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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Ziska The Transposed Cards done with full deck, performer divines the number of cards put form one half to another
Related toVariations 1909 49
Coincidence Extraordinary piles are made, number of cards in a pile is divined, mathematical
Related to 1937 187
Rolland Hamblen Necromantic Calculation
Inspired by 1937 187
Rolland Hamblen A Trick Without a Clue selection and number of counted cards are divined, set-up
Related toVariations 1937 193
Rolland Hamblen Invisible Flight signed card travels into different sealed deck
1937 288
Rolland Hamblen Blind Man's Bluff about ten selections are located blindfolded
1937 289
Franklin M. Chapman In the Fourth Dimension suit chosen, deck shuffled and first card of that suit removed, repeat for second card, prediction of suit and both values in Brema bill tube
Inspired by
  • idea by Rolland Hamblen
1937 5
Rolland Hamblen Do As I Do
1938 281
Rolland Hamblen 85¢ Through the Table (The $1.35 Trick) several coins through handkerchief and table, $1.35 shell set
1952 241
Nate Leipzig, Rolland Hamblen The Stack of Quarters six quarters covered with cone transform into pennies, quarters are found in the hand
1952 253
Rolland Hamblen Coin in Ball of Wool and Nest of Boxes entertaining routine with trick funnel and magic awl
1952 299
Rolland Hamblen Routine No. 16 with boston and lippincott coin box
1952 349
Rolland Hamblen, Charlie Miller, U. F. Grant Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 9 spectator remembers card and its position, card stabbed in deck, its value used to count down and find selection
1961 20
Rolland Hamblen A Surprising Routine marked coin, silver extracted and becomes transparent, original coin in box
1966 428
Rolland Hamblen The Photo Coins coin travels from one hand to other, paper between coins, selected card appears on paper
1966 475
Edward Marlo The Insertion Method: As a Multiple Control cards fanned with four jogged cards, delayed, overhand shuffle
Related to 1970 58
Rolland Hamblen Hamblein's Move In Stripping Four Aces No. 403, perhaps misspelled "Hamblen", delayed strip-out idea for multiple shift, cards fanned with four in-jogged cards
Related to 1972 110
Larry Jennings, Rolland Hamblen Meta-ssembly Aces change to Kings in an apparent repeat
Inspired by
  • Rolland Hamblen routine in Genii, Feb. 1982
Also published here
Jan./Feb. 1984
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 17 & 18)
Rolland Hamblen Card Routine description of ten card location routine (1936)
1985 16
Rolland Hamblen Card Location Ten Card Location routine
1. Say Stop
2. Spell Out
3. Spring Location
4. Stabbed Card
5. The fifth card
6. Stabbed Cards
7. Card through handkerchief
8. - 10. catch from shower
1985 17
Rolland Hamblen Cards that Change Color red and blue deck, named card removed from one and two cards from other deck, backs of named card with one of the others transpose
1985 7
Rolland Hamblen Alignment Move precursor
1985 8
Rolland Hamblen Card Through Handkerchief (1940)
1985 30
Al Leech Spell and Count simplified handling (Clue trick originally from Sept. 1966 MUM)
Inspired by 2004 28
Justin Higham A Dream Without a Clue
Inspired by 2011 40
Larry Jennings, Rolland Hamblen Meta-Ssembly Aces change to Kings in an apparent repeat
Also published here 2020 545