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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Cliff Green The Interlocked Card Production
  • The Original Version
  • The Push-Up Method
Variations 1961 Professional Card Magic 122
John Cornelius Flash Appearance of a Cigarette flash paper is lit and transforms into cigarette, paper to bill as variation
Related toAlso published here 1988 Creative Secrets No. 1 2
Ravi Pazhur Vorwort
1991 Hardcore 8
Ravi Pazhur Axel Hecklau
1991 Hardcore 10
Ravi Pazhur Juno
1991 Hardcore 13
Ravi Pazhur Ralph Cos
1991 Hardcore 19
Ravi Pazhur Harald Kurz
1991 Hardcore 28
Ravi Pazhur Thomas Hierling
1991 Hardcore 39
Ravi Pazhur Jörg Alexander Weber
1991 Hardcore 47
Ravi Pazhur Desimo
1991 Hardcore 65
Ravi Pazhur Guido Schmalriede aka Manuel Muerte
1991 Hardcore 73
Ravi Pazhur Guillaume le Grand & Senor Manuel Muerte
1991 Hardcore 79
Ravi Pazhur Andy Andy Häussler
1991 Hardcore 85
Ravi Pazhur ChaPeau
1991 Hardcore 89
Ravi Pazhur Sven Heubes
1991 Hardcore 93
Ravi Pazhur Ravi Pazhur "No comment!"
1991 Hardcore 97
Ravi Pazhur Back-Technique on manipulative productions with fingers wide apart
  • Take a Shower (coins)
  • Karten (cards)
1991 Hardcore 98
Ravi Pazhur Saikusa from back of hand, fingers apart
1991 Hardcore 106
Sven Heubes, Ravi Pazhur Vacuum Cigarette flash thread into cigarette, two handlings
Related to 1991 Hardcore 110
Ravi Pazhur Whirl Pool card appears in flash
1991 Hardcore 116
Ravi Pazhur Interlocked Revisited
Inspired by 1991 Hardcore 118
Ravi Pazhur Felix Felix Farrell
1991 Hardcore 123
Ravi Pazhur Thomas, der Verblüffungsartist Thomas Vité
1991 Hardcore 145