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Edward Marlo Aces in Reverse
Variations Let's See the Deck 15
Edward Marlo Marlo's One Hand Double Turnover featuring a push-off (also credited to Dai Vernon)
Related toVariations Off the Top 7
Dai Vernon The Travelers
Variations Stars of Magic (Vol. 6 No. 3) 97
Bill Simon The Flash Change four indifferent cards change into four Aces, they stick out of deck as a block and are shaken out
Variations Sleightly Sensational 11
Edward Marlo Count Cop and Transfer from packet to packet, sometimes called "Spontaneous Add"
Variations Action Palm 10
Edward Marlo The Separating Aces four Aces distribute in the deck, three methods, all cards face-down
Variations The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 338) 162
Dai Vernon Double Lift Unload for credit information see Marlo reference
Related toAlso published here Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic 70
Edward Marlo Twelfth Method based on principle that spectator shuffles top card to bottom in small packet overhand shuffle
Variations Estimation 33
Nate Leipzig Slap Four Ace Routine Aces disappear and reappear on deck one by one
Related toVariations Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 42
Edward Marlo Cover-Up Shuffle retaining bottom twenty-six cards, hands cover halves
Variations Expert Card Conjuring 3
Larry Jennings Jennings' Visitor
Variations Expert Card Mysteries 53
Edward Marlo Fifth Objective in and out jogging cull with tabled strip-out cut
Variations Marlo's Objectives 11
Edward Marlo The Deep Face-Up Switch Bold ATFUS variation which brings the card directly to the center
Variations The Unexpected Card Book 78
Jon Racherbaumer Off-Shoot two sandwich cards separate next to two selections
Related toVariations Hierophant (Issue 7 Resurrection Issue) 13
Edward Marlo Additional Ideas - Broken Count Broken Elmsley Count and more broken counts
Variations Marlo's Unforgetable Wild Card 22
David Britland Lunch Box "A large 'sandwich' with very few calories!"
card in box transposes with selection, case put in middle of deck on table and flicked out, optional kiss image on case
Related to Equinox 11
Larry Jennings Ambidextrous Travellers for the Elmsley credit see p. 48 of Marlo's Magazine 6
Related toVariations The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 233
Edward Marlo Anchored Add On from bottom or center onto tabled packet
Related toVariations Thirty Five Years Later 39
Brother John Hamman Magic Box four thought-of cards (one of each suit) appear in card case
Variations The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 77
Brother John Hamman The Double Flushtration Count
Related to The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 103
Brother John Hamman Final Aces six double ended cards
Variations The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 229
Edward Marlo Trilogy In Blue ungaffed
Variations The Olram File (Issue 2) 12
Edward Marlo Marlo's Flushtration Count
Variations Card Finesse II 165
Paul Harris Grasshopper (revised)
Inspired byVariations The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue Super Magic) 125
Michael Skinner, Nate Leipzig Skinning the Fat off the Bone... Nate Leipzig's Slap Aces Aces disappear and reappear on deck one by one
Inspired byVariations Classic Sampler 46
Steve Reynolds On the Clip Palm looks like LTP is meant
MO — Modus Operandi (Issue 8) 22
Steve Reynolds Miracle Steal Replacement partial LTP steal before replacement
Related to MO — Modus Operandi (Issue 8) 23
Steve Reynolds Loadless Sandwich/Load LTP steal and backwards pivoting
MO — Modus Operandi (Issue 8) 23
Larry Jennings Pineapple Surprise '70 transformation kicker, double facers
Inspired by
  • "Pineapple Surprise" (Walt Rollins, MUM Dec. 1963)
Related toVariations
Jennings '67 236
Allan Ackerman False Shuffle Display Bottom-Line precursor
Related to Classic Handlings 33
Paul Cummins, Steve Reynolds A Total Triumph new presentational twist
Allan Ackerman Rapid Exchange Four Jacks transpose with four Aces previously placed in different pockets
Inspired by
  • "Student of a Student's Exchange" (Steve Reynolds, Under the Radar, 2004)
The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 24
Steve Reynolds Finely Final Aces Ace Assembly based on Final Aces (Bro. John Hamman), without gaffs
Inspired by Route 52 9
Steve Reynolds, David Michael Evans Jumping Flash Transpo Sandwiched card between two Jacks transposes with tabled card
Inspired by
  • "Jack-Flash Transpo" (Daryl Martinez & Jon Racherbaumer, At The Table, 1984)
Route 52 17
Steve Reynolds A Trist on Twost Twisting the Aces with only spreads, no counting actions. Ends with Dr. Daley's Last Trick
Inspired by
  • "Twisting the Aces" (Nick Trost, marketed)
Route 52 23
Steve Reynolds Unsigned Card Reworked handling of Hamman's Signed Card plot
Route 52 31
Steve Reynolds Fireback Aces Ace Assembly where they go in reverse, before collecting in performer's packet
Inspired by Route 52 36
Steve Reynolds Day Time Visitor Larry Jenning's Visitor plot, done with only a packet
Inspired by Route 52 42
Steve Reynolds U-Turn Twisting routine with a gambling theme
Inspired by Route 52 47
Steve Reynolds Ace, x, x, x, x, Ace Two Aces distribute in the deck to find two selections
Inspired byVariations Route 52 52
Steve Reynolds, Allan Ackerman The Splits Four Kings distribute to find four selections next to them
Inspired by Route 52 56
Edward Marlo, Steve Reynolds Layered Bold ATFUS
Inspired by Route 52 57
Steve Reynolds A Spin on the Color-Changing Deck Find four Aces from the deck, rest of deck changes color
Route 52 60
Steve Reynolds Mr Fogg Tracked Down Travelers with a minimal-palm approach
Inspired by Route 52 65
Steve Reynolds Introduction
Trench Work 5
Steve Reynolds Flash Changed four indifferent cards change into four Aces, they stick out of deck as a block and are shaken out
Inspired by Trench Work 6
Steve Reynolds On Bannon's Poker Pairydox packet of cards shown mixed, then pairs are mated, contributing an instant reset
Inspired by
  • "Poker Pairadox" (John Bannon, Mega Wave, 2010)
Trench Work 14
Steve Reynolds On the Card to Mouth
Trench Work 16
Steve Reynolds Platinum Opener approaching a table
Trench Work 19
Steve Reynolds Flip Flop Find one-handed flourish turnover of top card
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Arsenal Notes, 2000
Trench Work 20
Steve Reynolds Neo Slap Aces Aces appear on deck one by one
Inspired by Trench Work 22
Steve Reynolds Monkey in the Box bold open loading, case flicked out between two halves
Related toAlso published here
  • Under the Radar, 2003
Trench Work 26
Steve Reynolds Swing Cut Controls double undercut substitute with swing cuts
  • To the Top
  • To the Bottom
  • To Other Positions from Top/Bottom
Six Deep — Part One 3
Steve Reynolds S. P. Hideout hiding cards à la ribbon-spread hide-out when spreading small packet on the table
  • First Technique
  • Second Technique
  • Multiple Concealments
Six Deep — Part One 4
Steve Reynolds Open-Scenario Palm Addition "S. P. Hideout" application
  • Method One
  • Method Two
Six Deep — Part One 7
Steve Reynolds The Palm Add to tabled small packet, using "S. P. Hideout"
Six Deep — Part One 10
Steve Reynolds For Marlo's Anchored Add On using "S. P. Hideout"
Inspired by Six Deep — Part One 10
Steve Reynolds Anchors Away technical variation
Inspired by Six Deep — Part One 12
Steve Reynolds One Moment in Time Ace of Spades shown in left hand, then inserted into deck which is spread on the table, it is suddenly seen to be back in the left hand
Six Deep — Part One 13
Steve Reynolds Off-Handed Overhand Shuffle
Six Deep — Part One 15
Steve Reynolds Bluff Count Cop three as four while tabling every card
  • True Bluff Count
Inspired by Six Deep — Part One 17
Steve Reynolds Flashback Count four cards, showing two twice
Inspired byRelated to Six Deep — Part One 19
Steve Reynolds Thanks You
The Zarrow Work Book
Steve Reynolds Before You Sit to Shuffle
The Zarrow Work Book 1
Steve Reynolds First Misconception on false shuffling and shuffling styles
The Zarrow Work Book 2
Steve Reynolds Second Misconception
The Zarrow Work Book 3
Steve Reynolds Fale Square Up: Four Parts
The Zarrow Work Book 4
Steve Reynolds Part One: The True Shuffle
  • The Starting Grip
  • Practice Aid
  • The Split
  • The Weave
The Zarrow Work Book 5
Steve Reynolds Part Two: The Two Square Ups
  • The True Square Up
  • The False Square Up
  • Holding Back
  • Setting the Fan
  • The Unweave and Lift
  • The Simulated Square Up/Bobble Cover
  • Second Thrust
The Zarrow Work Book 13
Steve Reynolds, Lee Asher, John Born Twelfth-Method Match Card is reversed in deck as prediction. Card is cut to and selected, turns out to match the prediction as its mate. Includes refinements by Lee Asher and John Born
Inspired by Seeking the Bridge 154
Steve Reynolds Introduction
In-Vestment — Chapter One 4
Steve Reynolds Rest Position vest pockets
  • Rest Position Note
In-Vestment — Chapter One 5
Steve Reynolds A Few Bits of Busines
  • About Vests
  • Anchoring the Vest
In-Vestment — Chapter One 7
Steve Reynolds Packet Positions in vest pocket
  • Horizontal
  • Verticle
In-Vestment — Chapter One 8
Steve Reynolds Loading Card(s) into vest pocket
  • Horizontal Loading (First Technique)
  • Alternative Single-Card Load
  • Horizontal Loading (Third Technique)
  • Horizontal Loading (Small Packet)
  • Vertical Loading
In-Vestment — Chapter One 9
Steve Reynolds Stealing Cards 1 from vest pocket
  • Onto Deck /Packet ("Friction Steal")
In-Vestment — Chapter One 15
Steve Reynolds Combination Loads/Steals from vest pocket
In-Vestment — Chapter One 16
Steve Reynolds Stealing Cards 2 from vest pocket
  • Into Palm Positions
  • First Application
  • Second Application
  • Other Palm Positions
In-Vestment — Chapter One 17
Steve Reynolds Stealing Multiple Cards from vest pocket into palm
  • First Technique (Squeeze Steal)
  • Second Technique (Squeeze Add)
  • Adjusting Packets
In-Vestment — Chapter One 20
Steve Reynolds Packet Switch using vest pocket holdout
In-Vestment — Chapter One 24
Steve Reynolds Half-Deck Switch using vest pocket holdout
In-Vestment — Chapter One 25
Steve Reynolds Full Deck Switch using vest pocket holdout, two methods
In-Vestment — Chapter One 26
Steve Reynolds Further Thoughts
  • Finding the Moment
  • Seated Moves
  • Applications to Effects
In-Vestment — Chapter One 28
Steve Reynolds (Not) The Final Notes
In-Vestment — Chapter One 29
Tomas Blomberg QXS...SXQ two Queens put together into deck, the separate next to two selections
Inspired by Blomberg Laboratories 225
Jon Racherbaumer Three Suspects and a Perp AH to 3H jump around, inspired by Steve Reynolds performance
Inspired by Facsimile (Issue 5) 70
Steve Reynolds Introduction about a rediscovered Hamman video tape
A Hint of Hamman 19
Steve Reynolds Bibliography
A Hint of Hamman 53
Steve Reynolds Ace x Ace Handling 3 Two Jacks placed in different parts of deck, move to find selection
Elixir (Vol. 2 No. 1 (Summer #2)) 124
Steve Reynolds Introduction
Beyond the Z 11
Steve Reynolds Get a Grip on Marlo's "Angular Grip", "cover grip"
Beyond the Z 12
Steve Reynolds Bottom Line Review very brief outline of Bottom Line Zarrow square up finesse
Beyond the Z 15
Edward Marlo, Steve Reynolds Strip Out Shuffle Variant
Inspired byVariations Beyond the Z 19
Steve Reynolds Push Through Shuffle Variant
Inspired by Beyond the Z 27
Edward Marlo, Steve Reynolds Covered Up Shuffle using Bottom Line
  • Half Mem Deck Handling
Inspired by Beyond the Z 33
Steve Reynolds BTZ Combo
Beyond the Z 41
Steve Reynolds Blind Bluff Shuffle two shuffle combination, strip-out with bluff/mock riffle
Beyond the Z 47
Steve Reynolds Bluff Spread Shuffle getting into bluff/mock shuffle
Beyond the Z 51
Steve Reynolds Backstory comments and credit information
  • Starting Grip/Cover Grip
  • Strip-out Shuffle (Edward Marlo)
  • Push-Through Shuffle (Steve Reynolds)
  • Blind Shuffle Bluffs (on the bluff/mock shuffle)
  • Bottom-Line Technique
  • Bottom-Line Perfect False Shuffle
  • Bottom-Line Cover-Up Shuffle
Related to Beyond the Z 55
Steve Reynolds Bibliography
Beyond the Z 81
Allan Ackerman Traveling the Crossroads Aces signed, spectator selects four cards with turn out to be Jacks, all cards lost and Aces travel into different pockets
Inspired by
  • "Cross-Road Travelers" (Steve Reynolds, Seek 52)
Card Theater 81
Michael Powers Transpo Visitor tabled card transposes with sandwiched card in deck
Inspired by
  • "Flash Paced Transpo" (Steve Reynolds, Linking Ring, July 2008)
Tesseract 66
Steve Reynolds Marked Seconds second deal demo, Aces make surprise appearance
Magic for BLM 211