15 entries in Coin / Manipulation / Preparation of Coins for Production
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Unknown Thalerschnitte thin coins for certain manipulations Der Amateurzauberer 8
T. Nelson Downs, Unknown Die Drehmünze No. 1, coin pivot, back palm, specialty of Downs, also with two sharp points or wire to help in pivot Der Amateurzauberer 1
Servais LeRoy Money Everywhere No. 6, coins produced from spectator's clothing, hidden in small bags in other hand or at body Der Amateurzauberer 19
Unknown Die schnelle Vermehrung No. 9, borrowed coin is multiplied into twenty coins, they have a small hole and are hidden under vest with thread through them Der Amateurzauberer 27
Unknown The Loads of Coins threaded coins Coin Magic 71
Laurie Ireland Why Use Real Money when Palming Coins are so Cheap? Bull's-Eye Coin Tricks 31
Art Lyle Art Lyle Says: coin through handkerchief, how to make coins shiny and building an easy coin holdout The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 18) 77
Al Baker Coin Production threaded stack of coins The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Pet Secrets) 383
Peter Stammers Impromptu Coin Dropper using an ice lolly stick, matchbox, rubberbands, paper clips and a sefety pin
Pabular (Vol. 2, No. 2) 167
Ron MacMillan Coins for Manipulation general remarks Modern Art Of Coin Manipulation 15
Ron MacMillan Coins for Back Palming Modern Art Of Coin Manipulation 15
Ron MacMillan Coins for Spreads and Moves Modern Art Of Coin Manipulation 15
Ron MacMillan Shower Coins Modern Art Of Coin Manipulation 16
Geoffrey Buckingham Preparing the Stack tied stack of coins Modern Art Of Coin Manipulation 71
Ravi Pazhur Back-Technique on manipulative productions with fingers wide apart
- Take a Shower (coins)
- Karten (cards)
Hardcore 98