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Danny Dew Walking Through a String of Beads
1937 131
Danny Dew, Ellison Poland Danny Dew's Split Fans
1969 92
Paul Fox, Danny Dew The Paul Fox Rising Cards (Danny Dew Version)
1978 142
Danny Dew Oil and Water 4&4, extra card
1978 150
Danny Dew Emil Jarrow
1978 153
Danny Dew A Commentary on Tenkai
1983 140
Paul Fox The Five Card Mental Selection
  • Adding the Gimmick to the Deck
  • Shuffles and Cuts During the Routine
  • A Convincing Subtlety
  • Apparently Calling Off the Cards
  • Locating the Selections in the Proper Squares
  • Zeroing in on the Selection: The Basic "Pumping" System
  • Advanced Subtleties
Variations 1983 6
Danny Dew Danny Dew's Presentational Tip
Inspired by 1983 16
Jeff Busby, Danny Dew Sleight of Hand Techniques to Shorten the Elimination Process various two-way outs
  • The Top Change
  • The Double Lift
  • Danny Dew's Double in Glass
  • Another Double Lift Handling
Inspired by 1983 16
Emil Jarrow, Danny Dew, Richard M. Biow Emil Jarrow's Close-Up Bill in Lemon Stand-Up Version
Close-Up Table Method
Arcane (Issue 12)
Lee Earle Lee Earle at the Editor's Desk on Danny Dew, Alan Watson, Diego Domingo, Allen Brannum
Syzygy (Vol. 3 No. 4)
Danny Dew Breast Pocket Servante kept open with plastic cup section
Related to 2018 19
Danny Dew Danny Dew Final Vanish of the balls, ditch in breast pocket
Related to 2018 32