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Dai Vernon Two-Six-Four one of a small spread
Variations Expert Card Technique 221
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on George Kaplan, Milbourne Christopher, Martin Gardner, Mike Millet, Bill Simon, Dr. Jaks, Francis Carlyle, Faucett Ross, Dai Vernon, John Boyko, Sid Lorraine, Leo Rullman, Keith Clark, Fu Manchu
The Phoenix 201 — 250 (Issue 226) 905
Unknown Scott's Move Vernon Transfer from center, unclear credit, apparently shown by Faucett Ross
The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 56
Lewis Ganson, Faucett Ross, Dai Vernon Malini the Promoter
Malini and His Magic 81
Faucett Ross The Manuscript Story How the $20 manuscript was put together
Early Vernon 7
Faucett Ross The Prospectus Faucett's description of the ten Vernon miracles that was submitted to Fulton Oursler
Early Vernon 11
Dai Vernon, Hubert Lambert, Faucett Ross Emerald Isle Aces kind of stop force
Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 228
Faucett Ross Single Shuffle Control top card on top, one shuffle
Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 165
Faucett Ross Showmanship
Magic With Faucett Ross 23
Faucett Ross A Bargain Anecdote about Arthur Buckley teaching Faucett Ross three card tricks for twenty bucks
Magic With Faucett Ross 23
Faucett Ross Advice on Programmes How to structure the programme for a show
Magic With Faucett Ross 23
Faucett Ross A Glass and a Silk Silk placed in tumbler, sealed off with white handkerchief. Silk vanishes, magician produces silk of different color from collar, changes it to the correct color.
Magic With Faucett Ross 28
Faucett Ross Handkerchief Box Routine Silk routine with various effects using Japanese Box
Magic With Faucett Ross 32
Faucett Ross Cut, Burnt and Restored Handkerchief Centre of handkerchief is cut off, edges are burnt, fuses it back onto the handkerchief
Magic With Faucett Ross 37
Faucett Ross Handkerchief Cane Silk produced at the end of special cane
Magic With Faucett Ross 43
Faucett Ross Fountain of Silks Lots of silks are produced
Magic With Faucett Ross 45
Faucett Ross Snowstorm in China Paper with Chinese characters torn and restored, dropped in water, taken out with chopsticks, fanned and turns into huge paper storm
Magic With Faucett Ross 52
Faucett Ross The Hindu Turban Cut and restored rope type of routine with turban material
Magic With Faucett Ross 58
Faucett Ross Some Great Card Classics Faucett describes his favorite card classics
Magic With Faucett Ross 194
Faucett Ross Card Sword
Magic With Faucett Ross 197
Faucett Ross Four Card Routine Four cards selected and found in various ways
Magic With Faucett Ross 198
Faucett Ross Card Act Description of routine of card tricks

  • Cards Up the Sleeve
  • Matching the Cards
  • Leipzig Four Ace Trick
  • Changing card under foot
  • Twenty Card Transposition
Magic With Faucett Ross 200
Patrick Page Focus on Alex Elmsley, Faucett Ross, Francis Carlyle
Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 10) 123
Faucett Ross, Dai Vernon The Ross Simplified 2-6-4
Inspired by Magic With Faucett Ross 209
Faucett Ross Pseudo Center Deal Use second deal to fake center deal
Magic With Faucett Ross 213
Cardini Card Change One handed fan used to change indifferent card to selection
Variations Magic With Faucett Ross 216
Faucett Ross The Problem Anecdote about The Trick That Cannot Be Explained in a letter to Charlie Miller
Magic With Faucett Ross 218
Harlan Tarbell, Faucett Ross The Skittle Riddle Wand and silk pass through a wooden skittle
Magic With Faucett Ross 63
Faucett Ross Candy Bowl Presentation Bowl filled with confetti becomes bowl filled with candy
Magic With Faucett Ross 66
Faucett Ross The Famous Two-Bowl Production
Magic With Faucett Ross 72
Faucett Ross Fish Bowl From Hat Produce small fishbowl of goldfish from his hat, suitable for close up
Magic With Faucett Ross 77
Faucett Ross The Hydrostatic Glass Cup turned over, water stays inside glass
Magic With Faucett Ross 79
Faucett Ross Glass of Milk Vanish Glass of milk vanishes, appears in hat
Magic With Faucett Ross 83
Faucett Ross Manipulation with Banknotes The Ross Routine, bill manipulation
Magic With Faucett Ross 88
Faucett Ross Money Grab Fan production of bills
Magic With Faucett Ross 91
Faucett Ross Lighted Cigarette Routine Production of lit cigarettes, short routine
Magic With Faucett Ross 96
Faucett Ross, Dai Vernon Salt Pour
Magic With Faucett Ross 98
Faucett Ross The Miser's Dream
Magic With Faucett Ross 101
Faucett Ross Books and Slates Freely chosen word from a book appears on slate
Magic With Faucett Ross 108
Faucett Ross Sun and Moon Two handkerchiefs of different colors, cut centre out and restored but restored wrongly
Magic With Faucett Ross 110
Faucett Ross Rabbit to Sausages Produce rabbit, change it into sausages
Magic With Faucett Ross 113
David Devant, Faucett Ross Eggs from Hat Produce lots of eggs from a hat, keep dropping on the floor, comedy routine
Magic With Faucett Ross 114
Faucett Ross, Buatier de Kolta, Carl Hertz The Vanishing Bird Cage
Magic With Faucett Ross 117
Faucett Ross, Max Malini Bill in Lemon Uses a Malini move to vanish the bill
Magic With Faucett Ross 122
Faucett Ross The Egg Bag
Magic With Faucett Ross 126
Faucett Ross Egg Bag Finish Produce jigger of whisky from egg bag
Magic With Faucett Ross 134
Faucett Ross, Dai Vernon Cups and Balls Based on Vernon's routine with different endings
Magic With Faucett Ross 135
Faucett Ross, Dai Vernon The Linking Rings Based on The Symphony of the Rings
Magic With Faucett Ross 142
Faucett Ross, Russell Swann Punch Line Patter line to use during cut and restored rope routine
Magic With Faucett Ross 150
Faucett Ross Perfect Opener Joke line as opener for Torn and Restored Newspaper
Magic With Faucett Ross 150
Faucett Ross Ring in Egg Ring appears in egg, but no yolk / egg white in egg
Magic With Faucett Ross 151
Slydini, Faucett Ross Vanishing Paper Balls Faucett's routine for Paperballs over head
Magic With Faucett Ross 153
Faucett Ross Miracle Ring on Stick Ring on Wand
Magic With Faucett Ross 154
Faucett Ross Swapperino Story about T. Nelson Downs switching his dentures imperceptibly at the dinner table
Magic With Faucett Ross 158
Faucett Ross Sleight of Hand Story about Faucett Ross accidentally exposing a prohibitionist Minister as an alcoholic on stage
Magic With Faucett Ross 159
Faucett Ross Too Good? Story about how a spectator was genuinely convinced Faucett is able to link two solid metal rings together by magic, and hence lost a bet
Magic With Faucett Ross 159
Faucett Ross Still Too Good Story about how a trick failed on stage because it was too good to be true for the spectator, too-perfect theory
Magic With Faucett Ross 160
Lewis Ganson Preface Book is based on compilation of Charlie Miller / Faucett Ross correspondence, done by Frank Csuri
Magic With Faucett Ross 8
Faucett Ross Fees Stories about Faucett Ross and how much he receives / charges for his shows back in the day
Magic With Faucett Ross 161
Lewis Ganson A Magician and his Magic Brief biographical notes about Faucett Ross and his correspondence with Charlie Miller
Magic With Faucett Ross 17
Faucett Ross Vernon's Luck Stories about how lucky Dai Vernon was about lots of things
Magic With Faucett Ross 162
Faucett Ross The Beginning How to develop an act and how to work public shows
Magic With Faucett Ross 20
Faucett Ross The Show Story about Al Baker pretending to be Dai Vernon
Magic With Faucett Ross 164
Faucett Ross The Business Side How to become professional in magic (booking shows etc)
Magic With Faucett Ross 20
Faucett Ross The Episode of Vernon and the Long Sleep Story about Dai Vernon apparently sleeping for three days straight
Magic With Faucett Ross 165
Faucett Ross Rules and Common Sense About breaking the cardinal rules of magic
Magic With Faucett Ross 21
Faucett Ross The Manuscript Story about Dai Vernon trolling a young punk of a magician
Magic With Faucett Ross 166
Faucett Ross Practice How to practise
Magic With Faucett Ross 22
Faucett Ross Doc Nixon's Exposure Story about Doc Nixon accidentally exposing himself in the nude on stage
Magic With Faucett Ross 167
Faucett Ross The Magician How to behave as a magician in public
Magic With Faucett Ross 22
Faucett Ross Introduction
Enigma 1
Faucett Ross The Faucett Ross Version
Matching the Cards 13
Faucett Ross Impromptu Matching two four-of-a-kinds, pair exchanged, they transpose back, then ready for Matching the Cards
Matching the Cards 15
Ross Bertram The Candy Bowl Dai Vernon, Larry Gray & Faucett Ross anecdote
Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram 144
Faucett Ross, Kevin Davie Card Change
Inspired by Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 4) 828
Paul Fox The Five Card Mental Selection
  • Adding the Gimmick to the Deck
  • Shuffles and Cuts During the Routine
  • A Convincing Subtlety
  • Apparently Calling Off the Cards
  • Locating the Selections in the Proper Squares
  • Zeroing in on the Selection: The Basic "Pumping" System
  • Advanced Subtleties
Variations Paul Fox's Miracle Gimmick 6
Faucett Ross The Faucett W. Ross Handling
Inspired byVariations Paul Fox's Miracle Gimmick 19
Jeff Busby Another Handling Using the Nail Writer
Inspired by Paul Fox's Miracle Gimmick 20
Faucett Ross Three Cards Across
Bertram on Sleight of Hand 233
Faucett Ross The Fate of a Borrowed Coin to metal box
Bertram on Sleight of Hand 236
Faucett Ross A Questionable Miracle
Bertram on Sleight of Hand 243
Faucett Ross Twice Turned
The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 3 175
Faucett Ross Overhand Shuffle Reverse
The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 3 175