32 entries in Cards / Effect Themes / Transformation / Single Card / Picking Off the Pip
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Jack Merlin Rubbing Off the Spot and Showing Where it Goes picking off the pip Merlin's Master Miracles 7
Jack Merlin Paint Brush Card picking off the pip type Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 341
Unknown False Pip Change one pip is snapped off Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 1 290
Unknown The Phantom Pip picking up the pip... and putting it back on Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 2 172
Jimmy Grippo The Grippo Grab picking off the pip with sucker element Controlled Miracles 18
Dai Vernon The Peregrinating Pip pip is transfered from Five to TwoRelated to Expert Card Technique 457
Al Leech Spot Remover picking off the pipRelated to Manipulating with Leech 28
Dai Vernon "Pick Off Pip" pickingVariations The Dai Vernon Book of Magic 101
Dai Vernon "Picking off the Pip" Related toVariations Inner Secrets of Card Magic 47
Harry G. Franke Three Ways Out Six to Nine change, moving pips from card to card, "The Vanishing Lady" Tunnel-like transformation (from Hugard's Magic Monthly, August 1952, p. 965) HEX! 14
Karl Fulves Snap Out one pip snaps out of card and falls off, leaving a hole Notes From Underground 38
Allan Ackerman Easy Off Pips at the end the card is blank and vanishes, gaffedInspired by Here's My Card 13
Christian Scherer Visuelle Verwandlung picking off the pip Card News '82 137
Geoffrey Latta Heartless picking off the pip with a real little heart The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1, No. 10) 84
Steve Beam Pip Picker picking off the pip, convincer and diamond produced as a climax, see also p. 67Inspired by The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 3) 40
Geoffrey Latta, Jamy Ian Swiss Point Blank face card is transformed (picking off the pip), deck becomes blank and normal againVariations The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 4 104
Nick Pudar Pips Queek Five of Clubs to Four of Clubs by removing the center pip, then four pips fall off leaving holes Best of Friends - Volume II 245
Michael Louis Easy Pickings Inspired by Best of Friends - Volume II 247
Unknown Amusing Color Change picking-off-a-pip dynamics (1937)Related to The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 2) 9
Louis Falanga Pip off picking off pip Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10, No. 12) 1439
John Carney Transplant picking off the pip, moving pip to other cardInspired by Carneycopia 190
John Carney Slick Pip a Two transforms into a Three in reverse "picking off the pip" style Carneycopia 194
Harry Levine The Juicer picking off the pip, Four, Three, Two to Ace, hurricane changeInspired by The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 42) 755
Ray Kosby Smudge case as vacuum cleaner for picking-off-a-pip, Ace in case then Tricks 9
Edward Marlo Picking Off the Pip Facsimile (Issue 3 (Marlophile 1)) 11
Paul Cummins Pips! from a shuffled deck in use... Part One 30
David Regal Pipped Off Knock off the pips of the Ten of Diamonds to get a blank card Close-Up & Personal 126
David Acer Changes pips move around on Five & Two of Clubs to Four and Three of Clubs, then fuse to Seven of Clubs, then split back to Five and Two of Clubs Random Acts of Magic 21
Tyler Wilson Release The Chocolate Hostage Four of Hearts with spectator's signature changes into Six of Hearts, picking-off-the-pip procedureAlso published here Just be Glad my Name isn't Greg 32
Tyler Wilson Release the Chocolate Hostage Four of Hearts with spectator's signature changes into Six of Hearts, picking-off-the-pip procedureAlso published here Dominatricks 51
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi Picking Off the Pip Finesse Hidden Agenda (Issue Aug 13) 232
Asi Wind Make No Mistake two cards chosen, performer finds two close cards, transferring a pip makes both cards the selections Repertoire 97