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Edward Marlo 10 Hands Stack using Zarrow, see page 155 for additional observations, dated 1966
1970 148
Edward Marlo Ten Hand Stacks - The First Manuscript
  • Ten Hand Stack (as per "Advanced Fingertip Control")
  • 2nd method: 10 Hands in 3 Shuffles
  • 3rd Method: 10 hand Stack - 2 Riffle Shuffles
  • 4th Method - 10 Hands in One Shuffle (three procedures)
  • Fifth Method - One Riffle Shuffle
  • Sixth Method - 10 Hands, To Dealer, In 2 Shuffles
  • Seventh Method - 10 Hands, To Dealer, 2 Shuffles
  • Eighth Method - 10 Hands, One Shuffle, To Dealer
  • A Favorite Procedure
  • The Twelve Hand Stack
  • Ninth Method - 10 Hands, 3 Riffle Shuffles
1974 1
Edward Marlo, David Solomon Ten Hand Stacks - The Second Manuscript
  • Three Shuffles
  • Three Shuffles
  • to Tenth Hand, by David Solomon (with suggestions by Marlo)
  • Three Riffle Shuffles
  • Two Riffle Shuffles
  • Two Riffle Shuffles, Into First Hand
  • Ten Hands in One Riffle
  • Aces into Tenth Hand
  • Two Shuffles to Stack Four Aces and Four Kings
1974 21
Edward Marlo Ten Hand Stacks - The Third Manuscript
  • One Riffle Shuffle (Five methods)
  • Ten Hand Stack to 10th Hand (one Riffle Shuffle)
  • Ten Hand Stack to 10th Hand (or 1st, or any one of 10), 2 Riffle Shuffles
  • Eight Hand Stack, with choice of winning hand
  • Ten Hand Stack - Cards to go into 10th Hand
  • Ten Hand Stack to 10th Hand
  • "I came here to stack the Royal Flush"
Variations 1974 55
Edward Marlo Packet Switch Approaches two approaches
1974 173
Edward Marlo Bona Fide Practice Method Estimation and Punch Deal
Related to 1974 175
Edward Marlo The Edge Mark Stack
1974 177
Edward Marlo A Switch on the Ten Hand Poker Stack
1976 285
Edward Marlo Additional Ten Hand Stacks three Methods with one Riffle Shuffle each
1976 288
Allan Ackerman, Steve Freeman The Ten Handed Stack one shuffle
1978 72
Ken Krenzel Kaleidoscope 10-Hand Poker Deal
1978 100
John F. Mendoza Impossible Poker Demonstration aces cut to in named order, shuffled back and cut to again (Estimation Aces), roll-over production with Royal Flushes, ten handed deal first with aces, then two royal flushes (Marlo-Gardner principle), optional color changing deck kicker
Inspired by 1978 7
David Solomon One Shuffle Ten Hand Poker Stack
1982 42
Edward Marlo The Zero Second Stack Aces put on top of deck, spectator says "go" and performer immediately "stop", Aces dealt to five players, stacking during display sequence
Inspired by 1983 50
Edward Marlo Pseudo Ten Hand Poker Stack estimation one riffle shuffle stack with second deal and injogged cards
Related to 1984 18
Edward Marlo One Riffle Ten Hand Stack
1984 76
Edward Marlo Kings and Aces Aces to tenth player, Kings to ninth player
1984 78
Edward Marlo Added Method for 10 Hand Poker Deal
1984 80
Edward Marlo Bonus 10 Hand Stack one shuffle, "inverse" belly strippers, Aces and Kings
1984 90
Steve Draun The Ten Hand Poker Stack one shuffle, false Dealing included
Also published here 1987 29
Bob King Ten Hand Poker Stack "(the real work)"
five riffle shuffles
1989 7
Bob King Pseudo Ten Hand Stack one shuffle, free cut principle
Also published here 1989 9
Edward Marlo Repeat Ten-Hand Poker Deal table faro
May 1991 6
Steve Draun Ten Hands Toot Sweet one shuffle, false Dealing included
Also published here 1993 81
Bob King 10 Hand Poker Stack with free cut principle
VariationsAlso published here 1993 5
Michael DeMarco Ten Fingers, Ten Hands one faro shuffle
Feb. 1995
Apocalypse (Vol. 18 No. 2)
Allan Slaight Heavy Breather crimp, packets
Inspired byAlso published here Apr. 1995
Apocalypse (Vol. 18 No. 4)
Jack Carpenter Nine Angry Men one shuffle
Variations 1997 80
Justin Higham Double-Minus-2 Riffle Stack Aces put on top, one shuffle, then five-handed game dealt
  • 2 to 6 Hands Inclusive
  • 7 to 13 Hands Inclusive
1999 51
Gary Plants You Name It, I'll Flush It suit named, corresponding royal flush stacked for ten-handed game, originally from Precursor (Oct. 2003)
Inspired by
  • Tony Giorgio routine from Magicana/Genii
2004 18
Karl Fulves Automatic 10 intro for unusual ten-hand deal ideas, see following items
Prolix (Issue 2)
Karl Fulves The Ten-Hand Deal five piles, spectator assigns numbers from five to nine to them and deals that many cards to the bottom in each case, put together, ten-hand double duke
Prolix (Issue 2)
Karl Fulves Casino Connection five piles, spectator assigns numbers from five to nine to them via a lucky straight from a casino deck and deals that many cards to the bottom in each case, put together, ten-hand double duke
Prolix (Issue 2)
Don May, David Solomon Nine or Ten Hands Nines stacked for nine players, then Aces dealt in ten-hand stack with straight flush for performer
2007 123
Allan Slaight Heavy Breather crimp, packets
Also published here 2008 128
Justin Higham Pseudo 10-Hand Poker Stack
Related to 2013 18
John Bannon One of the Better Losers ten hand deal for Texas Hold 'em, Aces stacked, another player receives Royal Flush
Inspired by
  • "Pocket Rockets" (John Bannon, 2005)
Also published here
  • Hold 'Em Magic, Tom Frame, 2011
2013 220
Justin Higham Appendix II: Notes on Pseudo Cheating Demos and Effects further thoughts on references routines
Related to 2014 40
David Solomon Ten-Hand Poker Deal Aces on top, two shuffles
Inspired by 2018 60