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Nate Leipzig The Ubiquitous Cards three peeked-at cards, three times stop trick performed, last time with spectator dealing, with variation with numbers instead of "stop"
Related toVariations 1909 157
Nate Leipzig Fifth Method Aces signed
1909 218
Nate Leipzig Sixth Method Aces vanish from deck, reappear via Slap Aces
Variations 1909 219
Nate Leipzig Side Palm
1909 221
Nate Leipzig Slap Change
1909 221
Charles T. Jordan The Spirit Mathematician No. 2, half deck in performer's pocket, card with same suit and cards who add up to same domination as selection are produced, binary (Ace, Two, Four, Eight)
Related toVariations 1920 5
Nate Leipzig The "Double Waterfall" Shuffle
1933 16
Nate Leipzig The Longitudinal Grip how to hold the deck with card in classic palm
1933 54
Nate Leipzig A Clean Slip
1933 64
Nate Leipzig What a Great Magician has to say about Scarne about John Scarne
1933 5
Nate Leipzig Leipzig gambling exhibition cards remembered in first deal, dealt to oneself with second deals
1933 10
Nate Leipzig Another Poker Problem Tens to Aces removed, wanted hands dealt, then Royal Flushs
1933 41
Theodore Annemann December 1934 on Fred Keating, performing venues, Nate Leipzig, Gally Gally
Dec. 1934
The Jinx (Issue 3)
Nate Leipzig A Novel Reverse Discovery second phase of Leipzig Opener
Related to 1935 96
Dr. Jacob Daley (reviewer) Modern Magic Programs No. 4 by Nate Leipzig Apr. 1937
The Jinx (Issue 31)
Nate Leipzig The Flying Card when doing waterfall flourish, only selection drops to floor
1938 231
John Northern Hilliard VI. Nate Leipzig Card Stars of the U.S.A. intro
1938 559
Nate Leipzig Five Hands
Variations 1938 560
Nate Leipzig The Sympathetic Clubs double facers
Related to 1938 562
Herbert Milton Sympathetic Clubs twelve double facers
Related toAlso published here Feb. 1939
The Jinx (Issue 53)
Nate Leipzig The "Slap" Aces Aces vanish from pack and reappear
1940 244
Nate Leipzig The "Slap" Aces holding fan while palming
1940 246
Nate Leipzig From the Pen of Leipzig two shuffled decks are covered with handkerchiefs, performer removes a card with each hand, they match
Jan. 1940
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 7)
Oscar "Oscarelli" Rey Ex Partibus Mundi on Nate Leipzig, Le Poilu Physic, Robelly, eating candles, Cortini, F. W. Conradi, Walter Sperling, Dr. Wilsmann, Will Nicol, Menite, Hermann & Weber
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Penetrating Card Fake using blank-backed card
Also published here 1941
The Jinx (Issue 124)
Nate Leipzig Card through Handkerchief through handkerchief laid on the table
1943/27 255
Nate Leipzig Double Reverse
1943/27 265
Nate Leipzig Kneesy! as Nate Leipsig, coin on knee vanish
Related to Sep. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 69)
Arthur Punnar The Fist Coin Routine about four coins put in fist vanish, back clip
Inspired by Oct. 1945 157
Nate Leipzig The Slap Change
Early Marlo (Issue Marlo's Discoveries)
Frederick Braue Roundabout on Jean Hugard, George Kaplan, John Scarne, Nate Leipzig, Nelson Downs, Al Keene, John Crimmins, Audley Walsh, Gerald Kaufman, George Karger, Dai Vernon, S.A.M. Show, Al Baker, Joe Berg, Kellar, Trenis Jones, Abril Lamarque, Frakson, Paul Fleming, Devant and more
July 1946 236
Nate Leipzig Slate Move apparently showing all four sides of two slates blank
1948 219
Frederick Braue Cardtration card penetrates performer's hand, handling
Inspired by May 1948
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 5 No. 12)
U. F. Grant Generally Speaking on Al Flosso, Nate Leipzig, John Scarne and movie star Chester Morris, Jim Wheeler, Professor Kreiger
Apr. 1949 2
Cardini, Dai Vernon, Nate Leipzig, Francis Carlyle, Martin Gardner, John Scarne The Initials Will Tell No. 38, Initials of chosen card appears on spectator's palm (sugar + pencil)
1950 68
Nate Leipzig, Dai Vernon, John Mulholland, Francis Carlyle The Piano Card Trick No. 98
1950 187
Harry Houdini, Nate Leipzig, Harry Levine Affinity in Numbers No. 110, after some mental calculation, the two digits of the total match the values of two selected cards
Variations 1950 212
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Pocket Card Trick No. 121, performer finds spectator's selection and divines number of cards in spectator's pocket
1950 235
Nate Leipzig The Complementary Cards No. 130, card with same suit and cards who add up to the value as thought-of card are produced from performer's pocket. Uses A,2,4,6 (instead of standard A,2,4,8).
Related toVariations 1950 250
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Sympathetic Cards No. 137, from two decks placed under handkerchiefs, performer removes matching cards
1950 265
Bill Simon Sitting Bull seated, coin on leg is vanished and reproduced
Related toAlso published here Apr. 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 226)
Nate Leipzig Card Stab
Related to 1952 7
Nate Leipzig Glimpsing The Cards why to glimpse
1952 17
Nate Leipzig, Victor Farelli Using a "Key" Card Leipzig Card Stab with short card
1952 19
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Opener
Related toVariations 1952
Stars of Magic (Vol. 10 No. 1)
Nate Leipzig Turnover Addition
Stars of Magic (Vol. 10 No. 1)
Nate Leipzig Leipzig Double Lift
Related toAlso published here 1952
Stars of Magic (Vol. 10 No. 1)
Nate Leipzig Acrobats using duplicate
Stars of Magic (Vol. 10 No. 1)
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's "Pride"
Related toAlso published here 1952
Stars of Magic (Vol. 10 No. 1)
Nate Leipzig Tear-Up with a Twist torn and restored cigarette paper
Related toVariations 1952
Stars of Magic (Vol. 10 No. 1)
Knee-zy Vanish coin through knee, twice
Related toVariations 1952 50
Nate Leipzig, Rolland Hamblen The Stack of Quarters six quarters covered with cone transform into pennies, quarters are found in the hand
1952 253
Jay Marshall, Dr. Jacob Daley Double Tribute Dr. Daley's notes for the speech and the program of the Nate Leipzig memorial in 1954 in New York
Mar. 1954
The New Phoenix (Issue 302)
Nate Leipzig Nate Leipzig's Grindstone shown by Joe Scott, knife grinder with a plate on table's edge
Related to 1955
The New Phoenix (Issue 324)
Nate Leipzig, Roy Benson The Leipzig Drop ball vanish
The New Phoenix (Issue 326)
Fadeaway coin vanish on knee, in trouser fold
Related to 1956 39
Bill Simon Sitting Vanish seated, coin on leg is vanished and reproduced
Related toAlso published here 1956 42
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Coin on the Knee
Related to 1957 94
Nate Leipzig, Dai Vernon Nate Leipzig's Card Stab
1957 143
Nate Leipzig, Bert Allerton Screened Leipzig Pass from the middle to second position, brief
Variations 1958 25
Nate Leipzig, Charlie Miller Leipzig's Card Production Variation card clings to hand
Also published here 1961 62
Charlie Miller, Nate Leipzig Routine for Leipzig's Two Coin Routine one coin in each hand, one travels across
1961 76
Lewis Ganson Nate Leipzig
1963 12
Nate Leipzig Colour Change with description of palming bottom card in right hand
1963 22
Nate Leipzig Side Slip as in the color change
1963 25
Nate Leipzig Peek Control spectator opens the deck
1963 26
Nate Leipzig The Pass brief
1963 28
Nate Leipzig Double Lift
Also published here 1963 29
Nate Leipzig Thimble Routine a thimble vanishes and appears, travels, eight thimble production as a climax
1963 32
Nate Leipzig Colour Change Routine card on deck transforms four times
1963 38
Nate Leipzig Slap Four Ace Routine Aces disappear and reappear on deck one by one
Related toVariations 1963 42
Nate Leipzig Card Locations four peeked cards are produced, by saying stop, with a knife
Related to 1963 48
Nate Leipzig Card Stabbing two selections, with newspaper
1963 54
Nate Leipzig Twenty Card Trick three cards travel, one packet wrapped in handkerchief
Variations 1963 64
Nate Leipzig, G. W. Hunter Cigars from Purse
Related toVariations 1963 68
Nate Leipzig A Few Grips with a Cane cane sticks to hand
1963 70
G. W. Hunter, Nate Leipzig Fadeaway Knot
1963 76
Nate Leipzig Handkerchief Off Wrist through hand
1963 78
Nate Leipzig Double-Trible Knot two and knots are made at the same time
1963 79
Nate Leipzig Tear-Up with a Twist torn and restored cigarette paper
1963 94
Nate Leipzig Thumb Roll
1963 106
Nate Leipzig Boomarang Coin coin spinned on table flourish
1963 108
Nate Leipzig Balanced Coin on hand
Variations 1963 110
Nate Leipzig "Right There" coin vanish and reproduction, both sides of the hand shown
Variations 1963 111
Nate Leipzig Slow Motion Coin Vanish
1963 115
Nate Leipzig Coin from Hand to Hand two coins, two methods
1963 118
Nate Leipzig False Transfer
1963 118
Nate Leipzig False Transfer with back palm
1963 119
Nate Leipzig The Coin on the Knee
1963 120
Nate Leipzig Another Coin Vanish
1963 121
Nate Leipzig Coin under Ashtray loading technique
1963 122
Nate Leipzig Coin in Glass marked coin vanishes from paper and appears in a glass, which was covered by a deck of playing cards
Variations 1963 124
Henri De Manche, Nate Leipzig De Manche Change one-handed
1963 125
Nate Leipzig Copper and Silver Transposition with extra coin, second coin brought out after spectator has first coin in fist
Related to 1963 129
Nate Leipzig Penny Out of a Glass of Beer coin in a glass of beer rises out of it
1963 130
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Pride
Also published here 1963 131
Nate Leipzig The First Born Child maiden name of a woman tells if first born was a boy or a girl, esoteric
1963 138
Nate Leipzig Reading the Pencil result of a simple subtraction is revealed
1963 140
Nate Leipzig Cigarette Paper Prediction thought of name appears on a cigarette paper
Related to 1963 141
Nate Leipzig Tumbler Vanish glass covered by newspaper through a chair
1963 143
Nate Leipzig Dice Moves spots change
1963 145
Nate Leipzig Levitation of a Cigar or Cigarette cigar stands up on the hand
1963 146
Nate Leipzig Ring on Stick
1963 149
Nate Leipzig Vanish of the Matches matches vanish and appear in handkerchief
1963 150
Nate Leipzig The Stretching Match
1963 151
Nate Leipzig Ball Vanish drop vanish
1963 152
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Opener card comes to the bottom of the deck several times, then penetrates performer's hand
Variations 1963 156
Nate Leipzig Acrobats two halves of the deck change places, duplicate
Variations 1963 157
Nate Leipzig Automatic Gambler royal flush
Variations 1963 160
Nate Leipzig Ambitious Card Quickie double deal turnover, from center and top
1963 162
Nate Leipzig Mathematics three cards are revealed with a mathematical calculation
1963 163
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Favourite Four Aces Trick
1963 165
Nate Leipzig The Matching Up Trick or Comedy of Errors
1963 167
Nate Leipzig Riffle Force timing on break, spectator puts finger in deck
1963 167
Nate Leipzig Bottom Card Change
1963 169
Nate Leipzig Twirl Cut
Related to 1963 170
Nate Leipzig Card Change with card, break
1963 171
Nate Leipzig Knife Glimpse
1963 173
Nate Leipzig Reverso
1963 173
Nate Leipzig Sympathetic 13
1963 176
Nate Leipzig Princess Card Trick
1963 180
Nate Leipzig The Magnetised Cards
1963 183
Nate Leipzig Palm Up card sticks to palm
1963 188
Nate Leipzig Turnabout
1963 188
Nate Leipzig Spring Card Location while cards are sprung from hand to hand, card jumps out
1963 189
Nate Leipzig Card Through Handkerchief
1963 189
Nate Leipzig Stop Trick with hindu shuffle
1963 191
Nate Leipzig, Dai Vernon Card by Thought behind back, peeked card is reversed and placed under top card
1963 191
Paul Curry Chapter Four: Houdini and After on Harry Houdini, T. Nelson Downs, Nate Leipzig, Fred Keating, Joseph Dunninger, Emil Jarrow, Ade Duval, Cardini, Jack Gwynne
1965 47
Hubert Lambert Swivelleroo
VariationsAlso published here 1967 229
Charles D. Smith Leipzig's Grindstone knife grinder with a plate
Related to 1969 97
Nate Leipzig, Wallace Lee Nate Leipzig Color Change
1969 73
Nate Leipzig Under The Handkerchief Force
Variations 1972 259
Dai Vernon, Nate Leipzig Vernon's Coin Switch Routine No. 20, second coin is brought out after switch, "he learned it from Leipzig"
Related to 1972 10
Dai Vernon, Nate Leipzig Vernon - Leipzig Stack of Quarters Routine No. 71
Related to 1972 21
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Variation Of Leipzig's Three Card Discovery Routine No. 235, three cards chosen and found in different ways
Inspired by 1972 59
Al And Nate Box No. 438, coins through hand using coin box, folding coin for unclear effect
Related to 1972 126
Ambitious Card Finish No. 478, idea of using Nate Leipzig's Card through Hand as finish
Related to 1972 133
Improvement of Leipzig Poker Deal No. 498
Inspired by 1972 138
Nate Leipzig Nate Leipzig Four King Vanish With Buckley Sleight No. 675
1972 184
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Four Aces And 3 Ten Match Up Trick No. 676, note without content
1972 184
Nate Leipzig Nate Leipzig's Poker Trick Note No. 677
1972 184
Nate Leipzig Nate Leipzig's Reverso Discovery No. 678
1972 184
Nate Leipzig Leipzig Index Finger Double Lift No. 679, note without content
Related to 1972 184
Nate Leipzig Nate Leipzig Poker Deal No. 680, some cryptic deal with Aces, Kings and Queens
1972 184
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Pass Variation No. 681, cryptic
1972 184
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Side Steal No. 682, left thumb at side of deck and not on top
1972 185
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Matching Index No. 683, cryptic
1972 185
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Cigar And Purse Routine No. 684
Related to 1972 185
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Leo Leipsiger, Nate Leipzig's brother, Si Stebbins
Magick (Issue 82)
Bob Read Business For Knife Sharpening gag for plate/knife grinder attributed to Nate Leipzig
Related to Dec. 1975
Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 4)
T. Nelson Downs T. Nelson Downs writes some letters
  • Starting Out in Magic
  • A Prophet is Not Without Honour...
  • Tread Lightly!
  • Coin Wand
  • Charles Bertram
  • Pantomime
  • Miracles
  • Dime and Penny
  • Fees
  • What's New
  • Nate Leipzig
  • Card Stabbing
  • Full Evening Show
1975 188
Nate Leipzig The "Canfield" Solitaire Trick stack for Canfield Solitaire, credit unclear
1975 3
Nate Leipzig Slap Change
1976 38
Nate Leipzig Through-Handkerchief Glimpse
1976 105
Peter Wilker Geschichte um kleine + grosse Zauberer on David Devant, T. Nelson Downs, Nate Leipzig, Dai Vernon, Baron Bodo von Münchhausen
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 37 No. 2)
Nate Leipzig Comedy of Errors "wrong" cards dropped on floor, where they then change to match selection
1977 10
Nate Leipzig Riffle Poke Force spectator pokes finger in deck during riffle, timed with break
1977 11
Nate Leipzig, Andrew Pargeter, John Muir, Jack Avis Simplified Spin Pass Aces twirl cut (see reference), each time an ace appears. based on "Spin Pass Aces" by John Muir in "Abracadabra No. 1027", for credit details see Pabular 4/9, p. 571
Related to Feb. 1978
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 6)
Frederick Braue Impromptu Poker Deal
Inspired by 1978 22
Nate Leipzig, Hannes Höller Klassische Kartendurchdringung card through handkerchief, with Stripper Deck
Related to 1978 49
Richard Kaufman, Jon Racherbaumer Swivelleroo Plus flourish cut around swivel action, credit information
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1979 28
Steve Beam, Don Morris Complementary Out out, card with same value and same suit are removed from pocket
Inspired by 1979 11
Who Pays the Bills? No. 18, bar bet, matches broken in half, one who takes the last one has to pay, favorite of Nate Leipzig
1981 20
Nate Leipzig Swivel Cut
1982 207
Nate Leipzig 2nd Phase to Silver & Copper Transposition
Related to 1982 34
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Hanky Panky card through handkerchief, with Stripper Deck
Related to 1982 5
John Ramsay Ramsay Reminiscences on Professor Morgan, Charlier, Old Malabar, Barnum, Magic Circle, Will Goldston, J. O'Neill Fisher, Charles Morrit, Horace Goldin, Chung Ling Soo, P. T. Selbit, Lewis Davenport, Dr. Byrd-Page, Walford Bodie, Allam Shaw, Nate Leipzig, Ernest Thorn, Max Sterling, Bob Gysel, Will Blyth, Dai Vernon, Max Holden, John Mulholland, Jack Salvin, G. W. Hunter, Edward G. Brown, Victor Farelli, The Flying Sorcerers, FISM 1950, Slydini, Francis Carlyle, FISM 1958, John Howe, Milbourne Christopher
1982 73
Jerry Sadowitz What Me Worry? first card through hand, then deck through hand
Inspired byRelated to 1984 33
Richard Kaufman Slap Happy Aces disappear from top of deck, then are reproduced one by one
Inspired by 1984 10
Nate Leipzig, Charlie Miller Leipzig Four Ace Slap Aces, as described by Charlie Miller (1939)
  • Miller Routine
1985 25
A Fancy Cut twirl cut, "a favorite with Nate Leipzig"
1985 3
Nate Leipzig, Ron Bauer The Screened Leipzig Pass
Related toAlso published here 1985/87 73
Nate Leipzig, John Brown Cook The Transfer of a Card not really a Deal
1985/87 88
Nate Leipzig Spin Pass Produce one card after spinning packet out of middle of deck
1986 8
Nate Leipzig Two-Deck Transposition
1988 221
Nate Leipzig Leipzig on the Collins Ace Trick
1988 224
Larry Jennings Slap Aces combo of Cavorting Aces, Leipzig's Opener, Slap Aces
Inspired by 1988 73
Ian Keable-Elliott Retrospective: Malini and Leipzig on Max Malini and Nate Leipzig
Sep. 1988
Opus (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Nate Leipzig Ein vergessenes Requisit using blank-backed card
Also published here 1988
Magische Blätter (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Nate Leipzig, Dai Vernon Right Where? coin is put in fist
Inspired by 1989 130
Nate Leipzig Color Change
1989 118
Harry Lorayne, Nate Leipzig, Ron Bauer Primal Screen instant method
Inspired by 1990 15
Harry Lorayne, Nate Leipzig, Ron Bauer To A Primal Number to any small number from the top without preheld break
Inspired by 1990 23
Harry Lorayne Primal Final finesse
Inspired by 1990 30
Nate Leipzig Leipzig Spin-Cut Revelation
1990 38
T. Page Wright The Jumping Jacks Cavorting Aces combined with Leipzig's Slap Aces
Inspired by 1991 77
Chris Kenner Log Lady Smokes wooden cigars are produced from purse, continuous production and vanish as climax
Inspired byAlso published here 1991
Magic Man Examiner (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Edward Marlo, Nate Leipzig Marlo on Leipzig's "Acrobats" face cards of two halves transpose, duplicate and SBS double facer
Inspired by June 1992
The Olram File (Issue 12)
Harry Levine Leipzig's Opener card appears on top of the deck in spectator's hand, as a last phase in Leipzig's Slap Ace Routine
Related to 1992 754
Nate Leipzig Slap Color Change
1993 44
Paul Green In the Trenches anecdote on George Burns and Nate Leipzig
May/June 1993
The Magic Menu (Vol. 3 No. 17)
Vicente Canuto, Nate Leipzig 6.- Corte Pivotante de Leipzig two ways of producing a card using the twirl cut
  • A) Primera Versión
  • B) Segunda Versión
1993 308
Nate Leipzig Key on Fingers key turns on its own, short note from Hilliard's notebook
1994 1090
Nate Leipzig Coin on Knee note from Hilliard's notebook
1994 1091
Nate Leipzig Two in the Hand... with sugar cubes, short note from Hilliard's notebook
1994 1091
Nate Leipzig Balancing of a Half Dollar on the Finger Tips short note from Hilliard's notebook
1994 1091
Nate Leipzig The Swivel Cut
1995 173
Edward Marlo Marlo's Almost Perfect Stop Trick
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Jan. 1979
1995 390
Nate Leipzig The Leipzig Stop Trick No. 1, "as explained by Arthur Buckley to Marlo"
Variations 1995 392
Edward Marlo Marlo Application No. 2
three cards selected, first card found with stop trick, it changes into second selection, third one in pocket of spectator
Inspired by 1995 392
Hubert Lambert, Nate Leipzig The Swivelleroo Cut
Also published here 1996 401
Michael Skinner, Nate Leipzig Skinning the Fat off the Bone... Nate Leipzig's Slap Aces Aces disappear and reappear on deck one by one
Inspired byVariations 1996 46
Karl Fulves, Derek Lever, Ralph W. Hull, Nate Leipzig Dot Com... "Tricks and stunts with numbers"
Variations 1997 123
Milton Kort Seven Come Eleven
  • "Dot Com - Tricks and stunts with numbers"
solution to Hull problem "Make 11 out of four 7s"
Inspired byRelated to 1997 165
Paul LePaul, Peter Kane, Nate Leipzig, Roberto Giobbi The Acrobatic Aces four Aces are visibly produced, Gymnastic Aces phase
1998 694
Nate Leipzig The Slap Change
Related to 1998 741
James Swain, Herbert Milton, Nate Leipzig Sympathetic Thirteen specially arranged decks of ungaffed cards
1999 131
Richard Osterlind, Nate Leipzig Expanding Leipzig's Secret using thin see-through cards
1999 89
Milton Kort The Other Leipzig Stories about Leo Leipzig, Nate Leipzig's brother
1999 175
Nate Leipzig, Charlie Miller Leipzig's Card Production Variation "From Letters Written by Charlie Miller to Faucett Ross", Nov. 20, 1943
card clings to hand
Also published here Nov. 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 11)
Nate Leipzig False Slate Display showing all four sides of two slates while hiding one
Intermagic (Vol. 23 No. 2)
Nate Leipzig, Ron Bauer Screened Leipzig Pass
Also published here 1999 41
Jon Racherbaumer Inside Out Ed Marlo and Nate Leipzig anecdote
Mar. 1999
Magic (Vol. 8 No. 7)
The Century - Those Who Impacted The Art In America
  • Al Flosso (1895-1976)
  • Jean Hugard (1872-1959)
  • John Ramsay (1877-1962)
  • Penn & Teller
  • Percy Abbott (1886-1960)
  • Dr. Albert M. Wilson (1885-1930)
  • Roy Benson (1915-1978)
  • John Gaughan
  • Martin Gardner
  • Neil Foster (1921-1988)
  • Nate Leipzig (1873-1939)
  • Frances Marshall
Related to June 1999
Magic (Vol. 8 No. 10)
Chuck Smith, Nate Leipzig Cigarette Paper Caper
2000 11
Jamy Ian Swiss (reviewer) Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig by Nate Leipzig (written by Dai Vernon)Related to Dec. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 12)
Michael Close (reviewer) Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig by Nate Leipzig (written by Lewis Ganson) Aug. 2000
Magic (Vol. 9 No. 12)
Nate Leipzig Spin Cut Production Credits given
2001 228
Ira Rush, Stephen Minch, Alan Wassilak, Jerry Harrell, Walt Lees, John R. Browne III, Doug Sparkman Messages
Related to Mar. 2001
Genii (Vol. 64 No. 3)
John Carney Just a Cigar cigar & purse routine
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2002 38
John Carney, Nate Leipzig, Michael Skinner Leipzig-Skinner Surprise selection appears on face of deck, penetrates hand, appears face-up on deck
Inspired by 2002 206
Karl Germain, David Ben Spirit Writing thought-of name appears on a cigarette paper
Related to May 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 5)
Al Baker, Nate Leipzig Al 'N' Nate coins through table using brass box
Related toAlso published here
  • marketed 1934
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Instructions)
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Concealed Allerton Control CAC
card controlled to near top while apparently turned over in middle of deck
Inspired byAlso published here 2003 8
Tony Giorgio An Essay on the Color Change
  • Dedicated To Nate Leipzig
classic palm replacement, palm-off color change, No-Palm display, Slap Change
May 2003
Genii (Vol. 66 No. 5)
Nate Leipzig, Juan Tamariz Assembly of Selections in Poker Hands four hands dealt, one card remembered in each hand, after shuffling cards, selections all end up in hand of performer
Inspired by 2004 150
Nate Leipzig Twirl Cut
2008 352
Joseph K. Schmidt On The Rise with horseshoe magnet drawn on a card
  • Part 1: The Magnetized Finger
  • Part 2: The Second Rise
  • Part 3: The Polar Hands
  • Part 4: The Closing Gag
Inspired byRelated to Sep. 2009
Genii (Vol. 72 No. 9)
Steve Beam Scorecard two selections correspond with number after some calculations, with history
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2010 203
Steve Reynolds Neo Slap Aces Aces appear on deck one by one
Inspired by 2010 22
Nate Leipzig Overcount here five as seven
2010 147
Tomoya Horiki Standing Coin (スタンでィング・コイン) Coin standing up on edge on magician's palm
Inspired by 2017 66
Nate Leipzig Leipzig Double Lift from small packet
Also published here 2018 65
Johnny Thompson Paper to Parakeet paper napkin formed into bird, changes into bird
Inspired by
  • "Creation of Life" (Nate Leipzig, with moth or butterfly)
2018 253
Tomoya Horiki Imaginary Thread Coin animation, tied by imaginary thread, balancing coin
Inspired by 2018 50
Iñaki Zabaletta Viajeras Pensadas
Inspired by 2019 71
Tom Gagnon Inverse Handkerchief Force handkerchief over tabled ribbon spread, spectator touches card through handkerchief
Inspired by 2019 220
John Carney Between the Electrons small plate placed on glass, marked coin wrapped in paper which is torn up, coin then drops into glass
Inspired by 2020 58
Rico Weeland Re-directive Analysis of Leipzig's Opener on the misdirection structure in Leipzig's Opener
Related to 2021 13
Rico Weeland Triple Leipzig three cards chosen, the face card of the deck changes into the selections one by one in different ways
Inspired by 2021 19
Rico Weeland Triple Penetration selection penetrates the deck, then the performer's hand and finally the case
Inspired by 2021 27
Nate Leipzig Leipzig Follow-Up with extra coin, both hands given to spectator, with anecdote as told by David Roth
Related to 2022 131
Max Malini Sucker Torn and Restored Paper paper strip
Related to 2022 188
Dai Vernon On the Leipzig Card Stab from private lecture notes by P. Howard Lyons
Related to 2022 88
Dai Vernon, Nate Leipzig Leipzig Color Change from private lecture notes by Gene Matsuura
2022 102
Dai Vernon, Nate Leipzig Leipzig's "What is Palming?" vanish and reproduction of coin, from private lecture notes by Gene Matsuura
2022 111
Dai Vernon Vernon's Five Hands performer blindfolded, five hands dealt, one for performer, four spectators remember a card and put it back in any position in their hands, deck shuffled and dealt, no one has his selection, they are not in performer's hand, on next deal everyone gets his selection and performer names them
Inspired byRelated to 2022 1
Deane Stern Stern's Comedy Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper
Inspired by 2022 205
Nate Leipzig, Michael Vincent Bottom Steal Handling
Nov. 2023
Genii (Vol. 86 No. 11)