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Table Edge Drag Switch into servante (lap)
1876 110
Drawing off the Table Edge Switch
1889 131
Professor Hoffmann Table Edge Switch with Servante
1938 326
The Gambler's Table Change
1940 8
Tommy Dowd A New Card Change during demonstration on how spectator should put his hand on top
Related to July 1945 132
Tony Kardyro T. K's Hole Card Switch Supreme
Variations 1955 10
Jerry Andrus Rolling Change through-the-fist type action with double, one card lapped
1957 6
Edward Marlo Marlo's Push Switch as tabled card is pushed forward
Variations 1961 30
Edward Marlo Push Switch Variation as tabled card is pushed forward
1961 32
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico The Circular Change as hand is waved over single tabled card
VariationsAlso published here 1961 33
Edward Marlo Rub-A-Dub Change motivated handling for tabled switch
1961 35
Edward Marlo Unloading Switches tabled, three methods, switched-out cards are instantly unloaded on deck, see also note D. on page 65
Variations 1961 38
Edward Marlo Simplest Push Switch as card is pushed forward on table
1961 44
Edward Marlo Marlo's Regulation Palm Switches two methods, table
1961 60
Edward Marlo, Tony Slydini Table Edge Switch hung card
Fall 1969
Hierophant (Issue 1)
Edward Marlo Kick-Off Switch tabled card(s) lapped, palmed card(s) switched in
Variations Sep. 1972
Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 9)
Edward Marlo Table Edge Exchange with hung card gimmick
1972 12
Dai Vernon Vernon's Poker Chip Switch Of Cards No. 47, muck with poker chip cover, no details
1972 16
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Note - 1) No. 351-1, Gambler's Palm switch when pushing a card on table
1972 98
Russell T. Barnhart The "Clipper" Switch as pen is placed in tabled card
1973 102
Edward Marlo Marlo's Simple Push-Switch tabled, flat palm
1974 237
Tony Slydini, Karl Fulves Table Edge Turnover Switch with lapping
1975 192
Tony Slydini Pick-Up Switch as tabled card is picked up
1976 94
Tony Slydini Pick-Up Switch II as tabled card is picked up, open grip
1976 94
Tony Slydini The Slydini Switch table edge
Related to 1976 105
Rick Johnsson The IBGTH Switch while turning card over on table, based in The Kick Technique
VariationsAlso published here 1976 43
Edward Marlo More Miracle Card Changes different variations (including tabled)
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1977 149
Gene Maze One-Card Switch lapping
1977 209
Gene Maze Second Deal Switch no real second deal, lapping
1977 210
Gene Maze Single Palm Retention Switch one-handed, lapping
1977 218
Gene Maze The Snap Lap Switch
1977 233
Gene Maze Black Jack Switch
Variations 1977 256
Gene Maze The Tabled Single
1977 263
Gene Maze One Hand Single Turnover with variation
1977 266
Gene Maze Table Double Variation
1977 267
Gene Maze, Seth Glass Maze/Glass Switch tabled, lapping
1977 268
Gene Maze Tabled Double Lift Steal
1977 269
Gene Maze The Glide Change lapping
Related to 1977 271
Dan MacMillan One Hand Turn Over Switch
VariationsAlso published here 1977 24
Russell T. Barnhart The Cirkulus Switch as a blackjack switch
Dec. 1978
Apocalypse (Vol. 1 No. 12)
Edward Marlo More Card Switches two methods, also with paper clip on card
1979 254
Edward Marlo Covered Kick or Push Switch using table edge
1979 265
Edward Marlo Marlo Kick Switch for one or multiple cards, lapping
Related to 1979 268
Edward Marlo Visual Retention Switch one or multiple cards, lapping, see also page 371
1979 271
Bruce Ikefugi Lightning Stab Change indifferent card is stabbed in deck face up and at that moment changes into selection, lapping
Related to Aug. 1979
Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 8)
Jonathan Townsend Lap Change
Nov. 1979
Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 11)
Richard Kaufman The W.S. Card Switch lapping
1979 41
Gene Maze The S.D.L. Change "Second Deal Lap" as single card switch, lapping
1979 50
Richard Kaufman Multiple S.D.L Change "Second Deal Lap", with a triple
1979 135
Tony Slydini The Slydini Switch II
Related to 1979 31
Edward Marlo Deal Switch card is Tenkai palmed as cards are counted on table
1980 52
Edward Marlo Marlo Card Switch table edge, also as packet or deck switch
1980 204
Edward Marlo One at a Time Switch one from group switched, table edge
1980 207
Ross Bertram, Edward Marlo, Daryl Martinez Pivot Change Handling at table, with clean up
1980 89
Gene Maze SingleCard card is switched while turning it over on the table
Related to 1980 12
Gene Maze Black Jack Switch
1980 13
Gene Maze The Peek A Boo Switch while looking at card, also possible with a packet
1980 14
Gene Maze Pivot card is shown and then switched
1980 16
Edward Marlo, Gene Maze Deal Switch
Related to 1980 43
Gene Maze The Multiple BlackJack Switch
1980 81
Card Switch on the table, lap
1981 4
Ken Simmons Pull Out Double Lift adding card to single card from beneath mat at table edge
Related to 1981 2
Ken Simmons Pull Out Retention Switch card turned over at table edge, addition from under mat, no-palm
Related to 1981 5
Ken Simmons The Push Change tabled double pushed forward and face card unloaded
1981 10
Ken Simmons Pick-Up Switch tabled card picked up in end grip, lapping
1981 41
Dan MacMillan One Hand Turnover Switch
Also published here 1981 37
Gary Ouellet The Ouellet Switch
Variations 1981 16
Gary Ouellet Uses for the Ouellet Switch
  • as a force
  • as a packet switch
  • as a knockout poker demonstration
1981 21
Derek Dingle One-Hand Slydini-Marlo Switch Variation using lap
1982 140
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Au Courant Card Switch using lap
Also published here 1982 106
One Card Hand To Hand one of two cards that are looked at
1982 14
One Card Blackjack Muck one of two
1982 19
George Joseph One Card Stud Poker
1982 32
George Joseph The Challenge Muck using lap
1982 36
One card Peel-Off one of a group
1982 39
George Joseph One Card Pick Up
Related to 1982 43
Edward Marlo Drop-off Switch one handed, lapping, tabled
1983 283
Gene Maze Lapping Switch brief
Nov. 1983
Apocalypse (Vol. 6 No. 11)
Ross Bertram A Tenkai Switch tabled lap sweep
1983 163
Edward Marlo Olram's Card Switch
1984 282
Tony Slydini, Edward Marlo Slydini Switch in Wallet table edge
1984 285
Bob King Turnover Lap Switch card is scooped up and turned over at table edge
1985 148
Edward Marlo A Face Down Change tabled, using Eidetic Slide
1986 19
Edward Marlo, Dan MacMillan Marlo on Dan MacMillan's Switch
Inspired by 1986 68
David Regal Holding On table edge
1987 59
David Regal The Cardboard Magician lapping
1987 174
Jerry Sadowitz Master-Palm Switch double put on table and face card stolen, one-handed
1987 52
Edward Marlo Marlo's Split Deal double is shown and face cards stolen while it is dealt, different applications
1988 1
Edward Marlo Hung Card Switch at table edge
1988 283
Edward Marlo One Hand Card Switches using lapping, two methods
Also published here 1988 285
Edward Marlo The Illogical Switch lapping
1988 288
Edward Marlo The No Palm Switch lapping, table edge
1988 288
Edward Marlo Marlo's Deal Switch
1989 52
Gene Maze Mat Switch hole card type switch with card ending up under mat
1989 46
Juan Tamariz Tamariz Change described with lapping
Also published here 1989/91 138
Justin Higham Hole-Card Switch
Variations 1990
Inside Out (Issue Special No. 1)
Edward Marlo Latest One Hand Switch
Variations Nov. 1990
Technomagic (Issue 5)
Justin Higham Sleightless One Hand Switch
Nov. 1990
Technomagic (Issue 5)
Justin Higham Reverse One Hand Switch tabled card is turned over
Nov. 1990
Technomagic (Issue 5)
Gene Maze Hole Card Switch
  • Full Packet Variation
Swindle Sheet (Issue 9)
Edward Marlo Tuck-And-Go Switch tabled card is slid under table spread as it is picked up
1992 134
Russell T. Barnhart Lap Switch top card of double lapped
Nov. 1993
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 3)
Paul Gertner The Flick with Cards card secretly flicked across table with thumb
  • The Flick Switch
  • The Flick Split
  • Card in Wallet
Related to 1994 91
Roger Crosthwaite Lap-Switch tabled card picked up and put in other hand, lapping, using LTP
1994 81
Roger Crosthwaite Turnover Switch tabled card turned over, lapping, using LTP
1994 82
Steal from Tabled Double hand drags top card away
1994 18
Edward Marlo Push Switch as tabled card is pushed forward
1994 20
Rick Johnsson The IBGTH Switch while turning card over on table, brief
Also published here 1994 34
Ellison Poland A Gambler's Switch as hand is waved over single tabled card, transposition application
Inspired by 1994 87
Gene Maze Maze Basic Switch Benzais Cop as switch
Related toVariations 1994 104
Gene Maze Blackjack Switch Variation
Inspired by 1994 104
Gene Maze Maze Basic Switch Variation Benzais Cop as switch
Inspired by 1994 107
Gene Maze Maze Basic Switch Variation
Inspired by 1994 113
Lennart Green Additional Notes Snap Deal as a switch and simulating the snap deal while left hand makes snap sound
1995 19
Edward Marlo First Switch switching tabled card for card in card shelf
1995 164
Edward Marlo Second Switch switching tabled card for card in card shelf
1995 165
Edward Marlo Misdirection Shelf Switch as other arm is in front
1995 177
Edward Marlo Without Shelf or Clips thumbs alternately press card to table edge, switch
1995 184
Edward Marlo Olram Turnover Switch tabled card turned over one-handed, unload on deck
Also published here
  • The New Tops, Mar. 1976
1995 274
Edward Marlo Easy One-Hand Card Switch - Second Variation
Also published here 1996
Facsimile (Issue 4)
Gene Maze Face Up to Face Down Switch
Related to 1998 1398
Guy Hollingworth Regarding the switching of cards. One Miracle Change at the table edge
Related to 1999 150
Dan MacMillan One Handed Turn Over Switch
Also published here 1999 26
Baltazar Fuentes Styrofoam Switch card on table is apparently picked up with another card and switched, it is actually on a string with styrofoam cube at the end and pulled into lap quickly
2000 27
Baltazar Fuentes The Slydini Switch card on table edge, card shelf
2000 33
Ken Simmons Technical Variation of the MacMillan One-Hand Turnover Switch
Inspired by June 2000
Onyx (Issue 11)
Dan Buck, Dave Buck The Exchange Second Deal card in LTP is switched in while dealt card is palmed in LTP
Inspired by
  • "Exchange Second Deal" (Ricky Smith)
2001 16
Wesley James No Deal and Swap Deal discussion and sources
2004 278
Edward Marlo, Wesley James Push Switch Variation tabled card pushed forward
Inspired by 2004 415
Edward Marlo, Wesley James The Kick-Off Switch tabled card lapped, palmed card switched in, slight variation by James
Inspired by 2004 415
Arthur Trace The Relativity Switch Out Card is switched while tossed on table
2006 31
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Circular Change as hand is waved over single tabled card
Also published here Aug. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 3)
Steal from Tabled Double hand drags top card away
Aug. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 3)
Edward Marlo Push Switch as tabled card is pushed forward
Aug. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 3)
Roberto Giobbi Simple Single-Card Switch table edge
Secret Agenda (Issue Feb 9)
Jim Patton Visual Retention Switch
2010 185
Justin Higham Tip-Up Hole-Card Switch
  • With a Forward-Tabling Action
2011 25
Justin Higham Underhand Hole-Card Switch 1
Inspired by 2011 27
Justin Higham Underhand Hole-Card Switch 2
2011 28
Justin Higham Modified Kardyro Hold-Card Switch
Inspired by 2011 29
Justin Higham Further Reading five hold-card switch references
2011 30
David Davies Simulated-Placement Flick Switch
Inspired by 2011 32
Daniel Madison, Benjamin Earl Arm-Rest Muck
  • Lap Variation
  • Credit
Also published here
  • Subterfuge One video (Daniel Madison)
2011 33
Father Alex Demonstration Muck
2014 2
Father Alex Variation Switch one card out of a tabled Blackjack hand
2014 3
Father Alex The D.L. Muck Load palmed card under tabled card, perfectly aligned
2014 4
Father Alex The Turnover Muck Card switched as it is turned over
Inspired by 2014 5
Bizau Cristian Romanian Muck Mucking technique, suitable only for demo
2014 8
Vanni Bossi Face-Down Golden Change card tossed on table, face-card lapped
2016 73
Howard Schwarzman Card in Spread Switch tabled
Hidden Agenda (Issue Apr 27)
Steve Forte Mucks general comments
2020 506
Steve Forte One-card Mucks - chop similar to Throw Change, Blackjack application, one of two cards stolen in thumb clip, then switched in later round, with scenarios
2020 507
Steve Forte double-down chop
2020 509
Steve Forte one-handed peek muck one of two cards
2020 510
Steve Forte cowboy one of two cards
2020 511
Steve Forte squeeze muck one of two cards
2020 512
Steve Forte prop muck one of two cards, with item like glass on table
2020 512
Steve Forte Macau muck - baccarat one of two cards
2020 513
Steve Forte Two-Bet Switches intro, two hands played by one player and cards transferred from hand to hand
2020 522
Steve Forte slider two blackjack hands, a card switched between the hands
2020 522
Steve Forte carry-over two blackjack hands, a card switched between the hands
2020 523
Steve Forte matching high cards two blackjack hands, a card switched between the hands, similar to The Spread
2020 524
Steve Forte against the ace two blackjack hands, a card switched between the hands
2020 524
Steve Forte squeeze switch two blackjack hands, a card switched between the hands
2020 526
Steve Forte lucky-spot switch two blackjack hands, a card switched between the hands
2020 527
Steve Forte hold-out sequences three complete sequences
2020 539
Idan Kaufman Lapping Switch card in left hand is turned over with right hand
2020 11
Bruce Bernstein The Bernstein Utility Switch "A Tribute to Slydini", as card on table is slid off and turned over
2021 153
Roger Crosthwaite LTP Steal and Lap
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Mar. 2006
2022 484
Dan MacMillan One Hand Turn Over Switch brief, without folding
Also published here 2022 4
Dan MacMillan One Hand Turn Over Switch brief, without folding
Also published here 2023 11