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Edward Marlo Marlo Miracle Aces classic faro Ace cutting ("estimation aces"), last Ace found at named number
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1964 44
Edward Marlo Ace Cutting (Marlo Key) using Marlo Key Card, faro
1970 69
John F. Mendoza Impossible Poker Demonstration aces cut to in named order, shuffled back and cut to again (Estimation Aces), roll-over production with Royal Flushes, ten handed deal first with aces, then two royal flushes (Marlo-Gardner principle), optional color changing deck kicker
Inspired by 1978 7
Edward Marlo, Martin A. Nash Marlo Miracle Aces classic faro ace cutting ("estimation aces"), last ace found at named number
Inspired by 1980 4
Eddie Taytelbaum, Stephen Tucker Flash of Light collection of ideas
  • for the rising card, two cards rise aligned (Taytelbaum)
  • card changes while removing rubber band from wrist (Taytelbaum)
  • Miracle Aces, to produce a Full House (Tucker)
  • rope restoration with flash paper (Tucker)
  • rope vanish idea (Tucker)
Inspired by Apr. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 24)
Allan Slaight Before and After faro
Inspired byAlso published here June 1988
Apocalypse (Vol. 11 No. 6)
Roger Crosthwaite The Kilburn Cut estimation cut to locate a card à la Marlo
1994 13
Steve Bedwell The "It Doesn't Matter" Estimation Aces
Inspired by 1995 ca. 5
Andrew Wimhurst The Spectator Estimates the Aces last card found by magician
Inspired by 1998 11
Jeff Busby On the Miracle Ace Cutting
1998 100
Roberto Giobbi The Miracle Aces magician finds four aces by throwing a card into the deck
Inspired by 2000 885
Tom Gagnon Automatic Ace Cutting by dribbling, good poker hand is found
Inspired byVariations 2000 35
Steve Beam Competition Cutting by dribbling, good poker hand is found
Inspired by 2000 37
Harry Lorayne The Magical Gambler
Inspired by
  • Paul Gordon effect
2001 121
Jim Morton EZ Estimation Aces 1-0-1 forcing deck with four banks
July 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 7)
Edward Marlo Marlo Aces like Marlo Estimation Aces
2007 7
Allan Slaight Before and After faro
Also published here 2008 102
Tony Cabral Miracle Aces
2011 41
Will Houstoun Guestimation
Inspired by 2012 23
Edward Marlo, Michael Close, Andrew Wimhurst, Patrick Lehnen Jive Aces with whole deck under box kicker
Inspired by 2013 11
Tom Gagnon Miracle Flush cutting to straight flush
2013 128
R. Paul Wilson Aces Reloaded Ace cutting effect
Inspired by 2015 129
Harry Lorayne (B)Estimation Aces non-faro handling
2015 80
Johnny Thompson Expert Estimating the Aces
Inspired by 2018 141
Tom Gagnon Gagnon's Miracle Aces ribbon spread stopped at apparently random locations to find Aces, spectator stabs last Ace
2019 10
Tom Gagnon Punched in the Dark Royal Flush located under handkerchief on table
Inspired by 2019 25
Tom Gagnon Estickmation Aces deck separated with pool cue each time
Inspired byVariations 2019 438
Steve Forte Riffle Shuffle Estimation Aces advanced handling with legitimate riffle shuffles before cutting to an Ace
2020 780
Edward Marlo Miracle Ace Routine last Ace found at named number
Also published here 2020 156
Ryan Murray Epiphany deck really shuffled face-up/face-down, using natural stripper properties in standard decks
2021 85
George McBride Estimation Countdown with 1-0-1 set-up to count down to last Ace in case of mis-cut
2022 50