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Oswald Rae A Cue-Rious Case billiard cue vanishes from huge envelope and appears back in cue case
Related to 1926 Between Ourselves 31
Oswald Rae A Cue-Rious Case very brief, details in Oswald Rae's "Between Ourselves", billiard cue vanishes from huge envelope and appears back in cue case
Related to 1929 More Practical Patter 21
Jesse J. Langston Jr. Zombie zombie with big billiard ball
1954 The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 313) 55
Karl Fulves Square Paper Little Joe's pool hustling intro
1991 Swindle Sheet (Issue 4) 38
Karrell Fox Don't Miss Your Cue billiard ball to pool cue in bag
1995 Much Ado About Something 158
Jason Christopher, Scott Shoemaker Corner Pocket prediction while playing a game of pool
1999 Syzygy (Vol. 4 No. 16) 337
Joseph K. Schmidt Rail Shot proposition pool bet, trick shot
2000 Charlatan (Issue 2) 17
Joseph K. Schmidt Jump Shot trick shot bet
2001 Charlatan (Issue 6) 73
Tom Gagnon On Cue billiard ball shot against deck which splits at selection, breather crimp
2019 Gagnon Unfiltered 431
Tom Gagnon A Ballsy Discovery card names written on billiard ball, ball spun on smooth surface with cup over it, it comes to rest with selection on top, crazy cue ball (weighted)
2019 Gagnon Unfiltered 432
Tom Gagnon Shot in the Pack Joker shot with pool cue into deck next to selection, breather crimp
Inspired by 2019 Gagnon Unfiltered 435
Tom Gagnon Estickmation Aces deck separated with pool cue each time
Inspired byVariations 2019 Gagnon Unfiltered 438
Tom Gagnon Stick It To 'Em deck separated with pool cue at signed selection, breather crimp
Inspired byRelated to 2019 Gagnon Unfiltered 441
David Britland Pool Shark
  • Cardopolis
deck of cards in bulldog clip at end of pool table, ball strikes the deck and selection jumps out, seen on old British Pathé film by A.N. Redmond (Newman Mond), 1930s, also splitting the deck into four piles to find the Aces with a pool strike
Apr. 2019 Genii (Vol. 82 No. 4) 64
Max Malini Billiard Ball Stunt getting a billiard ball from the floor onto the pool table using just the cue
2022 Max Malini 223