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The Egg-Bag
1876 326
To Produce Eggs from an empty Handkerchief
  • Another Method
  • "Patter" for this and a "Cake" Trick (baking cake in trick saucepan)
Related to 1890 327
Eiersack a dozen eggs produced from egg bag, with rhyming patter, see-through net so eggs can be seen fallen in
May 1898
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 3 No. 11)
Samuel "St. Roman" Thiersfeld Das Hexennetz No. 1, egg bag from see-through net fabric, production of up to eight eggs, and a live chicken with body load
1899 13
Samuel "St. Roman" Thiersfeld Hinüber und herüber No. 39, eggs travel from borrowed hat to bag and back, alternative with handkerchief, shell
1899 108
The Alpaca Bag for vanishing a watch, a bit like an egg bag
1903 140
A Novel Egg-Bag Trick
1903 429
Carl Willmann Der indische Eiersack
Feb. 1903
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 2)
Jos. Amborski Zum indischen Eiersack combination routine
July 1903
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 7)
Der indische Eiersack egg travels from tabled handkerchief into egg bag, then egg bag routine with fake explanation
Feb. 1904
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 4 No. 2)
Wunderbare Ei-Wanderung two eggs in top hat, egg travels into egg bag, using egg shell
May 1904
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 4 No. 5)
Joe Berg The Magical Hatchery several eggs appear one by one in net egg bag and are placed in borrowed hat, in the hat are then found baby chicks instead
1937 13
The Egg Bag using egg with thread to vest button
1939 112
Franklin M. Chapman Bad-Egg-Bag glass of liquid appears
Jan. 1940
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 7)
Bob Pearce A Headline Egg-Bag Routine with lemon, glass of lemonade produced as climax
June 1940
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 12)
Eddie Joseph The Boy and the Watch borrowed watch changes to egg and egg to chicken, watch appears inside lady's slipper attached to back of spectator
1940 ca. 4
George Delaney Scrambled Egg Bag scrambled egg from handkerchief
Also published here 1941
The Jinx (Issue 128)
Charles-Emile "Prof. Rex" Sauty Perfectionnement du Sac a L'Oeuf different model
Jan. 1941 4
Alban's La Montre Pilée spectator's watch is destroyed and pestled with mortar, rest is shot with pistol and watch found repaired in bag
Feb. 1941 3
Charles-Emile "Prof. Rex" Sauty A propos du Sac à L'Oeuf with zipper
Mar. 1941 2
Marcel Rousseau Mon sac a l'oeufq egg bag with normal bag
May 1942
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 4 No. 5)
Harlan Tarbell The Egg Bag long routine, "Tarbell Style" Egg Bag
1942/27 277
Dante Egg Bag Presentation egg size varies according to how hard spectator blows, black egg when black person blows
Related to 1942/27 278
Percy Abbott "Fool-Zum" Egg Bag Routine
1942/27 288
Tom Sellers The Egg Bag Again net bag, eggs appear visibly
1943 9
The Egg-Bag Switch no motivation given
1943 5
Jean Hugard, R. M. Jamison The Egg Bag on the egg bag, routine by Hugard and other ideas by Jamison
Feb. 1944 39
Lucille Saxon Patter for the Egg Bag
1945 334
Tommy Windsor Windsor's Egg Bag Routine routine with a lot of jokes
1945 341
Senor Charles Mardo Mardo’s Egg Bag Routine egg vanishes and reappears a few times, lemon is produced from bag
Related toVariations 1945 5
Robert F. Forth The Golf Ball "Egg" Bag
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1948)
Max Malini Max Malini's Egg Bag
1948/27 110
David Tobias Bamberg David Tobias Bamberg's Egg Bag large bag, fifteen eggs produced and a life hen
Also published here 1948/27 354
Herb Poppleton The Easy Comedy Golf Ball Routine with Ireland's Golf Balls, shell and in combination with egg bag
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1949)
Milbourne Christopher A New Egg Bag with paper bag and rubber cement
Jan. 1950 621
Roy Benson Bizarre Bag bag is filled with six eggs as a climax
VariationsAlso published here June 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 230)
Lewis Ganson, Percy Abbott Egg Bag, Bag Egg egg bag routine, with egg on fan
Also published here 1952 86
Bruce Elliott The Egg Bag, Well Done different moves, thorough explanation
Also published here 1953 96
Roy Benson The Egg Bag bag is filled with six eggs as a climax
Also published here 1953 104
Eddie Joseph Eine neue Vorführung mit dem Eiersack
Also published here
  • in "Magikeren" July / August 1952
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 14 No. 3)
Oscar "Oscarelli" Rey, M. Odin Und nochmals: Der Eiersack switching egg bag, so it can be examined
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 14 No. 5)
Dr. William Weyeneth Das Hohelied des Eiersackes presentation
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 14 No. 6)
Yellowstone Tricky Tidbits ideas, gags and puns
  • Joy Buzzer
  • Flexible Glass
  • Bill in Cigarette
  • Sucker Silk Vanish
  • Coin in Egg
  • Dancing Hanky
  • Egg Bag Finish
  • Swallowing Wand Gag
  • Stamp Album
  • Diminishing Bills Finale
  • Torn and Restored Paper
  • Floating Bulb
  • Milk in Light Bulb
  • Handkerchief Frame
  • Hat Production
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1954)
Robert L. Henderson Suggested Routine outline of routine with a puppet mouse, an egg and a napkin, an egg bag, Devil Handkerchief and a Tricky Tumbler, Kling Klang Routine
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1956)
Lewis Ganson Moves with the Bags and Balls
  • 1. The basic move
  • 2. To show a bag empty when it contains a ball
  • 3. Loading a ball secretly into a bag
  • 4. Loading from the pocket
  • 5. Production of a glass of wine
1956 16
Die Mütze des Weihnachtsmannes santa claus cap used as egg bag
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 20 No. 5)
Everett Lyda Patter Presentations patter for Rope Epic (Four to One Rope) and the Egg Bag
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1960)
Max Malini Malini's Egg Bag
Also published here 1961 84
Charlie Miller Maurice comment
1961 100
Max Malini Egg Bag
Related to 1962 30
Jochen Zmeck Tips - Tricks Anregungen various brief ideas
  • Wasser marsch!
  • Papierzerreissen
  • Glühlampe und Karte
  • Match to Flower
  • Tuchgag
  • Eierbeutel
  • Lichtetui
Also published here
  • in "Methodische Reihe der Zauberkunst"
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 26 No. 2)
Burl Sparks Tricky Farmer routine with golf story using several effects, multiplying golf balls, egg bag,
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1965-66)
Lu Brent Two Tricks
  • ashes of burnt ribbon change into flower (Ireland's "Match To Flower")
  • idea for "Sock Finish" by De Lage (silk changes to sock)
  • Bill Frazee's no-fake egg bag
June 1968 187
Val Andrews The Egg Mag Egg Bag with newspaper cone as the bag
Also published here 1968 26
Lewis Ganson, Charles Kettle The Egg Bag general comments
1969 251
Lewis Ganson, Jack Hill Moves For Proving the Bag To Be Empty
  • 1. standing on the bag
  • 2. folding the bag
  • 3. slapping the bag
  • 4. twisting the bag
  • 5. turning the bag inside out
  • 6. to allow a spectator to feel inside the bag
1969 256
Lewis Ganson To Remove the Egg from the Bag
  • by the performer
  • by the spectator
1969 262
Lewis Ganson The Routine
1969 263
Lewis Ganson Five Eggs from the Bag
1969 266
Lloyd E. Jones Eggs-Actly! longer routine with eggs for children, egg bag, cake-in-the-pocket
Magick (Issue 14)
Faucett Ross The Egg Bag
1975 126
Faucett Ross Egg Bag Finish Produce jigger of whisky from egg bag
1975 134
T. Page Wright, William Larsen Eierbeuteleien egg bag ideas
  • Präsentation Nr. 1
  • Präsentation Nr. 2
  • Präsentation Nr. 3
Also published here
  • Genii, Aug. 1961
Feb. 1976
Intermagic (Vol. 3 No. 3)
Ross Bertram The Egg Bag "The routine to be described is not only ingeniously different but entertaining as well."
Related to 1978 109
Bill Lainsbury, Jean de Merry Le Boozle-Bag different bag design
Also published here
  • "Abracadabra"
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 39 No. 1)
Danny Korem Egg Bag ala UDT pendulum holdout
1980 30
Fred Lowe Der Beutel im Ei bag vanishes inside egg
Aug. 1980
Intermagic (Vol. 7 No. 2)
Fred Lowe Der zerbrochene Eierbeutel routine with comedy props
Aug. 1980
Intermagic (Vol. 7 No. 2)
Ken Brooke Routine For The Egg Bag
Also published here 1980 84
Roy Benson Bizarrer Eierbeutel! bag is filled with six eggs as a climax
Also published here June 1981
Intermagic (Vol. 8 No. 2)
Jeff Busby The Bag on the Sterling Egg bag
1982 3
Jeff Busby The Egg what type of egg to use
1982 4
Jeff Busby The Routine
  • Introductory Comments and Inspection
  • The First Vanish
  • Reproduction of the Egg and the Secret Turnover
  • The Second Vanish
  • The Spectator Reproduces the Egg
  • The Third Vanish
  • The Final Reproduction
  • The Multi-Climax (three egg production from bag)
Inspired by 1982 4
Chuck Smith The Chuck Smith Routine "High Class Moves & Patter"
with shot glass production climax
Inspired by 1982 21
Jeff Busby Recommended Reading egg bag references
1982 24
Tom Mullica Egg Bag Finale glass and bottle of beer appearance
1984 42
Karrell Fox The "Egg-ceptional Egg Bag" ungaffed bag, hook on egg
1986 113
Steve Beam Style egg bag jokes
1987 295
Will Ayling The Hen and Egg Bag historical comments, Isaac Fawkes
1988 5
Will Ayling The Egg Bag with production of drinking glass climax, with lots of ideas and bits of pieces by different people
1988 7
Max Malini, Will Ayling, Edward Proudlock Malini and His Egg Bag Routine includes also ideas by Edward Proudlock with a shell, and marked egg
1988 18
Ken Brooke Ken Brooke's Egg Bag Routine bag with zip
1988 21
Will Ayling The Illusive Egg in a Hat Bag fez hat as egg bag, with egg shell and production of rubber chicken, sausages and giant egg
1988 24
David Tobias Bamberg The Bamberg Egg Bag large bag, fifteen eggs produced and a life hen
Also published here 1988 30
Dante The Dante Egg Bag Presentation "Cluck Cluck", rectangular felt bag with net bottom and cone, egg size varies according to how loud spectator talks
Related to 1988 32
Will Goldston New Egg Production Bag production of several eggs from a bag
Also published here
  • "New Egg Production Bag" in Will Goldston's "Further Exclusive Magical Secrets"
1988 34
Michael Weber Enough! cracking a fake egg as if real
  • egg on fan
  • egg bag finale
Also published here 1990 6
Ken Brooke Meine Eierbeutel-Routine
Also published here Oct. 1990
Intermagic (Vol. 15 No. 4 & 5)
Michael Weber Enough! cracking a fake egg as if real
  • egg on fan
  • egg bag finale
Also published here 1991 8
Dan Tong Walk-Around Malini Egg Bag glass production as climax, belt clip
Also published here Sep./Oct. 1991
The Magic Menu (Vol. 2 No. 7)
Patrick Page Das Hokuspokus-Ei handkerchief to make objects disappear, brief egg bag routine
Related to 1993 40
Alan Wakeling The Fan in the Bag egg bag type routine with fan
1993 102
Alan Wakeling The Wakeling Egg Bag with billiard ball
  • John Daniel
  • The Bag and the Billiard Ball
  • The Patter and Handling
1993 125
Jim Steinmeyer Opening With An Egg
  • Conjuring
egg bag routine with sucker element
Oct. 1994
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 2)
Karrell Fox Don't Miss Your Cue billiard ball to pool cue in bag
1995 158
Andreas Michel-Andino Lob des Eierbeutels
  • Historisches (credit information)
  • Formen
  • Alternative Ideen und Schlußladungen
  • Meine Routine für Erwachsene
  • Meine Kinderroutine
  • Ein Wort zum Schluß
Intermagic (Vol. 20 No. 1)
Richard Bartram, Jr. A Kick in the Bag entire bag filled with eggs as climax
1997 114
Bob Farmer The Egg Bag Addition incorporating an egg-bag in the routine
1998 6
Milton Kort The Egg and mIlt Egg Bag with normal handkerchief instead of gimmicked bag
Also published here 1999 341
Max Malini Malini's Egg Bag "From Letters Written by Charlie Miller to Faucett Ross", July 25, 1936
Also published here Nov. 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 11)
Lewis Ganson, Percy Abbott Eierbeutel, Beuteleier egg bag routine, with egg on fan
Also published here 2000
Intermagic (Vol. 24 No. 1)
Eugen Höbel, George Carolly Der zweckentfremdete Eierbeutel spectator's wrist watch vanishes in egg bag, then broken pieces shown, then restored watch
Intermagic (Vol. 24 No. 3-5)
Alexander de Cova Eierbeutel presentational idea
2002 8
Egg Vanish and Appearance "Keech Egg Bag"?, pendulum holdout
2002 227
J. W. Sarles Egg Bag Combo outline of egg bag routine, egg jumps around between hands, silk combination
2002 250
Colonel Stodare Kling-Klang - First Method: An Early Version egg in glass, covered with handkerchief, a silk changed into an egg, silk now in glass
Also published here Mar. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 3)
Joe Karson Chinese Egg and Mat Mystery "Chinese egg bag", egg vanishes and reappears in mat
Also published here
  • Joe Karson, Complete Club Act, 1934
2002 85
Donato Colucci The Egg Bag introduction, different designs, credit information
2002 103
The Standard Version
Related to
  • Jean Hugard, Modern Magic Manual, p. 166
2002 106
Arnold de Biere De Biere's Variation
Also published here
  • Will Goldston, Tricks of the Masters, 1942
2002 108
Bruce Elliott General Handling Tips different moves, thorough explanation
Also published here 2002 108
Martin Gardner Martin Gardner's New Method Egg Bag egg on thread attached to bag
Also published here
  • "A New Egg Bag" (The Sphinx, Vol. 29 No. 12, Feb. 1931, p. 519)
2002 109
Max Malini Malini's Handling
Related to 2002 110
Dan Tong Tong's Routine glass production as climax, belt clip
Also published here 2002 112
Henry Hardin Hardin's Method with an Ungimmicked Bag
Also published here
  • "An Original Egg Bag" (Mahatma, Vol. II No. V, Nov. 1898, p. 165)
2002 114
Joseph Ovette Ovette's Method with an Unprepared Bag
Also published here
  • "Egg Bag Suggestions" (Eggstraordinary Ways of Eggshibiting with Eggs, p. 7)
2002 114
D'Alvini The Net Egg Bag
Related to
  • "Prof. Wyman's Mode of Performing the Egg Bag Trick" (Up To Date Conjuring, p. 74)
2002 115
Percy Abbott Abbott's Fool-zum
2002 116
Roy Benson Benson's Novel Presentation bag is filled with six eggs as a climax
Also published here 2002 116
Angus Drady Watch Out!
Also published here
  • The Linking Ring, Vol. 38 No. 4, June 1958, p. 55
2002 118
The Chicken or the Egg?
Also published here
  • "A Good Finish" (Eggstraordinary Ways of Eggshibiting with Eggs, p. 6)
2002 119
Wilfred Tyler Abdul and His Egg using a fez and final loads, with variation by Eric Lewis
Also published here
  • Pentagram, Vol. 2 No. 2, Nov. 1947, p. 10
  • Eric Lewis, The Crowning Miracles, 1983, p. 74
2002 119
Milton Kort The Egg and Milt Egg Bag with normal handkerchief instead of gimmicked bag
Also published here 2002 122
George Delaney Scrambled Egg Bag scrambled egg from handkerchief
Also published here 2002 127
Donato Colucci Additional Ideas various ideas from different magazines, people and source
2002 128
Colonel Stodare Kling-klang - First Method: An Early Version egg in glass, covered with handkerchief, a silk changed into an egg, silk now in glass
Also published here 2002 133
Jack K. Greenberg Deviled Egg Climax egg travels from hand to inside bag, bag changes into chicken when turned inside out ("Climax Egg Bag")
Also published here
  • The Linking Ring, Vol. 35 No. 2, Apr. 1955, p. 83
2002 159
Val Andrews The Egg-mag egg bag routine with magazine cone instead of bag
Also published here 2002 257
Jeff Russ Christmas-Themed Egg Bag Routine with candle
Dec. 2002
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 4)
Jay Marshall Al Baker Humor
  • The Magic Funnel
  • Egg Bag
  • Wrist Tie
  • Jokes
  • Magic Shop Gags
2003 891
Ron Bauer Siamese Goose Egg Bag with Miller/Malini egg bag
2003 2
Ron Bauer Inside/Outside display sequence
2003 7
Ron Bauer Outside/Inside display sequence
2003 9
Ron Bauer The Sudden Vanish Sequence
2003 13
Ron Bauer Some History... credit information
2003 29
Ron Bauer What Kind of Egg Bag to Use?
2003 32
Ron Bauer What Kind of Egg to Use?
2003 33
Alexander de Cova The Baby Egg Bag with soap and washrag
2004 5
Max Malini, Charlie Miller The Malini-Miller Egg Bag construction
2006 4
Harry Riser The Riser Routine
2006 5
Trevor Lewis Commercial Egg Bag
2009 62
Trevor Lewis The Scotch Bag Routine glass filed with scotch appears in bag and then travels from bag to pocket
2009 131
Fred Kaps Idea for a Close-up Act egg bag as prop container
Secret Agenda (Issue May 17)
Patrick Page The Egg Bag gag sequence
2011 318
Mike Caveney Del Adelphia Egg Bag discussion of the performance at the 2005 Los Angeles History Conference
  • The Basket
  • The Bag
  • Eggs
  • The First Two Eggs
  • The Nest
  • The Mother Ship
  • The Dove Steal
  • The Kleenex Steal
  • Squeeze Play
  • The Chicken Load Bag
  • The Switch
  • Chicken Production
  • The Setup
  • The Routine
2013 123
Ricky Smith Egg Bag Routine baby gag presentation
2015 10
Gene Anderson Gene's Egg Bag Routine based on Charlie Miller and Ken Brooke
  • A. Introduction
  • B. Personalizing the routine
  • C. Gene's script
  • D. Egg bag and egg
2016 203
Alexander de Cova Eierbeuteleien using a ball with a thread loop for egg bag
  • Die Grundhaltung
  • Der Bagdrop
  • Das Drehen des Beutels
  • Unterarm Deckung
  • Die direkte Ladung
  • Die Produktion
  • Verschwinden und Bagdrop
  • Umdrehen des Beutels mit Bagdrop
  • Weitere Deckung
  • Der Drop
  • Platt drücken
  • Glasproduktion
  • Der Abschluss nach Billy McComb
2016 44
Teller Egg Bag Move visual egg production in bag
2018 16
Johnny Thompson The Egg Bag thorough discussion, Charlie Miller, Max Malini
  • The Bag
  • The Egg
  • Presentation
  • Thompson Egg Bag Script
2018 309
Max Malini The Malini Toss finesse to show bag empty
2018 335
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller's Devil's Hank Addition phase with both bag and handkerchief
2018 336
Johnny Thompson Act in a Bag carrying other props in bag
2018 337
Arnold de Biere, Johnny Thompson Switching the Bag
  • Arnold de Biere's Switch
  • The Tomsoni Bag Switch
2018 337
Johnny Thompson The Tomsoni Egg Bag
2018 338
Johnny Thompson The Polish Bag bad idea of using two-colored egg bag, Ron Wohl tip
2018 338
Max Malini Malini Egg Bag construction of bag
2022 363
Harry G. Shaw Malini's Egg Bag Trick on the Max Malini egg bag
Also published here
  • Hugard's Magic Monthly, June 1961
2022 365
David Alexander Malini's Egg Bag Routine on the Max Malini egg bag
  • The Bag
  • The Routine
  • The Vanishes
  • The Malini Vanish
  • The Alexander Complete Vanish
2022 367