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Victor Farelli How to "Fan" the Pack reverse fan or spreading action to hide arrangement
1931 15
Ralph W. Hull The Fan one-handed, every other card hidden naturally
1933 18
Charles Eastman Reverse Fan - All White reverse pressure fan
1933 9
The Expanding and Diminishing Cards in several stages, vanish finale
1935 118
Red or Black deck of all black cards becomes all red, face-up face-down alternating cards as impromptu rough-smooth principle
1937 231
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin Diminishing Cards fans
1938 12
Dr. Jacob Daley Snap!! "A Quick Trick", card appears out-jogged from fan, with "take any card" gag by Daley
Also published here 1938 11
Reverse Blank Fan
1939 31
Louis Zingone Reverse Supreme mental reverse, bluff spacing in fan
Related toVariations 1940 344
Louis Zingone Block of Reversed Cards Hidden in Fan tight fan
1940 345
The Diminishing Cards - Sleight of Hand Method
1941 48
Tom Sellers Double Fan for Fan Workers splitting a fan in two
1943 11
Del Monte New Color Change of a Giant Card Fan with fanning cards
1945 132
Edward G. Love The Blank Fank reverse fan, one-handed
1946 18
Edward G. Love, Sidney Smith Flash Fan back design of fan transforms
1946 30
Paul LePaul An Instantaneous Palm Flourish fan production
1949 115
Paul LePaul A Card Fan Flourish fan production
1949 119
Paul LePaul The Hand Picked Aces bluff spacing in fan
Related toVariations 1949 199
Lee Grabel Two Grabel Mysteries spectator reads other spectator's mind, reverse fan to force card
Related to 1951 25
Edward Marlo Delayed Fan Control step fan, as Triple Peek Control, two methods
1952 83
Mary Kinson, Lewis Ganson Fan See Card double-fan, outer layer ripped off except selection
VariationsAlso published here 1954 220
Tony Kardyro "The T. K's Pivot" and the Selected Card Removal Flourish fan in hand, named card is pushed and jogged to the left, fan closed and card ends up out-jogged
1955 19
Tony Kardyro The Comedy Force card appears sticking out of fan as gag as spectator reaches for a card and fan is closed, using previous flourish
1955 19
Jerry Andrus A Swivel Change Extra one-handed fan with out-jogged double
1956 20
Jerry Andrus A Utility Fan Move back card dragged to other side, faces towards spectators, reverse cull
Also published here 1956 72
Jerry Andrus A Blank Deck Idea selection found, rest of deck shown blank, reverse fan and hiding pips with other card
1956 130
Edward Marlo Faro Fan Constraint to apparently give a free choice to think of a card, but only half the cards are visible
1964 23
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan
1964 53
Edward Marlo, Alex Elmsley Marlo's Faro Jogs handling possibilities for Alex Elmsley's Faro Fan idea
  • Five Methods
  • Side Jog to Angle Jog
  • Angle Jog to Side Jog
  • Table Faro Angle Jog
  • Up Jogging the Reversed Card (two methods)
Inspired byRelated to 1964 54
Edward Marlo Tabled Faro Fan Set-Up using table faro or only even riffle shuffle to get into Faro Fan configuration
Related to 1964 59
Alex Elmsley, Edward Marlo Thumb-Fan Hide-Out jogged card, as switch
1968 100
Tom Batchelor The Double Backed Fan all backs faro fan
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1967-68)
Tom Batchelor The Bottom to Top Swivel card transferred from bottom to top while closing fan
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1967-68)
The Two Handed Blank Fan
1969 90
Edward Marlo Jog Fan handling for pressure fan with jog(s)
1970 56
Edward Marlo The Insertion Method: As a Multiple Control cards fanned with four jogged cards, delayed, overhand shuffle
Related to 1970 58
Edward Marlo Fantastic Fingertip Controls with step fan, and one hand closing of fan, see also page 85 for "Added Notes on the One Hand Closing of the Fan"
1970 60
Edward Marlo right-hand pressure fan notes reverse fan applications, hiding face-up cards in face-down fan, All Backs, ..., right-handed pressure fan suggested by Frank Shields
VariationsAlso published here Summer 1970
Hierophant (Issue 4)
Dai Vernon Vernon's Peek Glimpse Push-Over No. 1, partial reverse fan used to glimpse a card either near top or near bottom
1972 7
Dai Vernon Vernon's Four Ace Trick Introduction No. 26, reversed Aces not seen in reverse fan, then they appear face up with regular fan
Related to 1972 12
Dai Vernon Vernon's Fan Peek Glimpse No. 98, glimpse with step fan, from behind by bending corner
Related to 1972 29
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Peek "Open and Shut" Reverse Fan Location No. 122, peek, then step fan as delay, then cut
Related to 1972 36
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Fake Ace Placement No. 196, Aces inserted into fan all end up on top, perhaps slid all the way in until they are out and riding under/behind the fan?!
Related to 1972 47
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Note No. 240, card appears out-jogged from fan, with "take any card" gag by Daley
Also published here 1972 61
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Estimating Peek: 3) Daley's Estimate No. 337-3, card peeked at, deck fanned (step fan), then performer spreads through cards and finds selection face down
1972 95
Rolland Hamblen Hamblein's Move In Stripping Four Aces No. 403, perhaps misspelled "Hamblen", delayed strip-out idea for multiple shift, cards fanned with four in-jogged cards
Related to 1972 110
Dr. Jacob Daley Acme Four Ace Routine In Fan No. 532, four Aces lost in fan and found, without multiple shift by placing Aces at specific positions
1972 149
Dr. Jacob Daley Peek-Fan-Side Jog Location No. 544, step fan after peek, Daley variation with two breaks/steps
1972 153
Sam Leo Horowitz Horowitz's Reverse Principle In White Border Cards No. 590, using reverse fan and cards that are reversed in deck, application not clear
1972 165
Jerry Andrus Double Fan deck beveled into pointed configuration
1973 24
Alex Elmsley, Edward Marlo Faro Fan
  • 1st Discard - In the Hands
  • 2nd Discard - On the Table
  • 1st Technique - in the Hands
  • 2nd Technique
1974 117
Jerry Andrus Basic Utility Fan Move
Also published here 1976 48
Stephen Minch A Light Fandango selection rises from fan, wiggles and goes back down, then vanishes from deck
1977 37
Audley Walsh Fan Bluff Spacing cards inserted close together seem to be widely separated
1977 67
Juan Tamariz Baraja en Cinta color changing sequence with fanning cards
1977 84
Warren Wiersbe Pressure Fan with step after peek
1978 72
Lewis Ganson Double Fan Separation
1978 17
Lewis Ganson The Flash Change with a card fan deck
1978 19
Lewis Ganson Fan False Shuffle
1978 29
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan
Apr. 1979
Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Steve Beam Split Fan fan splits in the middle as soon as spectator tries to take a card, gag
Also published here 1979 15
Steve Beam Split Fan fan splits in the middle as soon as spectator tries to take a card, gag
Also published here 1980 4
Faro Fan
1981 67
Bluff Fan Multiple Shift bluff spacing, all go to the bottom
1981 125
Walt Lees Bluff Spacing Multiple Shift into fan
Inspired by 1981 5
Jon Racherbaumer Drawing a Blank tips on the reverse fan
1982 58
Jon Racherbaumer Jog-Podge Control finessed, with fan
1982 125
Small Packet Fan Faro
1982 260
Step Fan
1983 150
Frank Simon, Paul LePaul Bluff Spacing Fan
Inspired by 1983 73
Martin A. Nash Disarming Hide-Out fanning deck while cards are in Gambler's Cop
1984 48
Martin A. Nash Disarming Hide-Out fanning deck while cards are in Gambler's Cop
Jan. 1984
Apocalypse (Vol. 7 No. 1)
Faro Fan
May 1984
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 6)
Dai Vernon Mental Five one of five, using pressure fan hideout
Inspired by Spring 1985
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 3 No. 25, 26 & 27)
Dai Vernon, Max Malini Peek Control holding break as deck is balanced on fingers, then step fan (1939)
Related to 1985 29
Frederick Braue Braue Fan Jog fan with a retained jogged card
1985 17
Sliding Key Force card under fan
1985 22
Frederick Braue Telemagic spectator finds another spectator's card in a corner of the room
(a.) card reversed
(b.) reverse fan
  • Braue's new method with double facer
Related to 1985 13
Dan MacMillan Pressure Fan Cull during the square up
Variations 1986 61
Edward Marlo Olram's Fan Cull
Inspired by 1986 71
John Bannon The Cleaved Deck intro on faro fan ideas
1986 22
Alex Elmsley, John Bannon False False Shuffle faro fan
  • False False Shuffle Notes
Also published here 1986 23
John Bannon II. The Cleaved Deck Location red and black cards openly separated, one card chosen and replaced in other half, halves shuffles together to apparently lose it, performer names card, faro fan
Variations 1986 24
John Bannon III. Impromptu Stooge Swindle variation in which a spectator names the selection, faro fan
Inspired by 1986 25
John Bannon IV. The Cleaved Deck Discovery combination of previous routines, openly red-black separated deck, card location, instant mixing finale, faro fan
1986 25
Juan Tamariz Concealment in Left Hand Fan TPC
1989/91 36
Alex Elmsley, John Bannon False False Shuffle faro fan
Also published here 1991 27
Alex Elmsley Jog Fan brief
Oct. 1991
The Olram File (Issue 10)
Judson S. Brown Reverse Triumph cards shown all one way, then suddenly every other card is reversed, reverse fan to hide alternating condition
1991 147
Bluff Spacing Fan Distribution cards together but look apart
1992 35
Bill Kalush Almost Immediately card taken from fan is known instantly, faro fan
July 1993
Apocalypse (Vol. 16 No. 7)
Bluff Spacing Fan Distribution
Feb. 1993
Profile (Issue 12)
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan
Variations 1994 341
Juan Tamariz Concealment in Left Hand Fan
1994 10
Darwin Ortiz Biased Pressure Fan reverse fan version
Related to 1995 51
The Reverse One-handed Fan with blank application
1995 182
Reverse Fan spectator names card when looking at (reverse) fan
Related toAlso published here 1997 4
The Amateur Mindreader spectator names card when looking at (reverse) fan
Also published here 1997 8
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan
1997 21
David Solomon Right-Handed Triumph faced deck, biased pressure fan
Also published here 1997 145
Andrew Wimhurst The Fan Control fanning with four jogged cards, delayed multiple shift
Related to 1998 7
Dai Vernon Fan and Step
1998 536
Paul LePaul The LePaul Automatic Jog-Control
1998 538
The Diagonal Insertion and Fan
1998 540
Mary Kinson, Lewis Ganson Die Fächerkarte double-fan, outer layer ripped off except selection
Also published here 1998
Intermagic (Vol. 22 No. 2)
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan
1999 31
David Regal Reverse Fan Placement reverse fan with face-up cards as pointers to insert cards
Related to 1999 20
Baltazar Fuentes Cutting the Aces Aces put in different positions in fan with some fake spacing, found
1999 28
Steve Silverman Card reversal deck is fanned face out and turned over onto bottom cards
Labyrinth (Issue 9)
Mary Kinson, Lewis Ganson Fan See Card double-fan, outer layer ripped off except selection
Also published here 1999 38
Chuck Smith The Regular Double-Fan force application, also for half forcing deck
2000 12
Chuck Smith The Regular Reverse Fan double fan application
2000 14
Neal Elias Peek & Cut Control peek, then fan with step and cut
Inspired byRelated to 2000 13
Paul Curry Fan Force with reverse fan
2001 284
Steve Beam The Ripper two cards are lost and found using incomplete faro fan and Mary Kinson's "Fan-See Card"
Inspired byAlso published here 2001 14
David Regal Hidden Face-up Cards in Face-Down Reverse Fan
Related to 2002 76
Darwin Ortiz Biased Pressure Fan half the deck face-up, looks face down
Related to 2002 190
Thomas Baxter The Fan Cop
2002 21
Bob King Four Card Control cards inserted in fan with crimp (bluff spacing), then overhand shuffle sequence
2002 6
Dai Vernon Fan with Step
2003 54
Allan Ackerman The HP Action Hidden Packet maneuver, underneath thumb fan
2005 9
Allan Ackerman The HP Half Pass Hidden Packet maneuver, under cover of thumb fan
2005 11
Kostya Kimlat Breaking Glances "Work with the Marlo Fingertip Flesh Break"
  • The Basic Technique
  • Touches
    • The Closed-Deck Convincer
    • Creating a Step
    • The Fan Peek
    • Outer Peeks
  • Continuations
    • Riffle Force
    • Overhand Shuffle
    • Riffle Shuffle
    • Hindu Shuffle
    • Pulp Friction
    • Marlo's Ruse
Related to May 2005
Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Harry Riser The Riser-Zingone Four-Card Control four cards put in fan in different spots, bluff spacing and faro
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MUM, April 2001
2006 126
Edward Marlo Faro Jog setting up for Alex Elmsley's faro fan
Related to 2006 161
Steve Beam Reverse Blank Fan
2006 59
Steve Beam The Fertilizer Spreader forcing a card from a spread, reverse spread
  • Triple Strength Fertilizer Spreader
  • Surplus Fertilizer
2006 226
Hideout Move card hidden behind fan
2007 62
Kevin Ho Repainted Blank fan visually changes to fan with indices
2008 54
Hidden Face-up Cards in Face-Down Reverse Fan cards inserted next to them
2009 58
Blank Reverse Fan tip
2010 4
Faro Fan
2011 61
Reverse Fan
2013 24
Cardini Cardini's Vanishing Stripe using Cardini / Peaux Deaux cards, strip of card fan disappears
2013 70
Allan Ackerman HP Move displacement of packet under fan, "Hidden Packet"
2014 226
Steve Beam El Desgarrador two cards are lost and found using incomplete faro fan and Mary Kinson's "Fan-See Card"
Inspired byAlso published here 2014 10
Abanico de Dorsos faro fan for All Backs
2014 107
Allec Blanco Crimped Fan Corner crimp during one handed fan
2015 4
Yves Carbonnier Le Contrôle en Éventail
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 2016 28
Paul LePaul Controle des Trois Cartes three card control, bluff spacing in fan
Related to 2016 4
Frank Shields Right-Handed Pressure Fan suggestion
Also published here 2017
Facsimile (Issue 6)
Jack Carpenter Scarne's Dream deck is fanned and instantly four outjogged Aces appear in fan
Variations 2017 47
Michael Feldman Dangerous Bonus stripper deck face-up/face-down, cards pulled out and faro-fan made as display
2017 148
Steve Beam The Ripper two cards are lost and found using Mary Kinson's "Fan-See Card"
Inspired byAlso published here 2017 33
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan
2018 104
Johnny Thompson Brainweave Force Deck faro fan
2018 105
Harry Riser Fan with Break pressure fan with break, results in step
2018 101
Paul Vigil, Forcing from a Bank
  • faro fan, one of twenty cards thought of
  • secret incomplete faro peek
2018 177
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan
2018 65
Asi Wind Folded Under Pressure fourths, fan cover
Inspired by 2018 121
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan
2018 85
Fan hide-out reversed card in fan is positioned so it is unseen on either side of fan
2018 203
Packet vanish with fan manipulator’s vanish of packet by waving fan over it
2018 203
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan
2019 22
Yves Carbonnier Le Contrôle en Éventail
Inspired byAlso published here 2019 144
Tom Gagnon Four-Flushed Multiple Shift Aces inserted one by one, then one-handed fan before completing multiple shift in hands or on table
Inspired byRelated to 2019 252
Step Fan
Silhouette (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Carlos Vaquera My Fan Control fanning cards and closing fan again while retaining jog, classic handling
2019 283
Allan Ackerman HP Multiple Shift "Hidden Packet", with fan displacement
Inspired by May 2020
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 1 (Spring #2))
Marty Kane Trickle-Down Theory card apparently flutters from the top to the bottom of a face-down fan
2020 197
Lorenz Schär Fan Fiction production of a card in a fan, also as a finish for an Ace Assembly
Inspired by 2020 312
Tony Binarelli Millennium Supermentalism a spectator finds another spectators's selections, jumbo index mixed with normal index
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Aug. 2007
2022 644