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To Name all the Cards in the Pack in Succession full stack, Eight Kings explained
1876 50
To Name all the Cards of the Pack in Succession full stack, 32-version and Eight Kings explained
1889 76
Four-of-a-kinds deck is dealt in thirteen piles, value named, one pile is removed that consists of all those cards
1889 78
The Prearranged Pack Eight Kings stack
1897 41
Mystic Divination pile of card selected and pocketed by spectator, cards are divined by performer
1897 191
S. W. Erdnase Tricks with the Prearranged Deck Eight Kings - set up explained with methods to calculate cards and their positions (applicable for any cyclic stack)
Related toVariations 1902 179
Theodore Annemann An Original Set-Up Discovery way to easily set-up the eight kings stack
Related to 1931 11
Ralph W. Hull, Any Deck Read From the Card Backs cards named by looking at the back
  • First Method with a "Set-Up" Deck
  • With Borrowed Deck (secretly faced deck)
Related to
  • "Seeing with Fingertips" (Howard Albright)
1933 9
Theodore Annemann The Solitaire King winning canfield solitaire with Eight Kings stack
Related to Sep. 1935
The Jinx (Issue 12)
Theodore Annemann One in Fourteen selection from cyclic set-up (Eight Kings, Si Stebbins, ...)
1937 204
Prearrangement of Packs Eight Kings
1938 283
Gerald Lynton Kaufman The Canfield Set-Up set-up to win solitaire or canfield
1945 141
Eight Kings System
1948 152
Hen Fetsch, Cy Keller Mind Your Future! two decks, selection is divined and predicted
Aug. 1952
The Phoenix (Issue 261)
Theodore Annemann Improvement 8,000
1952 14
Ken Beale Setting Up Exercise method to set up Eight Kings quickly at home
Related toVariations Apr. 1956
Ibidem (Issue 5)
Tony Corinda (1) The Stacked Deck eight kings, simple card divination
1958 73
Tony Corinda Some More Tricks Using the Eight Kings Stack
  • (a) Blackjack (Pontoon), winning deal for two people
  • (b) behind back top card is reversed in the deck, card divined
  • (c) three cards in pocket one is selected, fishing
Variations 1958 75
Paul Curry Think Of Twenty-Five mindreading presentation, magician matches the put down cards with the mates.
1974 62
Paul Curry The Missing Thought spectator sits on a card, looks at all the other cards, magician checks all the cards he receives on a pad, except the chosen one
1974 71
Stephen Minch Traveling the Ethers ten cut to cards are divined, the a reading with selcted cards, eight kings stach with Minor Arcana
1974 16
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Set-Up! charter card to quickly stack Eight Kings
Magick (Issue 98)
Tan Hock Chuan Matched Before Chosen Magician sets aside two random cards, spectator chooses random card, the two random cards reveal suit and value of selection
1977 10
Eight Kings & Furry Kitten two cyclical mnemonics
1978 1137
Ron Wilson A Hand to Remember memory presentation, card named of unseen hand
Also published here 1978 6
Al Smith, Peter Kane Seconds Out mates of selected card are at the same position in three packets
Inspired byRelated to Feb. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 2)
George B. Anderson The Pendulum and a Deck spectator pockets unknown card, pendulum finds card which indicate suit and value
1980 20
George B. Anderson The Pendulum and a Magic Shop Deck two cards are reversed in the deck and found with pendulum, first by performer, second by spectator
1980 21
Eight Kings
1982 31
Ron Wilson A Hand to Remember memory presentation, card named of unseen hand
Related to
  • "Genii" July, 1972 for different version by Ron Wilson
Also published here
1987 92
Frederick Braue Prearranged Deck on stacked deck work, historical comments
  • Eight Kings
  • Si Stebbins
  • Nikola
  • Braue Memorized Stack (?)
1992 1
Karl Fulves Blackjack Stacks winning hands for dealer in two-handed games
Related to 1992
Swindle Sheet (Issue 10)
Karl Fulves Tic Stax Toe using cards to indicate which square has to be used next, Eight Kings or Si Stebbins stack
Related to 1993
Verbatim (Issue 7)
Alex Elmsley Inexplicable with computer program, programmed version of Vernon's "Trick that cannot be explained"
Inspired by 1996 33
Martin Joyal An Overview of Card Systems
  • System Categories
    • Sequential System Characteristics
    • Ordered System Characteristics
  • Overview of Systems
    • The New Deck System
    • The Grouped Value System
    • The Si Stebbins System
    • The Eight Kings System
    • The Stanyon System (Ellis Stanyon)
    • The Joseph System (Eddie Joseph)
    • The Esscee Prearranged Pack (Stanley Collins)
    • The Harding System (Bart Harding)
    • Jack's Pack (Jack Yates)
    • The Cornelius System (John Cornelius)
    • The Osterlind System (Richard Osterlind)
    • The Boudreau Systems (Leo Boudreau)
    • The No Memory Card Stack (Harry Riser)
    • The Lusthaus System (Robert Lusthaus)
    • The Memory-deck (Lewis Jones)
    • The Reymond System (Patrick Reymond)
    • The Wild System (Boris Wild)
    • Richard's Stack (Richard Uhrich)
1997 27
Ellis Stanyon Arrangement of a Whist Pack No. 1, Eight Kings
1999 85
Chan Canasta An Experiment in Memory several people select a bunch of cards each, all cards are divined
Related toVariations 2000 38
Chan Canasta An Experiment in Memory several people select a bunch of cards each, all cards are divined
Related to 2000 79
Chan Canasta Cards in Pockets report of divination by Canasta, similar to "An Experiment in Remote Control", "Do you want to change your mind?"
Related toVariations 2000 91
Chan Canasta More Cards in Pockets further report of divination by Canasta, similar to "An Experiment in Remote Control"
2000 92
Karl Fulves After Dark No. 44, spectator locates magician's card and vice versa
2001 100
Lewis Jones, Jack Avis Remote view - the sequel two consecutive challenge locations
Inspired by
  • "Remove View" (Lewis Jones, Cardiograms)
2002 55
Paolo Cavalli An Unusual Stacked Deck siamese deck combined with Eight Kings
2004 19
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Psychometrack (a.k.a. The Gift) several people select a Tarot card, readings and all are divined, Si Stebbins and Eight Kings used for Tarot cards
2004 11
Cushing Strout Further Than That and the Lie Detector Combine Further Than That with lie detector plot

Also includes variation based on The Nine Card Problem, and Alex Elmsley's Tell Me Three Times
Inspired by 2005 20
Stewart James Vocalculate Lie detector plot, three people select a card each, magician divines each card by detecting lies
Inspired byAlso published here
  • handwritten notes, 1945
2007 62
Paul Lesso The Gobbolino Principle cyclical stack without rotating suits
  • The Gobbolino principle
  • Gobbolino's Stack
  • Gobbolino's Eight Kings
2007 52
Allan Slaight, Max Maven Speechless Stratagem calculation method for a divination using Eight Kings stack
Inspired by
  • "Silent Subterfuge" (Stewart James, The James File, 2000)
Also published here
  • The James File, 2000
2008 142
Allan Slaight Big Tutudu variation with more freedom
Inspired by
  • "Tutudu" (Stewart James, The James File, 2000)
Also published here
  • The James File, 2000
2008 152
Robin Robertson King Cornelius' Stack three spectators cut the deck, remember the bottom card of the pile and put the cards in their pockets, three thought of cards are divined and removed from the cut-off piles
  • Deluxe variant
Inspired by 2010 216
Patrick Page The PaPa System general remarks on stack decks, thoughts on Si Stebbins and Eight Kings and anecdotes of Charlie Edwards, Robert Harbin, David Berglas
2011 78
S. W. Erdnase, Allan Ackerman Calculation Method for Eight Kings & Si Stebbins
Related to 2019 31
Jennifer Gwinn, Brother John Hamman Brother John's Chinese Shuffle multiple up-downjog culling to get into any order with up to six culls
  • Jennifer Gwinn's Setup Table (getting into any stack, Eight Kings, Tetra-Red)
Related to 2024 52