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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Al Baker Another 4 Ace Trick! more stand up, one packet in a glass
VariationsAlso published here 1935 11
Charlie Miller The Nomad Aces for credit information see reference
Related toVariations 1940 256
Dai Vernon The Cups and Balls
Related toVariations 1957 125
Joaquín Navajas La Catapulta coin is shot out of fist
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1985 51
Ron Wilson Second Sight spectator spreads deck in his hand, choses card with different colored back
VariationsAlso published here 1987 86
José Carroll The Unwary Cheater or The Nine Card Monte, ungaffed
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1988 47
David Williamson The Famous 3-Card Trick three card version of Victor plot
VariationsAlso published here 1989 67
Aldo Colombini The Fly using blank Cards with Flys printed on them
Variations Feb. 1990
Apocalypse (Vol. 13 No. 2)
John Bannon Play It Straight (Triumph) ordered suit reversed & distributed as finale
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1990 1
Michael Close The Frog Prince card folded in origami frog transposes with selection
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1991 45
Arturo de Ascanio Ases para Conocedores (Saludo a Fred Kaps)
VariationsAlso published here 1992 17
Michael Close We're all B*z*s on this Bus clown faces appear on blank cards
Variations 1993 104
Steve Beam The World's Greatest Magician humorous revelation of a selected card
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1993 26
Joshua Jay Trumped Triumph Triumph effect, ends with thirteen values of the same suit magically appearing face up dispersed in the deck
Inspired byVariations 1999 61
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Sympathetic Numbers cards dealt until spectator calls stop, then four cards chosen, ten cards dealt, all selections are Tens and prediction is ten
Related toVariationsAlso published here 2002 15
Gabi Pareras Los Ases Evanescentes - Ases de Caroline Slow-Motion McDonalds Aces
Variations 2003 280
Denis Behr Finding the Way Home essay on stacked deck strategies and management
  • Possible strategies for rearranging cards systematically
Related to 2007 41
Arturo de Ascanio The Aces of My Exam
Related toAlso published here 2008 182
Joaquín Matas Williamson, el engaño en los manos on David Williamson
El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 12)
Bébel Transposition Asymétrique de Main en Poche selection in pocket transposes with four Aces
Variations 2014
Joaquín Matas Antes de Empezar... dedication
2014 7
Joaquín Matas Introducción
2014 15
Joaquín Matas Parte 1: La Sesión Formal chapter intro, on formal close-up shows
2014 23
Joaquín Matas Intimagia thorough analysis of his close-up show "Intimagia", thoughts on selection of material and credits, construction an tips on routines
2014 27
Joaquín Matas, Juan Manuel Marcos, Jorge Blass El Hilo Roto y Recompuesto tips on the Hindu Thread, with thicker thread
2014 32
Joaquín Matas, Ricardo Vizcarra Biddle Trick
2014 34
Juan Esteban Varela, Joaquín Matas La Predicción de la Camiseta with prediction on T-Shirt
2014 44
Joaquín Matas Cuarteto Hipnótico selection in pocket, four cards change into selection one by one and back, then quartet transpose with selection, last phase is repeated
2014 55
Joaquín Matas Fan Display hiding surface of one card
2014 58
Joaquín Matas Double Twirl twirling a double as one card
2014 62
Joaquín Matas Multiple Lift Sequence with duplicate
2014 67
Joaquín Matas Asymetric Transposition with card case
Inspired by 2014 74
Joaquín Matas Doble Triunfo cards with same value found reversed of first selection, deck is squared and ordered suit reversed & distributed of second selection
Inspired by 2014 77
Joaquín Matas Ases Lentos A La Copa with a glass, O. Henry finish
2014 93
Joaquín Matas Spread Display Ascanio Spread turnover in the hands to hide surface
2014 100
Joaquín Matas Asas Matas-Donalds Mac Donalds routine
Inspired by 2014 111
Joaquín Matas Mi Suit Apparition suit transforms into other suit as kicker
2014 129
Joaquín Matas Combinando los McDonalds con el Suit Apparition combination of McDonalds and Suit Apparition, essay on how to stack the deck so one leads into the other
Related to 2014 157
Joaquín Matas La Ranita
Inspired by 2014 169
Joaquín Matas Parte 2: De Magias con los Amigos chapter intro
2014 191
Joaquín Matas Los Sietes-Dieces cards dealt until spectator calls stop, then four cards chosen, numbers match the amount of dealt cards, other card is chosen and other three cards change to same value, number in dealt pile matches too
Inspired by 2014 193
Joaquín Matas Ases Rápidos under postcard
Inspired by 2014 205
Joaquín Matas Desemplame por Frotis adding palmed card to small packet, while cards are spread
2014 214
Joaquín Matas Los Ases de Mi Examen Aces appear face-up in different parts of the deck
Inspired byRelated to 2014 215
Joaquín Matas, Miguel Ajo Ascanio Spread Display diagonal display
2014 221
Joaquín Matas Bolas a la Caja de Cartón (Rutina Tricolor) three sponge balls with different colors vanish one by one and appear together in a small box, written up by Gabriel Pareras
2014 233
Joaquín Matas ¿Dónde Está la Carta de...? with name of spectator in spelling, arrow
Inspired by 2014 241
Joaquín Matas Parte 3: El Final de la Sesión Formal chapter intro
2014 251
Joaquín Matas Los Cubiletes de Vernon "Tuneados" with three cups, one chop cup
Inspired by 2014 253
Gabi Pareras, Ricardo Vizcarra, Joaquín Matas Arturo de Ascanio. "El maestro a tres voces" conversation on Arturo de Ascanio, memories
2015 235
Joaquín Matas Antes de Empezar dedication
2016 7
Joaquín Matas Introducción
2016 15
Joaquín Matas Parte 1: El Inicio de la Sesión Formal chapter intro
2016 23
Joaquín Matas La Cuerda Ta-Variada Tabary inspired rope routine, rope is stretched, multiple ends, ends travel and are removed, rope is handed out in the end, with ideas by Jean Merlin and Gabi Pareras
Inspired by
  • Francis Tabary's "The Award Winning Rope Magic of Francis Tabary"
2016 25
Joaquín Matas Parte 2: Magia Itinerante thorough article on professional close-up magic, walk around, table hopping and magic at trade shows
  • El repertorio
  • La distribución en los bolsillos
  • De vez en cuando...
  • ¿Por qué la Mnémonica?
  • La baraja invisible
  • ¿Ser o no ser "invasivo"?
  • La mesa "portátil" para hacer magia de cóctel
  • El acercamiento a la mesa
  • La importancia de tener los pies en el suelo
  • La magia en stands y ferias profesionales
  • Los juegos explicados en este apartado del libro
2016 71
Joaquín Matas Un Juego para Acercarte a la Mesa spongeball routine, as an intro when doing strolling magic
2016 85
Joaquín Matas El "Nonile" (El Incauto Tramposo) 9 card monte
Inspired by 2016 93
Joaquín Matas McMoscas McDonald routine, with blank cards and flies
Inspired by 2016 111
Joaquín Matas El de las Tres Cartas
Inspired by 2016 131
Joaquín Matas, Ricardo Vizcarra Monedas de Mano a Mano four coins from hand to hand, last one in spectator's hand
2016 145
Joaquín Matas, Joaquín Navajas La Catapulta "cobarde" coin is shot out of fist
Inspired by 2016 151
Joaquín Matas Una Continuación para las Monedas coin under watch to follow previous routine
2016 163
Joaquín Matas La Magia Tematizada o Promocional long article on magic customized to the client
  • Estilos de magia tematizada
  • La actitud
  • Un caso concreto
  • La socorrida cartomagia
  • La carta corporativa
  • El Tabary corporativo
  • Un ejemplo con el Tabary
  • Otro ejemplo con el Tabary
  • Un par de juegos útiles para el mago "temático"
Related to 2016 167
Joaquín Matas Aparición "Flash" production of a large envelope or similar object in a flash, with candle
2016 181
Joaquín Matas Wild Coffee pictures of coffee capsules appear on blank cards, real capsule appears as climax
Inspired by 2016 193
Joaquín Matas Flushtration Inversa variation on flushtration count
2016 201
Joaquín Matas Parte 3: Salón y Escena chapter intro
2016 211
Joaquín Matas El Billete (La Cinta al Billete y de 20 a 500€) silk ribbon is produced and vanished from borrowed bill, then bill changes to other bill and back
2016 215
Joaquín Matas Las Cinco Cartas Rojas
2016 245
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Joaquín Matas Wild Card Switch in vertical position
2016 257
Joaquín Matas Sobre las Actuaciones Infantiles y Familiares on family and children shows
2016 261
Joaquín Matas El Cinturón de Tortura routine for George Kovari's Passing Water
2016 269
Joaquín Matas, Alberto de Figueiredo Billete a la Lima bill appears in chosen lemon, one of three, with humorous banana gag
2016 283
Joaquín Matas La Sal de Kaps Kaps salt pour routine
2016 299
Joaquín Matas La Estructura de una Sesión de Magia how to structure a magic show, essay
  • Estructura interna y estructura externa
  • Elección del repertorio
  • Variedad
  • Unidad
  • Duración, cantitad de juegos y bloques
  • El comienzo
  • El final
  • Los clásicos
  • Clasificación de efectos
  • El fenómeno
  • El orden
  • El argumento
  • Charla y transiciones entre juego y juego
  • Repertorio flexible y bises
  • La participación del público
  • El mago
  • Resumiendo
2016 323