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John Scarne The Challenge Grand Slam and Little Slam two decks shuffled by performer and one by spectator, bridge deal with one suit and dealing hand with high cards from second deck
Sep. 1946 247
Edward Marlo The Punch Deal bridge deal application
Related to 1947 18
Walter Scott Scott's Blindfold Bridge Deal No. 411, Aces and Kings punched
1972 111
Edward Marlo Bona Fide Practice Method Estimation and Punch Deal
Related to 1974 175
Edward Marlo The Marlo Punch Deal putting in the work, feeling and dealing
Related to 1980 1
Edward Marlo Aces and Kings or Jacks and Queens - The Multiple Combination punch deal, ginving spectators choice up to 4 sets, punch in different positions
1980 6
Edward Marlo Punch Strike Deal three different positions
1984 2
Edward Marlo Punch Pushoff Deal fourth and fifth position
1984 7
Edward Marlo The Scratch Deal scratch-marked instead of punched cards
1984 9
Edward Marlo Combination Advantages combining scratch deal with bottom deal to deal full houses
1984 13
Edward Marlo Pseudo Memory ungaffed punchdeal, cards injogged instead of punched
1984 14
Edward Marlo Best Punchless Deal - So Far mirror/shiner
1984 18
Edward Marlo Added Tips for Punch Deal
1984 21
Edward Marlo Any Number 3 To 10 spectator chooses number of players, you get winning hand, scratch mark
1984 21
Edward Marlo The Stripper Deal punch deal with stripper deck and fine strip out condition
1984 23
Edward Marlo The Sting punch deal with natural edge marks, Bee deck, see Busby reference for credit information
Related to 1984 24
Edward Marlo More Punchless Approaches two methods using crimps
1984 27
Edward Marlo Punch Tip certain different positions for punches
1984 30
Steve Draun The One Way Deal One-Way Deck
Related toAlso published here 1987 26
Ray Grismer Pricked Cards collection of historical references for punch work, credit information
1988 2
Ray Grismer Magician's Bridge Demo with Aces and Faces that end up in two hands
1988 6
Ray Grismer Punch Tip making three or four punch marks instead of one for security (Charlie Miller?)
1988 6
Ray Grismer Quick Poker Demonstration Aces and Faces punched
1988 9
Ray Grismer A Blackjack Demo Aces and Faces punched
1988 9
Ray Grismer Three to One Blackjack Aces and Faces punched
1988 9
Ray Grismer Three Out of Four Hi-Lo Aces and Faces punched
1988 10
Ray Grismer Hi-Lo Even Money Aces and Faces punched
1988 10
Ray Grismer Another Hi-Lo Bet Aces and Faces punched
1988 11
Steve Draun Punchless One-Way Deck
Also published here 1993 89
Roger Crosthwaite Punch Stack
Inspired by 1994 232
Jeff Busby In Lieu of the Punch using edge-marked cards instead of punched cards, credit information, Walter Scott
Related to 1998 98
Roy Walton Punch Drunk performer stacks a suit while dealing through the cards face up (secret second deals), if some don't come out correctly they change into the suit
Inspired by Mar. 2000
Magic (Vol. 9 No. 7)
Andrew Wimhurst Mister Blister dealing two full houses from shuffled deck, punch deal
2001 14
Darwin Ortiz Rum Punch punch deal, dealing royal flush
Related to 2001 15
Andrew Wimhurst Rum Punch #2 chosen cards are dealt in poker hand, fair handling due to punch deal
2001 16
Andrew Wimhurst Rum Punch #3 chosen cards are dealt in poker hand, fair handling due to punch deal and tactile one-way deck
2001 16
Darwin Ortiz Raw Deal punch deal, dealing royal flush
2002 44
Jack Avis A Punch Deal that Isn't partial roughing instead of punching, with notes by Peter Duffie
Related to 2006 178
Michael Powers Punch Intro on punched cards and the punch deal, credit information
  • Punching Cards
  • Non-Punched Method
2006 92
Ricky Smith On the Punch Deal
2015 22
Ricky Smith On the Punch Deal
2017 15
Ricky Smith A Brief History punch (deal) history
2017 54
Ricky Smith My Experiences
2017 56
Ricky Smith Utilizing the Work
2017 61
Ricky Smith Recommended Reading punch deal bibliography
2017 68
Steve Forte Touch Work - punch
2020 496
Steve Forte Summary peek and paper with second deal
2020 501
Steve Forte Face-up Second Deal Exposé Aces distributed face-up near top, punch type demo
2020 930
Steve Forte No Punch Kings and Queens Kings and Queens face-up distributed in deck, five-handed deal, four Aces kicker in another deal
2020 931
Steve Forte Gilbreath and the Perfect Bridge Deal punch type deal with full suit and one honest shuffle before the deal, faro
2020 935
Ricky Smith On the Punch Deal
2023 26
Ricky Smith When Life Gives You Lemons... idea for classic punch deal
2023 33