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Henri Decremps Démonstration de mémoire avec un livre de 100 pages de chiffres Memory demonstration with a 100-page book of numbers
1786 319
Das Zahlenerraten fifty cards with long numbers, apparently they are memorized and can be called out at request
Feb. 1895
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Der Gedächtniskünstler im Salon order of cards read off to medium who then directs the spectator to lay out the cards so that they end up sorted in new deck order, three methods
Related to Jan. 1896
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 1 No. 5)
Oswald Rae Mechanical Method props to help memorizing numbers
1928 98
Alban's Transmission de Pensée carts with various numbers, numbers are divined, key number to begin calculation
Oct. 1941
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 3 No. 10)
Walter B. Gibson Mind Over Money memorizing the serial number of a bill and other ideas about quickly memorizing things on a bill
Jan. 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 1)
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley New Bills for Old ten serial numbers are noted on a blackboard, performer is blindfolded and can call out all the numbers
1947 44
Tom Fitzgerald ABECEDARIAN stunt where alphabet is written alternately forwards and backwards
Variations Nov. 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 190)
Francis J. Rigney A Russian Count method of multiplication using fingers
Related to Feb. 1950 635
Bill (27)
  • Martin Gardner’s Encyclopedia of Impromptu Tricks
how to memorize numbers, on a bill
May 1951
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 8 No. 12)
John Hamilton Nameology giving people seven-figure numbers, being able to name them again years later
Sep. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 289)
Gerald Kosky Tricky Mentalist without Cards twenty signed cards are returned later to correct persons, Gibson's Super Memory with business cards, see p. 1177 for corrections
Inspired byAlso published here Oct. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 292)
Tony Corinda The Knight's Tour
1958 67
Tony Corinda Chess Trickery
1958 68
Tony Corinda The Foolproof System of Chess playing against several players simultaneously and winning the majority of them
Related to 1958 68
Tony Corinda To Play Unlimited Games at Once other system for The Foolproof System of Chess, more people
1958 69
Tony Corinda (11) Memory Systems
1958 141
Eddie Joseph Seeing through a Bag always three objects are placed in six different colored bags, performer is able to name all objects in each bag
1959 6
Eddie Joseph Objects in the Dark various people select object and playing card, when they name playing card performer can name object
1959 7
Eddie Joseph Locating the Page playing cards are chosen and placed between pages of a book, performer memorizes page of each card
1959 8
Eddie Joseph Double Dealing deck is dealt in two piles, performer remembers both and names order of chosen pile, suit is chosen and all cards from that suit are named in second pile
1959 8
Eddie Joseph Identifying the Personality business cards are borrowed and seven-digit numbers are formed by drawing checkers with numbers, numbers and names are remembered, memory bluff
1959 11
Tom Sellers A Pseudo Memory Feat cities and numbers, on cards, when spectator names city performer knows number
1960 66
Tom Sellers Want Ad Test apparently contents of newspaper ads memorized (Stanley Jaks presentation), see also p. 565
Related to May 1972 520
Jack Kent Tillar The Pill! super memory presentation, memory pill, letters, numbers and order of playing cards
Magick (Issue 111)
Francis Carlyle More Tips and Bits
  • memory stunt linked to David Roth
  • Laurie Irelnd Charlier Pass Peek
  • Dunninger using prominent people
  • remembering serial number of bill
1975 129
Gerald Kosky, Walter B. Gibson Tricky Mentalist - Without Cards apparently twenty selections and their positions are remembered, using business cards and words
Inspired by 1975 142
Burling Hull Master Memory Feats about six hundred digits in a grid brought by the performer, demonstration of having it memorized
1976 23
Tieneblas D.A.T.E.S. spectators call out numbers and performer apparently memorizes them all, almost identical with Hutchison routine
Related to Mar. 1982
Magick (Issue 304)
Dollar-Bill Poker No. 5, apparently serial number is remembered, missing digit named, addition
Related to 1983 6
Karl Fulves Giant Memory chapter intro
1983 109
Serial Secret No. 88, how to really memorize the serial number of a bill quickly
Related to 1983 115
Jerry K. Hartman, Karl Fulves Memorease No. 91, spectator can memorize large number, also letters
Also published here 1983 118
The Chess Knight's Tour
1993 148
Phillip Wein Digit Master business card with long number, memory stunt, prediction of total of some numbers as climax
May 1993
Magick (Issue 489)
George St. James Deep Sea Digits apparently remembering a very long number formed by the audience
Related toVariations 1995
Syzygy (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Philip T. Goldstein Mind Flight pseudo-memory test, remembering flight numbers to various destination
Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 8)
Karl Fulves Pickpocket a dozen people put a chip in either left or right pocket, performer memorizes all
1998 30
Karl Fulves Trick Dice die moved via quarter turns on grid, top numbers listed, performer memorizes the list
1998 34
Gerald Kosky Der trickhafte Mentalist twenty business cards with numbers and words are returned later to correct persons
Also published here 2000
Intermagic (Vol. 23 No. 4 & 5)
Lee Earle Digital Kicker apparently remembering a very long number formed by the audience, adding numbers up as kicker, almost identical to Hutchison routine
Inspired byRelated to
  • D.A.T.E.S. (Tieneblas, 1982)
  • Edward R. Hutchison's "Giant Memory Routine" in "Psychological Mysteries", 1977, p. 22
Syzygy (Vol. 5 No. 5)
David Berglas Te Bah Pla and Name Discovery performer writes alphabet backwards while reciting it normally, then a name is divined
2002 497
David Berglas The Human Calendar names and birthdates are remembered, later the performer recalls the names and puts the spectators in order according to their day of birth
2002 507
Chuck Hickok Bonus Demonstration One: Learning the Almost Impossible teaching the audience to say the alphabet backwards in five minutes
2002 140
Chuck Hickok Bonus Demonstration Three: Mega-Memory Miracle memorizing sets of mixed design / picture cards
Inspired by
  • Bob Cassidy's "Memorized Deck Routine" in "The Art of Mentalism II"
Related to
2002 159
Chuck Hickok Mega Memory Kicker cards which were not used are named, with picture / design cards
Related to 2002 170
Karl Fulves Dunkin' Digits remembering a row of donuts and spoons as memory stung
2005 12
Karl Fulves Hoops Knows B-Ball string of 2s and 3s (on cardboard) remembered
2005 15
Karl Fulves Fractions And Cents heads and tails sequence remembered as memory stunt
2005 17
Karl Fulves You're A Five spectator choses one of many photos, performer describes it correctly
2005 17
Barrie Richardson Thoughts on the Memorized Magazine Demonstration
2005 299
Karl Fulves Coloratura sixteen cups in three different colors and paper balls of the same colors, random balls put under cups, performer memorizes all
2007 40
Karl Fulves Sort By Thought $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills, three each, order memorized by performer
2007 45
Karl Fulves Dice Tracking memorizing string of numbers rolled by dice
2007 48
Karl Fulves Digit Daze memorizing digits
2007 49
Oliver Meech Google Guessing Performer memorises the top result for different search words on Google
2010 58
Leo Behnke Add-A-Memoir numbers written on a pad by spectators, performer remembers them all as memory demonstration
Related to 2010 9
Tom Crosbie Telephonopathy or "The Little Black Book Test" knowing personal phone book by heart, names and corresponding numbers
Inspired by
  • Mel Mellers' "Business Cards Warm Up"
2013 8
Michael Weber, Tim Trono Heath Receipts instantly knowing the price of any named item
(PDF bonus from sometime before May 2013)
Inspired by May 2013
Real Secrets (Vol. 2 No. 14)
Al Baker Trick Problem divining cards and memorising names of spectators
Related to
  • Al Baker, "Just a Sweet Cake", 1941
Hidden Agenda (Issue Oct 21)
Rhys "Morgan" Jones, Robert "West" Tay The 40 Digit Hyperbrain Act forty numbers from billets written on grid on slate, miscalling, number sequence recalled by blindfolded performer, square root calculation with selected numbers, sum given
  • Required Mathematics
Related to 2020 301
Christoph Borer Super Memory apparently knowing content of a book by heart
2022 32