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Das Kartenstehlen "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
elevated dealing position, left first finger pushes bottom card against right fingers into palm, as color change preparation
Related to May 1898
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 4 No. 5)
Second Method "Transformations. Two Hands"
left first finger pushes out bottom card to the front
Related toVariations 1902 152
S. W. Erdnase Sixth Method "Transformations. Two Hands"
featuring unusual palm
Related toVariations 1902 154
To Palm Cards from Bottom of Pack
1902 45
Dr. Reinhard Rohnstein Die maskierte Eskamotage mehrerer Karten "Dr. Rohnstein, B. A.-V.", "Schule der Magie"
bottom cards palmed into right hand, left first finger starts between the packets
Mar. 1904
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 4 No. 3)
To Palm Cards From Bottom of Pack
1904 29
Nate Leipzig Side Palm
1909 221
Jean Hugard The Hugard Palm
Variations 1936 130
The Vertical Palm
1939 18
Face Card Palm, Right Hand two methods
1940 51
Frederick Braue The Braue Bottom Palm
1940 60
Frederick Braue Delaying the Braue Bottom Palm
1940 61
Louis Zingone The Zingone Bottom Palm two methods (packet and full deck)
Related to 1940 62
Trewey The Correct Method of Stealing the Card for color change
1940 161
Slap Change
1942/27 177
Push Up Color Change
1942/27 178
Right Hand Bottom Palm brief
1943 11
Throw Change Palm
1943 12
Arthur H. Buckley Original Methods of Palming Cards from the Bottom of the Pack
1946 58
Palming from the Bottom after a Riffle Shuffle
1946 60
Arthur H. Buckley Buckley's Double Peek Location Shuffle and Palm
1946 65
Arthur H. Buckley Bottom Palm of a Single Card
1946 92
Victor Farelli Side-Steal and "Cut" Combination palming bottom card in right hand while cutting deck from hands to table
Variations Aug. 1946 239
Victor Farelli With the Fred Braue Invisible Pass side-steal and cut after pass
Inspired by Nov. 1946 267
The Side Steal Color Change
1948 128
The Push-Up Steal as for a color change
1948 139
Paul LePaul The Color-Change (Side Steal Method) side-steal method
Variations 1949 39
Dai Vernon Packet Palm multiple, small packet
Also published here 1950
Stars of Magic (Vol. 6 No. 2)
Max Malini Malini's own Color Change Erdnase second method
Related to 1952
Stars of Magic (Vol. 11 No. 1)
Bottom Steal Color Change classic
1953 11
Bottom Steal
1954 24
Edward Marlo Pivot Bottom Steal small packet handling
1956 36
Jerry Andrus Another Ribbon Palm perpendicular card under spread palmed
1956 70
Edward Marlo Color Steal
1957 18
Edward Marlo Almost Standard variation on "Color Steal"
1957 19
Edward Marlo The Finger Flutter four methods for avoiding the left hand finger flutter
1957 21
Dai Vernon Square-Up Palm as small packet is squared, all but one are stolen into palm
1960 67
Cliff Green Pivot Palm multiple cards
1961 40
Cliff Green Right Hand Bottom Palm brief
1961 76
Nate Leipzig Colour Change with description of palming bottom card in right hand
1963 22
Nate Leipzig Side Slip as in the color change
1963 25
Color Change card stolen towards front from back
1969 101
Harvey Rosenthal Multiple Bottom Palm into right hand
Nov. 1970
Epilogue (Issue 10)
Roger Smith The FFF Side Slip palming bottom card into right hand during FFF, or replacing it on top
1970 10
Roger Smith K-S Slip Palm small packet spread, bottom card from a double palmed into right hand
1971 5
Steal from small packet
1972 65
Dai Vernon, Paul Fox Vernon - Fox Card Steal From Packet Of Cards No. 59, packet held at corner, card palmed, skinning, cryptic
1972 18
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Color Change Side Steal No. 226, picking off the pip change as cover for next bottom palm
1972 56
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Note No. 242, fan cover after bottom palm into right hand
Related to 1972 61
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Side Steal No. 682, left thumb at side of deck and not on top
1972 185
Jerry Mentzer Swivel Cut Palm
1975 21
Bottom Palm
1976 23
José de la Torre Improved Palm Color Change first finger of left hand pushed out bottom card into right palm
1978 47
José de la Torre Side Steal Color Change
1978 56
Small Packet Bottom Steal packet fanned out at same time
The Chronicles (Issue 13)
Kevin Davie Palm Steal while cutting the deck
Apr. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 4)
Dai Vernon Packet Palm brief
Also published here 1980 29
Karl Fulves Placement Palm multiple card with cutting action
1981 60
Looy Simonoff Two Spread Bottom Palms: Spread-Pass Bottom Palm
1982 360
Meir Yedid The Pressure Fan Cop
1982 111
Multiple Bottom Palm to Right Hand with small packet
Dec. 1983
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 16)
Charlie Miller Alignment Move Palm small packet
Dec. 1983
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 16)
Edward Marlo Convincing Control Bottom Palm see steps 8 and 9
1984 110
Edward Marlo Side Squaring Bottom Palm for one card, see also page 156 for handling from center
1984 146
Edward Marlo Added Notes variation of techniques on page 135
1984 159
Multiple Bottom Palm
1984 10
Color Change Palm
1985 106
Bottom Steal Color Change
1985 29
Frederick Braue Braue Bottom Palm for small packet
1985 8
Larry Jennings Mechanical Palm
1986 142
Darwin Ortiz Ortiz Packet Palm from a small packet
1988 104
Larry Jennings Mechanical Palm
1988 75
Dai Vernon The Contortion Palm
1989 3
Joel Siegel Small Packet Palm-Off
May 1989
Apocalypse (Vol. 12 No. 5)
Ori Ashkenazi No Get-Ready Color Change
June 1989
Apocalypse (Vol. 12 No. 6)
Small Packet Palm bottom card into right hand
1989 68
Nate Leipzig Color Change
1989 118
Gary Kurtz Multiple Palm small packet
1990 59
Harry Lorayne Double Edged bottom card either in right hand classic palm or left hand cop, fan cover
1990 115
Frederick Braue Braue Bottom Palm
1991 101
Bottom Palm brief
1991 13
Vanni Bossi V.B. Variation on Kaps Handling of the LePaul's Color Change Using the Side Steal from Bottom
Inspired by 1991 7
Patrick Page Die verzögerte Action-Palmage bottom card prepared as deck is held in right-hand end grip
Related toAlso published here
  • Pages from Patrick's Notebook
Nov. 1991
Intermagic (Vol. 16 No. 3)
T. Page Wright Color Change Steal choreography
1991 114
Dai Vernon Packet Palm brief
Also published here 1992 60
Sid Fleischman Bottom Stealing No. 2, left thumb action
1993 190
Side Steal
1995 98
Larry Jennings Small-Packet Mechanical Palm
Winter 1996 32
Bottom Steal
1996 33
Chris "Doc" Dixon The Dixon Palm two cards from small packet, while turning packet over
1997 86
Helge Thun Action Fan Palm card is palmed while closing the fan
Also published here 1998 108
The Right-hand Bottom Palm
1998 717
Larry Jennings The Right-hand Bottom Palm of Multiple Cards
1998 720
Dave Campbell, Larry Jennings Bottom Palm to Right Hand also for multiple cards
1998 28
Jack Avis Double Undercut Bottom Palm into right hand
1998 32
Ellis Stanyon Palming Cards with Rearward Colour-Change Sleight No. 6
Variations 1999 241
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note clarification
Inspired by 1999 241
Ellis Stanyon Palm for One Card with Forward Colour-Change Sleight No. 7
Variations 1999 241
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note clarification
Inspired by 1999 242
Chuck Smith Option Pass also as a color change or small packet palm from bottom
Variations 2000 47
Multiple Bottom Palm to Right Hand with small packet
Nov. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 11)
Alignment Move Palm small packet
Nov. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 11)
Marc DeSouza Swing Cut Side Steal bottom card into right hand, directly after swing cut
2001 42
Mark Aspiazu Improved Side Steal palming bottom cards into right hand, Herrmann pass action
Mar. 2002
Ego (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Euan Bingham On The Erdnase Change on the Second Transformation
2003 22
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Bottom Palm brief
2003 155
Tony Giorgio On the Color Steal
May 2003
Genii (Vol. 66 No. 5)
Dave Campbell Bottom palm - to right hand single or multiple card, as in Jennings's palm
Inspired by 2004 411
Packet Bottom Palm palming the bottom three of four cards in the right hand
Nov. 2005
Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Undercut Bottom Palm in Right Hand
2007 253
Bottom Card Steal while closing fan
2008 18
Derek DelGaudio Plumber Palm top, center or bottom card from overhand shuffle
Also published here
  • "Only Notes" (2008, Derek DelGaudio)
2011 72
Gabi Pareras Empalme al voltear card is palmed while deck is turned-over sideways
El Manuscrito (Vol. 4 No. 15)
Side Steal Palm brief
2012 270
S. W. Erdnase Palm Change as Color Change Steal
2013 29
Doug Edwards Fan-Tastic Palm bottom card is palmed into right hand, after a fan
2013 5
Doug Edwards The Spread Change palm of card after deck is turned over, as a color change
2013 7
Darwin Ortiz Pivot Palm small packet, brief
2014 13
Peter McKinnon Dragonfly 3.0 card jumps from deck to fingertips, featuring a palm
Related to 2014 5
Bottom Palm from small packet
2014 70
Bottom Palm in right hand
2018 35
Bottom Steal Palm
2018 19
Max Malini Malini's Own Color Change Erdnase second method
Related to 2022 259
Helge Thun Action Fan Palm card is palmed while closing the fan
Also published here 2022 43
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Bottom Steal Subtleties two small finesses to help make Bottom Steal indetectable, also applicable to a Side Steal
2022 36
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Multiple lateral palm obtaining multiple cards off bottom of packet into right lateral palm
2022 61
Side-steal of bottom card to full palm brief, see also p. 203, p. 242 and p. 255
2022 124
Bottom palm from packet side-steal into right palm, brief
2022 203
Nate Leipzig, Michael Vincent Bottom Steal Handling
Nov. 2023
Genii (Vol. 86 No. 11)
Helge Thun Action Fan Palm card is palmed while closing the fan
Also published here 2023 55