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Fan Productions using one-handed palms
May 1897
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 5)
Card Fans from Spectator cards produced from spectator's clothing
1899 145
Clement de Lion Ein neuer Kartenfang idea about having five selection appear from the air
Feb. 1902
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 8 No. 2)
John Hamley Cards from behind Knee clipped behind trouser
1903 55
Karl Meyer Das Kartengreifen "Schule der Magie"
  • choreography of one-handed palm and fan production from elbow
  • steal of bottom packet into right-hand thumb clip, left first finger pushes packet out (throw cut)
Sep. 1904
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 4 No. 9)
John Hamley A Smart Production and Vanish of Cards hands empty, cards produced and vanished again, attached to outside of sleeve and stolen when sleeve is pulled up
1904 52
Vanish and Recovery false transfer with pack, brief
1909 19
T. Nelson Downs The Downs Fan fan done in one hand, other hand shown empty, then second fan produced in this hand
1909 27
Cards from the Mouth
1909 38
Front Hand Production - No. 2
Variations 1933 38
The Continuous Production of Fans of Cards at the Finger-Tips several methods, including split fans
1933 3
Passing a Fan of Cards from Hand to Hand fan vanishes in one hand and appears in other, apparently penetrating knee
1933 6
The Magical Production of a Pack of Cards from silk
1934 46
An Aerial Production apparent empty hand display
1934 71
Laurie Ireland Continuous Production of Card Fans - Try It not backpalm method
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1934)
Theodore Annemann The Question for the Month idea for card production from tambourine
Related to Apr. 1935
The Jinx (Issue 7)
James G. Thompson Jr. "Surprise!!" deck appears from tambourine, solution
Inspired by July 1935
The Jinx (Issue 10)
Laurie Ireland Some Moves for Manipulative Card Routine Production of a Fan of Cards Using a Silk
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation")
The Palm and Recovery
1936 162
Vanish and Recovery brief
1938 20
Sam Leo Horowitz The Fan Steal
1938 214
Production of the Card in a Fan from the Finger Clip Palm
1938 39
Tommy Tucker Flash Card Production card production from handkerchief
Dec. 1939
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 6)
Edward Marlo The Intruction of Split Fan Production
1941 6
Edward Marlo Two Types of Fans for production
1941 18
Tom Sellers A Card Flourish bent-in-half palm
1942 7
To Produce Cards in a Fan from back palm
1942/27 161
Producing Fans of Cards split fan productions
1942/27 170
Thumb Steal Color Change palm off can be used to produce fans (context), thumb palm
1942/27 179
Production of Cards from the Mouth
1942/27 195
Cascade Production from Boy's Nose
1942/27 196
Tom Sellers Double Fan for Fan Workers splitting a fan in two
1943 11
Tom Sellers A Useful Card Flourish palm transfer while holding cards
1943 15
A Surprise Handshake cards are produced after handshake with spectator
Dec. 1943 32
Audley Walsh Fancy Free making a double fan, with an interesting procedure, different designs
Also published here July 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 65)
Arthur H. Buckley The Bent Fingers, Back Palm and Recovery recovery from deep back palm ending in fan production
1946 128
Arthur H. Buckley Split Fans "Back Palming a Pack of Fifty-Two Cards and Reproducing them in a Series of Fans"
1946 147
Arthur H. Buckley Split Fans and Coin Productions split fan production, then fan of coins produced that have been held out during card productions
1948 110
Paul LePaul An Instantaneous Palm Flourish fan production
1949 115
Paul LePaul A Card Fan Flourish fan production
1949 119
Paul LePaul A Vanish And Reproduction Of A Deck Of Cards
1949 124
Lewis Ganson "Card Production Supreme"
  • Method for Holding the Cards
  • To Change the Cards from One Hand to Another
  • To Interlock the Fingers
  • To Bring the Cards into the Back Palm Position
  • To End a "Back and Front Palm" Card Routine
1950 83
Harold G. Beaumont Maybe This Is Crazy! giant fan production as finale, gaffed
1952 79
Lewis Ganson The Continuous Production of Fans of Cards
  • The Production of the Fan
  • Variation No. 1
  • Variation No. 2
1954 235
Lewis Ganson Manipulation in Gloves
  • Stealing a Stock of Cards From Inside the Glove
  • Producing Cards After Removing the Gloves
1954 246
Audley Walsh Fancy Free making a double fan, with an interesting procedure, different designs
Also published here 1956 174
Danny Dew, Ellison Poland Danny Dew's Split Fans
1969 92
Thumb Palm Steal packet stolen
1969 103
Producing Fans
1976 66
The Split Fan Production
1976 67
Patrick Page Deceiving the Audience tips on split fans and producing fans
1976 69
Peel Away Fan fan is split in two fans
1976 70
Peel Away Fan in Reverse fan is split in two fans
1976 71
Lewis Ganson Fan, Steal and Production from full palm
1978 20
Split Fans see p. 110 for actual method
1978 106
Try This First practicing split fans with two cards
1978 109
Bill Tarr Basic Split Fan Routine
1978 112
Levent Cimkentli Instant Continuous Fan Production
1982 59
Barry Stevenson Split Waterfall stealing cards into back palm during waterfall flourish
1985 228
Frederick Braue FB Fan Card-Steal fan in right hand, some cards are stolen in back palm (1936)
1985 11
Bob Fisher, Frederick Braue Fan Steal
Inspired by
  • Sphinx, March 1934, p. 13
1985 13
Fan Manipulation cards from fan stolen and backpalmed
Related to 1985 23
Move from backpalm
1985 24
Dr. James William Elliott Elliott Continuous Backpalm many cards in regular palm, packets produced in fans (1938)
1985 19
Fan Production
Gimmick (Issue 9)
Alex Elmsley A Card Fan Production alternative to split-fan production
Related to 1991 121
Ravi Pazhur Saikusa from back of hand, fingers apart
1991 106
T. Page Wright The Production of Card Fans Routine
  • Fan of Cards from Body
  • Cards through Knee Without Palming
  • Cards through Knee by Back Palm
  • Fan from Elbow
  • Fans of Cards from Air
  • A Vanish and Production
1991 152
Brother John Hamman Rube Goldberg Splits A Fan mechanical fan for production
Nov. 1991
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Steve Dusheck Card Catching gaffed
1992 118
Cardini Cardini's Fans note on split fans from Hilliard's notebook
1994 1087
Sam Leo Horowitz A Fan Effect
1994 1105
Frederick Braue Etherea
1997 25
Ellis Stanyon Magical Production of a Full Pack of Cards No. 12, manipulative, routine with productions from knee
Variations 1999 244
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note notes on the manipulations and packet vanish
Inspired by 1999 245
Ellis Stanyon Palming and Reproducing Cards After Springing the Pack from Hand to Hand No. 13
1999 246
Ellis Stanyon Palming in Connection with Pulling Up the Sleeves - Production from Left Elbow No. 14
1999 247
Ellis Stanyon Palming when Crossing Hands - Production from Left Knee No. 15
1999 247
Ellis Stanyon Palming Cards when Reversing the Pack in the Same Hand No. 2, production sequence
1999 297
Fredric P. Lamazor B. Card Production (Selective Sequence)
1999 17
Gregg Webb The End
  • The WebbMaster
card fan production as end of ball sequence
Sep. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 9)
Neal Elias Card Fan Productions
2001 64
John Cornelius Fanning the Flames flash paper to automatic card fan
2001 102
Jeff McBride, Paul Harris McBluff Card Fand Variation
2003 4
Jeff McBride Cards from the Mouth
2003 6
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Carnahan Fan deck snaps into fan instantly, quick closing as well
2006 16
Barry Stevenson Left Hand Fan Production cards bent in left hand thumb crotch
Also published here
  • Room 365 column, Abracadabra
2007 58
One Hand Card Production
2007 66
Fred Robinson Card Production cards are handed to performer behind vicitm's ear à la Paperballs over the Head
2009 239
Doug Edwards The Fingertip Card Production variation of back palm production
2013 11