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Tom Sellers Foreword
1927 2
Tom Sellers Escapo match through matchbox
1927 3
Tom Sellers Match Divination spectator removes matches, performer divines number of remaining matches
1927 3
Tom Sellers The Dissolving Ring ring through finger, half ring
1927 4
Tom Sellers A Production Box Idea
1927 5
Tom Sellers A Novel Egg Trick marked egg found amongst other eggs
Also published here 1927 6
Tom Sellers The Magnetised Cards cards stick to hand
1927 7
Tom Sellers The Smoke Vase smoke glass
1927 8
Tom Sellers A Vanishing Wand secret pocket ditch
1927 8
Tom Sellers Living or Dead? olfactory method
1927 9
Tom Sellers Vibrato medium divines things
1927 10
Tom Sellers A New Reversed Card Effect cards reverse themselves, number of reversed cards coincides with value of selection
1927 12
Tom Sellers A Baffling Card Prediction
1927 12
Tom Sellers Card Telepathy
1927 13
Tom Sellers The Jumping Silks separate silks are suddenly joined together
1927 14
Tom Sellers Treasury Note and Confetti bill is burned by "accident", reproduced from confetti
1927 15
Tom Sellers A Novel Match Box and Die Trick multiple out one out of six prediction
Variations 1927 16
Tom Sellers The Book Test word index
1927 17
Jack McMillen Gaffed Stabbing Force partial card glued on guarantee card which is stabbed in deck, card next to it remembered
Related to 1928 20
Tom Sellers Preface
1931 3
Tom Sellers The Torn and Restored Paper
1931 5
Tom Sellers Glido - The Thimble That Glides glides across table
1931 6
Tom Sellers The Vanishing Cigarette behind ear
1931 6
Tom Sellers The Cut Tape and Match Box
1931 7
Tom Sellers Another Cut Ribbon Effect
1931 8
Tom Sellers A Deceptive Card Trick
1931 9
Tom Sellers The Twin Aces Aces trap selection
1931 9
Tom Sellers An Easy Spelling Trick re-counting
1931 10
Tom Sellers The Psychic Tissues feeling colors behind back
1931 10
Tom Sellers Rollo ball balances on rope
Related to 1931 11
Tom Sellers The Phantom Domino domino vanishes from match box
1931 12
Tom Sellers The Phantom Ring
1931 13
Tom Sellers An Advertisement Trick spectator cuts ad out of newspaper, it is divined
Related to 1931 13
Tom Sellers A Numeral Mystery with number cards
1931 14
Tom Sellers A Surprise Slate Trick selected word appears on flap slate
1931 14
Tom Sellers Menta Num using special number cards
1931 15
Tom Sellers The "Mind's Eye Discs" colored discs put in envelope, colors divined by performer
1931 16
Tom Sellers Oriental Ashes assistant names color of burnt paper ashes, coding
1931 17
Tom Sellers The Double Card Prediction double backer stabbed in deck
Related to 1931 17
Tom Sellers The Psychic Wish
1931 18
Tom Sellers The Super Rising Cards ungaffed houlette and rubber tipped wand
Variations 1931 19
Tom Sellers The Rings and Cord several rings on rope get free
1931 19
Tom Sellers Preface
1931 3
Tom Sellers Spook Pencils four pencils of different color, spectator writes with one of them and performer knows which color has been used
1931 5
Tom Sellers The Loop and the Ring ring penetrates onto loop of string
1931 5
Tom Sellers Novel Silk Vanish matchbox covers stacked, silk pushed inside vanishes
1931 6
Tom Sellers Handkerchief Production from Bare Hands silk rolled up with loop
1931 7
Tom Sellers Double Date dates of two borrowed coins divined, dates written into grid on a paper by spectator
Variations 1931 8
Tom Sellers Novel Vanishing Glass with tube covers
1931 9
Tom Sellers The Revolving Match-Box matchbox spins between fingers, held with nails
1931 10
Tom Sellers The Marked Cigarette marked cigarette mixed with other in hat, found by performer
1931 10
Tom Sellers Spirit Message Improvement carbon papers of different color to produce prediction or spirit message in chosen color in envelope
1931 11
Tom Sellers The Patriotic Discs three discs of three colors each transpose around in three handkerchiefs
1931 12
Tom Sellers Handkerchiefs and Lemons chosen silk to lemon
1931 12
Tom Sellers Production Bowl bowl/vase apparatus
1931 13
Tom Sellers Turn Up cards dropped onto table one by one, only selection turns over
1931 14
Tom Sellers Push - A Novel Card Trick packed pushed from deck with pencil
1931 15
Tom Sellers Revolvo
1931 15
Tom Sellers Tips
1931 16
Tom Sellers A Speller Idea any card spelled to from pocketed deck
1931 17
Tom Sellers Reading the Cards Behind the Back
1931 17
Tom Sellers Reading the Cards deck put in black bag, cards read by touch, cards added with flash lamp
1931 18
Tom Sellers Swing spectator remembers bottom card of half that has ben cut off onto case, it vanishes later, card attached to card case that can be pivoted out
1931 19
Tom Sellers Cut spectator and performer each have half the deck, performer wins at cutting the high card
1931 20
Tom Sellers The U Win Card Trick winning in Nap, Brag, Pontoon
1931 21
Tom Sellers Card and Number card found at number the performer says
Related to 1931 22
Tom Sellers The Climax Card Effect cylinder made of cards appears
1931 23
Tom Sellers The Seller's Coin Holder
1931 24
Tom Sellers A Ball Dropper Idea
1931 24
Tom Sellers A Cigarette Dropper
1931 25
Tom Sellers Colour Change Through Fist Fake double tube
Inspired by
  • Robertson Keene color changing silk
1931 26
Victor Farelli, Tom Sellers The "Sandwich" card travels from sandwich to pocket
1933 89
Tom Sellers Foreword
1933 2
Tom Sellers A New Cigarette Sleight cigarette rolls over back of hand into other hand, false transfer
1933 3
Tom Sellers The "Pass" Cigarette Sleight cigarette in fist, thumb-push out made to secretly transfer cigarette to other waving hand
1933 3
Tom Sellers The Strong Cigarette cigarette held at end, weight on thread put on other end, cigarette does not break
1933 4
Tom Sellers Pin Divination spectator pushes pin in any cigarette in a box and turns it over, cigarette found by performer
1933 5
Tom Sellers The Novelty Cigarette Exchange cigarette in small glass bottle, switched for cigarette with card inside
1933 6
Tom Sellers "Duplex" on the Top Card two cards placed on top of two halves, then put in center and they come back to top
1933 6
Tom Sellers A Mysterious Card Change top and bottom cards transpose, duplicate
Inspired by
  • card change in Hatton & Plate
1933 8
Tom Sellers Bow Balls three balls of different color threaded on rope, they change places
1933 8
Tom Sellers Handkerchief Production from an Empty Glass hollow wand and hole in glass
1933 10
Tom Sellers New Magnetic Pencil pencil sticks to hand, flesh-colored ring
1933 10
Tom Sellers A New Idea for the "Living and Dead" Effect watermark system
1933 11
Tom Sellers Bending a Glass Rod glass in rubber tube is bent and then shown unharmed
1933 12
Tom Sellers An Amazing Dictionary Feat word selected as performer is out of the room is divined by him, secret message inside pencil
1933 13
Tom Sellers Touch Counters several counters/chips of different colors in bag, initialed one found by performer
1933 14
Tom Sellers A Pretty Card Turnover air-pressure turnover in the hands, deck dropped and caught with same hand
1933 15
Tom Sellers A Color Change Handkerchief Box
1933 16
Tom Sellers The Phantom Poles of Pundit seven little sticks shown, two vanish cleanly
1933 17
Tom Sellers Throbit performer know whether addition result is odd or even, chip divination presentation
1933 18
Tom Sellers A Pretty Ribbon Effect two ribbons visibly transpose, apparatus
1933 19
Tom Sellers One Man Sealed Message Reading
1933 20
T. Page Wright Selected card passes between two phonograph records
Related to 1933 15
Tom Sellers Foreword
1934 2
Tom Sellers A New Jumping Card Trick jumps from pack
1934 3
Tom Sellers Steps unusual selection procedure
1934 3
Tom Sellers A Card From Pocket Trick
1934 4
Tom Sellers Card Divination spectator puts cards in pockets, performer divines selection from those
1934 5
Tom Sellers Behind Back Addition deck behind back, cards added via clip
1934 5
Tom Sellers On the Top four phases
Related to 1934 5
Tom Sellers A Trick with the Si Stebbins Pack selection divined by two cards (suit and value)
1934 6
Tom Sellers The Persistent Joker Ace through Ten are spelled, spectator always gets Joker
1934 7
Tom Sellers An Excellent Card Change
1934 7
Tom Sellers The Laughable Rising Card nose drags card up
1934 8
Tom Sellers Lift a Few spectator cuts cards and replaced, performer divines number of cards, two key cards come from sleeve
1934 8
Tom Sellers Unique Card Prediction sandwiched card matches prediction
1934 9
Tom Sellers Finding a Selected Card at Any Number Called For
  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 3
1934 10
Tom Sellers A Two Person Telepathy Effect any object coded with cards
1934 12
Tom Sellers Named Card and Slates named card vanishes from box and reappears between slates
Related toVariations 1934 13
Tom Sellers The Paired Card card from odd-backed deck matches prediction in glass
Related toVariations 1934 14
Tom Sellers A Practical Prediction
1934 15
Tom Sellers Adding Card with Envelope
1934 15
Tom Sellers Unique Control Card rubber spot on card
1934 16
Tom Sellers Stop! using hat with slit
1934 17
Tom Sellers Take It or Leave It selection remains in spectator's grip when deck is pulled out, variation of "hitting the pack" stunt
1934 18
Tom Sellers A Comedy Card Interlude color change routine with mismade cards (like half changed card)
1934 18
Tom Sellers The Cute Speller using packet with cards that spell with same number of letters
1934 20
Tom Sellers Foreword
1935 2
Tom Sellers A Quick Trick several cards with numbers
1935 3
Tom Sellers Match Monte finding burnt match between fingers
1935 4
Tom Sellers The Triple Chefalo Knot dissolving loop knot
1935 7
Tom Sellers A Numerical Exchange sum on two slips of paper exchange
1935 8
Tom Sellers Tear and Tear Again paper with letter is torn, letters spell selection
1935 10
Tom Sellers A Production Tube Idea using a fake hand
1935 10
Tom Sellers The Floral Banner "A pretty opening effect", flowers on silk become real
1935 11
Tom Sellers Bending a Pencil
1935 13
Tom Sellers A Vanishing Glass of Milk glass disappears from underneath handkerchief
1935 13
Tom Sellers Stretching a Rope
1935 14
Tom Sellers A Thimble Sleight
1935 15
Tom Sellers Mysterious Writing out to lunch
1935 16
Tom Sellers Neptune's Handkerchief dry silks produced from cylinder of water covered with phantom tube
1935 17
Tom Sellers A Surprise Opening with Cards confetti appears as deck is riffled
1935 18
Tom Sellers Novel Telepathy medium divines things in boxes, one ahead
1935 18
Tom Sellers Living and Dead billets on threads, only thread at dead name doesn't burn
1935 21
Tom Sellers The Floating Bullet steel ball floats on water
1935 22
Tom Sellers Matter Through Matter lapel travels inside bottle
1935 22
Tom Sellers New Magnetic Card card adheres to pencil
1935 23
Tom Sellers The New Method Coin Trick coin vanishes and audibly appears in covered cup
1935 24
Tom Sellers Death Flight! blank cards with names, card with dead name travels to another pile, envelopes, see page 172 for improvement by Andrew Brennan
Also published here Mar. 1936
The Jinx (Issue 18)
Tom Sellers Calendar Conjuring number effects with calendar sheets, see page 172 for improvement by Dr. Jacob Daley
Related toAlso published here Aug. 1936
The Jinx (Issue 23)
Tom Sellers The Whispering Speller cards in small packet are spelt apparently at random
1937 59
Tom Sellers The Joker Speller ten card packet, values are spelt out one by one, but when spectator tries it, he always gets the joker
Variations 1937 60
Tom Sellers Seller's Speller Idea any named card is spelled out with deck in pocket, pocket index
1937 63
The Double Card Prediction double backer
Related to 1937 126
Tom Sellers The One-Way Key
1937 165
Great Psychic Card Feat spectator marks card behind deck, divined, dummy pencil (Tom Sellers)
Related to 1937 301
Tom Sellers Card and Envelope card added from underneath envelope
1937 346
Tom Sellers The Magnetized Cards card attached to hand
1937 353
Tom Sellers Another Push Location key next to free selection
1938 36
Glenn G. Gravatt A Curious Coincidence two selections from two decks are put in a glass and match, menetekel deck & normal deck
Related to 1938 440
George Sutcliffe, Tom Sellers Repel-Attract matches move apart between fingers, rubber tubing
Variations 1939
The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1939)
Tom Sellers A Four Ace Move
Related to 1939
The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1939)
Tom Sellers Transforming Break into Step
The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1939)
Tom Sellers The Spirit Guide thought of number vanishes from a card, this number was predicted as well
1939 5
Tom Sellers A Paddle Routine with chalk, paddle gaff with two ends
1939 6
Tom Sellers The Impromptu Rising Card alternative handling with wax
1939 7
Tom Sellers The Elongated Cigarette
1939 7
Tom Sellers New Rising Cards deck wrapped in newspaper, duplicates
1939 8
Tom Sellers Flip Flap top half hurtles away and selection is seen face up
1939 9
Tom Sellers The Tell Tale Scytale prediction with a scytale
1939 9
Tom Sellers The Ribbon Pyramid confetti vanish in a bowl, ribbons appear which remain suspended in the form of a pyramid over the bowl
1939 10
Tom Sellers Two Silks Vanish three handkerchiefs in the closed hand, two vanish
1939 11
Tom Sellers Off And On Again ribbon is removed from a gift box and under cover the ribbon appear again tied around the box, shell
1939 11
Tom Sellers Change Over Cards two different colored cards in two envelopes change places
1939 12
Tom Sellers The Jumping Ring knotted ring jumps to another knot
Related to 1939 13
Tom Sellers The T.S. Find the Lady in the hands, gaffed
1939 16
Tom Sellers Winged Cigarettes cigarettes across with two bags, folding cigarettes
1939 17
Tom Sellers On Again - Off again linking and unlinking safety pins
Also published here 1939 18
Tom Sellers Balls and Pillar two balls with a hole are slid over a pillar, a third ball vanishes and appears between the others
1939 18
Tom Sellers An Old Trick Simplified three spectator select a color disc and an amount of business cards, all is divined
1939 20
Tom Sellers The Winner name of racehorses in envelopes, one is predicted
1939 22
Tom Sellers It's Just Chance - Another Version five envelopes, with a stand
1939 23
Tom Sellers The Name of the Slate slate is covered with white chalk, when washed, name of card remains, flap
1939 23
Tom Sellers Living and Dead rough/glazed paper
1939 24
Tom Sellers, Val Evans Forced Prognostico selection appears on blank card
VariationsAlso published here Feb. 1940
The Jinx (Issue 79)
Tom Sellers Credit Card Force on another card
Related to Feb. 1940
The Jinx (Issue 79)
Paul Curtis Equiloball ball balances on rope
Related to 1940
The Jinx (Issue 106)
Thirteen of Magic, Stanley Collins, Tom Sellers A Trick routine with vanishes and productions of three silks, also featuring a small mirror tube/box for silk productions by Tom Sellers
The Jinx (Issue 111)
Tom Sellers The Shooting Pellet signed paper jumps from tin
1941 2
Tom Sellers Easy Ropes and Rings intro for the rope and rings trick
1941 2
Tom Sellers A Different Ring Release penetration of several small rings from a string
1941 3
Tom Sellers The Milk Goes Down milk vanishes step by step and visible from a glass and appears in second glass placed in a hat
1941 4
Tom Sellers Silks From Confetti confetti in cups transform into ribbons
1941 4
Tom Sellers Oriental Cut and Restored ribbon in wooden frame is cut and restored, gaffed
1941 5
Tom Sellers The T.S. Safety Rice Bowls
1941 5
Tom Sellers Think Of A Card
1941 6
Tom Sellers A Good Prediction spectator inserts a knife into the deck, card is forced
1941 7
Tom Sellers A Novel Colour Change
1941 7
Tom Sellers A Different Pass with palming
1941 7
Tom Sellers A False Count
1941 10
Tom Sellers Matching the Colours two packets of five colored cards, matching with the spectator
1941 10
Tom Sellers Telepathy Simplified spectator writes something on a piece of paper and later burns it, the content is divined
1941 11
Tom Sellers Paper Switch switching a piece of paper on a pad, wax
1941 11
Tom Sellers Graphology Supreme five spectators write the same word
1941 12
Tom Sellers A Different Stretching Rope metal hook on back
1941 13
Tom Sellers Giant Match Trick match grows under handkerchief
1941 13
Tom Sellers An Easily Worked "Stung" Trick in an envelope, sucker trick
1941 14
Tom Sellers Sun and Moon with paper, center sections transpose
Related to 1941 15
Tom Sellers Bottle, Glass an Discs discs, bottle and glass change places under tubes
1941 15
Tom Sellers Foreword
1942 2
Tom Sellers Through the Eye of a Needle needle threaded in dark while wrists held
1942 3
Tom Sellers Repeat Torn Paper
1942 3
Tom Sellers The Restored Spill wooden stick
1942 3
Tom Sellers Sex Detection
1942 4
Tom Sellers Number Prediction
1942 5
Tom Sellers Dictionary Test using cards with page numbers
1942 5
Tom Sellers A Sliding Card Frame die box with card and a frame
1942 6
Tom Sellers The Rising Cards fake thumb and houlette
1942 7
Tom Sellers A Card Flourish bent-in-half palm
1942 7
Tom Sellers A Colour Force change bag type
1942 8
Tom Sellers A Different "Pick-It-Out" Trick three card monte with three pieces of paper
1942 8
Tom Sellers Burnt and Restored piece of tissue
1942 9
Tom Sellers Blendo
1942 11
Tom Sellers Word Magic book changes into long paper with word
1942 12
Tom Sellers Four Colour Change Pencil
1942 12
Tom Sellers Copper to Silver
1942 13
Tom Sellers Hand to Hand three coins
1942 13
Tom Sellers Coin from Smoke coin in mouth
1942 14
Tom Sellers A Deceptive Coin Pass multiple coins put on sleeve momentarily to show hands empty
1942 14
Tom Sellers Passe Passe Coins silver coin in envelope transposes with gold coin in another envelope
1942 14
Tom Sellers The Separated Coins many silver and gold coins mixed in pail, separated by touch
1942 15
Tom Sellers Penetration coins in glass, handkerchief on top, coins travel through it on top
1942 16
Tom Sellers Coins and Paper matrix type assembly for stage presentation
1942 17
Tom Sellers Rising and Revolving Candle thread
1942 18
Tom Sellers Preface
1943 3
Tom Sellers Magnetised Cards cling to hand
1943 5
Tom Sellers Blue Sympathy named card reverses itself in second deck
1943 5
Tom Sellers Dissolving Knots
1943 6
Tom Sellers Cups and Balls Notion water finale for cups and balls
1943 7
Tom Sellers Parasol Exchange Tube
1943 8
Tom Sellers The Egg Bag Again net bag, eggs appear visibly
1943 9
Tom Sellers Diminishing Coins elaborate gaffs
1943 10
Tom Sellers Double Fan for Fan Workers splitting a fan in two
1943 11
Tom Sellers The "T.S." Knife to load an envelope
1943 11
Tom Sellers The Match Jumper jumps from hand into air
1943 12
Tom Sellers The Quickie Handkerchief Tube
1943 12
Tom Sellers Postal Order Restoration
1943 13
Tom Sellers Note in Beer Bottle
1943 14
Tom Sellers A Useful Card Flourish palm transfer while holding cards
1943 15
Tom Sellers Tip for the Miser's Dream using brush
1943 15
Tom Sellers Borrowed Note in Candle gimmicked knife
1943 16
Tom Sellers Productive Goblets silk and liquid produced from goblets
1943 17
Tom Sellers A Useful Thumb Tie
1943 18
Tom Sellers The Change-Over Aces two cards, each sandwiched, they transpose, glide
Related toVariations 1943 18
Tom Sellers Magic Links several small rings link
1943 19
Tom Sellers The Patriotic Vial mini blendo with tissue paper inside small bottle
1943 20
Tom Sellers Two Card Rise
1943 21
Tom Sellers Passe Passe Handkerchief two silks in glasses in hats change places
1943 22
Tom Sellers Cigarette Through Handkerchief
1943 23
Tom Sellers Torn and Restored Strip
1943 24
Tom Sellers You Can't Keep a Good Man Down three cards change on pack, "showing how Hitler and Mussolini tried to jump on Churchill, but Mr. Churchill came out on top"
1943 24
Tom Sellers The Shooting Card from pack
1943 25
Tom Sellers New Slate Writing writing appears on examined slate
1943 26
Tom Sellers Ace, King and a Pocket performer divines whether ace or king is in spectator's pocket
1943 26
Tom Sellers Creepy Creepy 20th Century using change bag
1943 27
Tom Sellers Birds and Cases packet trick with birds and cages on them
1943 28
Tom Sellers Night-Cap candle vanishes, reappears lighted from pocket
1943 29
Tom Sellers Rabbit and Hat rabbit appears on top of cardboard hat
1943 30
Tom Sellers The Mystic Imp packet with word cards, spectator shifts cards corresponding to number of letters, word divined
1943 31
Tom Sellers Foreword
1943 3
Tom Sellers The Disjointed Finger finger apparently disjointed with a cracking sound, spectator feels disjoint
1943 4
Tom Sellers Ashes of the Sun four strips of different-colored paper, they are burned one by one but the chosen colored strip floats up
1943 4
Tom Sellers Block and Ribbon Penetration ribbon through holes of a square tube, block drops through tube and is then threaded onto ribbon
1943 5
Tom Sellers More Beads on a String beads dropped in narrow glass container, they are strung together when removed
1943 6
Tom Sellers Burnt and Restored strip of paper
1943 6
Tom Sellers Tape Through the Wrist
1943 7
Tom Sellers Sympathetic Light cigarette in pocket ignites itself in sympathy when another cigarette is lit
1943 8
Tom Sellers A Ring Release
1943 9
Tom Sellers A New Thumb Tie
1943 9
Tom Sellers Coin and Handkerchief coin vanishes in handkerchief, duplicate produced from elsewhere
1943 12
Tom Sellers Cut and Restored Rope extra piece
1943 12
Tom Sellers Easy Diminishing Cards
1943 13
Tom Sellers Impromptu Card Rising cards rise one by one from deck with two offset halves
1943 14
Tom Sellers Two Person Card Code position of case on table as code, siltent
1943 14
Tom Sellers The Penetrative Coins four coins penetrate the hand one by one
1943 15
Tom Sellers Novel Re-Appearing Coin coin vanishes and travels along string onto handkerchief on table
1943 16
Tom Sellers Silent Change-Over for Several Coins
1943 16
Tom Sellers Ace-King Passe Passe four Aces in one glass transpose with four Kings in another, eight duplicates with backs that match the tray surface
1943 17
Tom Sellers The "T.S." Glass Penetration glass sheet penetration with table and frame
1943 18
Tom Sellers A Good-Night Cigar cigar pulled apart, silk with "Good Night" message appears
1943 20
Tom Sellers Death Flight blank cards with names, card with dead name travels to another pile, envelopes
Also published here 1944 43
Tom Sellers Calendar Conjuring number effects with calendar sheets
Also published here 1944 133
Tom Sellers, Val Evans Forced Prognostico selection appears on blank card, with Tom Sellers' Forcing Gaff
Also published here 1944 288
Bruce Elliott, Tom Sellers, Stanley Collins Combo one of three cards vanishes from an envelope and appears in a series of envelopes
Mar. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 80)
Milbourne Christopher X-04 Thumb Penetration rope through thumb
Related toVariations May 1948
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 5 No. 12)
Dr. Stanley Jaks Jaks' Subtlest Secret word is encircled on clipboard, duplicate page under carbon paper
Related toVariationsAlso published here Feb. 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 223)
Magic Squares Three by three square drawn on calendar, magician is told smallest number in square, can then divine total sum of the nine dates in the square
Related toVariations 1956 48
Tony Corinda, Theodore Annemann The Crossword Puzzle page marked with big X, word in center memorized and page torn
Related to 1959 211
Eddie Clever, Tom Sellers (c) The Magazine Test marking the page with an X
1959 25
Twice Predicted spectator pushes a card reversed in the deck, the cards on either side are predicted
Related to 1959 4
Tom Sellers Note and the Jar bill travels into sealed jar
1960 14
Tom Sellers Novelty Dice Prediction prediction of sum of several sides of dice
1960 25
Tom Sellers Predicted from the Papers word on a newspaper cutting is selected and predicted, with box
1960 26
Tom Sellers An Unusual Prediction prediction of a card and a town
1960 54
Tom Sellers A Pseudo Memory Feat cities and numbers, on cards, when spectator names city performer knows number
1960 66
Tom Sellers One Ahead Number Effect five spectators write a number and their initials on cards, cards are put in a box performer divines all
1960 67
Tom Sellers Discs of Diabolo prediction of three digit number, six spectators write a number and paper is put in a box, selected box matches prediction
1960 69
Tom Sellers A Torn Centre Idea tape on note pad
Related to 1960 105
Ken Beale $pell any coin is used to spell a card
Inspired by
  • Tom Sellers item in The Gen, Nov. 1953
June 1960
Ibidem (Issue 21)
Charlie Miller Sun and Moon borrowed handkerchief, center sections transpose
Related to 1961 81
P. Howard Lyons No Crap multiple out, one out of six prediction with matches
Inspired byRelated to Sep. 1962
Ibidem (Issue 26)
Tom Sellers Oben immer Oben several phases
Related to 1965
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 26 No. 6)
Ben Christopher Foregone Conclusion six matches, spectator choses any number of matches, number predicted by die in matchbox
Inspired byRelated to Dec. 1966 72
Raymond Hafler Travelling Ring ring knotted on rope jumps to two other knots
Related to 1967 44
Tom Sellers Novel Silk Vanish silk vanishes from matchbox covers
Also published here Jan. 1968 152
J. W. Sarles Money Lender
Inspired by
  • "It's Only Chance" (Tom Sellers, Novel Necromancy)
Dec. 1968 232
Tom Sellers, Rolf Andra The Paired Card card from odd-backed deck matches prediction in glass
Inspired by 1968
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 29 No. 1)
Alton Sharpe, Tom Sellers, Victor Farelli Turn Me Over a number of cards turns over distributed throughout deck corresponding with value of selection
1969 77
Tom Sellers Envelope Marking System just to mark the different one
1969 49
Alan Brown Black Widow two initialed cards change place in sandwich cards, see also p. 270 and p. 276 for ideas by John Hudak, Bill Zavis and Fulves
Related toVariations May 1969 255
Juan Tamariz Transmutación coin is supposed to vanish in handkerchief, becomes copper coin instead
Inspired by
  • idea of Tom Sellers' "The Gen", Vol. 17 No. 5, p. 126
1969 26
Jerry Mentzer Center-Steal 'Steal' double sided tape on pad
Related to 1970
Magick (Issue 7)
Tom Sellers, Rolf Andra Magazin Test marking the page with an X
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 31 No. 4)
Tom Sellers, Rolf Andra The Between Prediction card is placed unseen between aces and sandwich placed in the deck, prediction of card
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 32 No. 6)
Tom Sellers Want Ad Test apparently contents of newspaper ads memorized (Stanley Jaks presentation), see also p. 565
Related to May 1972 520
Tom Sellers Up and Down with dealing cards face-up and face-down
1972 136