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Gambler's Squaring Palm
1940 55
The Gamblers' Flat Palm strange position
1940 56
Edward Victor The E. V. Semi-Circular Color Change card stolen from back of deck into gambler’s flat palm type of grip and deposited on face
1940 ca. 9
The Phantom Pip picking up the pip... and putting it back on
1942/27 172
Tommy Dowd A New Card Change during demonstration on how spectator should put his hand on top
Related to July 1945 132
Tommy Dowd Book or Magazine Load from Flat Palm
July 1945 132
Tommy Dowd Card Addition to Packet with table spread force application
July 1945 132
J. B. Bobo Color Change with gambler's flat palm steal from back & presentation
1947 27
Dai Vernon Tips for Experts - Card Palming
1957 193
Edward Marlo Flat Palm Steal from tabled deck
1957 5
Edward Marlo Flat Palm to Tenkai Palm one-handed adjustment
1957 26
Dai Vernon Other methods of Palming Gambler's palm and unconventional clip palm with third, fourth and fifth finger
1961 39
Dai Vernon To Palm a Card from the pack with the Gambler's palm
Variations 1961 40
Dai Vernon Springing a card into the gambler's palm position from small packet
1961 44
Dai Vernon Some useful Notes on Palming (g) from small packet, bottom card into right hand
1961 46
Dai Vernon One-handed Card Change to gambler's palm
Variations 1961 66
Rear Flat Palm gambler's flat palm, palm position is explained
1961 2
Edward Marlo Changing Palm Positions one-handed transitions mainly between Gambler's Flat Palm and Tenkai type palm:
  • Rear Angle Palm to Flat Rear Palm
  • Flat Rear Palm to Rear Angle Palm
1961 3
Edward Marlo Flat Card Pickup palming a single card off a flat table
1961 4
Edward Marlo, Getting into the Palm Positions from deck, ten methods: Rear Angle Palm (Tenkai type) & Rear Flat Palm (Gambler's Flat Palm)
Variations 1961 6
Edward Marlo Marlo's Card Switch isolated card(s) are switched for palmed card(s)
Variations 1961 24
Edward Marlo Notes on the Flat Palm Position
1961 24
Edward Marlo Additional Methods for Getting into Basic Position of Rear Flat Palm required for the Marlo Card Switch five methods, from deck and from left hand palm
1961 26
Ross Bertram Bottom Steal and Recovery tabled
VariationsAlso published here 1967 205
Dai Vernon Vernon's Bottom Palm - Gamblers No. 76, bottom to right hand, might be the one from the reference
Related to 1972 23
Dai Vernon Vernon's Count Palm No. 91, turnover version of The Packet-Display Palm
Also published here 1972 27
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Magnetized Cards No. 311, ungaffed with flat palm
1972 80
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Note - 1) No. 351-1, Gambler's Palm switch when pushing a card on table
1972 98
Karl Fulves Cop From The Shuffle definition of term, describing a bottom cop during riffle shuffle
1973 3
Karl Fulves The Direct Cop tabled, from center, kind of flat palm
1973 86
Harry Lorayne The Ribbon-Spread Palm with lapping option
1973 76
Edward Marlo Scoop up Palm small packet is brushed aside, one card palmed
1976 138
Slydini Flat Tabled Palm cards added from tabled deck to tabled packet
1976 92
Rick Johnsson The Byrd Acquitment adjusting card in Tenkai palm, or moving it to gambler's flat palm
1976 59
Larry Jennings L.J. Angle Steal
Variations 1977 22
Dan MacMillan The Gamblers' Palm discussion of position
1977 1
Dan MacMillan Palm Transfer from Rear Angle Palm to Gamblers' Palm
1977 3
Dan MacMillan Palm Transfer to Master Palm from Gamblers' Palm
1977 3
Dan MacMillan Palm Transfer to the Gamblers' Palm from a Clip Steal
1977 4
Dan MacMillan Palm Transfer from Gamblers' Palm to Clip Palm
1977 5
Dan MacMillan Ribbon Spread Card Add as spread is scooped up
1977 5
Dan MacMillan In the Hands Spread Replacement
1977 5
Dan MacMillan Center Card Add palmed card inserted in center
1977 7
Dan MacMillan The Gamblers' Thumb Break breaking off a single card with a break from cards in flat palm
  • Gamblers' Drop-Off 1
  • Gamblers' Drop-Off 2
  • Gamblers' Drop-Off 3
  • Center Drop-Off 1
  • Center Drop-Off 2
  • Center Drop-Off 3
Inspired by 1977 9
Dan MacMillan The Flexible Palm first finger takes hold of corner at thumb
Inspired byRelated to 1977 12
Dan MacMillan Palm Transfer from Gamblers' Palm to Flexible Palm and Back Again
  • Example 1 (holding deck in End Grip with card in Flexible Palm)
  • Example 2 (holding deck in perpendicular End Grip with card in Flexible Palm, Hindu Shuffling)
  • Example 3 (ribbon spreading deck with palmed card)
  • Example 4 (maintaining thumb break as above)
  • Example 5 (riffle shuffling on the table with palmed card)
1977 13
Dan MacMillan Partial Packet Replacement replacing one card of palmed packet
1977 17
Dan MacMillan Side Steal to Flexible Palm
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1977 17
Dan MacMillan Secret Card Add adding card from gambler's flat palm to small packet
Variations 1977 19
Dan MacMillan Misdirection Card Add adding palmed cards during counting or dealing action
1977 23
Dan MacMillan The Shuffle Palm tabled riffle shuffle
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1977 28
Dan MacMillan The Gamblers' Cull culled cards are palmed off into flat palm
1977 30
Dan MacMillan The Flexible Card Switch switching single cards, packets, or partial switches of packets or single cards with multiple palmed cards, eleven handling
Inspired by 1977 33
Ross Bertram Bottom Steal and Recovery tabled, during riffle shuffle
Also published here 1978 84
Edward Marlo Marlo's Basic Grip Palm
The Talon (Issue 1)
Martin A. Nash Triple Clip-Steal, The - e) 1) The Gambler's Flat Palm
1979 347
Ken Simmons, Dan MacMillan A Technical Variation of the Secret Card Add from Gambler's Palm
  • As a Tabled Turnover
Inspired by 1981 17
Ken Simmons, Dan MacMillan OHTOS as a Packet Switch just a note
Inspired by 1981 19
Dan MacMillan The Pen-tastic Move writing with card palmed
1981 22
Dan MacMillan Improved Shuffle Palm during tabled riffle shuffle
Inspired by 1981 29
Dan MacMillan The Flexible Palm palm position
Related to 1981 34
Dan MacMillan Side Steal to Flexible Palm center steal
Inspired byAlso published here 1981 36
Dan MacMillan One Hand Turnover Switch
Also published here 1981 37
George Joseph The Gamblers Palm
1982 1
George Joseph Switching Palms
  • Classic Palm To Gamblers Palm
  • Classic Palm To Pinch Palm
  • Gamblers Palm to Classic Palm
  • Gamblers Palm to Pinch Palm
  • Pinch Palm to Classic Palm
  • Pinch Palm to Gamblers Palm
1982 3
Edward Marlo Tabled Flat Palm Production invisible card is apparently turned over
1983 44
Edward Marlo Flat Palm Grip
1983 187
Edward Marlo Technical Variant Side-Steal
Inspired by 1984 167
Edward Marlo Tenkai Palm to Gambler's Flat Palm Transition step 8
1984 174
Edward Marlo The Tabled Side-Steal deck dribbled to table
1984 175
Edward Marlo Gambler's Falt to Tenkai Transition right hand
1984 244
Edward Marlo Rise, Rise, Rise
1985/87 69
Larry Jennings L.J. Variation of the Machine Break-Off Move from small packet
1986 67
Larry Jennings Tabled Palm
1986 71
Larry Jennings L.J. Angle Steal
Also published here 1986 84
Dai Vernon Spring Palm small packet
1986 152
Dan MacMillan Visual Retention Poker Hand Switch Gambler's Palm
1986 58
Dai Vernon Position
1987 58
Dai Vernon The Packet-Display Palm
Related toAlso published here 1987 68
Dai Vernon On the Side Steal
1987 76
Karl Fulves Ability Palm instant palm into right-hand flat or rear palm
1987 13
Ken Simmons Future Center Steal two handlings
Inspired by 1987 50
Edward Marlo Flat Palm Steal tabled deck
1988 51
Edward Marlo Flat Palm from Top
1988 38
Dai Vernon Subway Gambler's Palm bottom to right, general information
Related to 1989 1
Dai Vernon The Contortion Palm
1989 3
Dai Vernon The Lilliput Palm small packet handling
1989 8
Dai Vernon Flat Top with replacement
1989 16
Edward Marlo Flat Palm Steal tabled
1989 126
Larry Jennings L.J. Angle Steal
1989 28
Randy Wakeman Card from Inside Pocket using gambler's palm
1989 5
Tabled Flat Palm off tabled packet
1989 111
Palm-to-Palm Transfer flat to flat palm, brief
1989 111
Jim Patton The Patton Free-Turn Side Steal from center into Gambler's Flat Palm
Related to 1990 136
Bruce Cervon The Free-Turn Bottom Palm into Gambler's Flat Palm
1990 138
Palm to Palm Transfer flat palm
1990 72
Larry Jennings LJ Angle Steal
Also published here 1990 20
Edward Marlo Tabled Flat-Palm Steal
1991 219
Allan Ackerman Master Move Action Palm Dovetail Shuffle
1994 59
Patrick Cook Gambler's Palming System several applications, palming from top, center, bottom
Dec. 1994
Apocalypse (Vol. 17 No. 12)
Edward Marlo Variations of a Palm tabled, during riffle shuffle
  • Basic Start Position
  • To Palm Off the Top Cards
  • Into Other Palm Positions
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 1995 252
Edward Marlo Throw-Offs and Replacements table edge hold-out, imp pass
Also published here 1995 260
Edward Marlo Tabled Flat Palm off tabled deck
1995 20
Larry Jennings, Michael Close L.J. Angle Steal Handling
1996 114
Harry Riser Gambler's Top Cop into right-hand gambler's palm from top of deck
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MUM, Nov. 1986
1996 14
Larry Jennings LJ Angle Steal
1997 51
Simon Lovell Gambler's Flat Palm Addition to top
1997 109
The Flat Palm off the tabled deck, transfer to other hand
1997 160
Edward Marlo, Barry Price The Miracle Card Change with flat palm handling for more cover
Related to 2000 16
Barry Price The Breakaway Palm palming multiple cards from below top card, into clip position or flat palm, "Deck Straddle Palms"
2000 25
Barry Price Replacing Flat-Palmed Cards
2000 27
Barry Price Price's Swiddle Palm multiple cards inserted into deck and palmed out into right hand flat palm
2000 28
Wesley James Palming... essay and basic palm positions
  • Classic Palm
  • Classic Palm Grip with First Finger (Marlo)
  • Thumb Palm
  • Gambler's Flat Palm
Related to 2004 121
Wesley James Low Lateral Conversions
  • Low Lateral Palm to Gambler's Flat Palm
  • Low Lateral Palm to Tenkai/Slydini/Marlo Palm
  • Low Lateral Palm to Bold Steal
  • Gambler's Flat Palm to Low Lateral Palm
  • Tenkai to Low Lateral Palm
  • Bold Steal to Low Lateral Palm
  • To and From Gambler's Flat Palm
2004 364
Edward Marlo Variations of a Palm tabled, during riffle shuffle
  • Basic Starting Position
  • To Palm Off the Top Cards
  • Maneuvering to Other Palm Positions
Also published here 2007 136
Edward Marlo Throw-Offs and Replacements table edge hold-out, imp pass
Also published here 2007 144
Dai Vernon Continuing with Revelations... Gambler's Palm vs Magician's Palm
Aug. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 8)
Dai Vernon Skinning the Hand with the French Shift from packet into gambler's palm
Aug. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 8)
Dave Buck Lofty Transfer Card bottom palmed in left hand is transferred to right hand flat palm
2011 60
Roberto Giobbi Grips on the Cold Deck
  • Flat-Palm Grip
  • Tenkai Grip
  • Deep Dealing Position
2013 14
Daniel Madison Click Palm Stealing card from center of deck into left hand Gambler's Palm, risky
Related to 2014 23
Daniel Madison, Chris Kenner Hotel Palm Stealing card from bottom of deck into modified left hand Gambler's Palm
Related to 2014 25
Roberto Giobbi Slap & Rise card not on top of tabled deck, performer slaps deck three times, card now on top, tabled flat palm
Hidden Agenda (Issue Feb 15)
Steve Forte standard break-off from packet into left-hand gambler's flat palm
2020 529
Steve Forte nail/thumb-slide break-off from packet into left-hand gambler's flat palm
2020 530
Steve Forte shuffle steal from packet into right-hand gambler's flat palm
2020 531
Steve Forte table break-off from packet into right-hand gambler's flat palm
2020 532
any card - any number of cards by hustler SMK, from center packet into right-hand gambler's flat palm
2020 535
Small Packet Flat Palm top card into right-hand flat palm
2020 537
Steve Forte instant gamblers' palm into left hand from bottom of deck
2020 571
Steve Forte off-the-table riffle and cascade palm
2020 575
Steve Forte table-riffle palm off the top during tabled riffle shuffle
Related to 2020 576
Steve Forte scoop cap right-hand flat palm
2020 584
Steve Forte strip cap left-hand flat palm
2020 585
Steve Forte wrap-around cap left-hand flat palm to top
2020 587
Steve Forte sweep-cap
2020 588
Steve Forte one-handed caps
2020 589
Steve Forte wrong-direction cap
2020 589
Steve Forte interlocked-fingers transfer flat to flat
2020 594
Joe Dignam Pick-Up Palm deck placed on table and top card retained and maneuvered into flat palm
Apr. 2020
Genii (Vol. 83 No. 4)
John Carney The Productions black as single card
  • Stealing Back the Block
Inspired by 2020 127
Dai Vernon Flat Palm Replacement from private lecture notes by P. Howard Lyons
2022 82
Bernard Bilis Raise Rise Palm Steal card from center secretly pushed out and right hand flat/Tenkai palms it in gesture
2022 106