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Another Trick with Quick-Silver dumplings jump out of a pot when boiled, mercury
1784 24
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Klerikale Wunder - I. Die blutende Hostie bleeding altar bread, chemical explanation
July 1896
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 2 No. 7)
Eddie Joseph Jelly from Cup jelly produced from cup, using a wand with hook
1942 32
G. Gloria L'omelette au chapeau baking in a a hat, using pan, followed by german translation "Die Omelette mit dem Hut"
Mar. 1946 10
U. F. Grant The Midget's Lunch Box production routine with rubber food
Dec. 1948 5
Vanishing Creamer creamer vanishes from tube formed with a bill
1949 4
Sailor and the Doughnut gag puzzle
1949 33
Matt Schulien The Pea Can salt changes into liquid peas in pea can prop
1959 108
Dr. Helmut Teumer, Dr. Stanley Jaks Der südamerikanische Kürbistrick message appears on pumpkin
Also published here 1961 98
Van Cleve Electric Cucumber comedy prop, cucumber with electric switch, with patter ideas by Gene Anderson, Dick Zimmerman and Leon Leon
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1969-70)
Aceitunas Comidas por la Cabeza olive is hit through back of performer's head and ends up in mouth, humorous routine
1975 15
Un "Pinchito" de Ida y Vuelta gag, spectator cannot grasp food which is offered
1975 63
Karrell Fox P. "Nutty" Sandwich producing lots of food from lunch box, finally a peanut butter sandwich with full glass of peanut butter between the bread
1979 311
Crash - Diving Submarine raisins in club soda rise up and down, physics
1979 38
Karl Fulves Animal Crackers No. 47, spectator puts two empty napkins in empty cracker box, crackers appear, over-the-head principle
1985 85
Steve Beam Happy Food gag for banquet performances
1986 223
Mac King Fork You In The Eyes Stick fork in eye, cream shoots out (gag with coffee creamer)
1990 11
Jay Sankey Creamed short chop cup sequence with creamer and crumpled up lid, then creamer is restored and full of milk again
Also published here Sep./Oct. 1995
The Magic Menu (Vol. 6 No. 31)
Chris Sutton A Fist Full of Olives olives appear on miniature plastic sword, penetration of hand presentation
1997 120
Eric T. Dockery Hot Sauce vanishes and productions with colored sponge balls (referred to as “peppers”), chili pepper is produced and then changed into small tabasco sauce bottle
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
Chris Hannibal The Pringles Act - A Tableside Presentation In Three Parts card under an in Pringles can, then stuff is produced from can
  • Phase One - The Card Under
  • Phase Two - The Card In
  • Phase Three - Chop Chips
Nov./Dec. 1999
The Magic Menu (Vol. 10 No. 56)
Jay Sankey Creamed short chop cup sequence with creamer and crumpled up lid, then creamer is restored and full of milk again
Related toAlso published here 2004 137
Kostya Kimlat Wings eaten and restored chicken wing
2006 38
Chris "Doc" Dixon Snack Food can of Pringles and signed beer bottle shall change places, bottle vanishes from bag and appears inside can
2009 36
Dan Sperry Go Eat Worms Bag of gummy worms is poured out onto spectator's hands, the gummy worms transform into real worms
2010 2
Brian Roberts Breathless spellbound type routine with Listerine pocket packs, changes into small bottle as climax
May 2010
Genii (Vol. 73 No. 5)
Tom Ogden What I Could Have Had tricks with ingredients from a salad, linking onion rings, tomatoes through table in glass, last one is smashed and in the glass tomato juice is found
2012 221
Roy Benson Balsa Banana zipped banana gag
Inspired by
  • Harry E. Cecil's "Zipped Banana"
2013 143
Hiroshi Sawa さんま (Pacific Saury) Fish shown on both sides, with a wave of a lighter, fish becomes grilled on both sides
2013 31
Hiroshi Sawa 落ち葉 (The Fallen Leaves) Use a leaf to produce ten ginkgo nuts. Gingko nut vanishes, appears in pocket, leaf used as magic wand
2013 38
Hiroshi Sawa 松茸 (The Mushroom) Large mushroom production
2013 43
Hiroshi Sawa レモン・トリック (The Lemon Trick) Card is chosen from the deck, has a picture of lemon on it. Suddenly. three lemons begin mysteriously appearing on the table one by one
2013 65
Dr. Helmut Teumer, Dr. Stanley Jaks South American Melon Trick message appears on pumpkin
Also published here 2014 224
Joaquín Matas Wild Coffee pictures of coffee capsules appear on blank cards, real capsule appears as climax
Inspired by 2016 193
Jeff Prace Sharing is Caring
  • Left-Handed
Listerine breath strip penetrates the package
Feb. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 2)
Nathan Kranzo Apple and Orange Transpo Apple and orange change places in paperbags. Ending has orange peeled to reveal apple inside
Related to 2021 9
Nick Diffatte Sealer Boy method for resealing any mylar package like potato chips
2022 129