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Theodore Annemann The Sealed Envelope Dodge spectators seal their questions fairly on their seats, content of one envelope is found out with a stooge who forgot to sign his envelope
Related to 1935 21
Dr. Lazlo Rothbart Thought Transmission flash light code
Related to May 1939
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 11)
James G. Thompson Jr. Moonlight Madness thorough discussion of his and Julia Thompson's Two-Person Code Act, involving flash light for coding, ESP coding, see also p. 348 of Pallbearers Review for credit claim
Related toAlso published here Apr. 1941
The Jinx (Issue 135)
Franklin M. Chapman Stunner No. 6 medium in other room gets a selected word from a book, secretly written with nail writer inside matchbook
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1941 4
Theodore Annemann Construction of the Annemann Billet Index also for playing cards
Related to 1944 92
Franklin M. Chapman Nail Writers: Types and Method on different types and handling
  • Getting Set for Action
  • Use Fairly Stiff Cards
  • How to "Nail Write"
  • Practice Essential
  • The Visible Lead Pencil
  • Repetition
Related to 1944 7
James G. Thompson Jr. Moonlight Madness with flashlight bulb attached to the performer's rear
Related to 1945 265
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on how to win half the games at simultaneous chess, Tangram
Related to Nov. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 95)
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley It's A Small World spectator marks any place on a globe, prediction, envelope switch behind chair
Related toVariations 1947 9
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley The Spirit multiple prediction on a record
Related to 1947 74
Paul LePaul Deceptive Perception five red-backed cards and one blue-backed card change into five blue-backed cards and one red-backed card
Related toVariations 1949 135
George B. Anderson Another Sealed Envelope - Which I Call "The Bonded Fifth" in envelopes
Related to 1949 18
Aage Darling Tele-Hypnosis girl sits on one of seven chairs, with alternative method for large cards
VariationsAlso published here 1953 12
Tony Corinda Different Types of Writers A. Described as "The Swami Gimmick"
B. Described as "C" Type
C. Described as The Band Writer
D. Described as the Overnail Writer
E. Described as an "Adhesive Writer" (Eric Mason's Boon)
F. Described as The Thumbtip Nailwriter
Related to 1958 4
Tony Corinda Points to Consider with All Types on nail writer
1958 6
Tony Corinda How to Use Your Swami Gimmick
1958 6
Tony Corinda (a) Getting the Gimmick Into Position For Use swami holdouts, and where to ditch it afterwards
1958 6
Tony Corinda (b) How to Handle the Gimmick When It Is On
1958 8
Tony Corinda (c) How to Write On - The Right Type of Card
1958 8
Tony Corinda (d) How to Hold the Card Before, During and After Writing
1958 8
Tony Corinda (e) The Technique of Writing
1958 10
Tony Corinda (f) The Style of Writing and What to Write
1958 10
Tony Corinda Section Two: Special Techniques
1958 11
Tony Corinda (a) The Use of Different Colours
1958 11
Tony Corinda (c) The Carbon Impression Technique for sealed envelopes, also with "No Carbon Required" paper
Related to 1958 12
Tony Corinda (d) The Ink Writer
1958 13
Tony Corinda (e) Preparation of the Prediction for window envelopes and other swami predictions
1958 13
Tony Corinda (f) The Fingernail best length to wear a swami and the treatment of it
1958 14
Tony Corinda (g) Alternative Methods of Holding the Card
Related to 1958 14
Tony Corinda (h) The Visible Pencil
1958 15
Tony Corinda Section Three: Modesty and Mentalism Mixed exceptional uses of nail writer, Henry Slade, Madam Dis Debar, Carl Franks, Keeler, Chung Ling Soo
1958 16
Tony Corinda Conclusion on the nail writer
1958 16
Tony Corinda No. 1. The Spectator as the Telepathist spectator receives performer's number figure by figure
1958 17
Tony Corinda No. 2. First Variation of the No. 1 Principle spectator receives a thought of name
1958 17
Tony Corinda, Burling Hull No. 3. Second Variation of the No. 1 Principle slip of paper is sealed between two pennies, spectator receives a though of date
1958 17
Tony Corinda No. 4. Straight to the Point thought of number or amount of change is predicted
1958 18
Tony Corinda No. 5. A Stage Trick color, city and date are predicted on three numbered cards
1958 18
Tony Corinda No. 6. spectator is selected with ping pong ball, named place is predicted in an envelope
1958 18
Tony Corinda No. 7. A Card Trick unknown card is marked with initials of the spectator, who finds that card by coincidence
1958 19
Tony Corinda No. 9. A Close up Quickie date of a coin is predicted
1958 19
Tony Corinda No. 10. Two Person Telepathy medium in other room gets a selected word from a book, secretly written with nail writer inside matchbook
Inspired by 1958 19
Tony Corinda No. 12. Time and Space, An Informal Effect imaginary trip
1958 20
Tony Corinda, Eric Mason No. 13. The Card in Glass card with prediction put in a glass, hole in glass
Related to 1958 21
Tony Corinda No. 14. The Week Ahead Prediction window envelope in second envelope, sent prediction
1958 21
Tony Corinda No. 15. Another Publicity Stunt sent prediction of the name of an audience member
1958 22
Aage Darling, Tony Corinda No. 16. The Seven Chairs
Inspired byVariations 1958 22
Tony Corinda No. 17. Any Date of the Year two calendars, spectator and performer mark the same date
1958 22
Tony Corinda 18. The White Swami writing appears between two slates
1958 22
Tony Corinda No. 19. The Sex Detector sent prediction of the sex of a baby
1958 23
Tony Corinda No. 20. Headline Predictions
1958 23
Tony Corinda No. 21. Topical Effects prediction of sport results
1958 23
Tony Corinda No. 22. A First Class Newspaper Test selected word of a newspaper is predicted
1958 23
Tony Corinda No. 23. Dartboard Prediction prediction of the total score
1958 24
Tony Corinda No. 24. Matches or Cigarettes prediction of the amount of spectator's cigarettes or matches
1958 24
Tony Corinda Part One: Pencil Reading general remarks
1958 28
Tony Corinda (1) When To Do It
  • Favourable Conditions
  • Unfavourable Condtions
1958 29
Tony Corinda (2) The Pencil Used for Writing
1958 30
Tony Corinda (3) The Card Used When Writing Is Done
1958 31
Tony Corinda (4) The Distance Between You and the Spectator
1958 31
Tony Corinda (5) Safety Checks to Eliminate Errors
1958 31
Tony Corinda (6) Pencil Reading of Numbers
1958 32
Tony Corinda (7) Pencil Reading Words
1958 32
Tony Corinda (8) Pencil Reading by Position
1958 33
Tony Corinda Summary
Related to 1958 33
Tony Corinda (1) "Get-outs Gallore" written word is divined, with outs
1958 33
Tony Corinda (3) The Total Result add-a-number divination
1958 34
Tony Corinda (4) A Debt Repaid spectator writes down a sum of money, performer lets him subtract an amount and then hands him the exact change, he was holding from the beginning
1958 34
Tony Corinda (5) The Swami and the Pencil performer writes a prediction, spectator writes the same
1958 34
Tony Corinda Part Two: Lip Reading
1958 35
Tony Corinda (2) Reconstructed Evidence a thought of shape is drawn by a selected color, both are divined, blindfolded
1958 36
Tony Corinda (3) The Whispering Buddha revealing facts of a person, that were whispered to a Buddha statue
Related to 1958 37
Tony Corinda Part Three: Sound Reading
1958 38
Tony Corinda (1) Written Information Discovered by Sound Reading
  • The Designs to Use
  • The Numbers to Use
1958 38
Tony Corinda (2) Sound Reading Applied to Action - Not Writing coin dropped in which box, coin lands head or tails up
1958 39
Tony Corinda, Jon Tremaine, Alex Elmsley (1) Tapping Card Location spectator thinks of one of seven cards and taps the cards with a pencil, performer stops him when he taps the thought of card
1958 41
Tony Corinda (2) Paranormal Precognition one of five symbols is drawn on a blackboard and divined by the spectator
1958 41
Tony Corinda (3) A Pocket Trick pencil is removed from a box, color is divined, fake pencil
1958 42
Tony Corinda (4) Clean Cut Card Trick Card is written on board and then divined
1958 42
Tony Corinda Part Four: Touch Reading
1958 42
Tony Corinda (1) Sujan Location colored card is divined
1958 43
Tony Corinda (2) With a Pinch of Salt!
1958 43
Tony Corinda Impromptu "Just Chance"
1958 43
Tony Corinda (3) Marked Playing Cards
1958 45
Tony Corinda (4) Psychic Sorting Ghost Deck, performer divides deck in to red and black by touch, then sorts the red into hearts and diamonds and odd and even
Related to 1958 45
Tony Corinda (5) Colour Conscious with the Ghost Deck, selected card is found at position performer names
1958 47
Tony Corinda (6) Another Version of the Princess Card Trick Ghost Deck, with handkerchief
1958 48
Tony Corinda (7) Another Application of the Touch Reading Envelope several ideas of identifying envelopes by touch, envelope index tip
1958 49
Tony Corinda Part Five: Muscle Reading
  • Advanced Forms of Contact Mind Reading
  • The Copper Wire Contact
  • Action with the Chosen Object Following Location
  • When to Use Contact Mind Reading
  • The Blindfold
  • Hellstromism
  • The Blackboard Test
  • Conclusion
1958 50
Tony Corinda Introduction overview and a little bit of history, Gregor von Feinaigle
1958 59
Tony Corinda The Amazing Memory Test
  • The First Stage (the system)
  • The Second Stage (connecting the objects to the learned list)
  • The Application of The Amazing Memory System
  • Calling the Objects Back
Also published here 1958 61
Tony Corinda Quick Calculations: Mental Arithmetic
1958 63
Tony Corinda (1) Squaring method for quickly squaring numbers from twenty-five to hundred
1958 63
Tony Corinda (2) Extraction of Square Roots
1958 64
Tony Corinda (3) Cubing
1958 64
Tony Corinda (4) Extraction of Cube Roots
1958 65
Tony Corinda The Magic Square 5x5
Related to 1958 65
Tony Corinda The Knight's Tour
1958 67
Tony Corinda Chess Trickery
1958 68
Tony Corinda The Foolproof System of Chess playing against several players simultaneously and winning the majority of them
Related to 1958 68
Tony Corinda To Play Unlimited Games at Once other system for The Foolproof System of Chess, more people
1958 69
Tony Corinda The Mate in One Problem chess problem
1958 70
Tony Corinda A Day for any Date
1958 71
Tony Corinda Summary of the Day for any Date System
1958 72
Tony Corinda Performance of the "A Day for any Date" Effect
1958 72
Tony Corinda (1) The Stacked Deck eight kings, simple card divination
1958 73
Tony Corinda Some More Tricks Using the Eight Kings Stack
  • (a) Blackjack (Pontoon), winning deal for two people
  • (b) behind back top card is reversed in the deck, card divined
  • (c) three cards in pocket one is selected, fishing
Variations 1958 75
Tony Corinda (2) Si Stebbins Stack
1958 76
Tony Corinda (3) The Fourteen/Fifteen Set Up forcing number 14 or 15
1958 76
Tony Corinda (4) The Odd and Even Set Up divided deck
1958 76
Tony Corinda The Mnemonic Number Code based on the Gregor von Feinaigle memory system
1958 77
Tony Corinda, Al Baker The Application of the Mnemonic Number Code
  • (1) for mental arithmetic
  • (2) for coding at the phone (Al Baker)
  • (3) two person act, arithmetic
  • (4) Corinda's "Fourteenth Book Test", coding with medium
Related to 1958 78
Tony Corinda Take My Word chosen word from a list is divined by medium
1958 79
Tony Corinda The Photographic Memory list of numbers
1958 80
Tony Corinda Part One: Introduction on predictions
1958 85
Tony Corinda Part Two: Technique several techniques for predictions
1958 86
Tony Corinda (1) The Billet Pencil loading a billet in an envelope
Related toVariations 1958 86
Tony Corinda (4) The Impromptu Billet Knife loading a billet in an envelope
1958 88
Tony Corinda, Patrick Page (5) The Pocket Index card indexes, construction
  • Standart Type
-The Q.5 Pocket Index (Patrick Page)
Related to 1958 88
Tony Corinda Card Prediction prediction in envelope is put in wallet, two methods
1958 92
Tony Corinda, Patrick Page, Al Baker (6) The Billet Index Patrick Page's Q.5. Pocket Index for billets
Related to 1958 92
Jon Tremaine, Tony Corinda (7) The Cigarette Packet Pellet Index
1958 93
Tony Corinda (8) The Body Index in pockets
1958 95
Tony Corinda (9) The Swami Gimmick short, referring to Step One
1958 95
Tony Corinda (10) The Switch and the Force general comments, envelope, billet and cards
1958 95
Tony Corinda The Switch of a Pack of Cards bold
1958 97
Tony Corinda The Bare Hand Envelope Switch switching two visible envelopes, one for the other
1958 97
Tony Corinda (b) Force general comments, with props and different objects
1958 98
Tony Corinda (12) Trickery with Envelopes
1958 98
Tony Corinda (a) The Carbon Prediction Envelope
Related to 1958 98
Tony Corinda (b) The Nest of Envelopes loading something in the middle envelope
1958 99
Tony Corinda, "Teddy" Love (13) Stooges comments, trick by "Teddy" Love where two spectator's select the same card as the performer does, three decks
Also published here 1958 99
Tony Corinda Summary of Technique predictions, comments and tips on presentation
1958 100
Tony Corinda (1) A Million to One blindfolded spectator pushes a pin through a map, closest city is predicted
Inspired byVariations 1958 101
Tony Corinda (2) Quadruplication one card is selected from a face up deck and signed, card is predicted with several ways, only odd back, written in an envelope and another odd card duplicate in performer's pocket. Routine includes the No-Gag (Maurice Fogel)
1958 103
Tony Corinda, Joseph Dunninger, Maurice Fogel (3) De Profundis a color, number and city are predicted in a clear box attached to a rope, held by spectator
Variations 1958 105
Tony Corinda (4) The £75,000 Test prediction of numbers, carbon impression envelope
1958 107
Tony Corinda (5) Astrnomical add a number prediction, serial number of a bill
1958 109
Tony Corinda, Jon Tremaine (6) The Mentalist's Four Ace Trick four cards are selected and put into a glass each, in the glasses are odd backed cards as predictions, two times four Aces
1958 111
Tony Corinda (7) Novel Adaption of the "Card in Balloon" prediction of a number is inside a balloon
1958 113
Tony Corinda (8) Psy Function spectator writes card on blackboard which predicts the selection by another spectator
1958 114
Tony Corinda Part Four: Predictions for the Drawing Room introduction
(9) Step One (Swami): No. 4,5,6,7,12,22 and 24 are possible for the drawing room
1958 114
Tony Corinda (10) Mind Over Matter prediction pellet is put on any card, which is the same as prediction
1958 114
Tony Corinda (11) My Word! spectator writes three numbers for a page, line and position, word in book is predicted
1958 115
Tony Corinda (12) The Third Choice one of five cards is predicted, cards put in envelopes and eliminated until one remains
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1958 116
Tony Corinda (13) The Lottery Routine lottery prediction three numbers are selected and predicted in an envelope, assistant
1958 117
Tony Corinda (14) The Prophesy card is selected and predicted in a letter
Variations 1958 119
Tony Corinda (15) The Informative Joker prediction on joker
1958 120
Tony Corinda (16) Double-Impact Prediction card is named and a position, the position is written on an envelope and the card is inside
1958 120
Tony Corinda (17) The Matchbox Mystery amount of matches are removed, the reminder is predicted
1958 121
Tony Corinda (18) The Mystery of the Chest seven keys are numberer by spectators, one key opens the box, in the box is a prediction with the number given to the key that opens the box
1958 121
Tony Corinda (19) X - Marks the Spot prediction of one card, spectator marks one card on the face behind his back
1958 122
Tony Corinda (20) Nicely Suited verbal force of any Three
1958 122
Tony Corinda Introduction
Related to
  • Will Dexter's "Sealed Vision"
1958 129
Tony Corinda (1) The Unfaked Mask
1958 129
Tony Corinda (3) The Felt Mask - Faked
1958 131
Tony Corinda (4) The Folded Silk Blindfold
1958 131
Tony Corinda (5) The Bag Blindfold
1958 132
Tony Corinda (6) The Sheet or Blanket Cover
1958 133
Tony Corinda (7) The Bucket
1958 134
Tony Corinda (8) Cotton, Wool, Dough, Coins, Plaster and Suchlike
1958 134
Tony Corinda (9) Summary general comments
1958 134
Tony Corinda (1) Downward Glimpse glimpsing with a blindfold
1958 135
Tony Corinda (2) One Ahead System applied to blindfolds
1958 136
Tony Corinda, Punx (3) The Magnetic Blindfold detecting metal objects, idea for sex detecter routine, seven keys to baldpate and playing cards
1958 136
Tony Corinda (4) The Stacked Deck in conjunction with blindfolds
1958 137
Tony Corinda (5) Marked Cards in conjunction with blindfolds, Ghost Deck
Related to 1958 137
Tony Corinda (6) Annemann's One Way Deck on the faces, applied to routines with blindfolds
Variations 1958 137
Tony Corinda (7) Mirrors
1958 138
Tony Corinda (8) Reflectors and Shiners short routine, feeling cards with fingertips
1958 138
Tony Corinda (9) Self-Working Effects
1958 139
Tony Corinda (10) Prior Observation
1958 139
Tony Corinda (11) Memory Systems
1958 141
Tony Corinda (12) Patter and Movement During Performance general comments on patter, movement, theory
1958 141
Tony Corinda Part Three Tricks: Introduction
1958 143
Tony Corinda (1) Psychical Research versus Mentalism esp cards, with assistant
1958 146
Tony Corinda (3) X-Ray Eyes location by "negative reasoning", finding one of seven playing cards
1958 148
Tony Corinda (4) A Gem of Mental Magic blindfold and center tear
1958 149
Tony Corinda (5) The Bartender's Nightmare! divination of a serial number, blindfolded
1958 150
Tony Corinda (6) The Blindfold Drive and Location of Objects Hidden at a Distance
Related to
  • Corinda's Step Twelve, "Publicity Stunts"
1958 150
Tony Corinda (7) Corinda's "Money Box" coins in box are removed, performer names amount and dates on the coins, electronic version
Related toVariations 1958 150
Tony Corinda (8) Evidence bill in one of five envelopes is found by blindfolded performer
1958 154
Tony Corinda (10) Blindfold "Noughts and Crosses" assistant plays tic-tac-toe blindfolded
1958 155
Tony Corinda (11) The Blackboard Test
1958 157
Tony Corinda (12) The Three Cards three cards put in a box and are divined, changing card box
1958 157
Tony Corinda Introduction on billets
1959 165
Tony Corinda (1) A Few Simple Rules for Working with Billets
1959 166
Tony Corinda (2) The Centre Tear (Corinda Variation) in depth instruction
1959 166
Tony Corinda, Al Koran Centre Tear (One Hand Variation)
Related to 1959 171
Tony Corinda (4) Centre Tear (Corinda's "Backward" Variation) magician's joke
1959 173
Tony Corinda (5) Centre Tear (Preparation of the Billet) (a) Folding
(b) Misdirection for the Circle
1959 174
Tony Corinda (6) Centre Tear (Reading the Billet) when to glimpse
1959 175
Tony Corinda (7) The Billet Switch (Bare Hand Method - Corinda) rolled up
Inspired by 1959 177
Tony Corinda (8) The Billet Switch (by lapping)
1959 178
Tony Corinda (9) The Billet Switch (Magnetic Clip Method)
1959 178
Tony Corinda (10) The Billet Switch (Corinda's Billet Pull) six methods to switch billets with a pull, pull on paper clip
1959 178
Tony Corinda (14) Summary of Billet Switching theory and tips
1959 184
Tony Corinda (15) Marking of Billets
1959 185
Tony Corinda (16) Billet Stands
1959 185
Tony Corinda (17) The Use of a Crystal Ball crystal ball as magnifying glass to read billets
1959 186
Tony Corinda (18) References on Technique with Billets in Other Steps
Related to 1959 187
Tony Corinda Three Little Questions
1959 189
Tony Corinda It's a Record music catalogue is torn, and a piece selected, prediction in form of a record
1959 191
Tony Corinda Presenting the L & L Test presentation
1959 192
Tony Corinda The Flames of Zor with flash paper and water
1959 194
Tony Corinda, Maurice Fogel A Card and Billet Routine cards are noted on billets, cards on board, spectator selects a billet and throws a dart into the noted card
1959 195
Tony Corinda Zarkamorta II. - The Ceremony of Reincarnation page is torn from a magazine and a word selected by randomly sticking a pin in that page, the page is burnt and reappears back in the book, with a hole in the chosen word and burnt edges
Related toVariations 1959 201
Tony Corinda Page Force same as David Hoy's
Related to 1959 205
Tony Corinda A Classic Swindle - Magazine Test several magazines, same cover
1959 206
Tony Corinda Impromptu Book Test Simplified serial number of a bill will define page number, line and word
1959 208
Tony Corinda A Lesson in Mentalism total of six dice leads to a card, value is used for page number, line and word
1959 209
Tony Corinda, Theodore Annemann The Crossword Puzzle page marked with big X, word in center memorized and page torn
Related to 1959 211
Tony Corinda Novel Revelation of a Selected Word page is set on fire, everything burns down except a circle with the selected word
1959 212
Tony Corinda Tele-Directory Test with assistand
1959 213
Tony Corinda, Robert Harbin Ultra-Modern Mentalism prediction of a word, with tape recorder and assistant
Related to 1959 215
Tony Corinda The Missing Link book on the table, bowl with billets, one is selected and is found to be a corner the missing corner of the book
Variations 1959 219
Tony Corinda Summary of Book Tests general comments
1959 220
Tony Corinda, Maurice Fogel An Interview with Fogel on Mentalism
Related toAlso published here 1959 222
Tony Corinda Introduction general remarks on two person telepathy, major and minor codes
1959 237
Tony Corinda (1) The Code Act: Verbal general remarks on verbal coding systems
1959 238
Tony Corinda (2) Sub-Miniature Radio Equipment transmitter/receiver, technical method
1959 250
Tony Corinda (3) Electrical Two-Person Communicator Unit: CODE with torch
Related to 1959 252
Tony Corinda Improved Light Communicator based on the Thompson method
Related to 1959 252
Tony Corinda How to Code with the Light Communicator
  • Numbers
  • Playing Cards
  • The Alphabet
1959 255
Tony Corinda (4) Summary of the Light Communicator
1959 257
Tony Corinda (5) Miscellaneous Code Systems for Full Routines
  • Radio-Controlled Pulse
  • Action Signals
-Sound Reading
1959 257
Tony Corinda (6) Conclusion of Major Code Systems
1959 258
Tony Corinda Part Two: Minor Systems introduction to minor systems, for single effects
1959 259
Tony Corinda (7) The Pre-Arranged List of Objects or Numbers same list, in order
1959 259
Tony Corinda (8) Playing Cards in Pre-Arranged Order
1959 259
Tony Corinda (9) Time Codes coding, both count at the same time
Related to 1959 260
Tony Corinda (10) Positional Codes
Related to 1959 260
Tony Corinda (11) Graph or Chart Code
Related to 1959 261
Tony Corinda (12) White Elastic Indicator
1959 262
Tony Corinda (13) Conclusion of Part Two
1959 262
Tony Corinda (1) The Lady is a Mindreader medium gets thought of card, date on a coin and date of birth
1959 263
Tony Corinda (2) Smoke Gets in Your Eyes positional code, with ashtray and cigarette
1959 263
Tony Corinda (3) All in Order pre-arranged list
1959 265
Tony Corinda (4) Reference to Effects for Two Person Telepathy in Other Steps
Related to 1959 266
Tony Corinda (6) Wrist Watch Code playing card code
1959 267
Tony Corinda (7) The Third Man two telephone books, with medium
1959 268
Tony Corinda, Punx (8) Musical Mindreading spectator's name composer and pianist starts to play their songs
1959 269
Tony Corinda (9) Conclusion on Two Person Telepathy
1959 270
Tony Corinda Introduction on medium / seance effects
1959 275
Tony Corinda Mediumistic Patter
1959 276
Tony Corinda Establishing "Atmosphere" in the Seance Room
1959 277
Tony Corinda The Stage Medium
1959 278
Tony Corinda Reference to Mediumistic Effect in Other Steps
Related to 1959 278
Tony Corinda Bibliography - Reference Books on Mediumship
1959 279
Tony Corinda (1) Spirit Writing on slate, chemical
1959 280
Tony Corinda (2) Spooky Stunts for a Blackout
1959 281
Tony Corinda (3) Astral Signs signs in mid air in the dark, luminous paint
1959 281
Tony Corinda (4) The Spirit Hand hand appears and tries to grasp at the audience, luminous paint
1959 281
Tony Corinda (5) Carboard Skeleton luminous paint
1959 281
Tony Corinda (6) Fire Balls table tennis balls and luminous paint
1959 281
Tony Corinda (7) "It" luminous appearance, paint
1959 281
Tony Corinda (10) Spirit Lights small sparks of light, wire wool and battery
1959 281
Tony Corinda (8) Ectoplasm producing ectoplasm, luminous paint
1959 282
Tony Corinda (9) Apports tapping noises in the dark
1959 282
Tony Corinda (11) The Icy Hand weird touches in the dark, wet and cold
1959 283
Tony Corinda (12) The Message in Mid Air writing appears in mid air then it vanishes, luminous paint
1959 283
Tony Corinda (13) The Spirit Candles three candles go out one by one
1959 283
Tony Corinda (14) The Waistcoat Escape removing waistcoat and leaving jacket on, while one hand is held by spectator
1959 284
Tony Corinda (15) The Stage Spirit Cabinet different effects (instruments etc.) special rope
1959 286
Tony Corinda (18) Table Lifting with Arm Hooks two person method
1959 291
Tony Corinda (19) Table Lifting with Waist Hooks two person method
1959 291
Tony Corinda (20) The Haunted Ball tennis ball rolls from table
1959 292
Tony Corinda (21) Spirit Guide ghostly figure appears, luminous paint
1959 293
Tony Corinda (22) The Dead Hand Writes dead hand in a box marks billet with the dead name
1959 293
Tony Corinda (23) Corinda's Ghost Walk ghost appears, luminous paint
1959 294
Tony Corinda (24) Spirit Moulding ghost mould his hand in wax, as a proof
1959 295
Tony Corinda (25) Phoney Business no medium, four cards and a letter
1959 296
Tony Corinda (26) "Yes-No" Slate Gag comedy prediction, yes/no gag
1959 298
Tony Corinda (27) Cryptopsychism medium reveals word, code
1959 298
Al Koran, Tony Corinda (28) The Ouija Board
1959 299
Tony Corinda (29) Spirit Writing on a Slate writing appears, with assistant
1959 299
Tony Corinda Introduction to Mentalism with Cards general remarks and theory
1959 307
Tony Corinda Corinda's Incredible Slate Test alphabet cards are shuffled and put on a board under two elastic bands, word is predicted
Related to 1959 309
Tony Corinda Bird of a Feather a lot of cut card pieces, four are selected and form one card, with variations
Variations 1959 320
Tony Corinda Reference to Card Tricks and Technique in Other Steps
Related to
  • Step 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
1959 330
Tony Corinda Introduction general comments and theory for Q&A
1959 339
Tony Corinda Part One: Dealing with Questions that Are Known
1959 343
Tony Corinda How to Get Information methods from other steps
1959 344
Tony Corinda (1) Alcohol or Chemicals
1959 344
Tony Corinda (2) Light
Related to 1959 344
Tony Corinda (3) The Window Envelope
1959 345
Tony Corinda, Eric Mason (4) The Clip Board several versions, Eric Mason's Dubbul