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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Lin Searles Moracle packet cut off and reduced to one card via reverse faros, this card predicted and four Aces on top of discard piles, see also p. 486 for comment by Charles Hudson
Inspired byRelated toVariations July 1971 430
Jerry Sadowitz The More Things Change
Related toVariations 1982 24
Richard Vollmer Earthly Powers selected card and four Aces are found, anti-faro "programming"
Related toVariations June 1988
Apocalypse (Vol. 11 No. 6)
Richard Vollmer Oil and Aces 4&4, one packet transforms to aces
Related to Oct. 1989
Apocalypse (Vol. 12 No. 10)
John Bannon Assisted Switch Elmsley Count type switch in the spectator's fingers
VariationsAlso published here 1991 155
Paul Gordon Thirteen Times and Out
Aug. 1994
Apocalypse (Vol. 17 No. 8)
Paul Gordon Emergency Deam Card to pocket with color changing back
Apr. 1996
Apocalypse (Vol. 19 No. 4)
Paul Gordon The Ultimate Transposition very similar to Sadowitz's routine
Related to Sep. 1996
Apocalypse (Vol. 19 No. 9)
Paul Gordon Twister kings to aces kicker
Nov. 1997
Apocalypse (Vol. 20 No. 11)
Paul Gordon Millenium Collectors
Dec. 1997
Apocalypse (Vol. 20 No. 12)
Michael Close (reviewer) The Card Magic of Paul Gordon by Paul GordonRelated to Jan. 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 5)
Paul Gordon Name Calling
  • Letters
Related to Mar. 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 7)
Michael Close (reviewer) Protean Card Magic by Paul Gordon Nov. 1998
Magic (Vol. 8 No. 3)
Paul Gordon ITHEC "In The Hands Elmsley Count"
Elmsley Count type switch in the spectator's fingers
Inspired by Mar. 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 3)
Gordon Bean (reviewer) Powerful Impromptu Card Magic by Paul Gordon May 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 5)
Paul Gordon Hayden On Duty displaying cards in bunches, with cuts in between, at the end the Aces are stacked
Inspired by
  • "The Buffalo Cornstack" (Allan Hayden, Card Shark On Duty)
Apr. 1999
Onyx (Issue 7)
Michael Close (reviewer) Powerful Impromptu Card Magic by Paul GordonRelated to May 1999
Magic (Vol. 8 No. 9)
Michael Close (reviewer) Twenty by Gaston QuietoRelated to June 1999
Magic (Vol. 8 No. 10)
Paul Gordon, Gaston Quieto Re: Reviews
  • Letters
Related to July 1999
Magic (Vol. 8 No. 11)
Paul Gordon Whodunnit II two prediction cards put aside, selection lost, a card chosen with down-under deal, it's an indicator card used to find selection, indicator and selection match the predictions
Inspired by
  • "WhoDunnit" (Paul Gordon, Protean Card Magic, 1998)
Oct. 2000
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 2)
Harry Lorayne The Magical Gambler
Inspired by
  • Paul Gordon effect
2001 121
Darwin Ortiz Remote Control performer knows position of peeked at card in second deck
Inspired by
  • "Twin Peaks" (Paul Gordon, Card Magic Miracles)
2002 98
Michael Close (reviewer) Professional Card Miracles by Paul Gordon Aug. 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 12)
David Regal (reviewer) Card Magic Companion by Paul Gordon Dec. 2003
Genii (Vol. 66 No. 12)
Gábor G. Szabó Love Story story and handling variation of Cardmans Twisting the Aces
Related to
  • Paul Gordon's "Cardmans Twisting the Aces" in "Protean Card Magic" 1998.
2003 9
Eric Mead (reviewer) Edward George Brown - A Magical Life by Edward G. Brown (written by Paul Gordon) June 2005
Genii (Vol. 68 No. 6)
Eric Mead (reviewer) Percy Naldrett: A Man of Sussex; Conjurer and Poet by Percy Naldrett (written by Paul Gordon) June 2005
Genii (Vol. 68 No. 6)
Michael Close (reviewer) Explorations by Paul Gordon Oct. 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 10)
Harry Lorayne Paul Gordon mini bio
2007 96
Paul Gordon, Roger Crosthwaite Head-to-Head Poker ten cards, performer received royal flush even though it was not part of the packet in beginning
Variations 2007 97
Paul Gordon "Power"ful selected card and four Aces are found, anti-faro "programming"
Inspired byVariations 2007 102
Robin Robertson That Darn Four of Clubs! Ace spelling effect with kicker, wrong card always shows up in the beginning, Royal Flush suggestion by Harry Lorayne in Afterthoughts
Variations 2007 179
Paul Gordon Oil & Water Startler 4&4, transformation kicker
Inspired by 2007 358
Paul Gordon (Gr)eight! automatic placement
Variations 2007 362
Paul Gordon When I Was 21
2007 82
Jamy Ian Swiss (reviewer) The Second 16th card Book by Tom Craven, Paul Gordon May 2007
Genii (Vol. 70 No. 5)
Justin Higham The Illogical Dribble Force
  • The Basic Move
Related toVariationsAlso published here 2007 3
Justin Higham IDF Count-Down performer takes random card and uses its value to count to selection
Variations 2007 6
Michael Close (reviewer) The Second 16th Card Book, Volume 2 by Paul Gordon Feb. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 2)
Jon Racherbaumer Helter-Skelter Poker poker deal with ten face-up and ten face-down cards shuffled together
Inspired by
  • "Carbon Footprint" (Paul Gordon, Gold Dust)
Also published here
2008 26
Paul Gordon IDF as an Indicator Force glimpsing a random chosen card
Related to 2009 4
Paul Gordon IDF Convincer force card ends up sticking out of center
Inspired by 2009 4
Justin Higham IDF Prophecy
Related to 2009 9
Paul Gordon IDF Count-Down Plus Joker Royal Flush revelation
Inspired by 2009 18
Paul Gordon Fast IDF Ace Production
Related to 2009 18
Paul Gordon IDF Mates two cards chosen from two halves are mates of previously removed cards
Related to 2009 18
Justin Higham Double Odd-Colour IDF Coincidence two cards chosen from two halves, they're the only odd-colored ones
Related to 2009 18
Justin Higham IDF Bluff Ace Production
Related to 2009 19
John Bannon Short Attention Spin three blank-faced cards and an Ace, Ace vanishes and appears, blank cards become other Aces with rainbow backs
Inspired by
  • "Killer Observation Test" (Paul Gordon, 2011)
Also published here
2011 28
Carlos Santillan Barely Thought-of Card Miracle Divine thought of card in a packet of eight cards by asking "yes" or "no" questions about whether their card is in one pile or not
Inspired by
  • "Merely Thought-of Card Miracle" (Paul Gordon, Aldo Colombini's Self Working Packet Tricks DVD)
2015 17
Harry Lorayne Royal Power selected card and Royal Flush are found, antifaro "programming"
Inspired by 2017 31
Harry Lorayne, Paul Gordon (Gr)Eight wrong card spelled, right card comes out
Inspired by 2017 113
Harry Lorayne Head-To-Head Poker ten cards, performer received royal flush even though it was not part of the packet in beginning
Inspired by 2017 165
Ignacio López Las Damas Cazadoras
Inspired by
  • Paul Gordon's "Millenium Collectors" in "Nocturnal Creations"
2018 41
Vic Trabucco That's Not Impossible parts of Kings and Aces transpose, then Aces turn into a Royal Flush
Inspired by
  • Paul Gordon's "That's Not Possible" in "Card Magic Companion"
Related to
2018 184
Ryan Matney (reviewer) Quidnunc Plus by Paul Gordon Apr. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 4)
Jon Racherbaumer Helter-Skelter Poker
  • Exhumations
poker deal with ten face-up and ten face-down cards shuffled together
Inspired by
  • "Carbon Footprint" (Paul Gordon, Gold Dust)
Also published here
Jan. 2023
Genii (Vol. 86 No. 1)
Paul Gordon Darned Pain in the Neck performer spells to three Aces but gets same wrong card every time, ends with Moracle to find wrong card again and Aces on top of anti-faroed packets
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here
  • Gold Dust Companion, 2014
Aug. 2023
The Hermit (Vol. 2 No. 8)
Paul Gordon Twisting the Aces Shocker twisting with Ace through Four of Spades, they change to Aces as kicker
Also published here
  • Card Startlers, 2022
Oct. 2023
The Hermit (Vol. 2 No. 10)
David Williamson, Tim Cook The Spelling Champ Aces lost in deck and spelled out, but Joker appears every time and is removed, Aces then shown on tabled spelled packets, Jokers changed to Jacks
Inspired by
  • "Darn Pain in the Neck" (Paul Gordon)
2023 18
Joe Rindfleisch Computerized Deck 2.0 two cards chosen, e.g. Four and Five of Clubs, both found and then the added up sum card Nine of Clubs is found with down-under deal
Inspired by
  • "The Computerised Deck" (Joe Rindfleisch, The Second 16th Card Book Vol. 2, Paul Gordon, 2007)
Jan. 2024
The Hermit (Vol. 3 No. 1)