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Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Die sympathetischen Zahlen spectator stops while performer deals cards on table, then four people select a card, selections are the four Tens which match amount of dealt cards, number is also predicted on a piece of paper
Also published here Kartenkünste 4
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Die vier Asse Aces produced, then sixteen more Aces produced, sixteen duplicate Aces
Also published here Kartenkünste 31
Joe Berg The Convexed Aces Experiment No. 6 - cards are lost and found, aces are bridged
Variations Card Control 156
Arthur H. Buckley The Aces and the Chosen Card Experiment No. 30 - aces are lost, selection appears on top and changes to aces, repeated three times
Card Control 190
Edward Marlo Four-Ace Opener packets are held face to face, aces appear there
Related to Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 5 134
Unknown Four-Ace Production Deck placed in pocket, can extract and locate four Aces
Tricks and Stunts With Playing Cards 30
Eddie Joseph One-Eye Joe Kings lost with cut and shuffle procedure and found again
Eddie's Dumbfounders with Cards 12
Toni Koynini The Last Card free selection, then three more cards arrived at after dealing deck into three piles, all match and consists of four-of-a-kind
Toni Koynini's Card Miracles 19
Al Leech A Reverse Discovery Aces put in deck, Kings found, Aces reversed
Card Man Stuff 21
Stewart James The Ace Assembly finding four Aces, deck is cut somewhere and piles are dealt
The Nullificator 5
Charles Hudson Sorcerer's Seven II cards are shuffled and cards from 8 to As removed, shuffled again and picture cards removed, then with the number seven all quartets are counted to
The Cardiste (Issue 4) 9
Harry Lorayne Coincidentally Yours three four of a kinds are produced via some layout and counting procedure
Variations Close-up Card Magic 44
Bill Simon Challenge Aces Ace of Spades is placed aside and keeps reappearing, change into four different Aces
Variations Close-up Card Magic 201
Edward Marlo Ace Producer two halves rubbed face to face, aces appear (sleeve aces)
The K. M. Move 17
Al Leech Two Hands: Four Aces "sleeve Aces"
Variations Super Card Man Stuff 37
Harry Lorayne Any Four of a Kind strategy for producing any four of a kind named by spectator while only setting up three sets
Variations My Favorite Card Tricks 41
Harry Lorayne The Indicator procedure to set up a four of a kind for spelling from a shuffled deck
Variations Deck-Sterity 62
Edward Marlo Quadruple Match selection is matched with three mates, edgemarked deck
Riffle Shuffle Finale (Issue Riffle Finale) 6
Edward Marlo The Named Four cutting to any four of a kind called for, edgemarked
Riffle Shuffle Finale (Issue Riffle Finale) 9
Peter Kane Tetradism (1) Matching the Cards with freely chosen card
(2) all four-of-a-kinds produced
A Card Session with Peter Kane 19
Roy Walton Liberty
The Devil's Playthings 40
T. Page Wright Spell Down spelling of a card, spelled value includes other three cards with same value and spelled suit only cards with same suit
The Compleat Magick — Volume I (Issue 4) 18
Paul Swinford Quadrivium new deck order, faro
More Faro Fantasy 19
Henry Christ Tally-Ho! spelling using words on card case
Variations Reputation-Makers 115
Karl Fulves No Sliding four aces produced, fifth ace produced, previous aces are now kings, extension
Inspired by The Book of Numbers — Supplementary Notes 10
Harry Lorayne The Fantastic Deal Jog red/black separation except named quartet (aka "The Great Divide")
Related toVariations The Great Divide 1
Harry Lorayne You Can't Go Wrong kind of Quick Coincidence with bad methos
The Great Divide 8
Tom Osborne, Lu Brent Match It mates are produced
The Living End 111
Frank Garcia Unique Discovery aces are produced, two turn over, selection found on the way
Super Subtle Card Miracles 55
Frank Thompson Any Ace Spell spelling to any ace called for
Related to Rim Shots 122
Harry Lorayne HaLo Mates
Rim Shots 140
Jerry K. Hartman Overskill II Spectator cuts to Aces, then magician cuts to Aces in different flashy ways
Inspired by Means & Ends 28
Bob Mason Spell Fox Lake spelling using words on card case, using Fox Lake Playing Cards
Inspired by The Compleat Magick — Volume I (Issue 90) 449
Gene Finnell Prophesy card selected, two cards produced with value and suit of selection (composite card), then three cards found with those cards, the three mates of the selection
Gene Finnell's Card Magic 29
Gene Finnell Trapped selection made, three cards of matching value are trapped with two faros
Gene Finnell's Card Magic 30
Gene Finnell Birds of a Kind card chosen, cards of same value found with faro sandwiches
Gene Finnell's Card Magic 44
Gene Finnell Card of Prophesy odd-backed card lost in deck, after some cutting and faro a four-of-a-kind shows up
  • Card of Prophesy Variation
  • Card of Prophesy Instant Replay
  • The Instant Repeat
Gene Finnell's Card Magic 47
Edward Marlo Masterful Mix Up cards mixed face up and face down, performer instantly pushes out four Aces, three methods
The Unexpected Card Book 85
Paul Curry The Red And The Black spectator arrange the deck, cards are in red/black pairs except the aces.
Related toVariations Paul Curry Presents 53
Harry Lorayne, Stephen Minch A Lunar Fating "Coincidentally Yours" with tarot cards
Inspired by The Book of Thoth 35
Harry Lorayne Snappy Flush Royal Flush production
Inspired byVariations Afterthoughts 44
Harry Lorayne Easy Indicator procedure to set up a four of a kind for spelling from a shuffled deck, simplified method
Inspired by Afterthoughts 59
Harry Lorayne Tally-Ho Ace Locator spelling using words on card case to find Aces
Inspired by Afterthoughts 139
Karl Fulves Novelty 4-Ace Production an ace is sandwiched between indifferent cards and placed in deck, another ace rises sideways, it's turned perpendicular, pushed in an rises out as different ace
Methods with Cards — Part 1 68
Al Leech, Francis Carlyle Al Leech Discovery of the Aces
Inspired by The Magic of Francis Carlyle 78
Edward Marlo Face Up Aces Extended longer routine combination
Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 304
Edward Marlo In Place of Double Lifts - First Effect losing, production of red aces, transpo
Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 265
Edward Marlo Variations on Double Vanish & Recovery two aces change color, other aces are found again, different methods
Related to Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 191
Philip T. Goldstein Impolite Aces cutting to the red aces, they change into the black aces and the red ones are found reversed in the deck
Scattershot 18
Frank Garcia Bluff Ace Opener magicians cuts four piles, all Aces, taking more card in last packet
Lecture Notes — No. 2 1
Frank Garcia Four Aces Surprise spectator places Aces in the deck face-up while doing an overhand shuffle, shuffle version of Gemini Twins
Related to Lecture Notes — No. 2 3
Frank Garcia Double Header performer finds wrong card and it's mates, wrong card turns into selection and mates of selections are produced
Lecture Notes — No. 2 6
Albert Charra "I'm Lucky" a bit of pile making and dealing required
Variations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 6) 211
Terry LaGerould Pseudometry
Variations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 12) 282
Harry Lorayne An Amazing Revelation-Display one-hand revelation-display of eight cards
Quantum Leaps 95
Harry Lorayne "Counters" aces and kings found by various indicator cards, faro
Quantum Leaps 202
Brian Glover Transpo Aces
Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 2) 642
Charles Hudson Apocalypse Variations Or Additions
Inspired by Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 4) 328
Father Cyprian Roll Your Own without rolling
Inspired by The Elegant Card Magic of Father Cyprian 51
Harry Lorayne Quadruple Jeopardy after some counting a layout of two four-of-a-kinds is there, or even three (see Afterthoughts)
Best of Friends 83
Terry LaGerould The Nickel Knows spelling using words on coin leads to all Fives, using a coin
Inspired by Best of Friends 334
Frank Garcia Aces at Chosen Numbers
The Close-up Magic of Frank Garcia — Part I 59
John Murray Spectacular Prediction Coincidence
The Close-up Magic of Frank Garcia — Part I 73
Joe Safuto Porous Potholder cards through potholder, then rubber hand holding Royal Flush is produced
Related to Close-Up Hallucinations 41
Douglas A. Wicks Rembrandt Aces aces are "painted" on rubber back of close up pad
Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6 No. 9) 820
Mike Bornstein Paint-On Aces aces painted on surface
Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6 No. 9) 821
C. W. Stanford Detex cards reversed with one-handed cut, aces shown with straight flush around them in deck
Bertram on Sleight of Hand 237
Jack Avis Mexican Bingo No. 74, sheets with numbers, some numbers arrived at are used to spell-count down in deck, four Aces found
Self-Working Number Magic 97
Edward Marlo Application to an Effect "Sleeve Aces" - handling
Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 137
Peter Duffie Tete a Tete Kings produced, change into Aces
Related to Close-Up to the Point 14
Ken Klosterman A Whole Lot of Money producing four Aces and loading a coin under each one
Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 8 No. 12) 1149
Louis Falanga Second Routine four kings are found, transform into the aces as a climax
Lake Tahoe Card Magic 41
John Riggs Aces for Airheads off-beat cutting the aces, four random cards on top, when position of packets are changed, aces appear on top of the packets
The Trapdoor — Volume One (Issue 15) 258
Paul Swinford Four of a Kind locating any four-of-a-kind with sorting rod
The Cyberdeck 17
Karl Fulves Point of Conversion Ace of Diamonds put in center, it comes to top with the Two of Diamonds underneath which is tabled, repeated and Ace brings Three to Five to top as well, then Ace of Spades is on top and the tabled Diamonds change to Royal Flush cards
Secret Session — Part Two 31
Richard Vollmer Earthly Powers selected card and four Aces are found, antifaro "programming"
Related toVariations Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 11 No. 6) 1503
Harry Lorayne Unearthly Powers
Inspired by Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 11 No. 7) 1520
Karl Fulves Ace Glue four dabs of "ace glue" put on jacket, jumbo cards sprung on performer, Aces glue on jacket, posed as problem
  • Version-X, with named four-of-a-kind, then igloo crashes on stage (!)
Interlocutor (Issue 48) 204
Karrell Fox "Easy-Aces" Aces cut in deck reappear on top
My Latest Book 51
Karrell Fox The "Informers" performer cuts deck into three piles, on top are the mates of the selection
My Latest Book 53
Doug Edwards This, too, shall pass using riffle pass
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 12 No. 11) 1712
Simon Lovell Four Ace Opener Series of color changes between black and red Aces, end with all four Aces on table
Close Up Magic To Tapdance To 69
Karl Fulves Rivalry black kings catch two Aces, then red kings catch four Aces and previously found aces between black kings are gone
Inspired by Quick Card Tricks 16
Harry Lorayne, Edward Marlo, Jay Sankey The Pop-Up Ace Pyramid forming a pyramid with a banded deck, four of a kind revelation
Trend Setters 80
Ken Krenzel The Condensed Aces Four spot is produced and splits in Twos, then in Aces, two methods, one with two double facers
Variations Close-up Impact! 43
Ron Ferris, Harry Lorayne Poker Face four Royal Flushs are produced
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 14 No. 2) 1887
Roger A. Golde How Classics are Born!
Inspired by Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 14 No. 11) 1993
Richard Vollmer Mr. Koenig's Tapestry dealing a 4x4 square
Variations Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 14 No. 3) 1902
Karl Fulves Optimum Opener: Annexed Aces using "Riffle Shuffle Control" to control a selection and cull the aces from shuffled deck, negative cull
28 Card Tricks 30
Stephen Tucker Impromptu Aces from the Fore splitting aces from card, four then a three etc.
New Close-Up Lecture 2
John Morgan All Out new pack order finale
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 15 No. 5) 2074
Tom Daugherty Choices
Inspired by Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 15 No. 12) 2153
Doug Edwards The Ace You Say two aces are produced, changed, reproduced
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 15 No. 10) 2132
Stephen Tucker Find the Ladies four Queens are predicted and found
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 15 No. 8) 2108
Chris Kenner Paint by Numbers triumph with four Royal Flush climax, which are "painted" on rubber back of close up pad
Inspired byVariations Totally Out Of Control 140
Peter Duffie Fireside Aces Ace production with the Jokers
Inspired by Applications 45
Peter Duffie Deep Thoughts cut deeper force to decide on two sandwich cards, those sandwich a card which matches another chosen card, sandwich cards change to other two cards of that value
Card Selection 1
Peter Duffie Card Selection four-of-a-kind production from shuffled deck
Inspired by Card Selection 29
Philip T. Goldstein Four Sure mates & four of a kind are found with dice, mathematical
Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 17 No. 7) 2380
John Scarne Invisible Seconds top half shuffled, four obvious seconds dealt, those four cards are Aces, featuring a Bottom Deal handling from straddle grip
Related to Verbatim (Issue 10) 127
Peter Duffie Just for Starters
Inspired by Duffie's Card Compulsions 56
Peter Duffie Re-Scan Variant using spelling
Inspired by Duffie's Card Compulsions 223
Peter Duffie The Self-Seekers
Inspired by
  • "Jubilee Countdown" (Roy Walton, Fifty Years Later)
  • "Chiefly Yourselves" (Roy Walton, Linking Ring)
Duffie's Card Compulsions 213
Michael Goldman The Magic Nines production/location combo
Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18 No. 12) 2587
Joe Rindfleisch Oh, That Magnetic Ace Of Spades Ace of Spades collects other aces
Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 19 No. 3) 2619
Al Leech, Earl Nelson, Edward Marlo Aces Off the Cuff two black Aces are produced, transform into red two Aces and reappear from the sleeves, "sleeve aces"
Inspired by Card College — Volume 2 265
Michael Close Flushed With Success Royal Flush is found in deck via stack and faros, for memorized deck, Aronson Stack only
Related to Workers Number 5 132
Karl Fulves Improv Aces four kings lost in deck reversed one by one, spread on table, kings are next to the matching aces, with stack handling
Blocking Off 139
Peter Duffie Brag-Artist one of four cards thought of, shuffled back, four three-card hands dealt, top cards are selection and the three Aces of other suits
With Cards 4
Jack Carpenter Quick Slick performer cuts to ace of spades, he cuts to ace of spades again, tabled ace is now remaining three Aces
Inspired by The Expert's Portfolio No. 1 56
Peter Duffie Return to St. Nicholas Red Aces appear between two Jokers, Jokers then change into black Aces (first published as Harlequinesque in Imagine)
Inspired byRelated toVariations Effortless Card Magic 23
Iain Girdwood Girdwood Meets St. Nicholas Black Aces appear between two Jokers, Jokers then change into red Aces
Inspired byRelated to Effortless Card Magic 26
Peter Duffie Effortless Count-Down Kings cut and lost into the deck, deck is dealt into four piles by spectator, top cards are Ace Two Three Four, count down the values to find the Kings
Inspired by Effortless Card Magic 56
Peter Duffie Men-Aces Two cards selected and lost, red Aces produced, then two black Aces reverse in the deck, trapping face-up selections
Effortless Card Magic 58
Larry Jennings, Bruce Cervon Revealment triumph & dealing thing
Hard-Boiled Mysteries 138
Andrew Wimhurst, Harry Lorayne The Awesome Foursome producing mates of two selected cards
Down Under Deals 23
Chad Long The Tweezers two jokers as tweezers find two aces, then jokers turn into aces
Related to The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 67) 1364
Gavin Ross Auto-Plunge Aces four Aces produced by mating a selection and push-through plunger
  • Phase One: "Simple Minds"
  • Phase Two: "The Auto-Plunger"
Also published here
  • booklet "Auto Plunger" (Gavin Ross, 1994)
Five Times Five — Scotland 91
John Derris One in Three finding matching cards of selection behind back
Come A Little Closer 33
James Swain The Explosion three four of a kinds
21st Century Card Magic 68
James Swain Miraculous several four of a kinds are produced
21st Century Card Magic 46
James Swain The Tale of Titanic Thompson on top of anitfaroed packets is Royal Flush
21st Century Card Magic 26
Steve Mayhew, Toby Wessel Burn Out Your Blind Eyes without looking four cards are removed from the deck, eventually they change to aces
Impressing Jodie Foster 5
Jack Carpenter Blind Lemon Aces Aces lost in deck and produced from right hand ("not this hand, the other hand")
Related toVariationsAlso published here Impressing Jodie Foster 10
Joshua Jay That's the Hard Part All three mates of selected card found, along with four Kings. Deck ends up separated by color.
Also published here Magic Atlas 76
Joshua Jay Cascading Queens Selection lost in deck. Four Queens produced, cards cascade down and selection is left in magician's hand
Inspired by
  • "Andrus Card Cascade" (Jerry Andrus, Kurious Kards, 1973)
Magic Atlas 78
Doug Conn Flush Brush triumph with four Royal Flush climax, which are "painted" on rubber back of close up pad
Inspired by Tricks of my Trade 99
Karl Fulves Hooked Aces deck cut, two Aces are on faces, Slip Force application
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 1) 7
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note four Ace revelation with extension of "3-Card Catch"
Inspired by Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 27
Mel Bennett Thrifty Aces values of four coins used to count down to four Aces
Inspired byRelated to Latter Day Secrets (Issue 4) 87
Karl Fulves Pennywise values of three coins used to count down to three Aces
Inspired by Latter Day Secrets (Issue 4) 88
Andrew Wimhurst, Harry Lorayne The Awesome Foursome producing three mates of two selected cards
Jiggery Pokery 6
Masao Atsukawa 4Aと4Kの出現 (Appearance of 4A and 4K) Production of four Aces and four Kings - Ace of Spades and Diamonds sandwich Hearts and Spades, then four Aces sandwich four Kings
カードの島 13
Karl Fulves Four on a Die No. 34, two dice used to find four-of-a-kind
Inspired by New Self-Working Card Tricks 50
Unknown Dialing the Future No. 45, four cards chosen by dealing to first four digits of phone number, they are predicted or the Aces
New Self-Working Card Tricks 65
Harry Lorayne "Slip"pery Four-of-a-Kind named card locates its three mates
Personal Collection 82
Harry Lorayne Four-Ace Lead-In selection ends up in middle of the four Aces, not reversed
Personal Collection 94
Harry Lorayne Snappier Flush quick Royal Flush production, two Two-Card Tosses
Inspired byRelated to Personal Collection 105
Harry Lorayne Flabbergast Ten of Spades and Ace of Spades lost face-up in deck, they sandwich three cards, Royal Flush, faro
Personal Collection 507
Harry Lorayne Bonus Royale Royal Flush production
Inspired byAlso published here Personal Collection 615
Harry Lorayne Beyond Belief several anti-faros with about half the deck, Royal Flush and Twos produced
Inspired byVariations Personal Collection 621
Harry Lorayne Beyond Belief Relief several anti-faros with about half the deck, Royal Flush and Twos produced, faro
Inspired by Personal Collection 627
Karl Fulves Not By Chance spectator places a black Ace face-up in center, other one is on top, they transpose, red Aces are around Ace in center
Inspired by New Card Controls 116
Karl Fulves Catch Card Catch named mates find the red Aces and change into the black Aces themselves
Inspired byVariations Latter Day Secrets (Issue 6) 195
Karl Fulves Jack The Knife Jacks find the red Aces and change into the black Aces themselves
Inspired by Latter Day Secrets (Issue 6) 196
R. Paul Wilson Wise Guys card chosen and Aces locate the three mates à la Collectors
Omerta 3
David Regal High & Dry spectator shuffles yet magician deals aces on top of packets
Constant Fooling 1 101
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser The Four Aces aces produced, then sixteen more aces produced, duplicate aces
Also published here Hofzinser's Card Tricks 39
John Rule The Dice Deal two dice rolled and piles dealt according to numbers, in the end the four Aces are on bottom of piles
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 7) 250
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Can't be bad emergency card placed aside, Aces found instead of selection, emergency card turns out to be selection
Ahead of the Pack 108
Davide Costi Oscar Wilde Aces - Presentation patter
Close-Up Elegance by Davide Costi 103
David Acer Splittant Aces Magician visually splits a red Two and black Two into four Aces
Random Acts of Magic 36
Reinhard Müller Flip-Flop Poker using the Müller-Flop, packets are turned over and card selected, card next to selection are all high cards of same suit, selection transform to form a Royal Flush
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 5 76
Reinhard Müller Three-Deal Royal Flush different method for Flip-Flop Poker
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 5 77
Ron Frost Frost Style Choice Cut Magician cuts to four of a kind
Variations After The Force 46
Ron Frost Ultimate Revelation Magician cuts to four Aces, each packet also contains Ace to King of each suit, with the Sevens out of position because audience selected the Sevens
After The Force 51
Ron Frost Table for Four Selected Ace changes places with the selected card
After The Force 60
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Flashy Flush spectator selects BlackJack, then Royal Flush shows up, using Hamman's Flip-Flop Force
Diamonds from Coal 136
Reinhard Müller The Ones We Can't See using variation of Hamman's Flip-Flop Force
Diamonds from Coal 142
Jack Carpenter Blind Lemon Aces Aces lost in deck and produced from right hand ("not this hand, the other hand")
Also published here Pasteboard Palette 33
Karl Fulves Chip Shot poker chips and counting used to get to a Royal Flush
Inspired by Prolix (Issue 1) 45
Arturo de Ascanio Antagonistic Aces
Inspired by The Magic of Ascanio — Studies of Card Magic 303
Jack Avis Technique for a Multiple Slip Cut with two applications
Rara Avis 172
Max Maven Deal With It small packet is cut and dealt, and after down-under deal, performer has four Aces
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 7 78
Unknown Revelment
Bruce Cervon's Castle Notebooks — Volume 1 24
Del Ray, Dai Vernon Aces found a little improvisation
Bruce Cervon's Castle Notebooks — Volume 1 46
Don May Stinger Monte four piles, top cards shown, spectator should follow Queen, suddenly there are Queens on all packets
Related toVariations The Wisdom of Solomon 120
Stewart James Ten Nights In A Cardroom Multiple phase routine with ten tricks

1. Shuffled deck, you deal and win a game of draw poker
2. Four spectators name a number each, the cards at those positions have the same value
3. You are able to name every card in a hand of poker as it is being dealt
4. Card to pocket, card is lost in the deck by spectator, then card appears in your previously empty pocket. Effect is repeated.
5. Challenge card location
6. Prediction trick
7. You deal yourself good cards for poker
8. You can predict what cards you will receive for poker
9. Blackjack deal, spectator can name any number of hands and you will always win with a blackjack
10. Shuffled deck, you blindfold yourself, you deal for poker and win once again
Also published here
  • Marketed by SJ, 1948
The Essential Stewart James 84
Kevin Ho Collectors: Redux Flourishy location of three selections, and at the same time producing the four Queens (inspired by Daniel Madison's The Mayhem Theory)
Smooth Operations 34
Aldo Colombini Direct Aces spectator cuts off pile, next to values added, counted down, Aces found finally
Prolix (Issue 4) 219
Karl Fulves Flat Dice six dice, spectator rolls three, numbers drawn in 2x3 grid, repeated, addition made, number force, book test application or counting to Aces
Prolix (Issue 6) 391
Karl Fulves Jinx Extra spelling to find four-of-a-kind
Inspired by
  • "Quickie Set Up Effect" (Theodore Annemann)
Prolix (Issue 7) 452
Harry Lorayne 6-Card Reverse Faro Ending, Plus extensions of Reverse Faro Ending (usually five cards) for six cards or more, cards turned over with anti-faro until one card is left face-down and it is selection
Special Effects 20
Harry Lorayne Three First sandwich effect with three cards, they are Aces, fourth Ace also found
Special Effects 114
Karl Fulves Free Mix position of Joker predicted even though spectator influenced the overhand shuffle, then Aces found, red/black separation retained
Xtra Credit (Issue 9) 64
Richard Vollmer, Roberto Giobbi Tally-Ho Aces found by spelling out words from card case
Confidences 25
Benjamin Earl Blinded by The Hand four Aces located with "other" hand Ramsay-style
Related toVariationsAlso published here Less is More 3 4
Benjamin Earl Wide Awake Scream two of four lost aces travel to pockets, one ace appears in spectator's hands and deck vanishes leaving last ace
Also published here Less is More 3 5
Benjamin Earl Four Packet Flow four Ace production, "impressionistically" coming from different parts of the deck
Also published here Less is More 3 7
Benjamin Earl Real Ace Cutting thoughts on cutting four Aces from a shuffled deck
  • Method/approach/philosophy
  • Technical Notes
  • Performance Notes
  • Final Thoughts
Also published here Less is More 3 25
Justin Higham The 75% Production Locating / producing a four-of-a-kind via improvisation

  • Performance
  • End Notes
  • Culling in Advance
  • Non-Linear Culling
  • Shuffling After Culling
  • Recycling Knowledge
  • The Key to Improvisation
Related to The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 1
Justin Higham Other Approaches
  • Leaving the selection till last
  • Without a selection
  • Pseudo-Memory Presentation
  • 100% Production
  • 50% Production
  • Other 50% Productions
  • 50% Ambitious Production
Related to The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 6
Michael Weber Many Tekel Deck riffle shuffled, but any four of a kind can be produced
Old Dog 3
Michael Lam 超感官力 (Supernatural Sense) Juan Tamariz Four of a Kind effect with Si Stebbins
实战魔术 Real Magic 30
Michael Lam 超感官力 (Supernatural Sense) Jazz Version Impromptu way of doing Juan Tamariz's Four of a Kind
实战魔术 Real Magic 33
Unknown A Simple Ace Production Milk Shuffle Ace Production, Marlo showed to Aronson but credit is unknown
Art Decko 14
Harry Lorayne Startler card chosen, performer instantly finds the three mates
JawDroppers! 15
Harry Lorayne Snappy Flush, Updated Royal Flush production
Inspired by JawDroppers! 117
Harry Lorayne Powerful Powers five cards found by making packets with anti-faros, also as Aces or Royal Flush revelation
Inspired byVariations JawDroppers! 127
G Poker Player's Dine Out (没大没小) Magician and spectators find four Aces, variation on Poker Player's Picnic
Inspired by Believe 26
Pit Hartling Top of the Heaps named four-of-a-kind comes to top of four piles
In Order to Amaze 122
Pit Hartling A Riffle Culling Demonstration named four-of-a-kind to top
In Order to Amaze 130
Pit Hartling Identity four random card reversed in spread instantly transform into selections, then back
In Order to Amaze 150
So Sato Quartet Shuffle four piles, spectator shuffles in various ways, four of a kind with down-under-deal found, Mass Destruction Stacking
Inspired by
  • "Time Cumbersome Down-Under" (Hideo Kato, PALM Vol. 19, 2001)
The Secrets of So Sato 126
Benjamin Earl Finding Four Aces with Framework deck vanishes except four aces or four-of-a-kind matching selection
Related to Eye Candy 5
Benjamin Earl Blinded by the Hand four Aces located with "other" hand Ramsay-style
Also published here Less is More 69
Benjamin Earl Wide Awake Scream two of four lost aces travel to pockets, one ace appears in spectator's hands and deck vanishes leaving last ace
Inspired byAlso published here Less is More 71
Benjamin Earl The Resourceful Professional gambling routine
1. Shuffle Location/Culling
2. False Dealing
3. Stacking
4. Card Mucking/Switching
5. Shuffle Tracking
6. Four-of-a-Kind Location
Variations Less is More 110
Ryan Plunkett The "Eh, Fuck it" Ace Interlude Magician loses three Aces in the deck, remaining Ace multiplies into four Aces
Elixir (Vol. 1 No. 1 (Summer #1)) 3
Michael Feldman Spelllar card named, four piles made by spelling to it in different languages, even made-up one, all Kings found
Inspired by The Pages are Blank 51
Harry Lorayne Double Duck down-under-deal in pairs instead of singly, to reveal Aces or Royal Flush
Inspired by JawDroppers! Two 39
Harry Lorayne Blackjack 21 Locator four Aces locate the four Jacks, using HaLo Cut and Lorayne Force
JawDroppers! Two 82
Harry Lorayne Force Feed Again card chosen and lost, Two-Card Toss used to produce it with its mate, also for four-of-a-kind production
Inspired by JawDroppers! Two 91
Harry Lorayne Royal Spelling Slowly Royal Flush production, optionally second royal flush
JawDroppers! Two 118
Harry Lorayne Force Feed Once More card stopped at, matching four-of-a-kind produced
Inspired by JawDroppers! Two 132
Harry Lorayne Perhaps Stronger Royal Flush production, begins by openly taking out two of the Royal Flush cards
Inspired by JawDroppers! Two 196
Harry Lorayne New Sandwich red Aces find black Aces
Also published here JawDroppers! Two 209
Harry Lorayne Mated Updated spectator finds two Royal Flush cards by putting cards next to them in deck
Related toAlso published here JawDroppers! Two 214
Tom Rose The One-Handed Man four Aces located with "other" hand Ramsay-style
Inspired byRelated to From the Red Notebook 17
Harapan Ong Passport Production spectator pushed Ace in deck, other Aces produced from that position
Principia 33
Harapan Ong, Donald Chung Poker Player's Picnic Plus with additional four-of-a-kind at bottom
Inspired by Principia 43
John Bannon, David Solomon A Christ Session four Sixes produced, starting with a Christ force
Solomon's Secrets 77
David Solomon Totally Fooling Sans Shuffle four piles cut to, top cards of three piles total to number of fourth pile, selection on bottom of this pile, then the three numbers used to count to three mates of selection
Inspired by
  • "Totally Fooling" (Simon Aronson, Art Decko)
Solomon's Secrets 131
Steve Beam Test of Luck production of mates of chosen card
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 11 241
Harry Lorayne Bonus Royale Royal Flush Production
Also published here And Finally! 61
Harry Lorayne Jacks Are Better selection lost, four Jacks found instead of selection, then sandwich of selection
And Finally! 90
Harry Lorayne Royal Update spectator finds two Royal Flush cards by putting cards next to them in deck
Also published here And Finally! 229
Harry Lorayne In The Flush one of ten cards thought of, it turns out to be a Royal Flush card and the royal flush to match shows up as well
And Finally! 231
John Bannon Bullet Catcher Production Apparently find four of a kind in the deck
The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 187
Jeremiah Zuo Those Are the Aces - Phase One: Sandwich For Two selection appears between Aces, two more Aces appear around selection
Also published here
  • Notes "Those Are the Aces" (2003)
  • "Sandwich 4 Two" (Antinomy, Vol. 3 No. 10, 2008)
Confessions of A Magic Fan 1
Michael Powers A Night at the Stardust poem story in which only Aces are used, lost and found, with appearing at the fingertips of the "wrong" hand as finale
Inspired by Tesseract 155
Steve Forte Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens (strippers)
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 840
Steve Forte Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Tens producing five fours-of-a-kind
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 841
Steve Forte The 7-13-3-1 Demo after convincing riffle shuffle the Aces are found at the numbers in the title one at a time with shuffles in between
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 866
Steve Forte Dealers' School Aces controlled during seemingly fair riffle shuffles, some shuffles with openly reversed cards on top
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 867
Steve Forte Up & Down Trapped Aces top and bottom cards turned face up, after a few riffle shuffles they trap the four Aces in the center
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 869
Steve Forte Indicator Cards four face-up indifferent cards riffle shuffled in deck next to an Ace each
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 873
Steve Forte Quads Cull named four-of-a-kind produced after two honest riffle shuffles by spectator, impro
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 923
Steve Forte Stripped and Stripped Royal Flush version that ends with Royal Flush revelation
Inspired by Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 970
Steve Forte Hidden Aces twenty cards counted face-up off the deck, while no Ace is seen, the Aces are dealt from the packet
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 971
Steve Forte pinochle Ace revelation framed by pinochle deal
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 982
Steve Forte aces are easier to remember Ace revelation with a gag
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 982
Steve Forte hearts, clubs, diamonds, and 28th from the top card found with one-handed false cut
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 995
Steve Forte holding out #2 four Aces appear
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 1012
Andi Gladwin Castle Jacks
  • Even More Memory Man (shuffled deck apparently memorized, naming position of selection, finding four-of-a-kind)
  • Glassical Assembly (Jacks signed and put in glass, three removed one at a time to make them vanish on deck, reappear in glass)
  • Travelers (with deck vanish finale)
Inspired by
  • "More Memory Man" (Joel Givens, Session, 2007)
The Boy Who Cried Magic 187
Alex Martinez San Juan The Cowboy Card Trick rope is wrapped around deck and four Aces appear one by one knotted on the rope
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 12 199