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C. H. Wilson On Set-up Decks
1877 20
Professor Hoffmann Introducing a Stacked Deck
1890 74
Delayed Stack Use starting with a trick that does not change order
May. 1895
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1 No. 5)
The Prearranged Pack Principle
1935 15
Shuffling a Stacked Deck short shuffle, credit to Stanyon's Magic
Also published here Apr. 1936
The Jinx (Issue 19)
Jean Hugard The Set-Up
1936 146
To Know Which Card Has Been Selected cutting deck at selection and then sighting bottom card
1944 48
John Mulholland Shuffling the Deck and A Trick in Connection Therewith to give impression that stacked deck was shuffled, have duplicate deck shuffled and card selected, switch in stacked deck and have card replaced, find card and continue with stacked deck
1944 58
Shuffling a Stacked Deck short shuffle
Also published here 1944 19
Jean Hugard More Card Magic (Continued) brief introduction on stacks
  • The Eighth Overhand Shuffle
Related to Jan. 1945 94
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Re: Stacked Decks
Apr. 1958
The Cardiste (Issue 7)
Simon Aronson General Observations on the Memorized Deck on memorizing a deck, difficulties, assumptions
Also published here 1978 88
Jerry Mentzer Prearranged Decks chapter intro
1982 29
T. Page Wright Chapter 7 - Card Effects Requiring Prearrangement
1991 179
Simon Aronson General Observations on the Memorized Deck on memorizing a deck, difficulties, assumptions
Also published here 1994 84
Claude Rix Constitution d'un chapelet on different memorized decks
1995 11
Claude Rix Comment s'entrainer? how to learn a memorized deck
1995 19
Claude Rix Comment apprendre son chapelet on how to learn a memorized deck
1995 22
Claude Rix Chapelet et mnémotechnique learning a memorized deck with mnemotechnique
1995 23
Martin Joyal Differences Between a Stack, a System and a Memorized Stack
1997 1
Martin Joyal An Overview of Complete Deck Stacks
  • New Deck Stacks
  • Ordered Values Stacks
  • Ordered Suit Stacks
  • Grouped Value Stacks
  • Grouped Suit Stacks
  • Pair Stacks
  • Divided Stacks
    • The Red-black Divided Stack
    • The Mixed Suit Divided Stack
    • The High-low Divided Stack
    • The Curl-No-Curl Divided Stack
    • The Odd-even Divided Stack
    • The Odd-even Divided Stack with Mixed Colors
    • The Odd-even Divided Stack with Mixed Suits
    • The One-eyed and Two-eyed Divided Stack
  • Red-Black Stacks
  • Pointer Stacks
  • Reflected Stacks
  • Matched Setups
  • One-Two-Four-Eight Stacks
  • Forcing Stacks
    • Card-Forcing Stacks
    • Number-Forcing Stacks
    • Word-Forcing Stacks
  • Stacks used for Revelations
  • Counting and Spelling Stacks
  • Storytelling Stacks
  • Gambling Demonstration Stacks
  • Solitaire Stacks
  • Other Stacks
  • Summary
1997 5
Martin Joyal An Overview of Card Systems
  • System Categories
    • Sequential System Characteristics
    • Ordered System Characteristics
  • Overview of Systems
    • The New Deck System
    • The Grouped Value System
    • The Si Stebbins System
    • The Eight Kings System
    • The Stanyon System (Ellis Stanyon)
    • The Joseph System (Eddie Joseph)
    • The Esscee Prearranged Pack (Stanley Collins)
    • The Harding System (Bart Harding)
    • Jack's Pack (Jack Yates)
    • The Cornelius System (John Cornelius)
    • The Osterlind System (Richard Osterlind)
    • The Boudreau Systems (Leo Boudreau)
    • The No Memory Card Stack (Harry Riser)
    • The Lusthaus System (Robert Lusthaus)
    • The Memory-deck (Lewis Jones)
    • The Reymond System (Patrick Reymond)
    • The Wild System (Boris Wild)
    • Richard's Stack (Richard Uhrich)
1997 27
Martin Joyal An Overview of Memorized Stacks
  • Memorized Stack Characteristics
  • Overview of Memorized Stacks
    • The Nikola Stack (Louis Nikola)
    • The Ireland Stack (Laurie Ireland)
    • The McCaffrey Stack (William McCaffrey)
    • The Steele Stack (Rufus Steele)
    • The Marlo Stack (Ed Marlo)
    • The Skinner Stacks (Michael Skinner)
    • The Aronson Stack (Simon Aronson)
    • The Aldrich Stach (Steve Aldrich)
    • The Rix Stack (Claude Rix)
  • Summary
1997 49
Martin Joyal Looking at the Stack on memorizing decks
  • Replacing Mnemonics with Rules
  • The Difference Between a System and a Memorized Deck
  • Memorization Methods
  • Popular Memorized Stacks
  • An Easy Stack to Memorize
  • Learning with Mnemonics
  • Learning Using Rules
  • Order of Suits
  • Card Numbering
  • Learning Steps: Twelve Hours to Miracles
  • Practical Exercises
  • The Rule of Rules: Master and Do Not Forget
  • A Last Piece of Advice
1997 59
Martin Joyal Appendix B: The ShuffleMeter
  • A New Deck
  • Is Your Deck Shuffled?
  • A Well-Shuffled Deck
  • The ShuffleMeter
  • The Spreads
  • The Permutations
  • The Distributions
  • The Groups
  • The Breaks
  • The Shuffle Index
  • Sequence Comparison
1997 205
Lew R. Brooks Foreword on stacks
1998 2
Lew R. Brooks Invent Your Own Stack with numbered cards
1998 43
Karl Fulves Suit Assignment terminology for next tricks
2004 13
Karl Fulves Pictures For Numbers value substitution in stacks
2004 14
Juan Tamariz The Memorized Deck: A Bit of History from the key card to Tamariz stack
2004 5
Juan Tamariz Ultra-Rapid Memorization Question and Answers
  • 1. The Auditory Method
  • 2. The Visual Method
  • 3. The Muscular Method
  • 4. The Conceptual Method
  • 5. The Security Method
2004 24
Juan Tamariz Mnemonica with the Spanish Deck or with Other Decks
2004 253
Juan Tamariz The Half Stack with the Spanish Deck
2004 253
Juan Tamariz Tricks That Don't Alter the Stack
2004 269
Juan Tamariz Actions That Don't Alter the Order of the Deck While Appearing to Do So
  • a. Faro shuffles followed by antifaros
  • b. Eight faros (and other combinations)
  • c. Out-antifaros that add up to eight
  • d. A riffle shuffle done by the spectator followed by a cull
  • e. The "G"
  • f. Floursihes
  • g. All kinds of false cuts
  • h. As you deal cards one at a time
  • i. Most visual card revelations
  • j. The Charlier cut
  • k. Mnemonica and Strippers
  • l. Nonchalant handling
2004 270
Juan Tamariz Resetting the Stack
  • A. Resetting One Card
  • B. Resetting Two Cards
  • C. Resetting a Group of Cards
  • D. Resetting the Stack after a Spectator's Riffle Shuffle
  • E. Resetting the Entire Stack After a Spectator's Overhand Shuffle
  • F. Resetting the Stack after a Riffle Shuffle Followed by an Overhand shuffle
  • G. Resetting the Half Stack
  • H. Resetting the Stack After Dealing Several Hands of Poker or Another Card Game
2004 277
Denis Behr Finding the Way Home essay on stacked deck strategies and management
  • Possible strategies for rearranging cards systematically
Related to 2007 41
Jon Racherbaumer Note on Pre-Arranged Deck
2007 213
Patrick Dessi Généralités on different stacked decks, cyclical and memorized decks
  • Le chapelet
  • Les différents types de chapelets
2009 15
Patrick Page The PaPa System general remarks on stack decks, thoughts on Si Stebbins and Eight Kings and anecdotes of Charlie Edwards, Robert Harbin, David Berglas
2011 78
Patrick Page Things You Should Know About a Stacked Deck on rotation / cyclic stacks
2011 81
Patrick Page Handling a Stacked Deck. on shuffles and cuts
2011 82
Tom Crosbie Other Stacks to Consider
  • Mnemonica - Juan Tamariz
  • Aronson - Simon Aronson
  • Card Kindergarten - Michael Weber
  • B. W. Instant Memorised Deck - Boris Wild
  • Memorised Breakthrough Card System - Richard Osterlind
2013 138
Garrett Thomas Don't Read Your Own Mind tips for working with a memorized deck
2013 199
Steve Mayhew Check Your Deck strategy to give the deck to a spectator and it seems like deck is shuffled
2014 142
Harapan Ong Memorized Decks: Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a memorized deck?
  • Why should I learn a memorized deck?
  • Is it really that useful?
  • How do you memorize a deck of cards?
  • Which memorized deck should I learn?
2019 4
Harapan Ong Tip #1: Use a deck of cards to help you memorize.
2019 16
Harapan Ong Tip #2: Don't bite off more than you can chew.
2019 18
Harapan Ong Tip #3: Use mini games to test your own memorization.
  • The Mixer Fixer
  • The Number Namer
  • The Imagination Indoctrination
  • The Faster Pass-ter Master
2019 20
Harapan Ong A Short Word on Gambling Routines Why the stack has no gambling routines built in
Related to 2019 34
Matt Baker Variations Part I (The Buena Vista Shuffle Club) Discussion on the memorized deck
2019 59
Franz Kaslatter Mit dem berühmten Si-Stebbins-System ... general comments on the Si Stebbins system and its possibilities
2020 1
Joshua Jay A Stack that Suits on choosing a memorized stack
2022 3
Joshua Jay Switching Stacks without Looking Back
2022 6