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Packet Switch small packet, lap
Aug. 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 184)
Edward Marlo Card Thru Table lapping a short card method
Dec. 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 193)
Jerry Andrus Lapping Vanish propelled
Related toAlso published here 1957 6
Terry Guyatt Card Exchange Guyatt Card Exchange
1959 317
Jerry Andrus Lapping Vanish of single card
Also published here
  • from 1957 lecture of Jerry Andrus
1960 80
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Card Steal with Handkerchief as lapping
Related to
  • p. 41 for comments
Mar. 1966 26
Edward Marlo Count Lap
Related to 1970 145
Karl Fulves, Derek Dingle Direct Lap
Inspired by Jan. 1974 703
Jerry Andrus Lapping Vanish propelled
Also published here 1974 14
Jerry Andrus Squeeze Vanish card vanish between hands
1976 56
Rick Johnsson The Kick Technique isolated card is lapped as a vanish
1976 11
Rick Johnsson The Kick Change card on table is covered with both hands
Related to 1976 15
Rick Johnsson Delayed Lap Technique card hidden behind forearm
1976 23
Rick Johnsson Universal Card - N.F.A. using The Kick Change three times
1976 73
Allan Ackerman Roll Over Card Vanish bare handed
Variations 1978 46
Karl Fulves DQ turnover switch handling in which switched-out card is lapped, different variations
  • DQ I
  • DQ II
  • DQ III
  • DQ IV
  • DQ V (one of several is switched)
1978 60
Frank Garcia Lapping Vanish
New Stars of Magic (Vol. 1 No. 11)
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Propelled-Lapping to switch small packets
Magick (Issue 203)
Edward Marlo Rub-a-Dub Gone card actually on table
Hierophant (Issue The Last Hierophant)
Gene Maze SlideUnder Switch
1980 21
Lapping Vanish of isolated card, similar to Andrus' Tunnel Vanish
1980 4
Don England Deck Lapping from Case
1981 25
Gary Ouellet The Ouellet Switch
Variations 1981 16
Packet Switch
Jan. 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 9)
Stephen Tucker, John Brown, David Britland Full-Circle coin and card vanish and appear on deck
Feb. 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Edward Marlo Riffle Shuffle Drop-Off - Third Application as a switch out of cards, with lapping
1983 25
Harvey Rosenthal Card Switch turning face down card over, lapping card
1984 101
Jerry Andrus Squeeze Vanish
1985 29
Lawrence Frame Cards Across, Climax Four cards vanish visually in performer's hands and pass to spectator's packet
1986 20
Davide Costi Invisible Palm
Also published here 1987 42
Edward Marlo Propelled Lapping Restoration quarters on left fingers, right hand covers and card is restored without creases
Related to
  • "Propelled Lapping" (Ed Marlo, New Jinx, June 1965)
1988 281
Wesley James Propelled Lapping Variation away from table edge
Inspired by
  • "Propelled Lapping" (Ed Marlo, Carmen D'Amico, New Jinx Vol. IV No. 38, 6/65)
1990 41
René Lavand Flash Effects two changes of Aces to Kings
1993 131
Edward Marlo Count-Lap while packet is counted, see also p. 234 for credit information
Related to 1994 31
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Propelled Lapping
1994 31
Edward Marlo Propelled Lapping Vanish
Also published here July 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 11)
Davide Costi Invisible Palm
Also published here 2004 93
Wesley James From Jacket to Lap packet secretly paper clipped, apparently put in sleeve, then dropped to lap
2004 137
James Steranko Gonesville
  • lapping a card by throwing it straight through the tabled deck, apparently into the center
  • lapping bottom card after riffle shuffle, incomplete shuffled deck on edge, bottom card flicked with upright cards
Also published here
  • Genii, Apr. 1961
Nov./Dec. 2012
Genii (Vol. 75 No. 11 & 12)
Bébel, Patrick Lehnen Vanishing Aces four aces vanish one by one
2013 2
Card Lap while putting two cards together
2013 5
Tenkai Ishida, Patrick Lehnen Tenkai Vanish same as Stahl's BirdCage Vanish
Related to 2013 6
Dani DaOrtiz The Gun lapping technique, here to make a card vanish from the hand
May 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 5)
Jerry Andrus Vanish in Hands lapping
Related to 2016 106
Vanni Bossi Face-Down Golden Change card tossed on table, face-card lapped
2016 73
James Swain Card Vanish lapping
June 2022
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. Florida Issue Part Two)
Count Lap from end grip
Jan. 2022
Genii (Vol. 85 No. 1)
Edward Marlo Propelled Lapping Vanish
Also published here 2022 106
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Jump Change card openly displayed is apparently placed jogged in middle of deck as deck is given straight cut on table, really card is lapped and jogged card is the original bottom card of deck
  • Variation with a Packet (p. 28): same technique with group of cards, can be used to change four indifferent cards into Aces
  • Variation as a Visual Change (p. 29): same technique to make face-up card change visually
2022 27
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Quick Palm and Perhaps a Switch rapidly palm multiple cards off top of deck with follow-through action of turning deck face up, can switch palmed cards for cards on table via lapping technique as they are turned face up
2022 38
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Card to bill card is lapped as bill is brought into view from behind table
2022 221
Propelled Lapping Vanish
Aug. 2023
Genii (Vol. 86 No. 8)