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Replacement Rear Palm
1940 140
Using the Front Finger Palm
1940 175
Edward Marlo Count Cop and Transfer from packet to packet, sometimes called "Spontaneous Add"
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1956 10
Edward Marlo Cull Palm Replacement r.h. cop
1956 26
Edward Marlo Side Steal to the Bottom - Fifth Method Tenkai Palm replacement
1957 33
Edward Marlo To the Top Tenkai Steals to top, two methods
1957 37
Edward Marlo Note 8 - The Dribble Replacement
1957 59
Edward Marlo Angle Palm Replacement to tabled deck
1957 18
Edward Marlo Rise-Rise-Rise card from center rises to top visible, tabled, two methods (Tenkai and Flat Palm)
Variations 1957 23
James Steranko Replacements to top or bottom
1960 21
James Steranko Spread Replacement placing lateral palmed card at wanted position during in-the-hands spread
1960 31
Dai Vernon Second Gambler's Palm described for single card, with new replacement
1961 42
Dai Vernon Some Useful Notes on Palming (c), (f) Rear Palm Replacements (one on top, one in the center)
1961 46
Edward Marlo Methods of Unloading the X Card after the Switch: The Flexible Unload from right hand flat palm to under tabled deck, with applications
Variations 1961 9
Edward Marlo Left Hand Flat Palm Replacement
1961 15
Edward Marlo Clip Palm Notes palm off and replacement, between second and third finger
1961 15
Edward Marlo Tenkai Palm Replacement and Palm Off from Bottom
1961 17
Edward Marlo Gambler's Cop Replacement as deck is picked up off table, similar to spontaneous add-on
1961 18
Edward Marlo The Pivot Palm from Master Position to Lateral Palm
  • Hand to Hand Transfer
  • Pivot Palm Replacements (to top, bottom or center)
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1961)
James Steranko Tabled Lateral Palm Replacement into Center palmed cards inserted into center of tabled deck
1962 52
Tony Slydini Imp Pass Addition cards from lap imp-passed into Tenkai palm, then added to tabled packet
1966 50
Ross Bertram Bottom Steal and Recovery tabled
VariationsAlso published here 1967 205
Edward Marlo Flat Palm Addition Subtlety
Fall 1969
Hierophant (Issue 1)
Russell T. Barnhart Spread Replacement No. 2, card in right-hand Master Palm is added underneath table spread and then re-palmed in left hand classic palm
1975 17
Russell T. Barnhart Flip Add-On No. 10, card added to packet from right-hand Master Palm
1975 33
Russell T. Barnhart Twist Add-On No. 11, card added to packet from right-hand Master Palm
1975 34
Russell T. Barnhart Turn Add-On No. 13
1975 36
Russell T. Barnhart Middle-Add-On (Whole Deck) No. 14
1975 36
Rick Johnsson Feedback replacing card from Tenkai palm on the deck
1976 62
Harvey Rosenthal Control To The Top Outjogged Placement to the top
1977 171
Gene Maze Square-Up Bottom Steal Tenkai/Rear Palm, tabled
1977 304
Dan MacMillan Ribbon Spread Card Add as spread is scooped up
1977 5
Dan MacMillan In the Hands Spread Replacement
1977 5
Dan MacMillan Rear Angle Palm Replacement to top
Inspired by 1977 7
Dan MacMillan Center Card Add palmed card inserted in center
1977 7
Dan MacMillan Partial Packet Replacement replacing one card of palmed packet
1977 17
Dan MacMillan Secret Card Add adding card from gambler's flat palm to small packet
Variations 1977 19
Dan MacMillan Misdirection Card Add adding palmed cards during counting or dealing action
1977 23
Dan MacMillan The Shuffle Palm tabled riffle shuffle
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1977 28
Looy Simonoff Looy's Addition from thumb clip palm at table edge
Also published here 1978 104
Ross Bertram Bottom Steal and Recovery tabled, during riffle shuffle
Also published here 1978 84
Martin A. Nash Triple Clip-Steal, The - e) 5) Reloading of palmed cards on bottom tabled, right hand Tenkai Palm
1979 350
Edward Marlo Card Clip Replacement into center
1980 110
Ken Simmons, Dan MacMillan A Technical Variation of the Secret Card Add from Gambler's Palm
  • As a Tabled Turnover
Inspired by 1981 17
Jon Racherbaumer Longitudinal Side-Steal Replacements including longitudinal center steal
Variations 1982 65
Dennis Marks Lateral Palm Replacement
1982 401
Ross Bertram To Replace the Tenkai-Palmed Card
1983 146
Ross Bertram Tabled Tenkai Palm Replacement
1983 157
Ross Bertram Tabled Tenkai Palm Pivot Replacement
1983 162
Edward Marlo A New Cap from gambler's flat palm
1984 158
Peter Duffie Addition and False Turnover paddle move, while adding cards
1984 17
Jonathan Townsend Tenkai Palm Scoop Up Replacement as spread deck is scooped up
1985 50
Frederick Braue FB Card Palm and Pass Rear Palm, palm off from center, replacement after tabled riffle shuffle (1935)
1985 2
Edward Marlo Longitudinal Palm Replacement
1988 205
Larry Jennings Scoop Up Addition from Gambler's Cop as deck is scooped up
1988 87
Justin Higham Longitudinal Palm Replacement
1988 4
Dr. Jacob Daley Face-Lift Addition cop to under deck, table edge
Related to 1989 5
Dai Vernon Flat Top with replacement
1989 16
Edward Marlo Invisible Add-On Move at table edge, elevated addition type
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Related to Dec. 1990
Technomagic (Issue 6)
Alex Elmsley The Tap Replacement from Rear Palm
1991 129
Edward Marlo Longitudinal Palm Replacement
1992 161
Edward Marlo Underhanded Scoop Add adding card under a deck or packet, table edge
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1992 167
Justin Higham Tabled Longitudinal Replacement
Technomagic (Issue 13)
Ernest Earick Swivel Load 1 from Tenkai palm to under deck or case
1993 58
Ernest Earick Swivel Load 2 from LTP to under deck
1993 66
Gene Maze Unit Grip Addition onto packet
1994 177
Gene Maze Unit Grip Addition to small packet
1994 188
Roger Crosthwaite LTP Packet Replacement to top
1994 33
Roger Crosthwaite Tabled Addition from LTP palm
1994 90
Ellison Poland Put And Take card (double) inserted in center, bottom card stolen in Tenkai palm, replacement on top, also as steal of card from bottom of small packet, see p. 40 for different get-into
Inspired byRelated to 1994 37
Edward Marlo Variations of a Palm tabled, during riffle shuffle
  • Basic Start Position
  • To Palm Off the Top Cards
  • Into Other Palm Positions
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 1995 252
Edward Marlo Throw-Offs and Replacements table edge hold-out, imp pass
Also published here 1995 260
Dominique Duvivier Holding Clout Stealing and adding cards secretly, with table
Related to 1996 25
Doug Edwards Two Ace Replacements Replacements for four Aces on top of the deck (two methods) from odd palms
1997 177
Simon Lovell Gambler's Flat Palm Addition to top
1997 109
Edward Marlo Teeter-Totter Change card on face shown, deck moved up and down with both hands and face card changes
Inspired by Apr. 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 8)
Replacing Cards in Gambler's Cop under the Deck
1998 710
Replacing Palmed Cards
1998 80
Justin Higham Longitudinal Bottom Replacement
1999 20
Justin Higham Longitudinal Center Replacement
Inspired by 1999 21
Fredric P. Lamazor Flexible Unload Handling in-the-hands handling
Inspired by 1999 13
Cop Replacement brief
2000 10
Barry Price Replacing Flat-Palmed Cards
2000 27
Thomas Baxter To Reverse a Card in the Pack using Gambler's Cop
2002 23
Gambler's Cop Replacement
2002 37
Tenkai Ishida Tenkai Palm
2003 56
Ross Bertram Tenkai Replacement Technique
2003 87
Wesley James Add-Backs Low Lateral Palm Replacements
  • Standard Add-Back
  • No Contact Add-Back
  • Bottom Add-Backs
2004 367
Joshua Jay Palming
2005 34
Edward Marlo Variations of a Palm tabled, during riffle shuffle
  • Basic Starting Position
  • To Palm Off the Top Cards
  • Maneuvering to Other Palm Positions
Also published here 2007 136
Edward Marlo Throw-Offs and Replacements table edge hold-out, imp pass
Also published here 2007 144
Roberto Giobbi, Dai Vernon Roberto Giobbi sobre Dai Vernon - segunda parte Tecnicas cartomagicas de Dai Vernon
  • 1. Carta en salida interior
  • 2. Obtener un separación debajo de la carta superior
  • 3. Control de una carta (Harry Riser)
  • 4. Control múltiple
  • 5. Salto de mesa
  • 6. Devolución de cartas empalmadas
  • 7. Sujetar el mazo con cartas empalmadas
  • 8. Control después del hojeo
  • 9. Para subir la carta inferior a la parte superior del mazo durante una mezcla usual por arrastre en las manos.
  • 10. Corte múltiples falsos
El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 13)
Shane Cobalt Tenkai Palm Cleanup
2012 23
Lance Caffrey Bottom Cap No. 1, replacing copped cards during Hindu Shuffle
2013 104
Tom Gagnon Gambler's Cop Replacement slight in-the-hands back-and-forth spread
2019 325
Steve Forte Replacements "capping the deck", after a spectator's shuffle, several examples for procedures
  • card tricks
2020 580
Steve Forte gamblers' cop
2020 583
Steve Forte thumb-clip left-hand thumb clipped card replaced to top
2020 583
Steve Forte scoop cap right-hand flat palm
2020 584
Steve Forte strip cap left-hand flat palm
2020 585
Steve Forte off-the-table left-hand thumb clipped card replaced to bottom
2020 586
Steve Forte wrap-around cap left-hand flat palm to top
2020 587
Steve Forte sweep-cap
2020 588
Steve Forte one-handed caps
2020 589
Steve Forte wrong-direction cap
2020 589
Steve Forte direct transfer cap left-hand cop or thumb clip to top of tabled deck via right-hand end grip transfer
2020 592
Steve Reynolds Tenkai Palm Replacement to top
Output (Issue 11)
Dai Vernon Flat Palm Replacement from private lecture notes by P. Howard Lyons
2022 82
Roger Crosthwaite Longitudinal Tenkai Palm (LTP) Add-On Finesse steal from peek, add-on onto tabled packet
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Mar. 2006
2022 481
Looy Simonoff Looy's Addition from thumb clip palm at table edge
Also published here 2022 13
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Tenkai palm replacement turning packet over end for end to motivate replacement
2022 258
Looy Simonoff Looy's Addition from thumb clip palm at table edge
Also published here 2023 25