Written by Davide Costi

Work of Davide Costi

144 pages (Hardcover), published by The Cairn Press
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn.
Language: English

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René Lavand Foreword 9
Davide Costi Quotations 12
René Lavand René Lavand's Foreword Number 2 13
Peter Blanchard Dobson Blanchard's World of Magic brief bio of Davide Costi 15
Davide Costi Testimonials of Racherbaumer, Lavand, Ascanio, Garrett, Shewan, MacMillan 19
Davide Costi Introduction 23
Davide Costi The Curve essay about the process as a magician 27
Davide Costi The Gesture essay about the power of a gesture 37
Davide Costi Double Lifts 41
Davide Costi Pneumatic Double Lift only from face up to face down 42
Davide Costi Excalibur Double Lift Also published here 44
Davide Costi Ultimate Double Lift from tabled deckAlso published here 45
Davide Costi Milano Double Lift snap-over 47
Davide Costi Under Lift double lift from the bottom 48
Davide Costi The Floating Count Also published here 49
Davide Costi One-Hand Spread same function as ascanio spreadAlso published here 53
Davide Costi Reverse 57
Elmer Biddle Biddle Steal breakless 58
Davide Costi A Few Words about Sleights 63
Davide Costi Alternating the Colors (Presentation) emphasis on the presentation, Ascanio's version of Bill Simon's "Call the colors"Inspired by 67
Davide Costi, Vanni Bossi, Tom Sellers Amex Related to 71
Davide Costi Card on Back card vanishes from deck and appears pinned on the performer's back 73
Davide Costi Celebration Routine setup for the routine existing of the following three tricks 77
Davide Costi Four Aces Reverse 78
Davide Costi, René Lavand Three Card Monte 80
René Lavand Patter 83
Davide Costi The Davide Costi Impossible Prediction 84
Davide Costi Fan Production producing the four aces face up with two face down fans 87
Davide Costi The Trick I changed for Gerald Kosky 89
Davide Costi A Color Change 90
Davide Costi Invisible Palm Also published here 93
Davide Costi, Jacques Tandeau No Force Prediction Related to 97
Unknown Glimpse 98
Davide Costi Double Card Laydown 99
Jacques Tandeau, Davide Costi Emtpy Deal empty deal, for prediction of stop trick 99
Davide Costi Prediction Presentation patter 101
Davide Costi Oscar Wilde Aces - Presentation patter 103
Davide Costi Queen of Hearts Related toAlso published here 105
Davide Costi The Rose of Paracelsus 109
Davide Costi Transposition 113
Arturo de Ascanio Triple Lift Saltimbanchi 113
Davide Costi Some Personal Statements 116
Davide Costi Birth of a Coin 117
Davide Costi Click Pass Also published here 119
Davide Costi, Toni Mantovani Reverse Matrix Also published here 121
Davide Costi The Small Coin small coin sandwiched between two bigger coins, emphasis on the vanish 131
Davide Costi Twilight - Presentation and Patter patter suggestionInspired by 133
Davide Costi Ultimate Retention Vanish See also Steve Freeman's " The Perfect Coin Vanish" (Magicana 107, Genii, February 1974)Related to 135
Davide Costi Boomerangs routine for Joseph Jastrow's optical illusion with two arcs 137
Davide Costi FT thumb tip handlingAlso published here 141
Davide Costi Requested Comments 143