W. Sarles Spin Out five coins with a number on each side, they are spun and bottom sum never loses to top sum, gaffed coin
Related to 1991
Swindle Sheet (Issue 4)
Karl Fulves The Office authorship of Erdnase
Related to 1991
Cheat Sheet (Issue 7)
J. W. Sarles Spin Out five coins with a number on each side, they are spun and bottom sum never loses to top sum, gaffed coin, suggestions
Related to 1991 1
Stewart James Further Than That production of selection, Royal Flush, and other stuff
Related toVariations 1992 23
Karl Fulves The Deck Drop blackjack stack, deck switch choreography
Related to 1992
Cheat Sheet (Issue 10)
Jon Racherbaumer, Edward Marlo So it Goes... credit discussion of the Second Deal Lap / Sarles Switch / Second Deal Slough-Off
Related to Sep. 1993
The Olram File (Issue 13)
J. W. Sarles Roll Down "An Impromptue 3-Part Card Routine"
  • spectator reverses a card behind his back, performer names it
  • in repeat spectator reverses the card right next to first selection
  • spectator shuffles cards face-up/face-down behind his back, Triumph
Rigmarole (Issue 1)
J. W. Sarles Reverse Coincidence first performer then spectator both reverse a card behind the back, at the end no card is reversed
Related to 1993
Rigmarole (Issue 1)
J. W. Sarles Facsimile four Queens change into duplicates of selection, gaff not explained
Rigmarole (Issue 4)
J. W. Sarles Cutback Ace of Spades shuffled in deck, spectator cuts anywhere and names small number, Ace found there, beating the cut presentation
Rigmarole (Issue 4)
Karl Fulves Twas Brillig on a Joe Stevens dealer's item "Time Freeze" that makes the sand flow in an hourglass stop
Related to 1993
Verbatim (Issue 3)
John Scarne, J. W. Sarles One Hand Ace Cutting using bridge (spring and riffle shuffle)
Variations 1994
Rigmarole (Issue 6)
Karl Fulves Ends Meet "a sliding knot trick"
Inspired by 1994
Rigmarole (Issue 7)
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Blank Look performer finds selection in reverse fan
  • Second Method (Karl Fulves)
Rigmarole (Issue 10)
J. W. Sarles End Product
Inspired by 1994
Rigmarole (Issue 10)
J. W. Sarles Coaster Coast routine with Coin Coaster prop and two blank cards
Verbatim (Issue 10)
J. W. Sarles One-Handed Injog card starts side-jogged
Underworld (Issue 1)
J. W. Sarles After Dark spectator and performer think a card, spectator and performer find each other's card
Related to 1995
Underworld (Issue 2)
Jo Sarles, Sam Schwartz, Herb Zarrow Letters Jo Sarles is the widow of J. W. Sarles (Jim?)
Underworld (Issue 2)
J. W. Sarles Red or Black? performer cuts and ask the spectator red or black and how many (one, two or three), and the bottom cards of the top half fulfill this property, repeated with real riffle shuffles, method not given
1995 2
J. W. Sarles After Dark different handling, spectator choses and loses card in corner of room, performer as well, both remove a card from spread and they're each other's card
Related to 1995 17
J. W. Sarles Card Rise Notes haunted deck with two card cases, selection emerges from between them
1996 56
J. W. Sarles Riffle and Think prominent KS between red spot cards riffled before spectator
Inspired by 1996 9
Karl Fulves Remotely Possible spectator thinks of odd-backed card, ungaffed, psychological force
Inspired by 1996 10
Karl Fulves Little Alice mate coincidence with odd-backed cards in two packets, one handled behind back, red/blue double backer
Inspired byRelated to 1996
Underworld (Issue 3)
Martin Gardner Color Magnets card cut into deck attracts a few card of same color, based on fact that at least four card of same color are together in most shuffled decks
Related to 1996
Underworld (Issue 4)
J. W. Sarles Magnetic Personality chosen court card clings to magnet
Inspired by
  • "Dippy Magnet" (Harbin)
Related to
1996 74
Karl Fulves Follow Me No. 3, spectator follows dealing pattern of performer, backs marked for color
Related to 1997 7
J. W. Sarles Three To Go three silks vanish in hand one by one with wand, with tubes that can be unloaded in wand
Underworld (Issue 7)
John Scarne, Stewart James, J. W. Sarles All Star Aces after some dealing and counting the four Aces are found
Related toVariations 1998
Underworld (Issue 8)
Karl Fulves Informant further comments and credit information on the referenced items
Related to 1998 226
J. W. Sarles Loophole cut and restored with slip knots and extra loop under watch
The Fine Print (Issue 10)
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Supplementary Note spectator remembers card and its position, when check it is not there anymore and has moved to a predicted position
1999 59
J. W. Sarles Crimp Cut Aces setting bridge during tabled riffle shuffle
Inspired byVariations 2000
Charlatan (Issue 4)
Karl Fulves Nu Way Crimp setting bridge during tabled riffle shuffle
Inspired by 2000
Charlatan (Issue 4)
J. W. Sarles Gambler's Cut rope restoration based on a blackjack deck switch, extra loop
Related to 2000
Discoverie (Issue 3)
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles, Joseph K. Schmidt Thumb Nailed rope through spectator's thumb
Discoverie (Issue 4)
J. W. Sarles Egg Bag Combo outline of egg bag routine, egg jumps around between hands, silk combination
2002 250
Lewis Jones Calculated risk deck helps with calculations
  • First calculation: money
  • Second calculation: time
Inspired by 2002 239
J. W. Sarles Calling The Wiz bit of business for classic telephone trick
2004 355
J. W. Sarles Monkey's Uncle two-card revelation
Discoverie (Issue 9)
Karl Fulves Outcast card moved from one third of deck into another is found with (apparently) memory work, clocking and partial red-black separation
Inspired by 2005 28
J. W. Sarles Prompt Impromptu "Telepathy On The Spot"
card chosen and replaced, spectator looks at fan of cards, meanwhile a spectator on other side of room names selection
2005 413
Cushing Strout Further Than That and the Lie Detector Combine Further Than That with lie detector plot

Also includes variation based on The Nine Card Problem, and Alex Elmsley's Tell Me Three Times
Inspired by 2005 20
Joseph K. Schmidt One Hand Ace Cutting in the hands, royal flush kicker
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2005
Charlatan (Issue 9)
J. W. Sarles Great Escape plastic glass clings to hand, silk is pulled out
Prolix (Issue 2)
J. W. Sarles A Rope Tale several knots tied in rope vanish, then cut & restored
Related to 2007
Prolix (Issue 3)
J. W. Sarles Releaso with loop, outlining some patter by Sarles for a longer rope routine
Prolix (Issue 4)
J. W. Sarles Pin-A-Trate two linked safety pins under handkerchief, they penetrate it one by one
Prolix (Issue 5)
J. W. Sarles Knot To Be Found not letting go of the ends
Inspired by 2009
Prolix (Issue 6)
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Out On Location two piles, dealt simultaneously, one card shows up face-up and at same position in other half is previous selection
Inspired by 2010
Prolix (Issue 8)
J. W. Sarles, Roberto Giobbi Posi-Negative Coordination Magnetic Colors variation
Inspired by 2010 65
Roberto Giobbi, Stewart James, J. W. Sarles Further Than Ever production of selection, Royal Flush
Inspired by 2010 97
Karl Fulves Three Deceptions about following items, creators lost, shown by J. W. Sarles
Prolix (Issue 9)
Karl Fulves Back Story further comments and credit information on the referenced items
Related to 2011
Prolix (Issue 9)
J. W. Sarles The Bank Plays Poker top card change into Aces after shown indifferent, with Sarles's handling of Banker-Broker move
Related to 2012
Prolix (Issue 10)
J. W. Sarles Glass Trap coin in glass, another glass nested inside, coin penetrates into upper glass
Prolix (Issue 10)
J. W. Sarles Ace Prelude three Aces cut face-up into different parts of the deck, last Ace face-up on top, immediately all four Aces are dealt face-up from top
Prolix (Issue 10)
J. W. Sarles A Cup Of Copper four copper and four silver coins alternated, some tossed in one cup and some in another, they separate, slightly smaller diameter and strip-out
Related to 2012
Prolix (Issue 10)
Karl Fulves More Capers doing tricks as a kid, J. W. Sarles, Himber Ring
2015 3