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The Nature of the Palm position
1940 134
Rear Palming the Top Card including transfer from regular to rear palm
1940 135
The Bottom Rear Palm
Related to 1940 137
The Rear Palm Side Slip
Related to 1940 138
The Little Finger Push-Out side steal to rear palm
1940 139
Using the Rear Palm tips
Related to 1940 141
J. B. Bobo Center Rear Palm Steal
1947 47
Milton Tropp Rear Palm of the Bottom Card
Feb. 1948 397
Edward Marlo Angle Palm Transfer from right Tenkai Palm to left Rear Palm
1957 26
James Steranko Lateral Afterthoughts
  • crimping
  • transfer to Tenkai or Rear Palm
  • different anchor fingers
1960 34
Dai Vernon Some Useful Notes on Palming (b)
1961 45
Jon Racherbaumer Comments on the Rear Palm
Kabbala — Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 2)
Gene Maze Square-Up Bottom Steal tabled, kind of Rear or Tenkai Palm
1977 302
José de la Torre Rear Palm Position with two pressure points
1978 66
José de la Torre Jose's Palm using rear palm variation with two pressure points, from bottom into right hand
  • Variations of Jose's Palm
    • First: The Get Read
      • The Side-Glide
    • Second: The Grabbing
    • Third: The Covering Move
      • Another Covering Move
    • Grabbing Methods (for Jose's Palm)
      • With the Base of Middle Finger and Thumb
      • With the Heal of the Hand
      • By Friction
1978 95
Rainer Teschner b) Wurfpalmage dribble-stop selection process, top half tossed onto half in left hand, bottom card stolen into right-hand palm
1979 31
Rear Palm using the glide
1981 14
Fred Kaps Card Switch while turning card over
1981 45
Edward Marlo Rear Palm Approach description of the position
1983 203
Rear Palm position
1985 223
Frederick Braue FB Card Palm and Pass Rear Palm, palm off from center, replacement after tabled riffle shuffle (1935)
1985 2
Frederick Braue Braue Color Change rear palm
1985 14
Karl Fulves Ability Palm instant palm into right-hand flat or rear palm
1987 13
Dr. James Nuzzo Nuzzos's Pocket Appearance front trouser, while rubbing the pocket, from rear palm
1988 11
Rear Cop Rear Palm technique
1989 97
Alex Elmsley New Techniques for the Rear Palm several applications and transitions
1991 124
Alex Elmsley The Top-card Rear Palm
1991 126
Alex Elmsley, Edward Marlo The Misdirection Rear Palm
1991 128
Alex Elmsley The Tap Replacement from Rear Palm
1991 129
Alex Elmsley The Center-card Rear Palm as fan is formed
1991 130
Alex Elmsley A One-handed Center Steal
1991 133
Steve Draun, Edward Marlo Rear Palm Misdirection Palm one card only
Related to 1993 54
Gene Maze Rear Palm applications
Aug. 1993
Apocalypse (Vol. 16 No. 8)
Roberto Giobbi The Rear Palm commentary
Related to May 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 5)
Rear Palm Steal bottom card of packet into right hand Tenkai/Rear Palm
Related to 2013 19
Max Malini Rear Palm with extraction from pocket
2022 261