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Hocus Pocus Junior Conveyance of Cards and Dice mentioning card tricks and principles without details
  • divided cards
  • advantage dice by cutting off a strip
  • "nipping" (punch?), corner crimp, dots
1634 51
C. H. Wilson Red-Black Divination performer separates red and black cards, pin-punched or punch with finger nail
1877 19
Charlier The Charlier System punch marked deck
1889 55
Charlier The Charlier System of Card-Marking punch marked deck
1890 66
Charlier Reading the Cards
1890 68
Card Naming when stack has been shuffled, punch deck
1890 81
To name the Article taken by each of Four Persons four objects pocketed while performer is out of room, but linked to four memorized punch-marked cards
1890 87
Sämtliche Bilderkarten eines Spieles mit verbundenen Augen aufzufinden No. 35, all picture cards found blindfolded
1895 42
Non plus ultra No. 49, spectator removes three cards from new deck and places them under handkerchief, performer touches cards through handkerchief, they are replaced and found, punched through handkerchief
1895 58
Non plus ultra Eine Kartensoirée No. 7
four cards chosen, placed under handkerchief, then shuffled into deck, found by performer, cards punched on the fly with needle attached to ring
Nov. 1895
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Könige, Damen und Buben picture cards shuffled and placed underneath handkerchief, performer produces all Kings, Queens and Jacks without looking, two methods
Related to 1896 34
Card Punch on Pull in sleeve
1896 34
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Non plus ultra several cards chosen, placed under handkerchief, then shuffled into deck, found by performer, cards punched on the fly
1896 35
Noli me tangere several cards on table, spectators turn cards end for end and performer identifies which ones, one-way punch mark
1896 36
Die geheimnisvollen Würfel
  • two dice thrown and sum counted to repeatedly until deck is divided in two halves, they're separated in red and black
  • red and black separation by performer without dice but crimp or punch instead
1896 110
Deutsche Methode punch mark
1896 130
Apparent Second Sight freely chosen cards are located behind back, secret punching of selections through handkerchief
Related to 1897 76
The Card Marker device to secretly punch cards, two apparatus
1897 77
A. J. Ein neuer Kartenstecher punch device at shirt button
Apr. 1904
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 4)
A. J. Kartenzauber corner of a card torn off, it restores visually, two selections shuffled back, one of the selections appears in a glass container, punch with paper weight that is sitting on card at one point
May 1904
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 5)
Nail Bump Card
The Four Full Hands (Issue Four Full Hands of Down to the Minute Magical Effects)
The Nail or Pin Marking Principle
1935 13
Thought Card Discovered pin marking through handkerchief
1935 13
A Test Discovery nail punch, naming position of selection
1935 13
Phenominal Thought Cards selection is found by sense of touch blindfolded, punch marked key card
1937 83
Arthur H. Buckley Indetecto divining chosen number and card, impromptu punched card with finger nail
Also published here 1937 83
Nail Bump Card
1937 85
David Devant Thought Card Discovered punching selection secretly
1937 306
It's Up to You impromptu punching some key cards
Variations 1937 308
"It's Up to You" using nail pricking
1938 64
Impromptu Markind of Cards - The Tooth Pick Method
1938 479
Thumb Tack Marker Impromptu Markind of Cards
1938 479
Oscar Weigle The Challenge Blindfold Card Routine genuinely blindfolded
Effect No. 1: think stop
Effect No. 2: performer stops while dealing
Effect No. 3: spectator reads cards and performer detects card by voice
Effect No. 4: performer stops spectator's deal and even names card
Also published here 1939 43
Thumb Nail Card Marker for scratch or punch
1939 84
Jack Vosburgh Ten and One ten and one put on table, spectator puts two coins on top, coincidence, nail punch
The Jinx (Issue 124)
Nail Punch
1941 9
Eddie Joseph The "Nick" Location punch-like nick made in key card, deck in hand or on table with pointing motivation
Related to 1942 16
Conny Steffensen Magische Lektionen / Leçons magiques brief explanations of various techniques to control a card, followed by french translation
  • "Mappen"-Karte
  • Nagelmarkierung
  • Markierung mit der Stecknadel
  • "Brücke" am Ende des Spieles
  • Ein Ersatz für die lange Karte
  • Staniol auf der Rückseite der Karte
  • Auffinden der Schlüsselkarte durch den Index
Related to 1946
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 8 No. 2)
Edward Marlo The Punch Deal bridge deal application
Related to 1947 18
Edward Marlo Marlo's Miracle Prediction deck shuffled, number named by spectator, card predicted, punch deal
Related toVariations 1947 19
Edward Marlo Poker Prediction outcome after shuffled deck predicted, punch deal
Variations 1947 20
Edward Marlo The Perfect Stack without adjustment, three aces are dealt to a player for two to eight players, punch deal
1947 21
Edward Marlo The Three Packets performer announces how many aces & kings are in a certain pile, punch deal
1947 22
Edward Marlo The Blind Fold Stack punched cards as safety measure
Variations 1947 23
Edward Marlo Super Reading apparently magician can read marks extremely fast, punch deal
1947 24
Edward Marlo Putting in the Work putting punch work in cards
1947 25
Edward Marlo For Cheaters Only punch deal
1947 26
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 8 No. 3&4)
Syl Reilly The G. Man Card Trick card located in packet and clock layout with tactile key card
Oct. 1948 9
Arthur H. Buckley Indetecto divining chosen number and card, impromptu punched card with finger nail ("Nail Marking")
Also published here 1948 87
George Blake Under More! Table several methods for finding a card selected under a table
Related to Apr. 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 174)
Dr. A. Ch. Wilsmann Mirakel punched deck system
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 13 No. 5)
Oscar Weigle Challenge Blindfold Routine genuinely blindfolded
Effect No. 1: think stop
Effect No. 2: performer stops while dealing
Effect No. 3: spectator reads cards and performer detects card by voice
Effect No. 4: performer stops spectator's deal and even names card
Also published here 1956 13
Tony Corinda (3) Marked Playing Cards
1958 45
Edward Marlo Marlo Key Card two corner shorts, punch, crimp, edge mark, see page 156 for additional observations
Related to 1970 69
Walter Scott Scott's Blindfold Bridge Deal No. 411, Aces and Kings punched
1972 111
North Bigbee Hind Sight
Magick (Issue 75)
Frederick Braue The Punch Deal
Related to 1978 27
Die Markierungs-Daumenspitze gaffed thumb tip for marking cards
Aug. 1979
Intermagic (Vol. 6 No. 2)
Edward Marlo The Marlo Punch Deal putting in the work, feeling and dealing
Related to 1980 1
Edward Marlo Aces and Kings or Jacks and Queens - The Multiple Combination punch deal, ginving spectators choice up to 4 sets, punch in different positions
1980 6
Edward Marlo The Punch Cut cut to a full house, punched cards as crimped cards
1980 9
Edward Marlo One Way Combination Deal dealing full house, three pairs to choose from, punch, edgemark, one way
1980 11
Bob Nelson Nelson's Punched Cards invisible from the face
1980 13
Karl Fulves Nail Punch Location one or more cards, punched with fingers in different places
1983 2
Salt Punch pressing card on salt grain on table
1983 3
Edward Marlo Further Adventures of Punch dealing almost any Full House called for, all cards punched, method how to punch
1984 1
Edward Marlo Combination One-Way Punch and Scratch both punch and scratch indicate one-way feature, full house deal
1984 14
Dai Vernon, Vagrant's Challenge Location punching a card through clothing with pin in wallet
Related to 1984
Epoptica (Issue Yearbook)
Stephen Tucker The Brail Deck Marking system by making indentations (similar to punching cards)
1984 50
Stephen Minch Preparation punch locator, all black cards
1984 4
Stephen Minch Think Stop No. 1, card selected, performer deals face-up through cards, stops at selection, performer genuinely blindfolded
1984 9
Stephen Minch Dealing Location No. 2, card selected, performer deals through face-down card and stops at selection, performer genuinely blindfolded
1984 11
Stephen Minch Double Location No. 3, five black and five red cards removed by spectators, two cards exchanged, performer finds them, performer genuinely blindfolded
1984 12
Stephen Minch Blind Out of this World No. 7, with two spectators simultaneously and shuffled deck, one color punched, performer genuinely blindfolded, see also page 24
1984 17
Stephen Minch Color Separation No. 8, performer separates colors by touch, punch, performer genuinely blindfolded
1984 21
Still Another punch with needle
1985 8
The Floating Key "This is a control which without question is the best of all methods of controlling a chosen card.", key card which is both narrow and short and punched
1985 21
Frederick Braue 4 Ace Gambler Routine (1960)
1985 15
Dan MacMillan Punch Me Again glue, with (obvious) "Marlo Suggestion"
1986 67
Dai Vernon, The Wallet Punch
Related to 1988 10
Dai Vernon Punched in the Face peeked at card instantly named, punch marked deck
1988 158
Ray Grismer Pricked Cards collection of historical references for punch work, credit information
1988 2
Ray Grismer How to Use the Punch Prop
1988 4
Basic Bridge Demo all Spades end up in two hands
1988 4
Ray Grismer Punch Tip making three or four punch marks instead of one for security (Charlie Miller?)
1988 6
Ray Grismer On On-the-Fly Punching
1988 12
Ray Grismer Fully Punch-Marked Deck discarded systems
1988 12
Ray Grismer Separation by Weight separating high and low, or red and black cards, apparently by weight
1988 15
Ray Grismer Grismer Code binary type punch-marked deck
1988 16
Ray Grismer The Killer card chosen and lost (impromptu) or pocketed (with stack), performer divines card with deck behind his back, punch-marked deck
1988 18
Ray Grismer Fixing Mis-Punch fixing mistake in punch preparation
1988 19
Ray Grismer Multiple Card Divination cards chosen and lost one by one, then divined with deck behind the performer's back the whole time (punch-marked deck) or only between naming the cards (impromptu)
1988 20
Bruno Haber Option Four selection is torn in quarters with some other cards, performer locates pieces of selection in bag
Feb. 1989
Magick (Issue 417)
Riley G. Matthews Out of Sight shuffled deck is separated by performer, blindfolded, mistakes are divined
June 1990
Magick (Issue 440)
Edward Marlo Four for the Road three further methods for "Simon Eyes", faro
Inspired byRelated to Aug. 1991 14
Steve Dusheck Experiment No. 5 thumb tack at tip of thumb tip to mark cards or paper
  • bill pierced behind back at certain position
1991 48
Blindfold Card Reading some cards are chosen from one half and shuffled in other half, found by blindfolded magician, pegged/punched card
1993 137
Doug Canning UNCANNY deck in pocket and one card after the other is removed, spectator mentally spells his card and last letter matches selection
1993 132
Roger Crosthwaite Punch Stack
Inspired by 1994 232
Jean Boucher Psi-Touch cards shuffled behind back
Inspired by 1994
Syzygy (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Richard Webster Pin-Up Postcard several postcards of mountains and one with a pin-up, reading body language of man to divine, when he is looking at picture of lady
Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 10)
Oscar Weigle Eine Blind-Kartenroutine genuinely blindfolded
Also published here 1998
Intermagic (Vol. 22 No. 3)
Ellis Stanyon The Thumbnail-Embossed Mark No. 5, impromptu punch mark
1999 3
Ellis Stanyon Marking the Card with a Pin No. 22, card punched with hidden pin through handkerchief on table, later found in deck
Variations 1999 13
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note hiding punching needle at bottom of card case
Inspired by 1999 14
Ellis Stanyon Revealing a Card by Its Weight No. 23, actually by punch mark
1999 28
Neal Elias Marking Cards tactile marks with razor blade at edge of card, key card or fully marked, marking stack number instead of value
2000 4
Andrew Wimhurst Mister Blister dealing two full houses from shuffled deck, punch deal
2001 14
Darwin Ortiz Rum Punch punch deal, dealing royal flush
Related to 2001 15
Andrew Wimhurst Rum Punch #2 chosen cards are dealt in poker hand, fair handling due to punch deal
2001 16
Andrew Wimhurst Rum Punch #3 chosen cards are dealt in poker hand, fair handling due to punch deal and tactile one-way deck
2001 16
Darwin Ortiz Raw Deal punch deal, dealing royal flush
2002 44
Al Baker Stop Trick tactile key card
2003 740
Karl Fulves Punchlines impromptu punch marks, or using a pin
Related to 2003
Off The Books (Issue 3)
Karl Fulves Court Case memory demonstration with the twelve court cards, card located that is moved from pile to pile, tactile markings
  • System Two
  • System Three
  • Face Value (selections reversed in court card packet, found by touch)
Related to 2003
Off The Books (Issue 3)
Karl Fulves 3-Coin Monte three cards and three coins, spectator moves cards around, performer places coins on cards which he thinks match the value of the coins via instructions
Inspired by 2003
Off The Books (Issue 4)
Karl Fulves Note on the location of edge marks on the card, gambler's ploy of punching with a diamond ring turned to the inside, altered glue in high cards
Off The Books (Issue 6)
Doug Canning Midnight Speller counting and spelling, to find selection
Variations 2004 168
Aaron Shields Confessions Of An Idiot Savant deck shuffled, number named by spectator, card predicted, punch deal
Inspired by 2004 33
Nail Punch on-the-fly
2004 33
Jack Avis A Dotty Location location with four distributed marked key cards
2006 48
Michael Powers Punch Intro on punched cards and the punch deal, credit information
  • Punching Cards
  • Non-Punched Method
2006 92
Michael Powers PM Plus two spectators cut to cards and replace the cuts, performer deals through cards and finds selections without seeing faces
  • Naming the First Selection
  • Naming the Second Selection
  • Non-Memorized Deck Procedure
  • Non-Stacked Methods
Inspired by
  • "The PM Principle" (Michael Powers, 1990 booklet)
2006 94
Michael Powers Punch Drunk any card pocketed by spectator under fair conditions, performer deals through deck and says he'll stop at mate, cell phone rings and person at other end names selection, 50% Punched Deck (every other card)
  • Cell Phone Finish
  • Alternate Finish (1)
  • Alternate Finish (2)
  • Alternate Finish (3)
Related to 2006 98
Michael Powers Punch for Two two fair selections found, 50% Punched Deck
Inspired by 2006 103
Dai Vernon Name a card Magician can name cards behind the back, punched
2007 56
Derek DelGaudio High Five! five people remember the highest card in a poker hand, they're punch-dealt in one hand
  • Self-Working Version
2010 9
Woody Aragón The Psychic Deck spectator-shuffled deck answers questions about thought of person
Inspired by
  • "Color Sense" (Norman Gilbreath)
Related to
2011 241
Justin Higham Sightless Mindreader
2011 33
John Born An Instinct for Cards Revisited Impossible card location, card is selected, lost, deck is shuffled, magician can still find card, includes method with memorized deck, edge marks and punch
Inspired by 2012 57
John Born Lucky Penny Card freely selected and lost. Magician deals and stops at the selection, then reveals prediction of the selected card in envelope
2012 84
Daniel Madison Sharp Punch Using a Sharpie pen cap as a card punch
2014 35
Friedrich Roitzsch Sucker Punch two good hands after a spectator's shuffle, gilbreath & punch deal
Inspired by 2015 5
Ricky Smith On the Punch Deal
2015 22
Alexander de Cova Punched Cards comment on punched cards
2015 184
Ricky Smith On the Punch Deal
2017 15
Ricky Smith Am Impractical Punch For Aggressive Gentlemen - Introduction reprint of booklet
2017 52
Ricky Smith A Brief History punch (deal) history
2017 54
Ricky Smith My Experiences
2017 56
Ricky Smith Putting in the Work
2017 58
Ricky Smith Utilizing the Work
2017 61
Ricky Smith Some Applications on using the punch as key card and for various poker deals, punch as pure marking system
2017 63
Ricky Smith Recommended Reading punch deal bibliography
2017 68
Patrick G. Redford The Redford Super Card short, punched and marked card
2017 62
Tom Gagnon Punched in the Dark Royal Flush located under handkerchief on table
Inspired by 2019 25
Ryan Plunkett Any Card At Our Numbers deck given to spectator, another deck wash-shuffled on table, spectator and performer think of a number each and count down in both decks, the cards match
Inspired by 2020 3
Ryan Plunkett Breather Crimp
  • Applying the Crimp
  • Punching the Crimp
  • Edge-Marking the Crimp
2020 103
Steve Forte Touch Work - punch
2020 496
Steve Forte Rain Man memorizing the whole deck as pseudo demo, one real shuffle, interlocking chain principle
2020 1024
Larry Jennings Triple Discovery three cards cut to and lost, then found, using two punch cards
Inspired by
  • "Automatic Location" (Oscar Weigle, Genii, July 1938)
Related to
2020 469