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Carmen D'Amico Domico Double Lift
Variations 1946 15
Harry Houdini, Nate Leipzig, Harry Levine Affinity in Numbers No. 110, after some mental calculation, the two digits of the total match the values of two selected cards
Variations 1950 212
Edward Marlo Bottop Change
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1953 35
Cy Endfield, Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon The "Hofzinser" Top Change
Variations 1955 41
Nate Leipzig Slap Four Ace Routine Aces disappear and reappear on deck one by one
Related toVariations 1963 42
Frank Thompson F.T. Cut
VariationsAlso published here 1973 143
Paul Draylin One-Hand Triple Cut
Variations Dec. 1978
Apocalypse (Vol. 1 No. 12)
One-Hand Triple Cut
Variations 1978 92
Harry Levine Macho Monte with transformations
Mar. 1982
Apocalypse (Vol. 5 No. 3)
Harry Lorayne Harry Levine mini bio
1982 195
Harry Levine HaLo Five basically cutting to royal flush
1982 196
Harry Levine Con-Fusion three card location with transformations and stuff
1982 198
Harry Levine Another Braue Reversal Variation cards reversed one single cover card
1982 198
Harry Levine All-American Reverse Matrix four different coins, no extra coin
Variations 1983 30
Geoffrey Latta, Jamy Ian Swiss Point Blank face card is transformed (picking off the pip), deck becomes blank and normal again
VariationsAlso published here 1985 104
Larry Jennings The Jennings Revelation hands wave over four packets and four-of-a-kind appears face up on packets
Variations 1986 71
Harry Levine Helicopter Cut series of one handed triple cuts, false, The Cut That Connot Be Explained
Inspired byRelated to 1989 445
Harry Levine Making Your Bones four times a joker is produced, which is changed to an ace
1989 465
Harry Levine Variation on the F.T. Cut in combination with the HaLo Cut, to produce a card
1989 466
Harry Levine, Derek Dingle, Edward Marlo Variation on the BoTop Change any of the bottom cards, chosen ace
Inspired byRelated to 1989 467
Harry Levine The Revolution Change
1989 470
Harry Levine Hofzinser Top Change break handling
Inspired by 1989 472
Harry Levine Dropping the Double dropping the double on the pack, variation on the D'Amico Double, see also p. 560 for further comments
Inspired by 1989 498
Harry Levine The Real Las Vegas Split two deuces are split into aces , a card is dealt on each ace forming a blackjack
1989 556
Geoffrey Latta Deadlier Than The Male three very visual sandwich phases, featuring a visual ambitious card rise
Related toVariations 1990 15
Steve Beam Brained a card peeked, one remembered from looking at the fan, third one thought of, one by one performer reverses cards behind his back, see also p. 578 for ideas by Harry Levine
1990 561
Harry Levine Tear Up with a Psychotic Twist handling for torn and restored cigarette paper
1990 591
Steve Beam Dear Subscribers One Man Issue - The Magic of Harry Levine
1992 742
Steve Beam Harry Levin (Up Close and Poisonal) on Harry Levine, brief
1992 743
Harry Levine The Hurricane Change
Related to 1992 744
Harry Levine The Menace four cards vanish one by one and reappear again
1992 748
Harry Levine, Edward Marlo, Larry Jennings Jennings Revelation Variation
Inspired by 1992 750
Harry Levine A Sandwich to Go
Inspired by 1992 753
Harry Levine Bottom Card Cover Turnover Pass peeked card controlled second from the bottom, turnover pass
1992 753
Harry Levine Leipzig's Opener card appears on top of the deck in spectator's hand, as a last phase in Leipzig's Slap Ace Routine
Related to 1992 754
Harry Levine The Juicer picking off the pip, Four, Three, Two to Ace, hurricane change
Inspired by 1992 755
Steve Beam Hurricane Watch (Where Do We Go From Here?) ideas on the Hurricane Change
Related to 1992 756
William P. Miesel Right Here Is Your Card revelation of a selected card by spelling Your Card Is Right Here and forming na arrow with the packets
Inspired byVariations 1992 772
Steve Beam Leftovers on Harry Levine, Chuck Romano, Dan Fishman, John Swomley
1998 1390
Steve Beam Leftovers on Mike Beam, Marty Kane, ending The Trapdoor, Doug Canning, Ed Eckl, DocDixon, Harry Levine
1998 1418
Harry Levine Handling the Shuffle one-handed riffle shuffle
1998 143
Harry Levine Magic or Sleight-of-Hand... Pick One
1998 1420
Harry Levine Prime Cut cutting to a breather crimp
1998 1423
Harry Levine Kaleidoscope Cut one-handed triple flourish cut, with variations
1998 1424
Harry Levine Climbing the Aces with up the ladder cut and breather crimp
1998 1428
Harry Levine The Thompson Breather
  • Breathing New Life into the F.T.
  • Selection From Middle to Top
  • Moving the Breather
Inspired by 1998 1429
Harry Levine Waiting to Exhale (Controlling the Breather) placing breather card over selection
1998 1432
Harry Levine Back into the Breach card thrown next to selection
1998 1436
Harry Levine The Illegitimate Location with lots of flourish cuts, spelling this is not your card but this is
Inspired by 1998 1437
Harry Levine The Sandwich Cut one-handed
1998 1439
Harry Levine Extras controls and ideas using the breather crimp
1998 1440
Dan Buck, Dave Buck One Handed False Cut false one-handed triple flourish cut, corrected description
Related toAlso published here 2002 34
Steve Beam Scorecard two selections correspond with number after some calculations, with history
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2010 203
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #26 on Harry Levine, Mike Gallo
2011 iii
Steve Beam Special Issues #30 Insert - Scott Robinson
#34 Harvey Rosenthal - The One Man Issue
#35 The Floating Issue
#37 No-Card Issue
#38 High-Octate Card Magic (all cards)
#39 Insert - Steve Pressley
#40 Insert - Jack Birnman
#41 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks
#42 Harry Levine - One Man Issue
#47 Scott Robinson - One Man Issue
#49 International Issue
2011 liv
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #69 on Harry Levine, Hugard's Thimble Magic and its illustration errors
2012 xxxi
Michael Rubinstein Quadra Coin Reverse Matrix different coins
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Magic Castle Notes, 1985
2020 258