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Eddie Joseph Introduction Intuitional Sight 1
Eddie Joseph Part One: What Is "Intuitional Sight?" Intuitional Sight 3
Eddie Joseph "The Blindfold" and Its Accessories Intuitional Sight 4
Eddie Joseph The Flour Paste dough on eyes Intuitional Sight 4
Eddie Joseph The Cotton and the Surgical Bandage Intuitional Sight 7
Eddie Joseph The Handkerchiefs blindfold, two variations Intuitional Sight 8
Eddie Joseph Part Two: The Act setting and patter Intuitional Sight 12
Eddie Joseph First Test different colored ribbons, picking the right one blindfolded Intuitional Sight 13
Eddie Joseph Second Test performer writes called out numbers on blackboard and adds them together, blindfolded Intuitional Sight 13
Eddie Joseph Third Test cards are named Intuitional Sight 14
Eddie Joseph Fourth Test 52 cards are behind a glass, performer points to the named cards Intuitional Sight 14
Eddie Joseph Fifth Test separating black and white balls Intuitional Sight 15
Eddie Joseph Sixth Test describing members from the audience, one ahead Intuitional Sight 15
Eddie Joseph Seventh Test describing objects from the audience Intuitional Sight 16
Eddie Joseph Eighth Test describing a written word / number on a slate Intuitional Sight 16
Eddie Joseph Ninth Test copying a word in a foreign language Intuitional Sight 16
Eddie Joseph Tenth Test correcting a misspelled word Intuitional Sight 17
Eddie Joseph Part Three: The Inner Secret additional tips and ideas
- The Undressing
Intuitional Sight 17
Eddie Joseph Man of Attraction The Human Magnet, sticky substance, prelude with some "body magic" stunts The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 64) 447
Eddie Joseph Introduction Strictly Magic 3
Eddie Joseph The Call of the East names of eastern cities are written on pieces of paper and folded, then mixed with other billets, the performer finds all the eastern cities, without opening the billets Strictly Magic 4
Eddie Joseph The Wandering Bottle - With a Sucker Climax accidentally two bottle show, then the paper tube is torn and one bottle vanishes as a climax Strictly Magic 6
Eddie Joseph The Repeat Six Card Trick with just six cards, three phases where seemingly three cards are put in a hat Strictly Magic 8
Eddie Joseph False Count glide position, similar to a Biddle steal Strictly Magic 12
Eddie Joseph "Es-Ta" Burnt and Restored Handkerchief in spectator's hands Strictly Magic 12
Eddie Joseph Suspensamus bowl with rice suspends on knifeRelated to The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 129) 741
Eddie Joseph Heart Throb spectator thinks of number between five and twenty and remembers card at that position, another card is chosen, both found while spectator deals through the deck Heart Throb 2
Eddie Joseph Turn-Around Glimpse performer turns around briefly to make a remark and back, secretly glimpses required information Heart Throb 5
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on John Mulholland, Bob Lund, Eddie Joseph, Jay Marshall, Gen Grant, puzzle by Max Katz The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 264) 1057
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Dudley Fossum, Eddie Joseph The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 283) 1133
Karrell Fox 20th Century Silks using Eddie Joseph's Hank Gun Kornfidentially Yours 35
Frances Marshall Back Talk on Rezvani, James Findley, De Vega, Max Andrews, Eddie Joseph, Ed Marlo, Paul LePaul, Don Alan, Matt Schulien The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 333) 143
Unknown, Eddie Joseph Tapping the Hours Spectator think of any hour on the clock, magician tap the clock at random points, eventually will end counting on the thought-of hour. Variation by Eddie Joseph using blank cards with wordsVariations Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 50
Jay Marshall Back Talk on the IBM convention, Abbott's Get Together, Walter Irving Scott, Dai Vernon, Ed Marlo, Jim Peterson, Tips for Card en, Paul Rosini, Prof Lowey, Senator Crandall, The Linking Ring, Jerry Andrus, Eddie Joseph The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 339) 170
Tom Hamilton Crazy Time Tapping the Hours but with a wooden board with holes in itInspired by Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 101
Royal Vale Heath Heath's "Tappit" Tapping the Hours type of trick, but with colored tiles and numbers printed on themInspired by Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 102
Martin Gardner Tap-a-drink Tapping the Hours but with names of different drinks in a clock shapeInspired by Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 103
Martin Gardner Tap-an-Animal Tapping the Hours but with animal names in a clock shapeInspired by Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 104
Martin Gardner The Riddle Card Tapping the Hours type of trick with a card with riddlesInspired by Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 106
Eddie Joseph Handkerchief Coin Vanish bluff The New Modern Coin Magic 392
Eddie Joseph Sucker Newspaper Tear Torn and Restored newspaper with sucker phase Newspaper Magic 137
Eddie Joseph Gone Right Through card through table, with handkerchief The Living End 18
Eddie Joseph The Jumping Location saliva, card shoots out of deck The Living End 122
Eddie Joseph The Hooded Hew wrapped in napkin The Living End 95
Eddie Joseph The Revolution rubber band around deck, selection is pushed out The Living End 96
Eddie Joseph The Smacker The Living End 106
Eddie Joseph The Renegade air-pressure turnover The Living End 106
Eddie Joseph The Somersault cards land scattered on table except selection The Living End 106
Lin Searles, Cy Endfield Impromptu Miracle Inspired by
  • "Staggered" (Eddie Joseph)
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8 No. 8th Folio) 673
Karl Fulves Babel Psychics, Uri Geller, Nixon, Eddie Joseph died, Al Flosso, "The Endless Octave" acoustical illusion The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 8) 742
Gerald Kosky Jaysonism 2 based in a Eddie Joseph trick, thought of number to select card, cards dealt from top to bottom and performer stops at correct card The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 122) 609
Eddie Joseph Hocus-Pocus No. 45, three five-cards packets, spectator thinks of a card, deals out five packets, pockets the one with selection and performer extracts it Self-Working Card Tricks 68
Unknown The Temple Switch Related to
  • "Revelations of a Spirit Medium" in 1891 and Eddie Joseph's"My Billet Switch" in "Magic of the Mind" in 1952
Acidus 7
Gerald Kosky, Eddie Joseph ESP Mind Warp deck of ESP cards, two spectator cut a number of cards and count them secretly, then they remember the symbol at their number, which are the same The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 178) 887
Eddie Joseph Cut Finesse to hit the short card The Green Book of Mentalism 23
Eddie Joseph Back Again coin, ring and key used for "two in the hands..." routine, coin shower as finale Two in the Hand and One in the Pocket 20
Eddie Joseph Ultimate Match No. 58, one card cut to in one deck, matches position in second deck, inverse stacksVariations Self-Working Mental Magic 96
Lee Morningstar The Heart King value of card cut to is doubled and then counted to a card, prediction, based on a Eddie Joseph trick The Compleat Magick — Volume III (Issue 291) 1453
Eddie Joseph Impromptu Index Threshold 22
Tom Gagnon Popeyed coin placed in eye like a monocle, it drops into hands and is vanished, found back in eyeInspired by
  • "Monocle Mystery" (Eddie Joseph, Coin and Money Magic)
Sleightly Original 88
Eddie Joseph Cut Finesse to hit the short card shuffled lecture 9
Eddie Joseph Cut Finesse to hit short card 12/12 10
Thomas Alan Waters Twindow two decks, one is cut and card turned over, both deck are dealt until face up cards, same card on same position in other deck, position is predictetInspired by
  • Eddie Joseph's "Staggered"
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Thynk) 621
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Eddie Joseph on Cups and Balls by Eddie Joseph Epoptica (Issue 6) 358
Edward Marlo Staggering Power of Thought mates found when dealing through two halves simultaneouslyInspired byVariations M.I.N.T. — Volume I 16
Karrell Fox The Silk-Shooter silk over barrel of gun vanishes when fired, alternative to Eddie Joseph's Hank Gun My Latest Book 135
Eddie Joseph Siberian Rope Release No. 20, cut and restored rope with story presentation Self-Working Rope Magic 42
Edward Marlo Elm-K-B-E-J Ace Vanishes "Elmsley Count, Kardyro Biddle Move, Eddie Joseph's Move"
bottom card shown to be an Ace, top three cards peeled off, remaining card secretly switched, five methods
Also published here
  • The New Tops, Sep. 1968
M.I.N.T. — Volume II 28
Nick Trost Intuition Two reversed selections match / same position in decksInspired by
  • "The Invisible Influence Principle" (Eddie Joseph, The Invisible Influence, 1951)
Also published here
The Card Magic of Nick Trost 161
David Harkey, Eric Anderson Bonfire matches in shot glass start to burn by themselves, chemicalRelated to
  • "The Art of Eddie Joseph"
Ah-ha! 60
Jack Birnman My Spectator, The Clairvoyant fair selection (automatic placement), added value of three selections determines position of first selectionRelated to The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 133
Karl Fulves Lighter "Unsolved Mysteries"
match pushed into tray of matches, tray clings to match, posed as a problem
Related to The Fine Print (Issue 7) 177
Jack Birnman, Eddie Joseph, Roy Walton My Spectator, The Clairvoyant card fount at total of four stopped at cardsRelated to The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 70) 1468
Karl Fulves Intelligentsia with ten cardsInspired byRelated to Underworld (Issue 10) 133
Karl Fulves Igor two packets, card chosen in one matches up with vampire in other packet when counted simultaneouslyInspired by
  • "Staggered" (Eddie Joseph)
Lost Vampire Secrets 173
Karl Fulves The Dark Force Inspired by
  • "Staggered" (Eddie Joseph)
Lost Vampire Secrets 175
Frank Garcia, Eddie Joseph Thought-Card Poker No. 70, one card of three poker hands thought of New Self-Working Card Tricks 108
Eddie Joseph A Good Clean-Up transposition of knives The Magic of Ascanio - Knives and Color-Blindness 107
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph Flummoxed three phases, single-deck approach for Eddie Joseph's "Staggered" stack Ensuing Impuzzibilities 18
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph Chicagoism packet, spelling, also over phoneInspired by
  • "Jasonism" (Eddie Joseph, Sphinx Sept. 1946)
Treacherous Impuzzibilities 5
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph Thirty-Fiveism card at thought-of number remembered, second card chosenInspired by
  • "Astral Sense" (Eddie Joseph, Card Magic of the Mind, Abbott's, 1952)
Treacherous Impuzzibilities 8
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph Hacer lo Imposible two selections in two piles show up at same position, hands-offInspired by
  • "Impossible" (Eddie Joseph, 1952)
Treacherous Impuzzibilities 17
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph Invoking Margery Inspired by
  • "India Calling" (Eddie Joseph, Card Bonanza, 1950)
Treacherous Impuzzibilities 22
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph Presque Vu card chosen via counting procedure ends up at number previously namedInspired by
  • "Who knows the Card?" (Dumbfounders with Cards, 1951)
Treacherous Impuzzibilities 24
Tomas Blomberg Late Key Two selected cards from a deck, one is lost and the other one is placed in spectator´s pocket. This deck and another one are dealt at the same time, magician stops at the first selected card and at the duplicate of the second selectionRelated to
  • "Staggered" (Eddie Joseph, Staggered, 1950)
Blomberg Laboratories 137
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph The Luckier Number card shows up at number that is named at beginningInspired by
  • "Memory Phenomenal" (Eddie Joseph, Dumbfounders with Cards, 1951)
Devilish Impuzzibilities 15
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph The Lost and the Found with incomplete deckInspired by
  • "The Tobba Mystery" (Eddie Joseph, Dumbfounders with Cards, 1951)
Devilish Impuzzibilities 18
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph, Alan Stockwell A Study in Scarlet and Black as phone effectInspired by
  • "The Tobba Mystery" (Eddie Joseph, Dumbfounders with Cards, 1951)
Devilish Impuzzibilities 21